Jason Licht: Darrelle Revis “An Asset”

February 26th, 2014

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Joe raised an eyebrow yesterday when CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora claimed multiple NFL teams were calling the Bucs looking to pry away all-world cornerback Darrelle Revis. To be clear, La Canfora explained the Bucs were not shopping Revis, only listening to sales pitches.

All the while at the NFL Scouting Combine last week when people, not just Joe, spoke to Bucs general manager Jason Licht and head coach Lovie Smith, both were heard listing Revis among the major pieces of a future winning puzzle already in their possession.

It seems Andrew Brandt of SI.com was able to reach Licht following the La Canfora piece and it sure didn’t sound like a guy who was looking to swap Revis.

@adbrandt: Tampa Bay GM Jason Licht: “Right now Darrelle Revis is an asset to this team.” Translation: “Assets have value; we’ll see.”

Unless some team went completely crazy with an offer, for example, like two first round picks and a second this year, or a very high first-round pick that would guarantee the Bucs land Johnny Football, Joe can’t see the Bucs getting rid of Revis. In 2012, the Bucs had the worst pass defense in the NFL. Even with a hobbled Revis and a rookie (Johnathan Banks) the Bucs dramatically improved their pass defense last year.

Do the Bucs want to revisit the nightmare of quarterbacks throwing at will on the them as if it was a 7-on-7 game? Do people not remember how Eli Manning sliced the Adderall Twins and the Bucs secondary apart like a hot knife through soft butter?

The Bucs spent a lot to get, at worst, the second-best corner in the NFL. Unless someone wants to go all Mike Ditka and trade away an entire draft, Licht should respond to inquiring calls, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Unless Licht knows something about Revis’ knee no one else does.

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  1. Andrew 1 Says:

    Still have nightmares about those days Joe. Revis is not going anywhere. I dont think they would even trade him for a 1st and 2nd round pick, and that would be a an increase over what we spent to get him.

  2. Andrew 1 Says:

    For 2 first round picks, they would have to seriously consider it, but I doubt anyone is offering that.

  3. Architek Says:

    He’s an asset to our team to win – sure you can trade him but for what and what’s behind him?

  4. Dennis Says:

    I would only trade him if…

    1) Browns give up there late 1st pick (Colts) or there 2nd round pick 2014 draft
    – This would allow Tampa to draft another starter for this year while giving us 16 million in the cap
    – Also we retrieve our 3rd round pick from the Jets ( & give away our 4th)

    Now imagine this Buc Fans (in a perfect world)

    1) If we trade back our 7th pick to lets say the Giants, we would retrieve there 2nd & 4th round picks
    2) We traded Revis (+16mil in cap) for (in this case) 2nd round pick
    3) We cut Penn & Joseph & Koenon and save roughly around 15mil

    So what does that leave us with:

    Cap Space: $51 million

    Draft Picks: 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 7

    What do you guys think???

  5. Sneedy16 Says:

    Yeah Revis isn’t going anywhere. Lovie love defense and I don’t see him tearing up the defense for lower picks that what they traded for him. They will more likely trade down for more picks before they do that.

  6. biff barker Says:

    Do you pay $16M per season for a man press CB (legend, agree) who will likely be playing a fair amount of zone? `
    The cap hit is not the issue here, we need to retool extensively and we’re slim on picks is a very deep draft.
    I’d consider any deal that can make us better as long as it includes a top flight veteran T2 CB.

  7. theDON Says:

    im down with that dennis…But who replaces revis.?

  8. deminion Says:

    @dennis love it but it’s a pipe dream

  9. Z-Bucs Fan Says:

    Last week the news was to expect about 1/2 the roster to change over from last year, and when you break it down, we really only have 3 pieces of the puzzle that are worth keeping: McCoy, David, and Revis, all of whom are Pro Bowl caliber players. I really don’t understand why everyone is so hot to trade one of them away for cap space, when that’s really not an issue.

    Let’s just assume for a second that the coaches know more than the fans when they say that they’ll find a way for a top flight player like Revis is a fit in their system. Why create another hole to fill out of a piece that works?

    Keep the focus where it belongs: 1) Pass rush 2-999) everything on offense

  10. Dennis Says:


    We have 51 million in cap space so we can sign a free agents either Tillman or personally I wish we could get Grimes or Verner. I would also draft one since we would have three 2rd picks (in such a deep draft)!!!

