A Voice For Clowney Falling To Bucs

February 14th, 2014

One draft guru Joe respects is Russ Lande. The former NFL Scout who now works as a college scouting director in the CFL offers researched takes, and he doesn’t throw crap against the wall. Lande has written books on the NFL Draft, and you’ve probably heard him on radio or TV, or seen his work for NationalFootballPost.com or Sporting News.

His new mock draft is intriguing.

Lande has the Texans taking QB Blake Bortles No. 1 overall, followed by the Rams locking up OT Jake Matthews, something Joe, like Lande, thinks is likely given the blown knee of OT Jake Long against the Bucs in December. Then Lande has a QB parade going Nos. 3 to 5: Teddy Bridgewater (Jaguars), Derek Carr (Cleveland) and Johnny Football (Oakland).

That’s where it gets interesting. He claims the Falcons at No. 6 will go with a character/talent pick to bolster their defense leaving defensive end Jadaveon Clowney on the board.

No. 6 Anthony Barr
Atlanta desperately needs to upgrade its pass rush and likely will have to make a decision between Jadeveon Clowney and Barr. However, considering the Falcons took linebacker Brandon Spikes and tight end Aaron Hernandez off their draft board due to character questions, I think they will lean toward Barr with too high a pick to risk. Barr has rare explosive quickness and speed to threaten the corner. That, combined with his outstanding character, work ethic and desire to improve, makes me believe he has what it takes to improve and become a top pass rusher.  

And then the Bucs take Clowney.

No. 7 Jadeveon Clowney
South Carolina DE
When Lovie Smith was the head coach in Chicago, the Bears signed unrestricted free-agent Julius Peppers to a huge contract; Clowney reminds me a ton of Peppers. He has the length, thick build, excellent strength and uncommon athleticism for a big man. If he can be motivated to play hard and be aggressive on every snap, he has the talent to be a Hall of Fame defender. Current defensive ends Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers have been disappointments, and the Buccaneers need to upgrade their pass rush.

If there’s a head coach who can get the most out of Clowney, it very well could be Lovie Smith. Clowney, who turned 21 today, surely has the requisite talent to be drafted that high. Joe also suspects Bucs fans would be out of their minds with ecstasy at the thought of an explosive edge rusher alongside Gerald McCoy.

Lande lays out a plausible scenario — for mid-February. But there’s a long, long way to go. Joe still thinks Lovie won’t sit on his hands when it comes to signing a pass rusher in March. It’s just that important.

71 Responses to “A Voice For Clowney Falling To Bucs”

  1. Eric Says:

    Getting Clowney would be outstanding.

  2. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    If Clowny falls to 4th or 5th… they should trade up to get him.

    He is THAT good and our need is THAT BAD for a Simeon Rice replacement.

  3. ROBERT6 Says:

    ” If he can be motivated to play hard and be aggressive on every snap”

    isn’t this personal motivation? can this be “taught”?

    we don’t need another Bowers

  4. snook Says:

    That would never happen. Atlanta wouldn’t pass on Clowney ESPECIALLY to a division rival.

  5. Saskbuco Says:

    @ Joe …..”Blown knee of OT Jake Long…not Chris the DE”- too many Longs.

  6. BucsfaninChina Says:

    No way he gets past the falcons, but sh*t. Trade away the rest of our picks, our players, the farm to get him for all I care. Clowney will instantly make our D terrorizing and the motivational issues are pure BS, just didnt want to get hurt his senior year. Extra plus – we wouldnt have to see him twice a year for the forseeable future.

  7. Will Hartley Says:

    With all do respect to those pundits that are probably alot smarter than me, there’s no way he fall’s to #7 ( unless he commits a couple of felonies between now and May). Once in a decade potential.

  8. Harry Says:

    “…Joe also suspects Bucs fans would be out of their minds with ecstasy at the thought of an explosive edge rusher alongside Gerald McCoy…”

    Watching Clowney on Sundays in red and pewter would be better then sex! No way he falls to #7

  9. Eric Says:

    Since the Rams could probably get the player they want at 7, seems like they are good trade partners.

    If they traded up for Clowney or a QB I couldn’t fault it.

  10. Macabee Says:

    If Clowney fell to #7, then something is wrong with him. I know some have said he takes plays off and recently it’s been reported that he needs surgery for painful bone spurs in his foot. I do think his handlers should keep him away from microphones until after the draft!

    All of that is probably pre-draft scuttlebutt and wishful thinking of people that would like to see him fall to their team. I think he goes in the first 3 picks!

