Talib Disses Gruden, Monte, Raheem

January 19th, 2014

Helmet-wielding, cabbie-slugging, Adderrall-popping, coach-cussing, referee-charging, pistol-friendly, granny-hassling Aqib Talib is a real sweetheart.

Based on his recent comments, Talib seems to have forgotten he came into the NFL under Jon Gruden, Monte Kiffin, Raheem Morris, Ronde Barber and Derrick Brooks back in 2008, even legendary Kevin Carter was around to teach him the ropes.

Talib even jumped into a winner and the spotlight, as the Bucs opened his rookie season 9-3 and headed to Carolina for showdown with Carolina on Monday Night Football (aka the beginning of the end.) But that’s all ancient history for the Patriots’ new minister of defense.

“I’ve been in the NFL since ’08,” Talib said this week, per the Boston Herald. “But I’ve really been in the NFL since November of 2012.”

It’s not surprising to Joe that Talib is intoxicated by all things New England, where players are jailed on murder raps and the head coach cheats — and they win.

What was interesting about the Boston Herald story is that it repeated its report from last year, which claimed Talib turned down a multi-year deal from the Patriots. Talib opted for a one-year, perform-and-cash-in-later offer of $5 million for the 2013 season. If Talib can stay out of trouble for seven more weeks, he’ll be very, very rich man.

135 Responses to “Talib Disses Gruden, Monte, Raheem”

  1. Paul Says:

    He’s better than Leonard Johnson, Jonathan Banks, or Danny Gorrer.


    But he’s still a DICK!

  3. Demetrios Says:

    Does he make out of the first half of today’s game without his hammy blowing out? My guess is the middle of the third quarter when things are not looking good for the mighty Pats. Let’s see how “professional” he is chasing after Thomas. Gee, I hope we don’t see an untimely unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Never seen that before. You can take the boy out of the;

    Rookie symposium
    Taxi cab
    Texas alley

    …..but you can’t take those actions out of the boy!

  4. Northend Says:

    Rich man but a Douchebag.

  5. tmaxcon Says:

    you can’t teach CLASS….

    He was a punk albeit a talented punk. I think every team needs a full blown a-hole but a reliable a-hole not a player who could explode at any moment. Joe you are very accurate, he will cash in that being said, I’d bet a paycheck they team will either completely regret the long term deal or he will at some point let them down with a suspension or meltdown. Leopards don’t (can’t) change their spots.

    I’d take the more coachable and reliable players in Leonard Johnson or Jonathan Banks. Especially now that the bucs have a credible coaching staff in place. We do need at least one player in all three phases that has the CHIP / MEAN streak. One could say Penn on offense, Goldson on D and Hayward on special teams but none of them with the exception of the walking 15 yard penalty put fear in teams.

  6. scotty Says:

    he’s a piece of sh*t! if he was a real leader and great player he would of stayed out of trouble and played like that for the buc!

  7. RastaMon Says:

    AZZ Clown will be broke 3 years after the NFL….:-)

  8. That Guy Says:

    Meh. Watch Peyton smoke him today.

  9. BucsQcCity Says:

    He’s a talented idiot.

  10. Rob T Says:

    Talib was trouble off the field and a quitter on it, just watch today he will get burned and then he will pull up saying he is hurt! Is act is old but still fools some but hopefully not any true Bucs fans!

  11. Spartin9177 Says:

    I agree, if the Patriots are losing in the third quarter and the outcome looks bleak “because you never really count the Pats out” Talib will come up lame on a pass where he got burned.

  12. Snook Says:

    Oh its a given Talib pulls a hammy today after getting toasted by Manning.

    Talib is ghetto trash. Good riddance.

    He belongs with Aaron Hernandez.

  13. Mark Says:

    I think he’s referring to being on a big stage. Prime time, playoffs, etc. how often do you think his friends and family in his hometown got to see him play on tv before the trade? Not a slam at all when you look at it that way. Bucs have been an irrelevant team for years.

  14. BucfaninMi Says:


  15. Lev Says:

    i could care less what this idiot has to say really lol

  16. (Buc) Mike Says:

    can’t wait til the bucs play on this day instead of watching!! Go bucs

  17. mac Says:

    He will only be rich for about three years after he is out of the NFL…Then he will be another broke ass idiot!

  18. ander Says:

    i dont really like the guy but maybe if we woulve kept him in 2012 we might have made playoffs last year with that terrible secondary we had.

