Comparing Mike Glennon And Geno Smith

February 17th, 2014

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Now Joe is attempting to do something dangerous here. Trying to be objective with numbers.

Joe knows the Mike Glennon Mob likes to point to his fellow rookie quarterback starters EJ Manuel and Geno Smith and say Glennon’s numbers were far better. That may be, but Chase Stuart of pulled the onion skin back on the numbers, and while in some respects Glennon was better than Manuel and Smith, in other ways he was worse or similar to Smith.

Among the 35 quarterbacks with the most pass attempts, Glennon finished a very pedestrian 27th in Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt. But he did it in a very unique way: Glennon had an outstanding 19/9 touchdown-to-interception ratio, but he ranked dead last in Net Yards per Attempt. One reason for that is Glennon averaged only 10.6 yards per completion, the 3rd worst average among the 35 passers.

Smith finished 34th in ANY/A, largely due to his horrific 12/21 TD/INT ratio. He was a bit better in NY/A, ranking 28th, but what’s interesting about the Jets quarterback is that he ranked 7th in yards per completion. That metric is not a particularly effective measure of passer quality — after all, Matt Ryan ranked 35th — but it is a pretty good way to describe a quarterback’s style. While both Glennon and Smith were below average, they were below average in very different ways.

The fact Glennon stunk with net yards per attempt — he was the league’s worst; worse than Terrell Pryor, even — tells Joe a few things.

1) Defenses swarmed to Vincent Jackson like sharks to chum and he was rarely open as a result.

2) With Mike Williams lost for half a year with surgery on his hamstring, the Bucs had no other wide receiver that could reliably get open short of busted coverage.

3) The offensive line didn’t give Glennon a whole lot of time.

4) Former Bucs commander Greg Schiano had hammered into Glennon’s head that if he threw a pick, he would have a toe chopped off. Therefore, unless a receiver was wide, wide open, Glennon was more than content throwing safe checkdown passes. Remember how often on third downs Glennon would throw to receivers well short of the chains? Was this just incompetence by offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan or Glennon just playing it safe because he didn’t want Schiano in his face (or both)?

Stuart decided to use both Glennon and Smith’s numbers and project them out a few years and. Smith’s numbers project him to be Terry Bradshaw. Glennon? His numbers project him to be Bruce Gradkowski.

Joe is getting a hunch that Glennon is going to have to be deprogrammed by new offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford — and then reprogrammed. For young quarterbacks, this screws with their heads. Maybe this is why the Bucs are toying with possibility of bringing in a veteran like Michael Vick?

As Stuart points out, Glennon’s forte in college was throwing the ball deep. Strangely, Glennon has shown scant long passes thus far in the NFL.

82 Responses to “Comparing Mike Glennon And Geno Smith”

  1. Glennon Mob Says:

    This website should be renamed

  2. Dan Says:

    Why would Joe allow a comment filled with hate, lies and nonsense on these pages. Joe writes about what interests Joe.

  3. That Guy Says:

    Joe really doesn’t appreciate your consistent BS. –Joe

  4. Espo Says:

    This gave me a headache. I’ve definitely never seen a quarterback hit more check downs though.

  5. Dan Says:

    You ever hear of Freedom of speech you communist.

    Yes, Joe loves Freedom of Speech. The Founding Fathers didn’t have in mind protecting/allowing anonymous posters on the Internet to spread BS on websites, which are effectively malicious attacks on a privately owned business. Especially considering is entirely responsible for every last character YOU type. –Joe

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Hard to really compare different QBs when they play in different systems for different teams agains different competition. The question is would you rather have Geno Smith than Mike Glennon? I’m sure there would be different answers to that.

  7. P'cola Buc Says:

    By bringing up this topic Joe opens up the conversation to those who oppose it to make their cases. Perhaps just systematically make your side known just as consistently….it will have a better effect ….and who knows those who are more neutral about that topic may be more convinced by your own opinion.

  8. Eric Says:

    The most likely reason is that Glennon isn’t good.

    We’re going nowhere with that guy, and I’m confident Tedford and Lovie understand that.

  9. Otto Says:

    All of the Glennon and Manzeil posts get +100 comments. Did you ever think that is a driving force for Joe?

    …just like all those Shaun King posts…

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    […] More comparisons between Mike Glennon and Geno Smith. [JoeBucsFan] […]

  11. lightningbuc Says:

    I have no idea what sort of gibberish that guy has on his spreadsheet, but I do see that Dan Marino is dead last as far as rookie seasons.