    I would even try to give up an early 2nd and 4th to get back into the first if we fall in love with a player.


    Sounds like a pipe dream but honestly the only thing that would be tough is the trade to Cleveland. But they have so much money and fans have been so angry at them that this would make everyone happy. They would still have plenty of money and picks while having two shutdown corners.

  11. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Dennis

    I thought the Jets get the Bucs 3rd rnd pick if Revis is on the Roster when the new season starts, March 11th. We can’t trade Revis prior to beginning of the new year, so the only way we keep the 3rd and give away 4th, is to cut Revis.

    Small wrinkle in the plan, but wouldn’t cause it to unravel.

    Honestly, if we were offered anything less than 1st and a 3rd, then we would need to walk away. We took the risk last year, why would we take less than what we gave up when the risk is all but gone?

    Plus, even though it’s $16 mil in cap space, the deal is friendly to any team that has him on the roster, because he can be cut with not cap hit.

  12. bwf921 Says:

    Getting rid of him would be foolish. Getting rid of this 16 mil per year contract is where Licht needs to focus. It’s crazy, it was crazy when we did it, It’s still crazy now. Everybody thought he was stupid for signing a play to pay contract, I think he’s a genius. Hopefully he cares but he doesn’t have to and could suck, yet play and get 16 million for one season. Make him restructure, pay him like everyone else, spread the money out. Have incentive based figures built in. But don’t trade him. He still is the best corner in the game.

  13. rayray1 Says:

    The quote sounds more like he has ” value ” to get more pieces of the puzzle that just 1 CB.

  14. Dennis Says:

    @ T in Orlando

    No he would just need to be traded before March 13* and we would regain our 3rd pick and give back our 4th.

    I agree thats why I said I wouldnt take anything less than a 1 or 2 round pick, especially that every team knows he’s healthy and back in Revis form.

    I love Revis, hes been one of my top favorite players but I know if this happens there is a plan behind the scenes. We would have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds! (4 picks in the 1&2 rounds)

  15. DSZ Says:

    Evidently Joe doesn’t follow Brandt on twitter. The “translation” is his bit. And he didn’t contact Licht at all; he retweeted the La Canfora comment and then put his “translation” spin on it.

  16. Barry Says:

    Trade all world for roll of the dice? Noway. Keep DR.

  17. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Yeah, rockstar had a bad habit of overpaying for nearly everybody he signed.

  18. Barry Says:

    We want Darrelle Revis on that island. We need Darrelle Revis on that island.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Revis is like a nice boat….”always for sale at some price”….

    “Has Value”….means….don’t just be trying to take him off our hands….we want a bunch!!!

  20. Glennon Mob Says:

    When I first this I was like NO WAY!

    But after thinking about it I came to the conclusion that the Bucs need to trade this guy asap even if it is just for mid round picks.

    I would rather pay $16 mil a year on a big name DE and have no name CBs than the the other way around (which is what we have now).

    When you have a dominant pass rush it does not matter who your CBs are. A CB is only as good as your pass rush.

  21. Drew Says:

    @Joe… get over it, the Buc’s will not draft Johnny Football.

  22. BucsfaninChina Says:

    …and there goes the air out of LUVMYBUCS balloon

  23. BucsfaninChina Says:

    In all seriousness though, lets get the defense on stable footing then we can talk about what to do with all the money/picks a Revis trade would give the Bucs. I have no reason to believe that Licht can handle a draft or free agency yet.

  24. Greg Says:

    Just seen where jaws said johnny would last 3 games n nfl play liked he did n a&m

  25. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I love Revis as a player and competitor….however, if the price was right…you’d have to consider it. Extra first and 2nd round picks, plus $16 mil in extra cap space….we could afford Greg Hardy at DE, Alex Mack at Center, a top FA corner (to replace Revis) and get some weapons in the draft like Watkins, Ebron and a top OG or OT or OLB. I gotta admit, it’s tempting!

  26. Bucsfanman Says:

    Why don’t we trade McCoy before his salary balloons as well?!!!!!
    We have cap space. You don’t trade one of the best at the position to get more picks or lesser skilled free agents. Be for real people!

  27. Bucsfanman Says:

    While we’re at it, lets trade Lavonte David for another 1st rounder. That way we can have 2 1st, 3 2nd…..
    That’s how dumb that sounds!

  28. anotherbucsfan Says:

    If smbdy gives us a top 3 pick and a second round.I might think it twice.