  19. slemak Says:

    I’d rather get an L without him than a W with him. Some things are just bigger and more important than the game.

  20. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    A punk with a bad attitude and temper. Glad he’s gone.

  21. SAMCRO Says:

    For all the crappy things he has said and done to dis the Bucs, the SOB is still one game away from a Super Bowl ring. He should buy Schiano, Dominik, and his own defense attorney something expensive after the azzclown gets paid for doing him such a GD favor. Talk about shiit falling into a bed of roses.

  22. Ed Says:

    May be he is being honest, plus i do not know the man, so i can not comment on his character. I know the coach could not deal with grown men and let a all pro corner back get away, because he let the fans tell him who to keep and cut. The fans will get you fired.

  23. Clowney Says:

    Rob Fleming · Top Commenter · Mackenzie High School

    “This is why Tampa sucks so bad. They are stupid.”

    I eagerly searched for the quote where Aqib dissed Gruden, couldn’t find it.

    I did find where Aqib has taken the credit for stealing the most exciting RB in Buccaneer history.

    Maybe, that’s why the “Rockstar” is unemployed. Maybe, Dom can apply at Derrick Brook’s Lingerie Football team? Brooks has probably forgiven him for the Buccaneer Massacre.

    When Aqib gets that big contract he’ll probably be able to buy that vowel that’s been missing from his name.

  24. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    At the end of the day we are simply talking about entertainment. Football is not medicine, education, or anything more important than entertainment and an economic stimulus.

    I concede that winning is a huge part of that entertainment. But I am not entertained by losers off the field who are winners on it. And let’s face it…most of the time the losers off the field…Talib, Winslow et al are generally bad for the product on the field.

    I loved Tony Dungy for removing the embarrassment from enjoying football. And while he never quite got us over the hump, nobody will ever know for sure if he would have won Gruden’s S.B. He certainly was able to win one in Indy.

    Nice guys do NOT always finish last. I don’t wish to add anymore insults to Talib because I think he is literally mentally challenged. He’s truly handicapped intellectually and emotionally. Part of that is genetic, part is being raised in the hood. I can feel a bit of pity for him, but I’m still very, very glad he’s a Pat and not a Buc!

  25. Snook Says:


    Aqib stole Alstott? Or Dunn? Surely you can’t be referring to Blount as the most exciting RB in Bucs history.

    That’s a f-in JOKE.

    Another dumb Bucs fan who is blinded by the jump runs but forgets the stuffs on 3rd and short, 3rd and goal by a guy who openly admitted he didnt’ take the advice in Tampa to lower his pad level.

    Blount and Talib are Patriot rental garbage. Neither will be back with New England next season. They’ll cash big checks somewhere else and go back to being average NFL players.

    Good thing Nicks isn’t on the Bronocs today….



  26. CC Says:

    Aqweed Talib is a piece of s**t. Plain and simple. All the talent in the world but one of the most disrespectful to the players, coaches, owners and all people in general type person you will ever meet. Look up thug in the dictionary and you will see his picture. If I did the crap he has done in the past I would be in prison. That is where the a**hole belongs. Locked up.

  27. tmaxcon Says:

    well said StPeteBucsFAn

  28. tmaxcon Says:

    Clowney are you Talib’s dealer or boyfriend… No need to bring race into it idiot….

  29. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Talib is an arrogant and cocky ghetto production. Guys like this are a poster child for stronger 2nd amendment rights.

  30. PRBucFan Says:

    He’s right he was too busy being a delinquent, it took until his last chance in the NFL for him to straighten his act out and start acting like he was.

  31. PRBucFan Says:

    And no not a delinquent because he’s black because there is plenty of delinquents of all colors to go around lol.

  32. Ed Says:

    Part of that is genetic, part is being raised in the hood. Racist

  33. Clowney Says:

    “Guys like this are a poster child for stronger 2nd amendment rights.”

    It’s odd that you would mention that. In Texas, where Aqib’s mom shot at that child molester, it would be better should she have worn a holster with a black powder pistol. It’s illegal to openly carry an modern cartridge type hand gun. Black powder pistols ok.

    It would also be legal for her to carry an AK47 slung over her shoulder with a 30 round magazine.

    In Florida, another backwards state, you can only openly carry a holstered pistol if you are on a fishing trip.