  11. Harry Says:

    @Buc Fan #237 Says:
    “…If Clowny falls to 4th or 5th… they should trade up to get him…”

    I totally agree. I’ve said that; weeks ago. And that scenario is very plausible.

    #’s 1, 3 & 4, HOU, JAX & CLE all take QBs
    #2, Rams take Matthews.
    ALL of these are “NEED” picks, so very possible. Then we give up a 3rd rounder to OAK to move up to #5 and OAK can still draft Watkins (many mocks have them taking Watkins at 5) since there is no way ATL will pick him (they are loaded with WRs)

    THAT is a very possible scenario. No way Clowney falls to 7. But Lande does make an interesting argument.

  12. Left_Coast_Bucs_Fan Says:

    It would be awesome to have Clowney fall to the Bucs, but I think Atlanta would take Clowney and leave Barr on the board. Either way, the Bucs still need a QB in the draft to compete with Glennon, veteran FA added or not and most likely Garoppolo would be gone by their 2nd round pick. So what do you think they do in the 2nd round Joe, take McCarron or Mettenberger?

  13. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    Harry Says:

    February 14th, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    “…Joe also suspects Bucs fans would be out of their minds with ecstasy at the thought of an explosive edge rusher alongside Gerald McCoy…”

    Watching Clowney on Sundays in red and pewter would be better then sex! No way he falls to #7

    Come on man! Better than sex! Have you not had any great sex?

    Clowney would be 2nd best though I have to admit. How awesome would it be if we had Peppers/Allen on the other side too? Now that’s a D line!

  14. mike n Says:

    This could be the dumbest thing I have read. Barr will never go top 6. Clowney will never drop. The rams may take an OT, but not at #2. That #2 pick is so valueable and will be auctioned off.

  15. mike n Says:

    I guess everyone with a computer does a mock draft now.

  16. Mr. Patrick Says:

    He doesn’t factor in trades in the top 7 and we know there will be at least 1. Plus I don’t see Clowney getting past Atlanta. Mock drafts usually get thrown off a little by free agency, but I wouldn’t at all mind seeing Clowney in Red and Pewter

  17. Clowney Says:

    I do believe!

    I do believe!!

    I do believe!!!

  18. Tye Says:

    I’m not confident in any measure about these “1st round” quality QBs this year… Now a pass rusher like Clowney is worth the risk… If he falls to a reasonable pick and the Bucs get him it will be amazing!

  19. Patrick in VA Says:

    If we get Clowney it would probably be the best thing that’s happened since my sons were born. I say that because I stopped making comparisons there and I’m not comfortable with what my answer would be if I were to actually compare my happiness for getting Clowney to my sons being born.

  20. Macabee Says:


    Might want to explain how we got another 3rd round pick to trade before the draft because we don’t have one now!

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Harry

    That all sounds good but we don’t have a 3rd Rounder….

    I like Clowney, but I’m not in favor of trading up for any player….we have many needs and we can fill one of them at 7 or even trade down and fill one and end up with extra picks.

    We should know a great deal about our possible draft pick depending on our FA acquisitions.

  22. RastaMon Says:

    Clowney has quit in him…..NO Thanks ! Do not need a QUITTER with a massive bank account…..

  23. Pewter_Power Says:

    This is a pipe dream. Nothing to see here folks.

  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    I must be in the minority here because I don’t see it in Clowney. I saw a guy who didn’t play hard or just flat out underachieved. If he was the “stud” everyone makes him out to be, what happened to all of the big plays he was supposed to make? Heck, Bowers had a better college resume!
    Just my opinion.

  25. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The derision some of us were greeted with, by merely suggesting to tank the rest season; after starting 0-8. Convinced that, there’s no moral victories, in winning 2 or 4 games (with a lame duck coaching staff). Especially when you consider, road games against Carolina, New Orleans and a difficult match up at home with San Francisco. Their reply was who cares about draft position, I wanna win now….Ok!

    But isn’t ironic that those same fans are begging our depleted team, desperately in need of draft picks; to trade up? I know its all water under the bridge now, but still laughable nonetheless.

  26. Harry Says:

    @Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:
    “…Come on man! Better than sex! Have you not had any great sex?

    Clowney would be 2nd best though I have to admit. How awesome would it be if we had Peppers/Allen on the other side too? Now that’s a D line!”

    Fuzzy, sexy does not last for 3 hours… lol

  27. Rob Says:

    Clowney or Bridgewater being there at 7 would be the two dream scenarios as far as I’m concerned. I’d even be okay with the Bucs moving up a few spots to get one of them.

  28. Harry Says:

    @Tampabaybucfan Says:
    “…Harry… That all sounds good but we don’t have a 3rd Rounder….”