  29. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    How I love it when General Managers use the Term “ASSETS”. Because typically they use them to acquire more assets.

    I have a few things to wrap up. But I’m sure we’ll continue this healthy debate later. To my Hawaiian brotha, good one last nite. Later Brothas

  30. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Because GMC’s contract will be on par with the course. Revis getting payed $6mill over asking price; not so much.

  31. BirdDoggers Says:

    The Bucs don’t have cap issues at this point. The only reason to trade him would be another type of asset(s)…daft picks. If the team can afford him, they should keep him.

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    Off topic: Ron Jaworski says he would not take Manziel in the first 3 rounds.

    NFL Network’s Chris Rose has reported that no sub-6-foot quarterback has gone in the first round since 1953.

  33. Lynch Says:

    Oh my…I am listening to Booger and Rich…The thought of trading Revis is making my stomach upset. Like everyone else has already mentioned, who would replace him? I dont like this one bit and I fear its going to happen.

  34. Macabee Says:

    I’ve given this some thought overnight and I’ve made my decision. If I get offered a 1st round pick ahead of the Detroit Lions knowing that Darqueze Dennard or Justin Gilbert will be there, I’m getting a 3rd pick back, putting 16mil back into cap space and inviting all of you to a Revis farewell party and on my way to rebuilding my entire O-Line in FA.

    I pose that unlikely scenario because it’s never going to happen. All the hype about trading Darelle Revis is forgetting one important ingredient – Darelle Revis himself. Nobody but the previous administration would pay an injured but recovering Revis 6 million more than the highest paid CB in the NFL. And that CB, Champ Bailey, is going to be forced to take a pay cut or take a hike this year. Same goes for Cortland Finnegan at the Rams. Whether collusion can be proven or not, the owners put their foot down and held down the market for CBs in 2013.I think there is a more likely scenario.

    Revis is a shrewd business man. He knows where the market is and his management team knows where the money is. No team is going to trade for him at 16mil and give up anything like a high draft pick (3 or better) if Revis is not amenable to a restructured contract. Revis is smart enough to know that if the Bucs trade him or outright cut him to get the 3rd round pick back and acquire 16mil in additional cap space, bottom line he will have no choice but to renegotiate a new contract with some team and it will not be 16mil a year.

    While I agree that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to trade Revis, the Bucs are smart enough to say nothing now, but listen and let the hype work toward bringing Revis to the table. So smart money says there should be an incentive for both sides to restructure the contract now that guarantees (new term) Revis something north of 10mil a year and allows the Bucs to put 4 or 5mil back into cap space. Win! Win!

  35. anotherbucsfan Says:

    @ bucsfanman

    Lavonte get paid 16 mil$?

  36. Bucsfanman Says:

    LUV- I’m sure you know it was a rhetorical question, right? He may be overpaid, but we have cap space and there’s no need to trade him. You would replace him with who? It just doesn’t make sense when we have $20 mil to play with.

  37. Bucsfanman Says:

    Another-Sure does deserve it though, doesn’t he?!

  38. Architek Says:

    no just why sensibly would we trade the 1st or 2nd best CB in the league? With nothing behind him?

  39. Dennis Says:

    People have to realize that we cant pAY Revis 16mill per Year. .. thats crazy money and yes we can afford him now but we have to start payin gour own players some next year… (Lavonte/Mccoy) and all that cap will be gone once we do. So would you rather get two good corners while havin banks learn and get draft picks… or keep Revis for another two years and let him go for nothing?

  40. Martinii Says:

    It’s the time of year when you don’t believe anything you hear (read) and only half of what you see (up close.) Between now and training camp every thing is either “What If or Speculative.” Debate is soley opinion. The only thing that matters is concealed in Licht and Lovie’s frontal lobe and the Glazers bank account. History tells us these things are true…..

  41. Bucsfanman Says:

    You guys are stuck on this $16 mil salary. What’s the price of winning worth? If he helps us win games, $16 mil is a bargain.
    Besides, IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY ANYWAY!!! Think about it.

  42. Lynch Says:

    I keep hearing just replacing Revis with two corners and still have money…But who? Who do you replace him with??

  43. Buc1987 Says:

    Architek …perhaps they have plan to bring in some cheaper FA DB’s.

  44. Bucsfanman Says:

    Well said Martinii. Smoke and mirrors.
    It is fun to debate though!