    You’re right Kirk, it certainly is a slow day.

  34. tmaxcon Says:

    ED plenty of white, brown and red folks live in hoods. you view is narrow minded at best

  35. lurker Says:

    so payasito, why did you change your name?

    why aren’t you on the iggles boards instead of here? you said you were leaving here when chip the dip got hired.

  36. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Next man up!….Talib in the Target parking lot!!!

  37. PRBucFan Says:

    So I was wrong McCown now says he has no plans on retiring, I’m actually ok if we went after him lol

  38. tmaxcon Says:

    PRBucFan – I would not mind McCown. I wonder how hard Chicago is going to push to keep him. Not sure of Chicago’s cap space or lack of but I can’t imagine them letting him walk without trying to keep him. I just hope the Bucs do not trade away the farm to get one of these qb’s coming out. Redskins will be regretting the RGIII deal during the first round of the draft. RGIII is a good qb but not what they paid for him.

  39. Clowney Says:

    “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.”

    I tried the Iggles, it just wasn’t a good fit.

    I changed my name in honor of you, Lurker.

  40. Andrew 1 Says:

    Demetrios, Rob T, and Snook all got it figured out. When you need the guy the most, thats when he decides to get injured. He’s Talented, no doubt, but highly unreliable on and off the field. whatever, hes not even on the team anymore lets talk about someone who’s actually on the team.

  41. Getaclue Says:

    I met him before and he was very polite to me but from reading the comments on here by the usual local idiots on here I can see why he feels the way he does

  42. Cmurda Says:

    Aqib who?

  43. lurker Says:

    jbf has been growing and is quite unique.

  44. richardtyson Says:

    Yea, Aaron Hernandez isn’t black and look at what happened to him. Gosh people. Didn’t Chris Simms get pinched with weed in a state that hasn’t legalized it yet? And he’s WHITE.

  45. Buc1987 Says:

    richardtyson…..the hispanic population in America GREATLY outnumbers the african american population by a HUGE amount. So go figure.

  46. Buc1987 Says:

    Chris Simms a white guy was pinched for weed…..Oh the horror. What a thug!

  47. PRBucFan Says:

    All colors people all colors

  48. richardtyson Says:

    Buc1987- where did the topic of Hispanics come into play? Aaron is Puerto Rican but his mom is Italian which I am too. The Simms comment was just to see what reactions I’d get.

  49. PRBucFan Says:

    His point was that your color does not matter, any person named here accused for being a certain way you can absolutely find someone exactly like them in another color white included lol.

  50. stanglassman Says:

    The thing that made no sense was that he turned a new leaf grew up and started playing better and a year later we let him go. All of the pain and none of the benefit I feel like we do that with too many players. Don’t bring up the lame car accident either that lady was after some money and from what I read, nobody (Even PR) knows what really happened, was that nether one of them handled themselves well on the scene of the accident. She was a grandmother like Lovie is a grandfather not a old lady so don’t try that crap either. I do know that Talib on one side and Revis on the other would have been nice.

  51. Patrickbucs Says:


    I hope you don’t think Blount is the most talented Rb in Tampa history otherwise do some research please. If you do; I will pass over your comments from now on lol.

    Wasn’t our best season with him (10-6) when Talib was hurt AGAIN for much of the season? Talented player but would get worked in man quite a bit just like he does with the Pats.

    Like Smith said Ice Up Son!

  52. PRBucFan Says:

    His last year with us he was suspended for PED’s with Wright no?

  53. Patrick in VA Says:


    For the manziel fans among us

  54. PRBucFan Says:

    Lol yup good news indeed

  55. Clowney Says:


    Reading Comprehension 101

    “I did find where Aqib has taken the credit for stealing the most exciting RB in Buccaneer history.”

  56. PewterPirates Says:

    Glenno…I mean Peyton is the king of check downs. I’ve already seen him miss open guys deeper deciding to take 5 yard gains.

  57. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Clowney. I’m sorry you must be the blog racist. I never brought up race. There are plenty of punks who are white and some are Hispanic. Does Aaron Fernandez ring a bell.

    I said I feel sorry for Talib. His “gene” pool is not any more related to all the players you mentioned than it is mine. This society is so full of intermarriage of all races that you’ve just shown your complete ignorance.

    Get an education Clowney before you reveal your own racism by accusing others.

    Look up the word “projection” and what it means in psychology.

