Wootton Watch In Chicago

January 8th, 2014

WoottonGerald McCoy could sure use a guy to rotate in and give him a break once in a while. That would a be a great way to keep McCoy fresh and likely make him more effective.

McCoy missed a load of games while injured during his first two seasons. But it seemed like the back-to-back Pro Bowler was making up for lost snaps under the New Schiano Order.

McCoy rarely came off the field the past two seasons. He played an extraordinary percentage of snaps, often against double-teams.

Joe remembers McCoy getting a blow against the 49ers or Rams, and Buccaneers Radio Network radio analyst Dave Moore noting just how rare that was to see. Perhaps that was because McCoy had no serviceable backup.

Regardless, it’s silly to think Lovie Smith is going to continue that trend and/or not have a backup engine. “Engine” was the word Lovie used a few times this week to describe what McCoy will mean to his defense.

Joe found it interesting to read on a good Bears blog called “beargoggleon.com” that the one guy the Bears analyst doesn’t want to lose to the Bucs and Lovie is versatile defensive lineman Corey Wootton. The free-agent-to-be was a fourth-round pick of the Bears in 2010. Wootton had seven sacks for Lovie in a part-time role in 2012, and he plays McCoy’s position, as well.

I do think that Lovie will be looking at a lot of free agents coming off the Bears roster to put in key spots on his squad.  The Bucs will have ample cap space to be able to make some moves and outbid the Bears for guys they might want to keep.  Obvious targets for Lovie will be Charles Tillman, Henry Melton, Corey Wootton and Devin Hester.  Of that list, the only keeper the Bears should be worried about is Wootton.  Wootton is a young pass rusher who’s showed versatility to move inside and play a little 3-technique in a pinch.

Of course I’d like to keep Tillman, but I feel like his best days are behind him and Lovie will be willing to overpay to bring one of his guys into that Tampa locker room and help implement his system on the field.   Lovie’s defense is about taking the ball away and there’s no one better in the business at doing that than Tillman.

Joe agrees Lovie will look to bring in some of his former defensive players, guys he trusts who can still play and be potential leaders in Tampa.

Wootton, 26, seems like a strong fit. He won’t cost too much and would provide great depth and competition. Plus the Bucs would still be free to pursue/sign Jared Allen, Greg Hardy or whatever pass rusher they might be seeking when the free agency bell rings in March.

Nobody thinks Lovie will stand pat with Da’Quan Bowers, Adrian Clayborn and Will Gholston. Right?

35 Responses to “Wootton Watch In Chicago”

  1. PRBucFan Says:

    No not stand pat, but he will bring the best out of them, which I think we have yet to see.

    I agree though, I think the Bucs will have a few for mer bears here.

    Hester, Wootten, Peanut, Melton all strong possibilities.

  2. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Yeah, I like Corey Wootten as well. Hope we can grab ’em

  3. BucfaninMi Says:

    Keep Gholston!! Tons of upside and Lovie will get the most out of him!!

  4. biff barker Says:

    How much better could GMC be with a few less snaps and a lot less stunts?

  5. lurker Says:

    wow. good, young, versatile d-lineman. go get ‘im

  6. Mumbles Says:

    We’ve all got to start spelling Corey Wooton’s name correctly or he won’t want to come here. lol.

  7. Harry Says:

    I think we should stick with Bowers and Clayborn. Its only fair until we see what they have with good NFL coaching. I mean, its all about being fair, right?

    NO, hell NO. lol, That is what has been suggested for Glennon, just wanted to try it here. Sorry, bad humor.

  8. Mort Says:

    Hey, we still have Steven Means too!

  9. MTM Says:

    A pass rush in Tampa? Can’t wait for next season.

  10. PRBucFan Says:

    Mumbles you mean Wootton right? 😉 ahahaha

  11. Patrickbucs Says:

    Keep Golston? He was a rookie they are keeping him. Probably see what Bowers has through training camp, could be a late cut. They will improve on the dline with signings and schemes no doubt.

  12. Mumbles Says:

    Got my back PR! Yeah. Wootton, that’s it! When he makes a sack, everybody in the stands can go Woot! Woot! side da head, Woot Woot side da head! I’m ready. lol.

  13. PRBucFan Says:

    lol smh

  14. Walter Says:

    Bucs should draft Wilder Jr. Just sayin’.

  15. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    If the price is right why not?

  16. Jon Says:

    I would be gushing for joy if we could get Wooten,Tillman, Jared Allen, and Greg Hardy this off season. this defense would be feared again with David, and foster in the middle. And Tillman and revis. It would be a qb’s nightmare. I know it’s about as luck as glennon turning out to be the next Peyton manning but a fan could always dread. And pray that we get a QB this draft and give glennon real competition cus if he is the next manning then he would need someone to compete with to get there but I highly doubt it. Draft manziel or bridgewater for a guaranteed game changer.

  17. Couch Fan Says:

    I think we should stick with Bowers and Clayborn. Its only fair until we see what they have with good NFL coaching. I mean, its all about being fair, right?

    NO, hell NO. lol, That is what has been suggested for Glennon, just wanted to try it here. Sorry, bad humor.