    Again, not saying Glennon is the next Dan Marino. Just saying it is next to impossible to know with any certainty what you have in a QB after only one year.

  12. Brandon(akaRealisBucsFan) Says:

    Another article to bash our 2nd year 3rd round QB,what a suprise. Umm, please point out the bashing??–Joe

    Sorry Joe but I’ll get my Buccaneer news from another site from now on. I understand not liking the guy but at least do an article that shows some positives about him, even if we are going pick your American Idol- Johnny Football. It’s almost like you want us to cut Glennon or something. Give it a rest!

    See you tomorrow.–Joe

  13. SteveK (MGM) Says:

    Glennon has this under control, Joe. What about the pass rush?

  14. Jon Says:

    Keep on tearing Glennon down. Then watch we draft a QB at 7 and Glennon beats him out. Glennon didn’t have the help of a run game either due to Martin and James injuries. I’m not one to have some website break down the numbers when the person who did have no idea what the QB was told to do.

  15. That Guy Says:

    See what I get for offering you two kudos? The Joes are so sensitive.

  16. Greg Kehrer Says:

    No matter how many times you get on your soapbox, no matter what points you make or what you say it will have no bearing of any kind as to what the Bucs do or don’t do. Your going to have to wait like all of us and hope that their decisions are the right ones. Please stop beating this dead horse. Thank You.

  17. Joe Says:

    @That Guy — Yes, Joe’s a very sensitive fellow. So sensitive. lol

  18. Martinii Says:

    I for one will really be glad when free agency and the draft get here. I have not attempted a post in matters regarding Johnny Football vrs. Mike Glennon simply because the jury is still out on both. Glennon was not drafted to start. Freeman was comming off a respectable season and Glennon was to be his back-up and a potential project. Many argue that Schiano was at odds with Freeman and gave Glennon a lot of reps in camp hoping Freeman would fail. I don’t know the validity of that argument but I do know Freeman was out and the rookie was in. After a decent start he lost his OL, his receiving corp (less Jackson) and our opponents accumulated enough film on him to limit his effectiveness. He was still the best rookie (stat wise) in Bucs history.
    Could Johnny have done as well under the same circumstances? There is no empirical evidence that he could have thus it’s just opinion fueling this ongoing argument. No one can predict the future of the Bucs QB situation. I for one plan to leave in the hands of Lovie and company. Let’s talk pass rush, OL, playmakers and leave the unpredictable to the experts.

  19. William Says:

    I get Joe’s view. I’m not with the mob obviously. But I do think Schiano had total control of what Glennon was allowed to do (I’m with Jon on this point.) I believe all the short passes by Glennon was Schiano making him look good. The Glennon Mob got sucked right in by Schiano.

    I think Tedford and Arroyo will make Glennon better. I just don’t think Glennon is not the best fit for the new offensive scheme. Glennon’s inability to run takes away from it. To have Glennon as our QB will make our new offense more vanilla. I don’t think Tedford would like to start his NFL career in this way. We as fan shouldn’t settle for vanilla also.

    Vick and Garoppolo for next season will give Tedford the right fit for his scheme.

  20. Dean Says:

    This really is a perplexing issue concerning Mike Glennon as the future QB of the Bucs. Consider first, last years situation.
    1. Rookie QB
    2. Very poor OL protection
    3. Basically, one receiver that was constantly double or triple teamed.
    4. No separation by other receivers to have YAC.
    5. Unimaginative, and unchanging offensive game plan.

    Everyone has acknowledged all of the above, so I don’t care if you are Johnny Football, Cam or Peyton, as a rookie, you are not going to succeed in your FIRST year in the NFL.

    Let’s see what this great new coaching staff can do to evaluate and “coach-up” this kid.

  21. BigEl Says:

    I think we should trade Glennon to the Jets for Geno. Maybe throw in this years 1st rounder, and next years 1st rounder. It’s not every day you can land a Terry Bradshaw. Then maybe we’ll have the best QB in the division.