  58. stanglassman Says:

    Adderall is hardly a discipline/thug issue. I know if he was a wealthy kid growing up he would have a script and it would be alight. I’m not saying it’s right but taking something to help concentrate on film and playbook is not a good example.

  59. Mike Says:


    Not to change the subject but I heard Aaron Rogers was at RJ stadium this past week for a visit can you confirm or denie this?

  60. PRBucFan Says:

    Says you?

    So discipline issues are just thug issues?

    Get the hell out of here with that garbage.

    It was yet another disciplinary issue on his long list of strikes and consequently he got guess what???? Disciplined! By the league, AGAIN! Suspension for the year where he was no good to us.

    He was not on the right track, again he used up all his strikes with us and the Bucs did what any team would have had to do in the same position, got rid of him.
    Again, it took until his last chance in the NFL for him to straighten his act out and start acting like he cared about the job.

    Best bet the Patriots would dump his ass if he pulled as many stunts as he did here with them. It’s the very reason they have yet to commit with a longterm contract because they were seeing if he had actually straightened up his act.

  61. That Guy Says:

    And right on cue, Talib goes down.

  62. SAMCRO Says:


    It is when you get suspended for using a drug the NFL says you can’t without permission. And he knowingly did it even after the shooting incident and telling Schiano he had turned a new leaf and that he would stay out of trouble. The whole time he just lied to Schiano and it got him traded.

  63. Alexstotle Says:

    Hahaha Talib hurt!!! Karma is a **** isn’t it Talib

  64. PRBucFan Says:

    Yup Talib is hurt again in another AFC Championship.

    He went down early in last year’s AFC Championship game right?

  65. RealityCheck Says:

    Lol Karma

  66. stanglassman Says:

    Wrong again, it was his choice. They offered him a 5 year deal. Try reading the article before going straight to the commits and you won’t look so foolish.

    “Talib turned down a multi-year deal from the Patriots. Talib opted for a one-year, perform-and-cash-in-later offer of $5 million for the 2013 season.”

  67. PRBucFan Says:

    Says you?

    So discipline issues are just thug issues?

    Get the hell out of here with that garbage.

    It was yet another disciplinary issue on his long list of strikes and consequently he got guess what???? Disciplined! By the league, AGAIN! Suspension for the year where he was no good to us.

    He was not on the right track, again he used up all his strikes with us and the Bucs did what any team would have had to do in the same position, got rid of him.
    Again, it took until his last chance in the NFL for him to straighten his act out and start acting like he cared about the job.

    Best bet the Patriots would dump his ass if he pulled as many stunts as he did here with them.

    – Without the last sentence it makes absolutely no difference 😉

    My point still stands and you still look stupid

  68. lurker Says:

    which is even scarier strglassman…it was his poor choices that got him into trouble.

    which also helps to prove this part of what prbucfan said:
    “Again, it took until his last chance in the NFL for him to straighten his act out and start acting like he cared about the job.”

    and once he gets a long contract, what then?

    I prefer banks and the kid will play bigger this year.

  69. lurker Says:

    *stanglassman sorry for the typo

  70. lurker Says:

    also, taking a script that is not yours is serious and illegal, as well as against the league rules. why can’t he get it from his doctor as you are supposed to.

  71. lurker Says:

    how does talib make the probowl? lol

    boston ballot stuffers!

  72. (Buc) Mike Says:

    Talib…. “Ice up son”

  73. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Talib….to the locker room with “rib injury”…..

    Anybody surprised?….

  74. PRBucFan Says:

    It is what it is Lurk, I made my point lol.

    But apparantly disciplinary issues only involve “thug behavior”

    Ahahahaha that’s ignorance if I’ve ever heard it.

    But I digress, time to watch the games 😀

    Cheers to some good football Lurk, LUV, TBBF, Couch, 1987, etc..

  75. stanglassman Says:

    PR I’m not saying you are wrong all the time, I agree with you on some points you just act like you are right all the time about everything. Another example is saying Talib was suspended for a year for PED. It was 4 games 1/4 of the year kinda like you are right 1 out of every 4 times.
    BTW-Cheering for an injury is always classy.

  76. PRBucFan Says:

    I honestly don’t care what you think about me or what I post.

    I don’t post to impress you 😉

    And try again buddy, where was I cheering for an injury? lol good stuff

    4 games, my point still stands lol

  77. richardtyson Says:

    Very nice block by Welker. Wahaha.