    Wrong. Glennon is coming off his rookie year that was pretty good. Those 2 you speak of are not coming off there rookie year.

    Other than that, your statement would be correct. Nice try though.

  18. That Guy Says:

    If Dominique Easley has rehabbed well and slips in the draft, he’d be a beast in rotation with McCoy.

  19. RP Says:

    If anyone quit at the end of the year, it was Clayborn,

  20. lurker Says:

    see, we can fill the other holes in free agency and the following drafts. we need to pick a qb this year. a rookie with escapability, accuracy, and skills would be nice.

  21. Red86 Says:

    I think Bowers is going to have a break out season assuming he loose some weigh. This year was his first off season without being hurt.

    Not saying that we shouldn’t try to bring in someone better for depth purposes as well as upgrade. I doubt Teo Neshim is here next year.

  22. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Corey Wootton looks more like a DE to me.

  23. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Drafting James Wilder Jr. might be a good pick. That would fit in with this retro Bucs revival. He looks like a good player, as was his dad. This kid would help this team.

  24. Becks Says:

    Just another player Don should have drafted
    Personally I loved this kid coming out of college.
    Loved his professional frame. Was quite upset when
    Bears drafted him. This would be a great signing.
    Our defensive ends are a home outside of Gholston and
    maybe Means depending how he develops. Need a starter
    (Hardy) and some serious depth behind him

  25. Amar Says:

    Wootton, although ripped as hell and I know he can play but gawt damn is he extremely undersized!

    Geraldini is like literally twice the size of Wootton lol…I think his play stands our mostly because of the cast around him. With our current ends, I can’t imagine him doing much…. That’s as if we weren’t to invest in more edge rushers….but that’s besides the point, we will solidify d end and Wootton will be able to excell with the rest of the defense.

    Hope we get a real deal at end this year and not a player thats suspect!

    Good thing about Lovie, he will find and bring in guys that will do what they’re asked of rather than count suspect a$$ players like our last regime…”Bowers will be a 10+ sack machine and Michael Bennett is washed up goods”. What a complete bunch of morons!! Lovie knows talent and knows how to fix it. Thank goodness he knows talent.

  26. Spicoli Says:

    legalize pot man.

  27. YourMom Says:

    We have a projected $17M in cap space while the Bears have a projected $42M of cap space…..tell me again how we will “be able to make some moves and outbid the Bears for guys they might want to keep.”

    What nonsense.

  28. YourMom Says:

    Hey RP…..Clayborn quit? Are you serious? He had 19 TFL which was 4th in the entire league. He also managed 6 sacks even though Schiano had him running around like a LB all year. Get a clue bro.

  29. YourMom Says:

    Jame Wilder Jr? The only position that we are 100% secure at is RB, but lets use a draft pick on an idiot RB that can’t keep his nose clean because his daddy played here. Brilliant.

    Some of you are either just trolling for attention or incredibly stupid.

  30. Macabee Says:


    Not anymore do they have that cap space. They just resigned Cutler, Slauson, and Jennings. And they have some big money guys left like Henry Melton. We got a shot at one or two of their guys – maybe Tillman and/or Wootton.

  31. ander Says:

    our d line next year should be jared allen , spence , mccoy , and clayborn. to be fair with clayborn the guy came off the knee surgery last year i believe he still has potential, meanwhile with jared allen i would be extremely happy cause i still believe the guy has some in the tank.

  32. BucsfaninChina Says:

    So, what exactly has Wooten done thus far? Versatility is one thing, but if you dont produce and only provide “quality depth” then what is the point? The Bucs need a quality pass rusher NOW and Wooten alone will not be the one to do it.

  33. teacherman777 Says:

    We have 2-3 years left of a championship caliber defense.

    We must consider the age of our stars.

    Darrelle Revis-28- he has 3 more years of top-level play left in him.
    Dashon Goldson-29- he has 2-3 years left before he starts to slow down.
    Vincent Jackson- he is over 30. And has already lost a step.
    Donald Penn/Joseph/Nicks- All are near or over 30. Cut them all? Maybe cut 1.

    The window is closing on our defense. LaVonte David, Mason Foster, and Gerald McCoy will all need to be extended with big time salary increases.

    So, I say we break the bank. And go all in for the next 2 years.

    Sign 1 or even 2 big time D-linemen. Hardy, Allen, Suggs, Melton.

    Sign another CB. Hopefully we can get Grimes or Tillman.

    Sign another guard. And draft another.

    I dont know. We have big time problems on offense.

    But our defense is where i want to get better.

    So, we should focus our spending on creating the best defense in the league for the next 2 years. While we can still afford it. Adn while our stars still have juice in their legs.

  34. Kevin Says:

    Bowers will explode his contract year whenever that is….then he’ll suck again. I would like to see what lovie brings out of Spence, Gholdston, and Clayborne though. I just think Josh McCown and another BIG receiver across from Vjax and Williams in the slot would get us trot tin down the field. McCown and Hester would be nice additions.

  35. Tomcin Says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. There is no way Carolina is going to let Hardy get away. Keep dreaming.