  22. Phillip Says:


    Man I love these articles.. Seriously.. If you keep this up we might get rid of Stevek Jon Dan Glennon Mob lightningbuc Tgregs JoeMan(ziel)CrushFan SAMCRO MR.T ROBERT6 buc1987 Jeagan1999 Thibs5599 tre83 Couch Fan.. Which would improve the comments section by a 1000%…


    We ALL know none of you losers are going anywhere else for news or you would have done it by now instead of “threatening” Joe with leaving…

    These kids sound like a broken record… We all understand you want Glennon to start next season and think for some reason hes a Franchise QB or should be given a Freemans chance to show he is.. WE GET IT… Give it a rest you haven’t CHANGED anyone’s mind yet and you won’t.. All the STATS and CRUTCHES you constantly talk about when it comes to Glennon is old recycled garbage…

    Think about this for a moment and tell me if you can do this for other “Franchise QB’s”

    For every argument you make for Glennon there is one against him… Literally EVERY stat you throw out there… Which for me is why we do what we gotta do to get one of the PREMIER QB’s THIS DRAFT… We won’t be drafting in the top 10 for a long time(fingers crossed) unless we get a trade and that team goes all Redskins Mike Shanny Quit style or YOUNGRY Bucs quit… So thinking we can get a Hundley Mariotta or Winston next season is not going to happen…

  23. MTM Says:

    The MGM is going to be upset after FA/draft. Maybe all 50 members will boycott the games.

  24. Mike Says:

    Well for me to understand what William is getting at….. I’d have to see what what kind of system Tedford is gonna roll out. Since we’ve yet to see it

  25. Suq Maddiq Says:

    Joe, I noticed the defund planned parenthood ad on your page and judging by the hateful comments I’d say your comments section is being commandeered by the NASCAR loving, Budweiser drinking, trailer living with nothing to do but vent their misguided aggression at you. Many of which are overt in their dislike of bringing in either a black quarterback (Vick) or bringing in sinful party boy Johnny football. I’m not particularly privy to either qb solution but certainly appreciate the depth in which you’ve taken the argument.
    You don’t have to pander to the tea party to get clicks. You write too well for that.

    “Pander to the Tea Party?” LOL. Joe’s just writing about football and what interests him. Joe finds if funny that so many of you think Joe has click strategies and talking points.–Joe

  26. Phillip Says:

    I’d rather have a Franchise that ATTEMPTS at getting a potentially great QB who can make players around him better than… Than try and get MULTIPLE GREAT players and make the QB functional…

    Best example… Aaron Rodgers… James Jones was a free agent last year after his career year and NO ONE even SNIFFED him about a contract NOT ONE TEAM.. He signed a one year deal to go back to GB…

    I’m tired of mediocrity Griese Garcia Gradkowski Simms Rob Johnson Josh Johnson Dilfer King Glennon Rattay Leftwich McCown Zeier Freeman Erickson… That is the list of OUR Starting QB’s since 1994 and that’s PATHETIC

    Aside from our BEST QB in Franchise history Brad Freaking Johnson

  27. Yar Says:

    I have created a matrix also and I can say without a doubt that Glennon projects to be a combination of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, so there.

  28. Mike Says:

    I’m at a 50/50 on things about Glennon. You will just never get me to go Johnny Boy! I’m all in for competition at the QB spot. Glennon didn’t look all that good in December, but that’s where my 50/50 comes into play. The entire offense sucked as a whole and the schemes would make a grown man puke! I would sit back and call plays by formation and was just puzzled at how many times I was right. Is Glennon or any other QB the future? None of us know. It just gets old looking at the same dumb arguments everyday. We will all know soon enough and that’s good enough for me. I will say this though as far as posters go. I like reading everybody’s views on things except for the ones that like to call people losers or idiots for stating their views. That would make one have to look in the mirror and call his/her self out

  29. Eric Says:

    If we cut Glennon somebody might pick him up for a training camp arm, but nobody would for serious competition to start.

    What’s that tell ya?

  30. SAMCRO Says:

    Everyone keeps putting a premium on the QBs ability to run is pure nonsense. In fact it is proven that some of our best QB’s of recent history could not escape their own shadows. i.e.

    Peyton Manning
    Eli Manning
    Tom Bradee
    Brad Johnson
    Boomer Esiason
    Dan Marino

    I could go on and I’m sure others can think of more but these guys will be HOF QBs and they probably couldn’t out run a 10 year old kid.
    Where it may seem that the pocket passer is no longer the trend for quarterbacks in the NFL is proven that the pocket passer has a longer shelf life and if a team is fortunate to get a really good one, they will be with the club for a longtime, unlike the scramblers who are way more susceptible to injury. Sure it’s fun to watch your QB run like a RB but like in RGIII’s case, he may never be the same, and never ever recover from his injury. The life expectancy of a running QB is probably the same as a RB or less, especially now that most RB are used in a RB by committee.

