The Jason Licht Hire

January 22nd, 2014

Jim Basquil and Brian Dawkins discuss new Bucs general manager Jason Licht’s ability to right the Bucs’ ship in this BSPN video.

13 Responses to “The Jason Licht Hire”

  1. Buc Neckid Says:

    Pioli is now the Assistant GM in Atlanta
    do the Rich McKay to Tampa rumors heat up again
    But as Team President this time?

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    He kept saying Licht as “lickt” but I think it’s pronounced “Light”.

  3. stanglassman Says:

    Either Brian Dawkins just broke a bunch of news saying there was inner turmoil in the locker-room etc….that effected the Bucs on the field or he was just talking crap making stuff up to justify their loses in his mind. Interesting but poor reporting if it was the latter.

  4. stanglassman Says:

    He said it correct from what I’ve heard, its not lite with a pronounced ‘t’ but not lig-get either.

  5. bucs4lyfe Says:

    so basically lovie is taking the brunt of the blame if things dont work out the way they should, if players we sign dont develop into good players, not every pick will be a probowler but no one wants to keep signing free agents or draft picks that cant make it to a second contract or arent worth it….licht was smart, lovie wants final say so how can he be blamed if his guys arent who they choose to keep……

  6. jvato24 Says:

    anyone think it’s funny Falcons GM Dimitroff was trying to give us Vital and he is the best evaluator, he was just looking to replace him with Pioli then just hired him anyways. lol

  7. Cmurda Says:

    Everything and I mean everything that I have read suggests his name is pronounced “light”. It begs for Jules Winnfield to tell Jim “Say Lick one more time mf-er, I dare you, I double dare you m-fer. Say Lick one more GD time”

  8. PRBucFan Says:

    It is pronounced “light” lol, common mistake I guess?

  9. stanglassman Says:

    PR aka Mr. Know it all is wrong again. In Germany it’s a common name and I would here it pronounced Leeshst. I was just letting you know the way he and his family choose for it to be said here in the states. Just say light but swallow your ‘g’ a bit.

  10. RealisBucsFan Says:

    It’s pretty sickening to keep coming back to this site only to hear so much negative talk about our ROOKIE QB. I’m not saying he is going to be the best QB ever but at least let’s let him have another go this year with some veteran competition.

    Lets compare him to some other QBs around the league. Also, its good to remember that he was playing with a 3rd string RB, 4th string WR (with no slot WR), Undrafted ROOKIE WR playing at TE, RG coming back from ACL injury, 2nd string LG and a complicated playbook from the OC Sullivan.

    Keep in mind that most QBs take a few seasons to pick up a playbook as extensive as Sullivans (it’s well documented):

    2,608yds, 59.4%comp, 19TDs, 9Int and 83.9 QBR

    Brady:2nd year stats since he was learning as a rookie
    2,843yds, 63.9%comp, 18TDs,12Int and 86.5 QBR

    P Manning:
    3,739yds, 56.7%comp, 26TDs,28Int and 71.2 QBR

    Brees: 2nd year stats since he was learning as a rookie
    3,284yds, 60.8%comp, 17TDs,16Int and 76.9 QBR

    Luck:Came in as the unquestioned 1st round starter (Not a 3rd rounder for competition)
    4,374yds, 54.1%comp, 23TDs,18Int and 76.5 QBR

    Newton: Unquestioned 1st round starter from day one
    4,051yds, 60%comp, 21TDs, 17Int and 84.5 QBR

    M Ryan: Unquestioned 1st round starter
    3,440yds, 61.1%comp, 16TDs, 11Int and 87.7 QBR

    Please tell me again why we need to make such a big fuss about spending the first round pick on another QB? Should we not focus on our pass rush? How about on our O-Line since Glennon didn’t have any time at all in the pocket? What about a speedy receiver like Sammy Watkins that can actually create some separation? What about trading down and getting a TE that can block and catch? (Even though I really like Wright)

    I don’t mind picking up another VETERAN QB for competition and helping Glennon to learn. We don’t need to spend anything above a 4th rounder on a QB and I would be hesitant to do that! Please leave Glennon alone until he actually give us a reason to run him out of town.

  11. PRBucFan Says:

    I don’t care how it’s pronounced in Germany lol

    “Light” is the way his last name was reported to be pronounced from the pieces I have read addressing that very thing.

    Because I did in fact not know I went searching for the correct answer.

    Now continue you on jackass and I am flattered by the attention and your many usernames lol

    I love the fact that I have gotten under your skin too 😉

  12. PRBucFan Says:

    “Pronounced “light” and not “licked” (a fact not as widely known in league circles as you’d imagine), Licht also interviewed with the Dolphins for their still-vacant G.M. position.”

    – Mike Florio

  13. PRBucFan Says:

    “Many were not sure of the hiring of Jason Licht (pronounced LIGHT) as the Buccaneers’ new general manager. With an excellent track record and working with four Super Bowl teams, Licht comes into Tampa Bay knowing what it takes to win. ”

    – Gil Arcia