  45. Buc1987 Says:

    Brent Grimes (pro bowl) might be available. Just as he was last season. Except rumors have the Fins franchising him.

  46. PRBucFan Says:

    Not happening

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    Right now the Bucs have virtually NO depth at DB. If Revis or Banks goes down who steps in? The Bucs could build a lot of depth at DB with 16 million dollars.

    Hell Revis is getting paid 6 million dollars MORE than any other DB in the NFL and that’s just insane.

  48. PRBucFan Says:

    No one beat the Grimes drum harder than me last season.

    Can’t believe we didn’t want to snag him after he showed us time after time how good he was.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    They were just talking aobut it on NFL Live. Someone suggested that teams might actually wait until the Bucs just release him rather than offer trades.

    So it is a real story and it does have traction. It is a possibility.

  50. PRBucFan Says:

    he’ll restructure somewhere down the line to stay a Buc.

    Lovie and Light have shown the most excitement over Revis, McCoy, David all offseason.

    Lovie won’t let that man go unless we get a crazy crazy crazy deal for Revis and that’s not going to happen.

  51. Eric Says:

    The 800lb Gorilla in the room is we don’t have a QB.

    If we can trade to get a pick that allows us to get one, do it, as QB is essential.

    Revis was on our team last year, it made no difference.

    Having no QB – huge difference.

  52. PRBucFan Says:

    lol Obviously its real because the media typed it up but there is no way in hell the Bucs release Revis ahahahaha

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    Man Jaworski is just shredding Manziel apart.

  54. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe turn on BSPN.

  55. PRBucFan Says:


  56. Buc1987 Says:

    “Lovie won’t let that man go unless we get a crazy crazy crazy deal for Revis and that’s not going to happen.”

    Never say never.

  57. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Its going to take bold moves to fix this train wreck of a roster!

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    Realist…I think your right.

  59. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Dennis

    with 15mil to spend this off season and with the cap only going up every year, I think we would have enough money left over to resign those two guys and pay Revis IF we don’t go nuts with spending on free agents like Dom did. Thats not even factoring in the money we will be freeing up with some of our high priced players who are sure to be released. Of Course a QB who will command top dollar would throw a wrench into that whole thing, but that situation is a complete unknown.

  60. Mitch Says:

    Joe, D’qwell Jackson was released by the browns… Does he fit in with Tampa?

  61. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I think Revis is a bit over rated and over paid. I don’t know if his statement that he is 100% is in fact the truth. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, yet I fear it is all about the big money. I’d be ok if a deal was offered that management could not pass up. I’m clueless about what might happen, but will be satisfied however it pans out.

  62. Andrew 1 Says:

    Holy crap, just found a quote from Lovie Smith that would ease the minds of those fans that think Revis wont fit in because we are going to play zone.

    “We’re primarily going to be a man team,” Smith said. “Whether we win or lose is going to be based on how we play man coverage.” That’s Revis’ strong suit. Smith is going to adapt his defense to his players’ skill set, as opposed to forcing a square peg (Revis) into a round hole (zone coverage). While teams may have been feeling out the Bucs and their intentions for Revis, we can’t see them dealing the best cornerback in the game unless they’re blown away by an offer.”


  63. Thibs5599 Says:

    How many busts have the bucs drafted? More than I can count, I will take a top 3 all pro cornerback anyway over 2 or 3 first round draft picks that could turn into bums. This team only needs a few more starters and some depth and we are right in the thick of things.

  64. Kevin Says:

    It would be nice if Revis would re-structure his contract for a guaranteed less money, and go make Josh Gordon from the browns an offer. He’s young and had an incredible season under Brandon Weeden and Jason Cambell with NO running back or No. 2 WR on the roster. Just Cameron the only other threat. Him, Williams and Jackson would be nice then Draft a bad ass tight end to ease in going into mid season.

  65. Shane Marco Says:

    Wouldn’t move Revis for less than a 1st round pick. Don’t think he’s going anywhere. Has anyone here heard of restructuring a contract, sounds like some of you think it’s smart to dump our best player because we pay him a lot of money. The Bucs aren’t the Rays, they will pay good players without bitching about it.

  66. Dennis Says:


    So let me ask you this would rather have A or B:

    A) Revis

    B) Grimes & Verner , & Late 1st or 2nd round draft pick 2014

  67. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Jaworski…what a hack!!!! I put him in the same category as Jason LaCanfora…..(Sarcasm).