  31. knucknbuc Says:

    @Joe stop being so mean to our qb. Wahh wahh wahh- grown men in the mike glennon mob.

    Geeze I’ve never seen so many ppl get so butthurt over a third round qb that only played adaquete at best. Sheesh.

  32. Bruno Says:

    Possibly bringing in Michael Vick just in case Glennon’s head is screwed up? I could think of no better…more stable player in the NFL with a better resume to foster a young, confused, 2nd year QB.

    Seriously though, good article. The last part just made me laugh…I know Joe is just reporting what he hears.

  33. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I propose that the Glennon fans are the real Bucs fans. Go Glennon! Go Bucs! The rest are Bucs fan wannabes.

  34. K_bassuka Says:

    I said it all along, while I like Mike Glennon and hope he does great, watching him play reminded me to Cpt. Check down Gradkowski. Chase must have stolen those comments from me. The Bucs have to draft a QB if there’s one available that they like period regardless whether or not Glennon shows promise.

  35. joseph mamma Says:

    Geno and Glennon are far from finished products I would say. If I had to guess one way or another I would say that neither QB is going to be stars. But I think Glennon showed enough that nobody can say for sure.

  36. Biff Barker Says:

    Biffer’s take? “We’ll see”.

    There are too many issues in play now.

    It really depends what Tedford is trying to do, who’s available in the draft and FA and how soon Lovie needs to win.

    My guess is if there is a shot for QB, the Bucs will pull the trigger.

  37. Patrick in VA Says:

    It’s interesting to see the comments that people are writing on this article. This one has been a welcome break from the norm and pointed out a lot of the things that people on Glennon’s side have been saying all along so it’s funny to see people calling it a “slam piece” or something to that effect against Glennon. I think it did a good job of showing that there were a lot of things that were against him last year and it shows that we don’t know what we have in #8 yet because what we saw last year isn’t even what he specialized in while in college. Do you guys even read the articles or do you just see the headlines and make assumptions? Or, probably closer to the truth, do you just have your canned responses that you’re ready to copy & paste into the article when you see a QB’s picture

  38. buc4lyfe Says:

    Non sense Joe

    If your gonna make excuses for Glennon then you’re not being objective….really Greg Schiano, the guy that too the podium for the first time talking about were gonna be explosive and physical forced him not to take chances? So we blame Schiano for him missing vjack wide open every game? So Schiano said don’t throw beyond the second level of a defense well if you blame Schiano for Glennon blame him for Freeman regression from year 1 to year 2…bottom line I’d what he did last year doesn’t mean crap, he’s gonna have to compete next year, geno Smith and e.j are starters next year Glennon job status is only solidified in the minds of mgm

  39. Suq Maddiq Says:

    Joe, I ain’t talkin bout no talkin points, rather target audiences. The reference to the tea party was a rhetorical device asking you not to sell your soul for the sake of a loud few, not that you push a political agenda, though it must be noted that having hooters ads and defund planned parenthood ads on the same page seems counter-intuitive at best. I dont expect philosophical and ethical consistency from a sports blog, but you listen, Joe.

  40. Westsidebucsfan Says:

    See the dead horse…. See Joe beating the dead horse. Can we stop with the constant Glennon stories and perhaps write about other related Buc stories?

  41. buc4lyfe Says:

    Unbelievable people are making the same excuses for Glennon they refused to give to Freeman, lol same fate under a new coach haha i love it. What was it his first or second game Schiano let the guy throw like 47 passes? I doubt he expect more than 50% of them to be checkdowns and throw aways

  42. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    I am warming up to the idea of brining Mike Vick to Tampa.

    Why? Because Vick usually gets injured. Vick also goes through accuracy issue spells. Since Glennon is a solid QB, letting him watch Vick implode could serve him well. This will give Glennon time to work with the new OC too. Bring Vick in and let him take the early blame.

  43. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Nice article, Joe. MG8’s rookie numbers were very impressive in most areas…his yds/att and yds/comp were the weakest part of his game…but as you very accurately point out V-Jax was double covered because the Bucs didn’t have much else to throw to, our O-line was a mess and I think that Schiano/Sullivan were constantly hammering Glennon not to take chances!