    I know we don’t have a 3rd rounder this year…. Next years 3rd rd pick

    TBBF, really?? you would not give up a 3rd rd pick to get the next Julius Peppers???

    And please don’t give me that lame excuse that there are no sure things, since the same thing can be said about whoever we pick if we stayed at #7.

  29. unbelievable Says:

    Although they will both go in the 1st round, I actually think Bortles and Clowney are more 2nd round picks- based on their skill level right now. Bortles needs some time to develop, and something about Clowney makes me wary of a 1st round pick on him. I think they will both be studs in a few years, but in today’s game, 1st rounders have to make an impact in year 1.

    On an unrelated note- Joe these video ads with sound are killing me. At work it is an abrubtly loud nuisance, or at home listening to music, it completely ruins it. Then we have to scroll endlessly up and down the page to find which little box it is and turn if off. Just sayin’

  30. Patrick in VA Says:

    @LUVMYBUCS – I didn’t keep tabs on who those that said we should win for the sake of winning were but it doesn’t surprise me that they would be willing to give away our draft to move up to get the draft selection that would have been ours had we just tanked the rest of an already bad season. I just needed to see one win to keep us from being compared the the 0-16 lions forever but would have gotten us a great pick to go with what we all knew would be a new coaching staff.

  31. Harry Says:

    @LUVMYBUCS Says:
    “…The derision some of us were greeted with, by merely suggesting to tank the rest season; after starting 0-8.

    But isn’t ironic that those same fans are begging our depleted team, desperately in need of draft picks; to trade up?”

    I often stated it would be best if we lost more games after the 0-8 start, and caught hell for it. So, I am assuming you are not talking about me??

  32. Harry Says:

    I agree, no one wants to go “0 for”, but hells bells, we could have been in JAX spot selecting Teddy? Johnny? Clowney? had Schiano sucked just a little more!! (notice I did not blame MG8… he sucked enough LMAO)

  33. Harry Says:

    @unbelievable Says:
    “…Although they will both go in the 1st round, I actually think Bortles and Clowney are more 2nd round picks…”

    Well, at least you used an appropriate “handle” in here “unbelievable”

  34. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – well played sir. disagree on the premise but it was funny

  35. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @Patrick in VA

    I hear you, but whats (16) more loses when you have more loses, than any franchise in NFL history? With a staggering .392 winning percentage.

    I only look at it one way, SUPER BOWL OR BUST!. If be chance you an unfortunate position, were you can get the best talent at the top of the draft. You take advantage of that opportunity, at least thats what winning organization do.

  36. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    * If by chance

  37. Patrick in VA Says:

    To all the folks who keep calling Clowney an underachiever or a quitter, get real. The guy would’ve been a top draft pick coming out of high school. He had to log a year in college to show that he could dominate and he was coasting last year to make sure he didn’t injure himself while he was waiting to get draft eligible. He had nothing to gain from playing hard and everything to gain from preserving himself and ensuring he was healthy because everyone knew he would be at the top of the draft. The guy is ridiculous and he’s simply making sure he has an opportunity to get paid. It doesn’t do him any good to go all out against Southwestern Mississippi Christian and have some no name kid take a cheap shot that ends his career and he never saw a dime.

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Harry

    Do you actually thing that there is a team that would let us trade up for a 2015 3rd round pick?

    I would be OK with a trade up for that….but most trade up deals are going to cost us at least this year’s 2nd or perhaps next year’s first or both & yes….I’m not in favor of that.

  39. SAMCRO Says:

    I just can’t believe we went 4 – 12 and ended up with the 7th pick, with Atlanta ahead of us, especially when Joe’s second best QB in the division couldn’t win more than 4 games on his own but expected a rookie tossed into the 4th game behind an 0-3 start to play lights out behind an O-line that played like a team of matadores in perfect unison.

  40. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Excuse me, when you have the worst winning percentage(.392) in NFL history!

  41. thegregwitul Says:

    If Clowney falls in the draft, he won’t make it past Atlanta, barring some kind of controversy rearing its ugly head late in the process; think Warren Sapp and his draft day tumble to the Bucs in 1995.

    Outside of that, I see no way the Falcons allow a talent like Clowney to fall to the Bucs, no way whatsoever. They would trade the pick to another team before letting the Bucs steal a player of Clowney’s quality and potential if the Falcons for some reason didn’t want to select him.

    At the end of the day, these mock drafts are really just here to fill the gap between free agency and the actual draft. Until teams begin to make roster moves (releasing players and signing free agents), these mocks are more likely to be mocked than they are to be treated as gospel.