  68. BigMacAttack Says:

    I would look at trades for any player other than GMC, David and Martin. Any other player I would listen to offers, but no 6th or 7th round picks. They are not worth trading for. I am also hopeful that another team picking later in the 1’st will offere numerous picks to move up to #7. There is good value in the first 4 rounds and the Bucs need depth throughout.

  69. ander Says:

    once again for all you fans that want to trade revis. it makes no sense, i get the sense that alot of fans just think were going to be the chiefs of next year. newsflash were not as talented as we claim we are. we have potential and pieces, however giving away those pieces is not the way to go. keep revis.

  70. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Dennis

    lol when you put it like that, option B sounds tempting. Look, its fun to speculate what we could get for Revis, but I just don’t see it happening. From the quote I posted, Its sound like Lovie is going to design the defense around Revis. That hardly sounds like a person willing to trade Revis.

    And for those that are saying that Revis is overrated, I read an article about a couple of weeks ago that said Revis was targeted only 40 times last season. That is a little over twice per game! and much more than the amount of times Banks was targeted. And That wasn’t even a Revis at 100%. Im trying to find that article, but I haven’t found it yet.

  71. Dennis Says:


    haha listen I’m a huge Revis fan and wanted him hear but I just can’t stand his yearly salary and with the amount of holes we have on this team:

    Team Needs

    Offense: two guards, OT, TE, WR, QB, FB

    Defense: DE, DT, LB, Slot CB, FS

    ST: KR, PR, P

    We dont have depth for any of these positions except for running back.

    I love Revis but if we can make that trade as I mentioned before we can fill alot more holes for our team.

  72. mark2001 Says:

    Hey Joe…no matter what happens with Revis, it could be worse. Eastern Illinois University could have chosen a new mascot….a Gargoyle Mascot like Bradley U. did, named Kaboom…and become the laughing stock of the entire mascot nation, only to be compared in the same breath with the Providence Friar. It makes the idea of a winking dandy pirate look like genius. But then, how can you beat Reggie Redbird? Impossible.

  73. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Dennis

    I hear you. Revis’ contract is huge, but If we can somehow make it work, then I’m all for keeping Revis. And as you mentioned, we do have a lot of holes to fill, but its just all depends on if the bucs are willing to give up a player with Revis’ talent to acquire some of those needs THIS off season. Remember, even if we do trade Revis we still wont be able to fill every single of those needs. We could decide to gradually fill those needs over the next couple of season AND still keep Revis.

  74. Andrew 1 Says:

    It’s interesting to debate nonetheless.

  75. Mike Says:

    Joe….. I love your site! Please get off the Johny football talk! Please!?!!? Only thing I hate about this off season is the JF talk from you. We get it man! You’re all for JF! Give it a rest

    Long live Johhny!(unless he lands on an NFC team not named Tampa Bay. –Joe

  76. Andrew 1 Says:

    Is Revis worth taking the route to gradually fill our roster needs? I think so. Some might disagree.

  77. NJ BucFan Says:


    I can understand not liking his salary if it is the reason we have to pass on players like Allen, Tillman, Hester, Vet QB, etc etc.

    But the fact is, the only player that may be out of our price range right now is Greg Hardy and there is a good chance he never hits the market and if he does, there’s the chance that a team with tons of free money(raiders come to mind) just throw him a ridiculous Revis-like deal that we refuse to match anyway.

    With Revis on the team, we will probably still have over 20 million to spend on FA after cuts and top 10 first and second round picks, what more do we really need to fill a few holes? Not to mention, bringing in a pass rusher will only make Revis that much more effective.

  78. gotbbucs Says:

    You don’t trade somebody like that unless you have someone very capable behind him….which we do not have. We’re not deep enough at any positions right now to be big players in the trade market.

  79. SAMCRO Says:

    Should we give Revis another year? He said at the Pro Bowl he finally feels 100% healthy. Now, that makes me excited to see what a real million dollar a game cornerback looks like. Can he still control half the field practically by himself? I would accept nothing less for that cash and as a fan, I’m ready to be “shock and awed”.

    Or ….do we sell high now?

    because if Revis comes back down from Mount Olympus and has an average year, his stock will crash and we’ll end up unloading him for peanuts in comparison to now..

