Looming Lovie-Licht Power Struggle Is Good

January 21st, 2014

So what should a general manager do if he wants a player and his head coach does not?

It’s a great question, and one former rockstar general manager Mark Dominik dealt with a handful of times with the leader of the New Schiano Order.

Should the GM put his foot down? What would be the point of doing that if the head coach isn’t going to use the player?

Dominik: Greg, Michael Bennett got the job done in a big way and he’ll come cheap because of the bum shoulder.

Schiano: Nah, he’s not my kind of Buccaneer Man and Da’Quan is going to start and get double-digit sacks.

A GM has a hell of a balancing act, pleasing and appeasing the head coach while simultaneously trusting his personnel staff and worrying about his own career. It’s not easy.

New Bucs general manager Jason Licht has a reputation of being a strong-minded leader, and early word is he’ll call the shots but Lovie Smith will have “final say” on the 53-man roster. But do those roles really gel? No, they don’t. It’s up to the two men to make it work.

A healthy power struggle should be a great situation if Licht and Lovie trust each other’s motives. One would hope that won’t be a problem this year with them coming in together to forge a new Bucs regime. The hiring process should have weeded out any out-of-the-gate conflicts.

Joe has no doubt the Bucs have massive decisions to make soon revolving around the quarterback and defensive end positions. They’re likely calls that will shape the careers of both men.

35 Responses to “Looming Lovie-Licht Power Struggle Is Good”

  1. chickster Says:

    Bennett will be a thorn in this organization until they bring him back and make this right

  2. PRBucFan Says:

    lol I’m glad you were there when that conversation went down ahaha 😉

    And btw for anyone else that it may help, his name is pronounced “Light”

    It helped me cause I was pretty bothered every time I came across his name not knowing the correct pronunciation.

    May be just me lol, if so oh wells 😀

  3. William Says:

    Time to go to work!
    Loving it!

  4. RastaMon Says:

    Disicable headline…

  5. SAMCRO Says:

    unreal … Joe, you should put a disclaimer out there saying that you fabricated that conversation or some people will take it as gospel. BTW why does it take so long for my comments to post?

  6. Mike J Says:

    Not good; disagreements will involve the Glazers in decision-making, which is the path to NFL perdition.

  7. Orca Says:

    “Power Struggle”?

    Jeezus Kreiste, why frame it in a confrontational context from the beginning? I don’t understand this line of thinking, assuming that struggle is inevitable. Functioning front offices work by consensus building and collaboration. Hopefully, “ultimate authority” doesn’t have to be exercised.

    Joe, I understand that emotion and sensationalism drive up page hits, but occasionally it might be helpful to be a voice of reason.

    What “sensationalism?” It will be a power struggle, and that’s a good thing. Joe was very clear in this post. –Joe

  8. ryan Says:

    I like two heavy headed people leading the team means they both have strong opinions of the players nd the organization I think it will blend until draft day

  9. Justin Says:

    “looming power struggle” might be a bit of sensationalism, but the concept of the article is dead on. Negotiating and compromising should keep both men honest, accountable, and on the top of their games.

  10. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    You make it sound like Lovie and Licht will butt heads from day one. Can’t we just pretend the HC and GM will work together in a true partnership?

    Joe, I enjoy and have become a daily reader and of your site but sometimes the sensationalism is over the top.

  11. Harry Says:

    @Mike J
    this is how it is done in most NFL franchises. It provides a balance of power. The coach wants to win “today”. The GM has a long range plan. As a fan, we want both, so there is definitely a balancing act.

    I am glad this is how they structured it.

  12. bigpoppabuc Says:

    If he was able to work beside Belichick, he should do just fine working WITH Lovie.

  13. Patrick in VA Says:

    It’s interesting how people assume that football players & coaches & management types wouldn’t be expected to conduct themselves in the same manner that anyone else would in a professional job. If people in my office weren’t able to overcome differences of opinion to reach a compromise for the greater good we would get fired and the mission would be crippled. That’s rarely an issue though because we’re professionals and know how to function in a professional manner. It’s funny that people expect that football types wouldn’t be able to do the same.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe found another way to bring up Michael Bennett….
    I hope Seattle signs him early or we are in for a daily dose.

    As for the “power struggle”…..they must be going on all over the NFL because that’s the way most teams are set up. Somehow, I think they’ll work it out.

    I think a coach will try to put the best players on the field and the GM will try to get the best players for the coach…to do anything else is a prescription for failure.

  15. BFFL Says:

    Lovie is the boss. It’s that simple.

  16. Architek Says:

    I said it before and I say it twice – pedigree is everything. Notice credible candidates and personnel people are turning down Browns job.

    The organizations pedigree stinks and going into that job one would think that their career can derailed after joining that organization. Who would willingly take a misstep in their career.