    But, man, if that scenario were to play out for the Bucs, I would LOVE IT. 100% love it. A move like that would be a an immediate game changer for the Bucs, Glennon at QB or otherwise.

  42. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I was one of those that doesn’t subscribe to tanking just to get a higher draft pick….I make no apologies for wanting to win “just for the sake of winning”…..I guess its a character flaw I have.

    And….I also am in favor of trading down if a good opportunity presents itself….

    Its not where you pick…its who you pick and what you do with them.

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here is an example:

    I was there in 1986 when the Bucs had the #1 overall pick.

    SELECTION: BO JACKSON (never played a down for us)

    It’s not where you pick….its WHO!!!

  44. BucsQcCity Says:

    trading up for clowney I would also be for it.. The guy is a rare specimen. So many options in this draft!

  45. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    If you have action at the elite, you draft the elite.

    You might have yourself a Super Bowl winning Quarterback

    Terry Bradshaw
    Jim Plunkett
    John Elway
    Troy Aikman
    Peyton Manning
    Eli Manning

    Or not

    But a least you have your pick of the litter. You can always trade down, and receive a additional prospects.

    When it comes to BO-your forgetting the -Culverhouse effect-. No one wanted to play for a cheap owner.

  46. Bucsfanman Says:

    Patrick- I hear you but I have to disagree. What it says to me is that he’s more important than the team. What happens when his first contract is up? Will he practice or is he saving himself for gamedays? As an employer, these are not questions I want to have about a potential prospect.
    I would rather be talking about a guy who put in the work, day in, day out and put everything out on the field. I think it’s more than fair to speculate on his work ethic.

  47. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Bucsfanman – You’re saying that from a fans’ perspective. Think about it from his standpoint. The only chance this kid has to acquire the amount of wealth that he is nearly guaranteed is by staying healthy and making it to the NFL. The college thing is cute and all but he’s been built up as the second coming since he was a senior in high school and he’s his family’s hope for ending the financial struggles that they have. If he gets injured and can’t play anymore then all of that is gone and he’s a vacuum salesman. None of that matters to the fans because they got to see a guy give it his all in a game that was ultimately meaningless and the south carolina fans get to cheer about him dominating lesser opponents but he is the one that has to keep living after he’s not able to play anymore. It’s absolutely understandable that he conserve himself and ensures that he’s able to succeed where it matters.

  48. Harry Says:

    @Tampabaybucfan Says:
    “…Harry… Do you actually thing that there is a team that would let us trade up for a 2015 3rd round pick?

    I would be OK with a trade up for that….but most trade up deals are going to cost us at least this year’s 2nd or perhaps next year’s first or both & yes….I’m not in favor of that.”

    Trading a pick that is for the following year is done all the time, it will just depend on what they are offered by other teams. In addition, according to the draft trade chart, trading up from 7 to 5 is worth 200 points whereas our 3rd rounder that the Jets have now is worth 245, so I am in the ball park

  49. Harry Says:

    For all of you MGMs who are questioning Clowney, most of you know how bad I want to move up and draft a REAL franchise QB (lol), but if Clowney is there when we draft and if Teddy or Johnny are there as well, I would have a hard time NOT taking Clowney. He is the real deal, and much more likely to be hugely successful.

  50. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Harry – good call. These QBs are the best QBs in this class (not a great one). Clowney is the best we’ve seen come out in a while.

  51. pick6 Says:

    i wouldn’t care about anything else that happened in the draft if we get clowney at 7. i just can’t see a new coaching staff with a 4-win roster trading up when they already lack their 3rd and 6th rounder, but barring any craziness in the draft evaluation process, clowney would probably be lovie smith’s at #1 overall. he’d be thrilled to get the next julius peppers at #7 overall

  52. lightningbuc Says:


    Sorry, but that doesn’t hold water. The same thing could be said for Manziel after winning the Heisman the previous year. He, too, was projected as a top 5 pick before last season even started. But he never came down with any phantom injuries that seemed to plague Clowney all season. Good God, his coaches were unaware he was injured, until Clowney deemed himself too injured to play.

  53. Patrick in VA Says:

    @lightningbuc – it does hold water because manziel has oil money from his grandfather and is playing football because it’s fun and he enjoys it. the NFL is a chance for him to elevate Clowney far beyond what he or his family could do without it

  54. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    He may last until 5…in that case we would have to jump Atlanta to get him (perhaps)….we could gamble noone else will trade up to get him or Atlanta won’t take him.
    The article states that Oakland will pick Manziel so trading up with them in that scenerio won’t work….so we would have to trade up even further to get Clowney.
    If he’s there when Atlanta picks….we should take the gamble and sit tight…..if they pick him, then we have several good need choices left.

