Carl Nicks’ Running Is Limited

February 20th, 2014

NickssmileBad news for those yearning for the human armoire, Carl Nicks, to make a full recovery.

Per the Twitterings of WDAE-AM 620 host Rick Stroud, Lovie Smith told him today the Bucs’ massive left guard isn’t sprinting or going all out in his rehabilitation from foot surgeries.

@NFLStroud – Smith on Nicks: “But he’s not running full speed or anything like that. We hope so. I mean, Carl is a heck of a football player.”

A decision on Nicks will very much shape the Bucs’ offseason, but Joe expects Tampa Bay to wait patiently for Nicks to recover. Lovie’s comments are a clear admission that Nicks is not healthy and, per, the Bucs will owe Nicks more than $6 million for the 2014 season if he’s cut while injured.

16 Responses to “Carl Nicks’ Running Is Limited”

  1. ROBERT6 Says:

    how could he run full speed with a taco supreme in one hand and a big mac in the other.

    cut this guy.

  2. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Is there any type of salary cap relief if they can some to an injury settlement?

  3. DallasBuc Says:

    The dude has had major foot surgeries. I didn’t expect him to be full speed by now, if ever, and hope can be ready to come august.

  4. SpanishBuc Says:

    @Robert6: stop being a troll, it’s a sad existence as a human being.
    @Oil Derrick Brooks: Nick’s would have to accept a settlement which would not be in his own best interest. So for all practical reason, no, there is no relief.

  5. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Wonder why he wasn’t placed on IR last year?

  6. eric Says:

    But what is the news it is the middle of Feb. and the guy is rehabbing why would he be running full speed right now or going all out? is he making progress is he better today or is he the same from 2 weeks ago thats news to me!

  7. ROBERT6 Says:

    Spanish- thanks for your insight. I don’t have any patience left for someone who has done nothing in how many years. he’s a great example for our younger guys. that was sarcasm

    anyone who has had foot issues can tell you weight is a huge issue. I’ll stop posting my utter disgust for nicks when I see him in shape and on the field. He milking that foot and only a sucker would think any different. the only reason he is still on the team is because of the bad PR from the free deal and the kicker thing from last year. if they cut him too the would look heartless. at this point it’s putting him out of his misery. he is the same as that D tackle we signed a couple years ago. can’t even remember his name he is so irrelevant. the bum from TN who got paid and was never the same. same as the Oakland QB…and many more.

  8. Phillip Says:

    @Mr. Patrick

    He wasn’t placed on IR because Dom was making moves for this coming season and was going to try and say he was healthy and just cut him because of performance issues.. We would only owe him like 3 million if cut for that reason because they restructured his and Vjax deal.. If we cut Nicks because of injury we will owe him 3 million plus the 6 million for injury reasons. He is on the books for 10 million I believe this season with the prorated bonus included.

    Article from BN

  9. Phillip Says:

    My numbers were just guesses from the article because I can’t remember the exact numbers and I’m too lazy to go through the article and read it again.

  10. Ghost Says:

    Please just release the dude for the love of Christ

  11. snook Says:

    Won’t play a down for the Bucs ever again.

  12. teacherman Says:

    Poor guy.

    Rich guy.

    Keep him and hope he returns by Week 8 or 10.

    We owe him the money anyway.

    Joseph needs to restructure to minimum salary. Or we cut.

    The draft a guard at the top of the 2nd.

    Next year, draft Donald Penns replacement in the 1st.

    But this year, he’s still our decent anchor.

  13. Dougy balls Says:

    Bucs will use this year to evaluate talent under new schemes next year you could see nicks the hawk and williams cut to free up a lot of cap space unless any pan out to match there salaries

  14. Capt. Tim Says:

    Word out of New Orleans
    They said they were afraid to resign Nicks to a long term contract- because they were worried he would lose all motivation, once he got the big payday score.

    Hmmm. . .

  15. SAMCRO Says:

    As much as this sucks. Let’s cut the umbilical cord and injury settle him. We need the vacated position for depth. It’s a wasted roster spot to keep thinking we’ll ever get this guy back on the field.

  16. Clowney Says:

    The problem is that the Bucs certified him 100% healthy when they 1st signed him and then the Little General forced him to run gauntlets. Blew out his plantar ligament, which is a life long injury.

    Remember “Cash for Clunkers?” Where the govt purchased your old car, drained the oil and revved it until it exploded. The Bucs kind of did that but opposite. They hired the best and then Greg blew him up.

    Then they infected him with a deadly infection after they re-signed him to a long term contract.

    That’s why Greg and the Rockstar are gone.