  80. Bucfan282938 Says:

    Why the hell would be trade up for Manziel? Take clowney and get that defense to where it needs to be

  81. Dennis Says:

    @ NJ Buc Fan

    Team Needs

    Offense: two guards, OT, TE, WR, QB, FB

    Defense: DE, DT, LB, Slot CB, FS

    ST: KR, PR, P

    lol that doesn’t look like a few holes… you don’t build through free agency you build from the draft. Imagine all the young talented players we will have on the team through the draft thats not including the 51 million dollars (release Penn/joesph/Koenon) we will have in cap space. To get whoever we want during this free agency or the next.

    My first response to this was “WTF?.. NO” But when you think it through you start to realize that we would get so much more back (future would look brighter too).

  82. Barry Says:

    Mack attack or bust

  83. Hesson0208 Says:

    I can’t freakin handle watching Revis be glued to a guy for 5-15yds, then be forced to let him release and then the QB instantly targets and completes it to said receiver before our coverage switches. You know that eats Revis up. & If we are going to waste him in schemes like that, we could get more value with a well structured trade. C’mon Lovie, stick him on the number 1 receiver and scheme everywhere else!!!

  84. Eric Says:

    Keep up the Johnny football talk Joe

    Reports are the Browns don’t want him and the Jags are happy with Henne.

    Watkins is moving into top 5, along with Greg Robinson.

    The dream is alive and well. Might just be there at 7…..

  85. Mumbles Says:

    You can pay somebody any amount you want when it’s your money. But the market sets the price for an NFL position. And the price for a top NFL CB is 8 to 10 million!

  86. Capt. Tim Says:

    Man, we gotta trade Revis, McCoy, and David! They are gonna be soooo expensive!!

    Lol! It’s funny how many people here keep worrying about Money- like its a board full of Accountants!!
    How many of you have ever had one million?
    Okey dokey!

    Let the GM sweat money! And I want him to!!! Want them to spent every dang penny of cap room!! Get rid of all the horrible, talentless players here- and bring in real players!! Capable of winning a few games!!

    The rest of- please stop worrying about amounts that you can’t even comprehend!
    We buy tickets- we want the best damn team money can buy!!
    After all- it ain’t your money, but it is your Team!

  87. Chrisfresh23 Says:

    How can we consider trading Such a great type of player that our franchise has never seen before at this position in this tough division and league overall where qbs are airing it out at will.. Especially as painful as the past years have been with swallowing tough losses in games we should have won but lost because of the lack of talent …get rid of that revis trade talk he aint going no where… He’s a key Part of the puzzle in the quest for another Lombardi trophy that’s for sure……

  88. Buc1987 Says:

    Tim nobody is worried about how much money any one player makes. But they do care about whether or not that said money can be used elsewhere or spread throughout the team. 16 million call buy a whole lot of “value” FA’s.

  89. Buc1987 Says:


  90. Jeremy Says:


    The guy we need to unload is Goldson. With the new rules, why in the world would we invest big money into a hard hitting safety. I like the guy, but he should have been in the league 10 years ago (ie lynch, Lott, Atwater, etc). The era for hard hitting safeties has passed friends. Revis can shut down half the field and reduce the need for the safety help on his side of the field. That is worth more than a 10 million corner and a safety that is not allowed to intimidate

    Goldson is one of the few guys on the Bucs with full guaranteed money in 2014. He’s going nowhere.–Joe

  91. Brandon Says:

    Considering he makes one million a game, it would be a miracle if the Bucs got anything higher than a 3rd round pick for him. His contract is ridiculous and only a team more stupid than last season’s dunderheaded duo of Schiano and Dominik would consider him.

  92. Tgregs Says:


    Well stated. Like him or not he is untradeable…unless we can destroy all copies of the NO game which was a disgusting performance for a guy making a mil a game…. or $1 a game.

    Kind of funny how Joe now says he was “hobbled” all season while before it was Schiano’s misuse of him. Is consistency to much to ask? I know you guys hate logic.

    Look, Revis wasn’t 100 percent. That was clear. It’s also clear he was misused at times throughout the season. Joe was clear about that, too, (See first Saints game when even Bill Sheridan publicly said they should have had Revis on Colston to close the game vs. Leonard Johnson.) Life isn’t black and white. –Joe

  93. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Dennis, you sure do get your facts mixed up.

  94. Eric Says:

    Is it correct if we trade him prior to the draft we give up a 4th rounder to the jets, no longer a 3rd?

    In this deep draft, that could be very helpful.

  95. Tgregs Says:

    @PR Buc Fan
    Yeah Revis has a history of team loyalty over personal gain…in fact I am sure he has already offered to take a cut.