  78. stanglassman Says:

    I never said discipline was only for thug behavior. I only was pointing out that what he was suspended for had nothing to do with the problems the team was having from him in the past. I didn’t realize I needed to spoon feed it to you but I forgot you seem to have trouble understanding anyone’s point but your own.

  79. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m impressed by PRBucFan. He’s my hero. lol

  80. PRBucFan Says:

    “Yall know I love talib but dawg aint nobody paying u to play 1 quarter and a half every game.”

  81. stanglassman Says:

    I’m done too. At least we are both Buc Fans!

  82. PRBucFan Says:

    LoL You know things wouldn’t be the same here without 1987.


  83. PRBucFan Says:

    Even the Free loving, banner waving, 1987 😛 lol

  84. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m sort of a PR fan myself….he has lots of fans. I like 87 also…along with Couch & Chef Paul…..and since I’m kissing a$$….I like Joe too!!!

  85. PRBucFan Says:

    Gracias Amigo

    I love me some TBBF Ahahaha 😉

  86. tmaxcon Says:

    the of the main issues in this country and believe me there are issues from to many taxes for those of us who work and hire people to the entitlement generation full of takers who think the government is only here to support them. the thing that pisses me off the most is all the OVER sensitive people who bring race into EVERYTHING…. We all make mistakes and when a white criticizes the actions of a black man or Hispanic it’s not ALWAYS racist. Racisim does exist but like the boy who cried wolf it’s getting old everytime someone disagrees with an opinion it has to be brought up. No race, religion or view is 100% perfect. Stop being such and over sensitive bunch of punks. I have friends of all race and we argue and banter consistently and rarely agree on football, business or life in general but, its not because we are different colors its be cause we have different opinions and views not because we are racist or dislike one another. This should be a fun blog about the team we care about. I have enjoyed the year or two I have spent visiting this site but I am done. Too many crybabies and over sensitive race baiters. Clowney your head would have been spinning like the exorcist (look it up) if i stated well its because he is “Black” but you can freely bring up the white guy crack. you can’t have it both ways. respect and tolerance is a two way street. too many uneducated idiots. God forbid a white man use the n word when everyone tosses it around like nothing and all of sudden it’s the end of the world. once again you can’t have it both ways. i’ll miss this site but not the narrow minded idiots that frequently visit.

  87. Couch Fan Says:

    Even the Free loving, banner waving, 1987 😛 lol


    You forgot list taking Lol

  88. Stevek Says:

    PRBucFan: Nostradamus of JBF.

    Sad to see Talib go down in big games.

  89. Stevek Says:

    Don’t sell Buc1987 short, dude made his wife hold a banner too. Lol, dedication. 🙂

    He also took a list of Freeman supporters and naysayers. I’d log to see somebody post that list now. Wonder if the list has any correalation with he Goennon love / hate crowds? Hhhhm…

  90. Buc1987 Says:

    Stay tuned for list 2014!

  91. PRBucFan Says:

    LoL Couch, nice catch

    SteveK, you know it.

    I always have my crystal ball ready to go! hahaha

  92. Buc1987 Says:

    Damn it I lost the list. My wife is cracking up.

  93. lurker Says:

    tmaxcon, bye

  94. PRBucFan Says:

    You’ll be missed tmaxcon, take care

  95. PRBucFan Says:

    lol Lurk

  96. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Where is Blount?

  97. Couch Fan Says:

    Gotta say the battle of the QBs has been won by the defenses so far.

  98. PRBucFan Says:

    Minus Talib of course Couch lol

    He’s not a factor rift now TBBF

  99. Joe Says:

    He’s on the sidelines, “injured” so Peyton Manning won’t shred him!! Hahahaha

  100. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    So when is the JBF comments party going to be this year and where?

  101. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont think anyone in tampa is shocked

  102. PRBucFan Says:


  103. lurker Says:

    yes, because 6 first downs on 1 drive is great defense

  104. lurker Says:

    the qb can’t win here…unless you’re glennon

    if a qb does well in the playoffs, certain people here say it’s the o-line. when a qb does poorly, it is the defense.

    (ouch, now I got a stinger! guess I need to shake it more like you guys.)