    I think we will see a more poised and comfortable Glennon this year. I think the Bucs address the lack of weapons in the draft (Ebron or Watkins would be a great addition…hopefully MW19 comes back healthy too) and replace a few parts of the O-line to increase their effectiveness. A healthy Muscle Hamster will take some of the pressure off too. I’d also love to see Glennon add 10-15 lbs of muscle to his frame, and have an entire offseason/training camp as the starter to get ALL the reps he needs to enter the 2014 season ready to go! I really think he may surprise a lot of his detractors. And if he doesn’t…the team around him will be better for a new QB to step in in 2015.

  44. Bucsfan4lyf Says:

    Look @ Joe, I know you want Johnny Football sooooo bad, but give Glennon a break already.

    You say you “like the guy”, yet find any stat or person that says otherwise and post it. Seems like you’re out to get the guy.

    Is he an elite QB? HELL NO. Can he get better from his above average rookie season? Absolutely.

    He is finally going to be in an offensive system that suits him and will have WR’s to throw to besides V-Jack.

    Right when Lovie was announced as Head Coach, he met him and asked “when can we start?” I know you hate the guy, but he is showing he wants to be the starting QB and get better.

    We’re not a QB away from winning the Super Bowl, get that out of your head please. We need to fix the defense which I know Lovie will do and fix our running game. If we get those 2 set up plus special teams, we will be in great shape.

    Let’s give Glennon a chance, guy did all he could with the idiot head coach we had that told him to play conservative and not lose the game, rather than let him go out and win the game.

    You said it yourself, when he was running the 2 min offense against the 49ers, he looked great. What happened? Schiano was an idiot and stopped doing it.

    I rather use our picks to help our team and Glennon than go all out and risk our whole draft for 1 player. Didn’t work for the Redskins, won’t work for us. So far my Mock draft is

    1st Round- Khalil Mack DE Buffalo
    2nd Round- Odell Beckham Jr. WR LSU
    4th Round- Christian Jones MLB FSU
    5th Round- Chris Watt OG Notre Dame
    7th Round- Richard Rodgers TE CAL

    With this draft and the free agents we will sign, things will be looking up in Tampa.

    GO BUCS!

  45. Couch Fan Says:

    I’d rather have a Franchise that ATTEMPTS at getting a potentially great QB who can make players around him better than… Than try and get MULTIPLE GREAT players and make the QB functional…


    Lol, Why do we need a QB that makes other players better? Why can’t players make themselves better?….

    You want to attempt to insult peoples intelligence then you say stupid crap like that. smh

  46. Bill Says:

    @ Joe

    IMHO I think because the agent he hired will be a problem

    because of the Freeman problems he created. I don’t think

    the Glazers will deal with him. What do you think? Thanks

  47. NY Buc Says:

    Personally I’d place a little more importance in TD to INT ratio over an Adjusted Net Yards stat (which could fall somewhere between the stats of Adjusted Net Dumps before a game and Adjusted Net Dumps after a game in importance).

    Actually check downs aren’t a bad thing if you’re game plan is to pin an opponent deep into their own territory, play stout defense, and get the ball back for another scoring opportunity (or perhaps force a turnover). I believe it was the plan Schiano was trying to do and one Lovie will try to do as well. It’s not exciting football, but it can be successful.

  48. John Says:

    Joe is the kid with a stick, that stirs the pile to get reactions. It’s his job.

    Glennon Bashing by should be his web name. Has little to do with FANS, just Joe’s opinion. Kind of limited in views, but full of stupid facts trying to support his sinking ship. Sorry Joe, You have no input on free agency or the draft.

    I’m still wait for the Glennon is a alien angle, anything to support your one sided

  49. Mike Says:

    Not all about Glennon myself but what John said makes a ton sense!

  50. gianluca pesole Says:

    Johnny Manziel is a bust in waiting i prefer to see what we have with Glennon secondo year ad a starter.

  51. Eric Says:

    Joebucsfan has been around a lot longer than Glennon.

    And, I suspect, will be here long after he is gone. Which I suspect will be fairly soon after Tedford works with him.

    Get Johnny Football, great things will happen.

  52. #41 Says:

    So, will Joe change the name of his site when some other team wastes a pick on Johnny Gabbert in the draft?

    Glennon will be fine. He played OK in an ultra-conservative offense with limited talent around him and a lame-duck regime calling the shots.