  55. Harry Says:

    Actually my friend, trading with OAK would work, baring some unexpected trade. ATL is not going to take a QB. OAK can move down, pick up an extra 3rd rd pick for next year and still get the QB they want

  56. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Harry

    If I were Oakland…I wouldn’t fall for that…..How would they know we wouldn’t pick Manziel?

  57. Patrick in VA Says:

    @TBBF – because Clowney >>>> Manziel.

  58. Bucsfanman Says:

    Patrick- I understand the point that you’re making. You could make that argument for any college athlete though. I just don’t see a lot of potential prospects “throttling down” in anticipation of being drafted high. I think it has the potential to blow up in your face.
    When I hear Clowney’s name I think of one play, and it wasn’t even from this season. I see a guy like Manziel and I see a body of work. I know they’re two different positions and family wealth but I can point at Manziel and say “gamer”. Clowney, I saw one play then coast.
    I just see it differently I guess. I’d rather have the guy that works hard. That’s me looking at it from a GM/HC perspective. It’s just my opinion. If we drafted him I’d root for him, no question!

  59. Harry Says:

    Thats an easy problem to solve. You simply have an agreement with them not to take Manziel. Not to argue with myself, but a better argument to support why OAK would not make that trade would be the concern that ATL might trade with another team, say MIN, that wants to take Manziel. Then you are OAK in the 7th spot holding your d*%k in your hand. The OAK fanbase would turn into a lynch mob

  60. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Dream On Guys, Clowney will be long gone, by the time we pick.

  61. MTM Says:

    I can’t see the Bucs taking Clowney at 7. The Bucs need a QB that’s a play maker. You can have a defense that is lights out but if the offense is throwing picks or going 3 and out every series then it won’t matter. This new regime will find good defensive players in the later rounds or through FA.

  62. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Clowney has amazing talent and potential, but I can’t see him falling to 7!

  63. Harry Says:

    Imagine if it was your kid. What would you tell him to do? He was too young to be drafted last year. And ppl are telling him if he sits out 2013 and doesn’t play, his stock will drop and he will lose a lot of money. So he plays, but all those close to him are telling him “don’t get hurt.” “OMG if you get hurt, its over… millions gone…”.

    I get your point, but his work ethic can be checked other ways, interviews with all kinds of ppl including coaches all the way to high school. Spurrier would lie about him. Clowney is the 2nd coming of Julius Peppers. Bank on it. As much as I get on my pulpit about needing to move up in the draft and take a QB, there are way more risks with Teddy/Johnny then with Peppers, OPPS, I mean Clowney

  64. Harry Says:

    Its pretty much agreed Clowney won’t slide to 7. But there are several reasonable scenarios where he could fall to 5. Trading up to 5 is not so hard.

  65. Evan Says:

    Clowney doesn’t get past Atlanta. However, saying that’s how it all plays out and clowney is taken before us, HELLO SAMMY WATKINS(:

  66. buchead407 Says:

    Don’t get my hopes up.
    My wishlist/draft board
    1- clowney- he won’t drop to 7
    2- jfb- might not get to us
    3- Bridgewater- possible
    4-Watkins- love this pick
    5-matthews- not exciting, but needed

    What do you think?

  67. Harry Says:

    As to one of them sliding down to 7? Anything is possible. Most likely, IMO, is Watkins. He would be nice, but not my choice only bc we NEED on of the other 5 you mention more (we desperately need a DE, then a QB), its almost a luxury pick to me. Same with Matthews. I am on of the few I guess that is not all the worried about the tackle spot – I think are guard play is a much more critical need.

    Like I said, once OAK is on the clock, if either Teddy, Johnny or Clowney is still on the board, I would move up, if possible, to #5 (for next years 3rd rd pick). Even that is a long shot.

  68. Bruno Says:

    Love it. And lets not forget the incentive given it’s get’em or face’em in our division. As for quit…please…seriously…dude should have sat our his senior year in my opinion. It’s a business…NCAA needs an overhaul

  69. RastaMon Says:

    McCants~~~Curry~~~Adams~~~ Bowers~~~Clowney !

  70. Clowney Says:

    I still have nightmares of Megatron handing the ball off to one of the Buc’s midget DB’s at the 5 yard line.


    The Jadaveon Clowney Project (JCP) died on that horrible day.

  71. dmn27 Says:

    Clowney would be nice and is a special player but if we trade up it better be for Bridgewater or manziel. Of not then stand at 7 and get Mack or Watkins. Try all we can to get Hardy here from carolina in FA. I think we should use our 2nd round on a TE especially if we pick Watkins. Then we get what we need on D in FA.