  96. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Dennis Says
    “People have to realize that we cant pAY Revis 16mill per Year. .. thats crazy money and yes we can afford him now but we have to start payin gour own players some next year…”

    We can trade him just as easily next year to do that.

    Keeping him this year allows the Bucs to get a replacement and get him ready to step in.

    I swear, these bandwagon fans forget too quickly. We went after Revis because we had THE WORST secondary in the league. Banks, I believe will develop into a great player, but he is not ready yet.

    And you can’t assume we will sign all these free agents. A caller on Boogers show said trade Revis and named 5 free agents we could sign, fixing all our issues.


    Stop playing Madden. You DO NOT get rid of a player assuming you can replace him in FA before you even hit free agency.

    Also, we paid a 1st and a 3rd/4th because Revis was recovering from injury. He is worth AT LEAST 2 1st round picks now. That would be the ONLY deal I would consider. So look at the teams with the most picks.

  97. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Buc1987 Says
    “Tim nobody is worried about how much money any one player makes. But they do care about whether or not that said money can be used elsewhere or spread throughout the team. 16 million call buy a whole lot of “value” FA’s.”

    You are wrong, buddy. There are PLENTY of people who want Revis to fail because he makes so much, all because of jealousy.

    “Nobody” encompasses a lot…like everyone. And you can’t realistically claim that. Especially when you can listen to the radio or go to PFT and see you are wrong.

  98. Broy3434 Says:

    If I hear Lovies defense referred to as Cover 2 or hear about Revis playing zone one more time I’m going to lose my mind. Go watch the film of the night Tillman shut down Megatron. I rest my case

  99. Broy3434 Says:

    Also I’m getting frustrated hearing armchair GMs talking about value in the 4th round. Stop. Just stop. I don’t care if there is, regardless you don’t have a clue Mack attack. And if you do, name 10 players right now that would fill needs better than Donald Penn and Davin Joseph. Unbelievable the ignorance. And Nj Buc Fan you literally just mentioned every position that we don’t have star playing. Stop with this nonsense already. Free speech I know but c’mon now. Same people you guys bragged about two years ago, now you want cut. People were going crazy for Revis now we got him and let’s trade the best god damn corner in football when 100%. What’s the point in all this if you trade the best players. Shld David and McCoy be on the block too considering they’re gonna take up some of our lets see…26 mill or so in cap space. For the love of god, excuse the rant

  100. Eric Says:

    Who said he is 100%?

    Wishful thinking.

  101. Broy3434 Says:

    Give me a second to try and remember…? Oh yeah, it was Revis. Get your facts straight. Joe even wrote an article about Revis saying he’s 100%….next

  102. PRBucFan Says:

    T Gregs if you honestly think Revis will dare to make another team move him and risk becoming black listed among all teams as a player that cannot be negotiated or reasoned with that’s on you.

    Revis is smarter than that. 😉

  103. Buc1987 Says:

    Bonzai…yes “nobody” is a bad choice of words. I have not seen anyone on JBF show jealousy over how much money Revis is making. If there is they are morons.

  104. Buc1987 Says:

    Bonzai…Also I’m only going by what the new GM said. He believes in bringing “value” players. I don’t think Revis is a value at 16 million do you?

  105. Jerry Says:

    McCoy won’t be a “value” after this year. Are we going to get rid of him too?

    You seem to want a team of all young, cheap players. We tried that in 2009.

  106. Eric Says:

    Oh, the guy who stands to make 16 mil if healthy says he’s 100%

    Sure he is.

  107. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Eric – he did. Told GMC that at the Pro Bowl. Check the archives

  108. Bucsfanman Says:

    If you made it this far on the blog and still think we should trade Revis, please go back and read Capt. Tim’s statement.
    Trading Revis for draft picks(c’mon) and replacing him with FAs(really?) only sets us back defensively. I read someone say that Revis had “no impact” on this team. Are you bleeping serious?! Did you forget about EJ Biggers?!

  109. buc4lyfe Says:

    People keep assuming nonsense because they jewel thinking Tampa two which a lot of teams run, guess all you want but lovie ain’t coaching the bears he’s coaching the bucs and we will play plenty of man coverage not just cover two. Yes it’s 16 mil but who would continue to play without guarantees in case of injury, I think revis would be all in on restructuring his contract because if we trade him that’s what the other team is going to do