    Let some other team waste time, money and the opportunity to draft a better player by reaching on these pedestrian QB prospects.

  53. Joe Says:

    Glennon will be fine. He played OK in an ultra-conservative offense with limited talent around him and a lame-duck regime calling the shots.

    Stop. So Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin (yes, Joe knows he got hurt) and Mike Williams (yes Joe knows he got hurt) are “limited” talents? Then Licht should cut them because they are both being underpaid.

    Feel free to link to any article from an MSM media outlet where a quarterback of a 32nd-ranked offense played “OK.”

    Joe is going to guess Glennon would be hesitant to term his overall play as “OK.”

  54. Harry Says:

    @John Says:
    “…full of stupid facts trying to support his sinking ship…”

    Really? Stupid facts like the ones all the MGMs throw out there, comparing MG8 to Brady, Payton, Brees, etc? Like actually saying MG8 is better then Matt Ryan, or MG8 is the best QB in the NFC south?

    Not trying to defend Joe, he can handle that just fine. But if anyone throws our absolutely ridiculous facts it is the MGM

  55. Sammy Watkins Mob Says:

    I just want the bucs to start winning again

  56. Phillip Says:

    @Couch Fan

    First off if you are gonna QUOTE something QUOTE the entire thing… My example is exactly why you are an idiot and tell me this year how Seattle’s D got them to the Super Bowl when they were on the sidelines and it was 4th and 17 and they were down UNTIL RUSSELL WILSON made a FRANCHISE QB throw and completed it to JERMAINE KEARSE.. Ya who? EXACTLY why you NEED a QB that makes players BETTER.

    Also your ignorance took that statement to the utmost extreme by implying players can’t get better on their own without a QB.. You must have been dropped when you were a kid…

  57. Jule McMichael Says:

    The one thing we keep forgetting is that Glennon did not have the luxury of taking all of the training camp reps (like EJ Manual and Geno Smith). Freeman was the starter. All training camp reps and preseason planning revolved around Freeman. Give Glennon a shot with a full off season to work with the first team offense. I think we will see a world of difference.

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    and again and again.

  59. Nick H Says:

    ” Smith’s numbers project him to be Terry Bradshaw. ”

    Annnnd this should be your first sign there’s a problem with the analysis

  60. DWC2 Says:

    I blame all of this on Obama, All these underemployed GM’s And HC’s posting from their desks because there are no jobs for them in the NFL.

    Here’s a question, If Manziel is going to be the franchise QB Joe thinks he is, why would Houston trade with anyone for any picks? All NFL teams are looking for that one special QB.
    No reason for Houston to trade with anyone if Manziel is going to be that 10/12 year great QB that takes you to super bowls every year….. (sarcasm)

  61. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Unbelievable people are making the same excuses for Glennon they refused to give to Freeman”

    Let’s see, Freeman got 59 games and 4 camps to correct his issues. Glennon has gotten 13 games and no camp. Totally the same thing, right?

  62. Doofus Dan Says:

    According to the Bleacher Report when rateing the top 65 quatorbacks they have Glennon at number 18… hummm.

  63. Doofus Dan Says:

    Sorry posted 2012. Here’s 2013.

  64. scotty Says:

    Glennon didn’t even have a system he had a joke of a coach and one wideout! and no running gane!

  65. Owlykat Says:

    Lovie wants a team of all athletes. Well, he will need to sit turtle Glennon on the bench this year because Glennon is no athlete! He has even dropped the ball with nobody on him this year. In the fourth quarter he just crumbles under the pressure. That dog can’t hunt!

  66. Owlykat Says:

    Lovie wants a team of all athletes. Well, he will need to sit turtle Glennon on the bench this year because Glennon is no athlete! He has even dropped the ball with nobody on him this year. In the fourth quarter he just crumbles under the pressure. That dog can’t hunt!

  67. Harry Says:

    @Phillip Says:
    “Joe… Man I love these articles.. Seriously.. If you keep this up we might get rid of Stevek Jon Dan Glennon Mob lightningbuc Tgregs JoeMan(ziel)CrushFan SAMCRO MR.T ROBERT6 buc1987 Jeagan1999 Thibs5599 tre83 Couch Fan.. Which would improve the comments section by a 1000%…”

    Great post, I laughed hard both times I read it.

