Seattle Defense Is “Nastier Brand” Than Old Bucs’

January 29th, 2014

Their biggest fan might surprise you

The Seahawks march into the Super Bowl allowing the fewest points and yards in the NFL this season. That doesn’t happen often, and those stats generated many questions at Super Bowl Media Day about how the Seattle “D” stacks up against legendary defenses of the Buccaneers, Ravens, Giants and Bears.

One Hall of Famer is a huge fan of the Seahawks defense and explains why it’s more ferocious than those of Tampa Bay’s glory years.

Normally, such a take would anger Joe.

It would have Joe puffing up his chest and defending the iconic Bucs defenses led by Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, Warren Sapp and others. Except the explanation came from Sapp himself yesterday during his chat with Joe.

“Seattle’s a nastier brand of eight-man in your face. I mean, cause they got eight in the box. They are playing bump and run. We played [cover] 2. We needed reroutes. There were certain holes that we knew of in our defense,” Sapp said.

“It’s throw every down for Peyton Manning because there’s no run look. I mean there’s no run look in Seattle’s defense.”

Sadly, Sapp said the Seahawks don’t just have a monster front-four defensive line like the Bucs did, they have seven powerful linemen and their pass-rush engine is a familiar face.

“They rotate. That’s when you know you have a unit,” Sapp said. “They can put four ends on the D-line and come at you. When you have interchangeable parts, you can really do some special things. And Michael Bennett makes it all go with him coming inside. “

However, Seattle’s dominant defense can’t be nearly as effective as it would have been years ago, per Sapp.

“Defenses don’t win championships. The last No. 1 defense to get to the Super Bowl and win was me. That’s 11 years ago. So the thing about it is defense gives you a chance now, but offense has to win it for you,” Sapp said. “Giants? The defense gave them a chance, Eli [Manning] won it for them. Packers? Defense gives them a chance, Aaron Rodgers won it for them, 3rd-and-10 with Troy Polamalu’s in the middle of the field spinning around. That’s how you gotta win it now. You’re not going to go out and stop people any more.

“You just can’t impose your will on defense any more. [Twenty-five years ago], when [Giants linebacker] Carl Banks used to go out on the slot, the slot disappeared. (laughs) When Wilber Marshall went out on the slot, the slot disappeared. You didn’t have a slot receiver. Wes Welker would have been tartar.

“The middle was a place you had to circumnavigate. Andre Reed used to be a master of the middle of the field because you had to circumnavigate it, you’d get knocked out going through the middle of that field.

“There’s an Autobahn built in the middle of the field now.”

And it’s that Autobahn, the same one that’s helped neuter Dashon Goldson, that gives the Broncos a great shot of winning Sunday.

32 Responses to “Seattle Defense Is “Nastier Brand” Than Old Bucs’”

  1. SAMCRO Says:

    Someone had said in an earlier thread that if M.Bennett came back to the Bucs he would have more than his average 8.5 sacks a season. Why didn’t he have it this year with this “Nastier Brand” Seattle defense? What makes them think he would do so much better with a less stellar Buc’s front four? 8.5 sacks on that defense does not make him a sackmaster. He should have done better than that. 8.5 is what he should average on our team which is only 2 better than Clayborn.

    Bennett led Seattle in sacks playing about half the snaps of Clayborn. –Joe

  2. SAMCRO Says:

    Joe, I bet Bennett was in on as many passing downs as Clayborn. Remember with Clayborn even though he may have played more snaps they were not all passing downs.

  3. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Yet Bennett wasn’t asked to stunt nearly as much, nor was he coming off major knee surgery. So that’s a wash

    So you’re saying Bennett didn’t get any sacks off stunts? Clayborn sure did. Bennett also was coming off major shoulder surgery. –Joe

  4. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Is this discussion really going on as to who is the better player right now? Bum knee or not, our #1 pick Clayborn has not achieved the same numbers and has made as big an impact in the run, pass, and turnover game as Bennett. There is no debate.

    My only reservation on Bennett is whether or not he is a three down player, and if the rest of Seattles defense takes pressure off Bennett to make him out to be a better player than he would be on say, the Buccaneers (look at how our former Pro Bowler Goldson is doing).

  5. Macabee Says:

    I’ll buy that their secondary is “nastier” than the old Bucs secondary save John Lynch. But no way is their front four or linebackers better than when Sapp, Rice, Nickerson, and Brooks were hunting!