    The same thing can be said for the organization hiring the candidate. Bucs messed up by hiring Schiano because of his unproven track record against winning teams and I know he was a disciplinarian but even his coordinators had porous pedigree/track records. Sheridan was a castoff and Sullivan never called plays before…

    With Lovie, Licht, Frazier, and Tedford we have a stable of pedigree. Teachers and proven winners. If we acquire the right talent to execute the systems we will be a team on the rise really fast.

  17. Architek Says:

    I wants signs all over Tampa saying “We are sorry Bennett” or “Come home Bennett” or “Schiano is fired – it’s safe to return”

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    Yes Architek and I bet the Browns still sell more tickets than the Bucs do.

  19. Eric Says:

    I’m putting the whole Schiano/Raheem/Dominik fiasco in the rear view mirror.

    We got some great folks running the team now and I have no doubt great days are ahead.

    At least if they do have a disagreement good likelihood at least one will know what their doing.

    Unlike if two incompetent boobs argue and neither one knows jack, like what we’ve been getting.

  20. PRBucFan Says:

    To try and make the sound positive is such a stretch lol

  21. Stevek Says:


    Are you sure Dominick wanted to keep Bennett, and Schiano did not want him back?

    Or , was Schiano’s proclamation of Bower’s having double digit sack ability, a jab at Dominick for letting Bennett walk?

    Dominick drafted two DEs in the 1st and 2nd round, and it was about being right and not keeping the best DE on the roster.

  22. Architek Says:

    Very true buddy! Somehow that is correct!

  23. Mando Playr Says:


  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Mando Playr

    THe very same words from Hillary Clinton on Benghazi….

    “at this point, what difference does it make”….


    Get over Bennett…you sound like a bunch of weak babies…

    He is HISTORY

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    From this point forward…everytime someone whines about Michael Bennett I will post the following which was used for Freeman!

    Bennett is history, gone, departed, terminated, through, finished, vanished, elsewhere, SYONARA, ADIOS, AU-REVOIR, Auf WIEDERSHEN, CHEERIO, ADJO, ANTIO, DO SVIDANIYA, HASTA LA VISTA, BYE-BYE…. SO LONG Of course, Schiano would say CAIO!!!

  26. Buxfan Says:

    @Buc1987 ,

    Sooooo true. I was sentience to 2 years of hell there by my ex. And Browns fans know how bad the organization is. But they will pack that stadium.

  27. PRBucFan Says:

    I just don’t understand

    The people responsible for some bad decisions are gone yet there are so many Buc fans whining about Schiano and Dom as if they weren’t let go.

    The Glazers have taken a step forward, instead of seeing that it’s as if some of us are still standing in the past back in the same spot we were with the previous regime.

    Let it go.

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF except in this case no one died over it. Americans could have been saved and the attack prevented, but hey people died what difference do they make now?

    Okay keep politics off the boards please.

  29. Drew Thomas Says:

    Joe, come on, Schiavo never was or ever was on Bowers side. The times Bowers played he did awesome. Schiano hated him. In my opinion the kid has a ton of talent, Schiano hated him so he benched him for Tao, COME ON!!! You kidding me, you took a year of growth from him. Dominick took him in the 2nd round telling Schiano to shut up, I’m taking best player that’s a steal. Why does everyone hate Bowers, WHEN HE WAS NEVER GIVING A DAMON CHANCE! JOE YOU POSS ME OFF SOMETIMES!!!

  30. PRBucFan Says:


  31. Orca Says:

    Wow. BTW, Dominik took Bowers when Raheem was coach. Bowers has now rewarded the team with 3 years of uselessness. He’ll have a chance to prove himself this year. If he doesn’t light it up in TC, he could be on the street.

  32. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Those who mentioned sensationalism obviously reead the title and not the post.

    Joe, how will Licht have say on personel when Lovie already hired them? Just curious.

  33. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Drew Thomas Says:
    “Dominick took him in the 2nd round telling Schiano to shut up, I’m taking best player that’s a steal.”

    Your point might have been valid IF Schiano was withvthe Bucs when Bowers was drafted, which he wasn’t.

    (Rolls eyes)


  34. Chris Says:

    Uh joe you do know that Dom had the final say on everything right? If it was Greg’s decision bowers would be starting over Teo Neishem. Doubt that was the case. Dom sucked. He overpaid players instead of building a team well rounded, with chemistry and depth.

  35. WinterSpringsBucsFan Says:

    Prior to working with the Cardinals in 2008, Licht spent five years (2003-07) with the Philadelphia Eagles, including the final two years as Vice President of Player Personnel. During Licht’s career, he has worked with four Super Bowl teams (New England—XLVI, XXXVI, Arizona—XLIII, and Philadelphia—XXXIX)

    Welcome aboard Sir!!!!!