  68. jr Says:

    I dare you to print an article praising glennon. Otherwise rename site to

  69. tickrdr Says:

    I have a question. This article uses data from the ROOKIE seasons of all these young (<24 y/o) QB's and then purports to use that data to try to compare them to other qb's they are most similar to??? I thought that was totally against the rules to try to say someone had as good a rookie season, as other more highly touted players have had in the past, and simply hoping their future performance will grow proportionally to match, as their experience grows..
    To me, it seems the same as using split times on a race in the Olympics, say the downhill for instance. The networks and commentators all show the split time for when a racer passes a certain point, and compares it to the leader, because if he is better than the leader at that point in the race, perhaps he can become the new leader. How is it any different to say that someone's performance as a rookie (i.e. like a "split time" in their overall career) isn't then potentially in a position to improve and overtake some of those leaders whose rookie performance perhaps wasn't so good.


  70. BuccoBill Says:

    Hey Joe, our local Tea Party meeting will be on February 31st and the “Lamb and Farmer” ye olde pub at midnight. Bring your musket and keep it on the hush hush.

  71. Dougy balls Says:

    To all who bash joe Quit your whining we are lucky to have such a site to read everyday I check this site at least every hour to catch a new article love to here opinions that differ from mine the same way me and and my friends go back and forth on topics There opinions And joe has his And the best is when people say there not coming back and joe tells them see you tomorrow Lmao. Too funny because he is dead on I am more of the fan who reads rather than post but at this point I feel the need to vent do to all the cry babies Grow up debates are healthy Whining is not. Thanks for this site joe I have my friends and family all reading now

  72. BamBamBuc Says:

    ODB – While accurate that Freeman was around for 4 camps, please also consider that his rookie camp he was intended to sit the entire year and was 3rd string in camp. That year the snaps all through camp and preseason were between Leftwich and McCown to see who the starter would be for the season while Freeman sat. Even Josh Johnson got more preseason reps than Freeman. The 2nd camp was a strike year and there really was no camp. Sure, guys got together and threw the ball around, but no coaching. It wasn’t until his 3rd year that he really had any true #1 QB time at camp. Even last year, Glennon saw nearly as much action as #1 in camp and preseason as Freeman did. So, out of the 5 camps he had, he really only had 2 full time #1 QB camps under 2 different systems and a pretty good year in the first Schiano/Sully year. Not defending him or anyone else, just pointing out that he didn’t really have a lot of camp time in his career. Neither did Blount when he was here. First year he was signed week 1 of the season, so no camp. 2nd year was the strike year. Not a defense of him either, as all NFL teams and players had to go through that. But I do think it shows in that none of the QBs in that draft have exactly been spectacular and many players over those couple years have suffered in their development.

  73. Jon Says:

    @Philip. With that then drafting freeman was the right thing. Go for a franchise type guy. Oh and and glennon was the best of this class. I’m not saying he’s a stud but it’s not like the club isn’t trying. Who they could have taken Kap or Russell. Well Kap came in right after Freeman’s best year and they traded up for lavonte david so they missed on that. Again. Please draft a QB at 7. Just don’t be wrong.

  74. Chris Says:

    “Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel
    Suspect intangibles — not a leader by example or known to inspire by his words. Carries a sense of entitlement and prima-donna arrogance seeking out the bright lights of Hollywood. Is known to party too much and is drawn to all the trappings of the game. … Has defied the odds and proven to be a great college-system quarterback, but still must prove he is willing to work to be great, adjust his hard-partying, Hollywood lifestyle and be able to inspire his teammates by more than his playmaking ability.”

    Maybe Johnny football isn’t a good choice.

  75. Cobraboy Says:

    Mike Glennon is a mature, smart guy. He saw what happened to Freeman under Schiano’s full control freakish “My Way or the Highway” behavior.

    Why is it difficult to not understand much of what Glennon showed was totally due to doing what he was told, how he was told…or else…by a bad coach(s)?

    With is obvious smarts I’d like to see how the guy would do with experienced adults in charge for a change.

    QB is not even in the Top 5 “needs” of the team, IMO.

  76. Chris Says:

    Joe Says:
    February 17th, 2014 at 2:27 pm
    Glennon will be fine. He played OK in an ultra-conservative offense with limited talent around him and a lame-duck regime calling the shots.

    Stop. So Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin (yes, Joe knows he got hurt) and Mike Williams (yes Joe knows he got hurt) are “limited” talents? Then Licht should cut them because they are both being underpaid.

