McCoy Lands An Impressive Endorsement

February 26th, 2014

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As the Bucs brass holds its collective breath to see how large Ndamukong Suh’s new contract will be, a renowned defensive coach took to SiriusXM NFL Radio this evening and shared impressive words about Gerald McCoy — without being asked.

During an extensive interview on Movin’ The Chains, Dave Wannstedt, the former Bears and Dolphins head coach, who also coached Bucs special teams last year and was a longtime defensive coordinator and a college head coach, made it a point to single out McCoy.

“Gerald McCoy, I’ll say this. I’ve been around half a dozen Hall of Fame defensive lineman and, you know, Gerald McCoy is as good a defensive tackle as I’ve been around. We talked about those guys earlier that are first-, second- and third-down players. Gerald McCoy is that player.”

The other Bucs defensive players singled out by Wannstedt were Dashon Goldson, Darrelle Revis and Lavonte David. (Tease alert: Joe will bring Wannstedt’s damning take on the pass rush tomorrow.)

Wannstedt predicted McCoy will maintain his production this season and Lovie Smith will benefit from “good crossover from talent and scheme” from the Greg Schiano regime.

Interestingly (but not surprising to Joe), Wannstedt briefly touched on how much the injury to and eventual loss of wide receiver Mike Williams hurt the Bucs last season.

11 Responses to “McCoy Lands An Impressive Endorsement”

  1. stevek Says:

    I am looking at Mike Williams this year, big time.

    Does he put up damn near 1K yards and 9+ scores, or does he get hurt, party a lot and NOT BE PRODUCTIVE.

    Again, just like with Freeman, I don’t care if you party, so long as you WIN.

    When you aren’t on the field, being productive, helping your team win, you shouldn’t be making headlines.

    Is slick Rick Stroud being a London Silly Nanny, sure, but Williams needs get healthy and be productive in 2014. Ain’t nobody got time for another losing season and shenanigans.

  2. RastaMon Says:

    Reminds me of watching the shoe “Storage Wars”….when the opponent delights in making the other side over pay……in boxing terms….Wannstedt…is a NFL coaching….tomato can

  3. Kevin Says:

    I can’t wait to see what the new coaching get out of our current line. Obviously they won’t all be our starters but they may still be on the roster and could be contributors under the new system.

    Mike williams in my opinion is not a premium WR2. Vjax is a Premium WR2 good WR1. We need some serious big play threats on the outside. Don’t really care where it comes from FA/draft….just bring someone in better. Williams, Joseph, Vjax and Revis all make too much money. Revis being the one I’d like to see stay most of all but the money these guys are making either they’re play or pay needs to change for the better

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    Wannstedt…Another person making excuses for Glennon?

  5. Capt. Tim Says:

    No surprise. By Now everyone( except meybe Thomas 2.2) knows that McCoy is probably the best defensive tackle in football.

    Williams lose meant that Jackson was double teamed on every play. Tripled on many. The guy is incredible to have had the season he did. There was absolutely no one on the Bucs roster that was any kind of recieving threat, until Our young TE was finally given a shot.

    We need to replace every Wr/TE on this roster, except those 3. And I’m sure we will

  6. buccanAy Says:

    So Wannstedt another part of the conspiracy to make “excuses”? My God, I’ve never seen such ignorant fans. Wannstedt probably been coaching in the NFL before you were ever even a thought. The facts are, we lost our #1 and #2 Rb’s, one of whom was coming off ProBowl season, we lost the only capable NFL WR on our roster, besides VJ. We had a FA WR playing TE, had an atrocious oline and offensive systems straight out of the ’70’s, not to mention an incompetent HC. Despite all this, the rookie QB managed to set a few records and won Rookie QB of the Year….FACTS

  7. tickrdr Says:


    Nice take. +1

    As noted previously, there have been 51 QB’s chosen in the first round over the last twenty years. Over their entire careers, they have amassed 384 total seasons. Of those, only 120 total seasons (120/384 = 31.2%) have ever had a QB rating > 83.9. There were 114 (114/383 = 30%) seasons where the QB threw for 19 or more TD’s, and only 57 (57/384 = 14.8%) total seasons where these first-rounders had a TD/INT ratio greater than MG8’s 19TD’s vs. 8 INT’s. Again that is any season in their careers, not their ROOKIE seasons.

    There have been 28 total QB’s taken within the top 7 picks of the draft over the last 20 years. For them, they represent 236 total seasons. There were only 76 total seasons (76/236 = 32%) where they had a QB rating > 83.9. There were only 81 total seasons (81/236 = 34.3%) where they threw for at least 19 TD’s. And there were only 38 total seasons (38/236 = 16.1%) where their TD/INT ratio was better than MG8’s rookie season. Again that is any season in their careers, not just their rookie seasons.

    Finally, there were only 13 QB’s taken as the #1 pick of the entire NFL draft over the last twenty years. Their collective stats are only a little bit better. For instance, these 13 players have played a total of 106 seasons. In that time, only 43 seasons 43/106 = 40.6%) had a QB rating > 83.9. In only 49 seasons (49/106 = 46.2%) did that #1 pick overall throw for as many as 19 TD’s in a season. And in only 20 seasons total (20/106 = 18.9%) did they have a TD/INT ratio greater than Mike’s ROOKIE season. Again that is ANY season in their careers! Not just their rookie seasons.

    So, the odds are less than 50% for any 1st round QB picked overall in the first round, or even picked as high as the 7th pick overall, or even IF they are the #1 pick overall in the entire draft, to have a season as good as MG8’s ROOKIE season, whether you are judging by QB rating, #td’s thrown, or the TD/INT ratio. Ever in their career. Doesn’t that intrigue any of you at all???

    The last POWERBALL lottery rewarded > 400 million to the lucky winner. I have asked before how many of you sold your house and belongings to buy lotto tickets? Didn’t the potential reward justify the risk? Even if we spend only our single 1st round pick the historical stats suggest that this QB will be unlikely to have a single season better than Mike’s initial campaign. What is the risk/reward ratio for spending several premium picks for someone like those chosen over the last twenty years? Just my humble opinion.


  8. That Guy Says:

    Had to re-read this post and saw nary a mention of the QB. Are some of you sporting such boners over Glennon that you have to bring him up in comments on every post? Kinda weird, y’know?

  9. Sammy Watkins Mob Says:

    GMC will be unleashed this upcoming season

  10. stratobuc Says:

    Yeah, but what does Ian Beckles think?!

  11. BoJim Says:

    That Guy Says:

    “Had to re-read this post and saw nary a mention of the QB. Are some of you sporting such boners over Glennon that you have to bring him up in comments on every post? Kinda weird, y’know?”

    Kinda like the Glennons haters who do the same damn thing.

    tickrdr. Don’t bring up facts, you’ll get shouted down.