  105. Couch Fan Says:

    What are you crying and babbling about? Lol

  106. Buc1987 Says:

    Every time the other F word gets brought up in my house, my wife mentions that damn banner. I hate you Josh.

  107. PRBucFan Says:

    LoL Good stuff

  108. Couch Fan Says:


    The best way to deal with a break up is to immediately try again. I think you should make a Glennon Banner. It’s only fair right?

  109. Buc1987 Says:

    LOL Couch…what should it say? Winnin’ With Glennon?

  110. Couch Fan Says:

    Winnin’ with NO chance Glennon.

  111. PRBucFan Says:

    That’s hilarious you said that cause that’s the first thought that popped into my head Couch lol

  112. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol nice

  113. That Guy Says:

    “Where is Blount?”

    Probably still reading his own press clippings. Remember when he had that big game against Green Bay in 2011, spent the next few days bragging that he was one of the best backs in the league, then promptly disappeared for the rest of the season? Same old Blount.

  114. You Go Joe Says:

    I feel bad for any pats fan who got his jersey for today a game. Also a talib lol.

    Both disappoint the team… Well Blount just hasn’t done anything.

  115. Buc1987 Says:

    Most of my family are Pat’s fan’s. I can’t stand the Pat’s so I’m happy. Plus I have a few bets going on too. So I’m winnin’ with Denver.

  116. Couch Fan Says:

    I find it impossible to feel bad for pats fans. They are in the playoffs dam near every season and even won a few. I’ll take some of that please!

  117. patriotan13 Says:

    Talib better get the number of that truck that hit him and knocked is ass out of the game! Oh wait, its Wes Welker!

  118. lurker Says:

    -getting sacked like the quarterback

    -disappearing late like #8

  119. mark2001 Says:

    I don’t want to see anyone permanently hurt…and didn’t look like Talib was. But Talib going down in big games? Gotta love it.

  120. PRBucFan Says:

    The Patsies are the bane of my existence…

  121. ronco Says:

    Man, Blount sure looked awesome in that game. Can’t believe the Bucs got rid of him.

  122. Billacheat Says:

    F&$@$ the patriots. TAlib go get your chowder and your Boston Sam Adams and go park your f@&&);@” car.

  123. Rob Says:

    Screw that jail bound thug

  124. CC Says:

    Aqweed quits on his team again. Typical thug bitch. And his partner in crime Blount sucked again. Anybody suprised?

  125. PRBucFan Says:

    “So Patriots CB Aqib Talib cursed out a reporter after the loss? Sounds about right”

  126. Mumbles Says:

    Never look back!

  127. BoJim Says:

    What’s with all the man-crushes around here?

  128. Buc1987 Says:

    BoJim…that’s an easy answer. Take it with a grain of sarcasm. No man crush much sarcasm though.

  129. sho-nuff Says:

    Talib did what he does best in the game today….plays hurt when his team needs him most good riddance illiterate coward…..

  130. Thomas2.2 Says:

    If he’s very, very rich in 7 weeks, it likely won’t be in NE.

  131. SignedontoSay Says:

    Helmet-wielding, cabbie-slugging, Adderrall-popping, coach-cussing, referee-charging, pistol-friendly, granny-hassling Aqib Talib is a real sweetheart.

    Joe not serious journalist, but have interesting reads every now and again.

  132. Ed Says:

    Talib was unreliable as a Buc. Anyone notice how slow Blount hit he holes yesterday? When Ridley ran he was much quicker with his first move. That is why Blount isn’t a consistant back. If he gets to the next level he is dangerous in the open field. He can’t wiggle, can’t cut back, doesn’t have a first move to make a 3 or 4 yards gain when there isn’t great blocking. Watching Marshawn Lynch last night, that’s a back that take a 2 yard loss and get 4 or 5 yards with his effort.

  133. QB Says:

    I am happy at 4-12 without Winslow, Tanard Jackson, Blount, Talib, and Eric Wright.

  134. SombreroBro Says:

    I don’t know about all this racist stuff, but it seems to me that 90% of DBs in the NFL would be my first choices to axe where I could be scoring some o dat sticky-icky or some of that fire.

    Maybe it be the dreads and or/the tude, I don’t know…….but I wouldn’t be as inclined to ask an offensive lineman, punter or placekicker the same question.

    Why is that?

  135. tj Says:

    he is a thug like lagarrett , people seem to forget all those long tds he gave up, or he was hurt, im glad hes gone