    Feel free to link to any article from an MSM media outlet where a quarterback of a 32nd-ranked offense played “OK.”

    Joe is going to guess Glennon would be hesitant to term his overall play as “OK.”

    So joe. This is where I cannot take much of you’re “evaluations” seriously. I’m not a big believer either that Mike Glennon is the answer. But come on. He had Williams and Martin , both not healthy, for 3 out of 13 starts. So yes. The majority of the year he was with minimal talent outside Vincent Jackson.

    However I do think there are things that point out he may not be an effective starter. But you know , I have a hard time seeing many qbs operate successful in that schiano offense to be honest. Option routes? Really?

    I’m not moving up for Manziel. If I trade up it’s for Teddy. That’s it. I think we do need a starting caliber qb. But JF is extremely risky. Bortles is ehh. To be honest I love Murray and Garrapolo later in the draft. Better value and starting caliber signal callers

  77. lion Says:

    Everyone seems to ignore the fact that Glennon played extremely well for a rookie, with the deck completely stacked against him. Go back and look at most of the great nfl qbs and you see how they did in their rookie seasons. Glennon was thrown into the dogs to run an offense that was a wreck and he did a great job. I don’t understand all the trash talk against him. Hell, I’ll take Glennon over Rg3any any day of the week.

  78. Joe Says:

    Everyone seems to ignore the fact that Glennon played extremely well for a rookie,

    Though Joe gets where you are coming from, it’s not what Joe would call “well.” Freeman did more with less as a rookie.

    At the end of the day, Glennon still led the worst offense in the NFL. Joe cannot twist that to somehow define his play as “well for a rookie).”

  79. Dan Says:

    Still up to your pathetic games Joe? Freeman did more with less?? You really are the dumbest blogger on this planet.

  80. Dan Says:

    How do you explain the fact that the Buccanees had more YAC in Glennons first few games then any in Freemans 5 year tenure? Its because Glennon can hit receivers in stride. Just admit your wrong and own it.

  81. ClassieFreddieBlassie Says:

    I think my favorite part about the Glennon Mobsters on this site has to be the notion that Joe is continually attacking Glennon. I have not once read on this blog anything that wasn’t a fact or statistic. Man, do I wish I had a pair of those rose-colored shades the Mobsters have where Mike Glennon looks like the second coming of Tom Brady and this is Year One of the Buccaneers Dynasty. Unfortunately, like Joe, I am a realist. I have watched a whole lot of football in my life. I have endured Bruce Gradkowski and Byron Leftwich as my favorite team`s starting QB. Glennon showed me nothing at all that made me jump out of my seat and holler like a crazy man. What I did see was a rookie QB who squeezed the ball too hard, held on to it for too long and forced passes to V-Jax like he was the only receiver on the field. It`s a hard reality Mobsters, but it is reality nonetheless.
    I think the Mobsters would be best served sticking to, the official site, where it is always daffodils and butterflies when it comes to the team. Me, I realize this was a 4 and 12 team last year who had one of the worst coaching staffs I can ever remember in any sport. I love my Bucs but there is a lot of work to be done to make this team a competitor again. With QB being the most important position on a football field, it very well should be a constant topic as it is a huge question mark this year. I would love nothing more than Glennon to throw for 45 TD`s and 4500 yards, but the chances of that happening are slim. So, in that case, I want to be able to weigh the options, and that`s where Joe comes in. Yes, it is quite obvious that Joe is also skeptical of the level Glennon can achieve, but rightfully so. And, by the bye, this is a blog written by the Joe`s, so they can write whatever they want to!!! If you think Glennon is the second coming, write an article telling us all why and back up your info. Maybe the Joe’s will be kind enough to post it as a rebuttal piece. I don’t think even MG himself would like to use the “rookie year” excuse as much as the Mobsters do. He seems to have a little more pride than that.

  82. BoJim Says:

    Phillip Said:

    Man I love these articles.. Seriously.. If you keep this up we might get rid of Stevek Jon Dan Glennon Mob lightningbuc Tgregs JoeMan(ziel)CrushFan SAMCRO MR.T ROBERT6 buc1987 Jeagan1999 Thibs5599 tre83 Couch Fan.. Which would improve the comments section by a 1000%…


    We ALL know none of you losers are going anywhere else for news or you would have done it by now instead of “threatening” Joe with leaving:

    And what makes you so frickin cool?