  6. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    No doubt, our Ole’ front 7 is better than theirs. The only team that could give us a run for our money; was that 2000 Baltimore front 7.

  7. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    If Bennett can be gotten for a 7-8 Mil/yr kind of deal for 4 years, I feel we should bring him in. What makes Bennett unique is his ability to get pressure even from the interior. I love the idea of Allen as a Buc as much as the next guy, but he has been extremely inconsistent the last two years despite the sack totals. Also he is hardly the presence Bennett is against the run. I look at the total number of pressures both Bennett and Allen got as pass rushers and Bennett is better by a mile. Through draft if we can acquire an athletic freak like Khalil Mack, who can play RDE or SLB, I believe our defense is in a very good place for years to come.

  8. Justin Says:

    The further we are removed from the 2002 Buccaneers, the more we realize the greatness of that defensive unit.

    When it is all said and done, there will probably be 3 HOF players from that starting 11. Sapp, Brooks, maybe Barber.

    An outstanding group.

  9. thegregwitul Says:

    Don’t forget about Simeon Rice, Justin, who I believe will one day be enshrined in Canton. Granted, I think it’ll be one of those senior nominations or whatever it’s called a decade or two from now, but he should eventually make it in.

  10. BucsfaninChina Says:

    @Jonny 2.3
    Completely agree. Just not sure how Mack would fit into the Tampa 2 scheme if playing SAM. Mason Foster is not strong in coverage and if you have a solely pass rushing linebacker, you are putting a lot of reliance on Foster to cover a lot of ground. If Lovie and company decide his best fit is RDE like how the Broncos use Von Miller, then now they have to find a consistent SAM when not playing nickle. Because of all the 3 WR sets these days it may not be a big concern.

    Either way, Mack and Bennett would be uh-mazing.

  11. Left_Coast_Bucs_Fan Says:

    Sapp’s right, there is an autoban in the middle of the field right now, all he left out was the yellow caution signs the DBs have to watch out for so as not to get in a collision too early. Therefore, comparing a defense with today’s rules with a defense of the past with the former rules is a waste of time. I’m just wondering what the refs of the future will throw down when there are penalties because all the flags will be on the hips of the wide receivers once the flag football rules come in to effect.

  12. bucs4lyfe Says:

    thats the dummiest thing i think i’ve ever heard sapp say….the bears defense speaks for itself and ravens and bucs defenses have multiple players on 2 all decade teams, they’ve had a good defense for two years so far and a salary from hell that wont allow them to keep that defense together long enough to make that claim unless they are draft guru’s up there…if after having the best defense for 1-2 years you can compare them to the bucs, ravens and bears then you probably think andrew luck is in the same class as peyton manning after two years….people have the tendency to have these ace ventura conversations where they have to stand up, bend over and start talking….pump the brakes sapp, thats like calling richard sherman the best cover corner in the league when they predominantly run a cover 3 defense….i didnt see them playing very much man against us even….wake me up when superbowl sunday gets here because who knew even hall of famers had to go overboard just to get attention

  13. thegregwitul Says:

    And yes, that 2002 group was really special, one of the very best defenses of all-time (and the best passing defense in NFL history, with this Seattle team being in the top 3, imo).

    Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks are first ballot hall of fame players.

    Ronde Barber, John Lynch and Simeon Rice should all make it in, with Barber and Lynch likely having to wait a few years after they are eligible and Rice likely making it in in the next decade or so as one of those senior/Fritz Pollard nominees.

    Five players all worthy of the hall of fame. Greatness in all areas of the defense; defensive end, tackle, linebacker, corner and safety, it doesn’t get much better than that. The cherry on top, of course, was the dominating win over the Oakland Raiders in the Super Bowl, and while the season after was a letdown with some real heartbreaking defeats, what that team accomplished in the 2002 season placed that defense in the top five of all-time, and that’s something we’ll be able to enjoy as fans forever.

  14. T in Orlando Says:

    I never thought of the 2002 Defense as “Nasty”, with the exception of Sapp, none of those players came off as what I would consider “Nasty”. I think of the 85 Bears and 2000 Ravens when I hear the word Nasty. I could see a closer comparison of the 2014 Seahawks to one of those teams over the 2002 Bucs.

    What the 2002 Bucs were collectively, was fast and smart. They all knew what their assignments were in the system (and in most cases, knew the other guys assignments as well), and they could all make plays anywhere on the field; behind the line scrimmage, in the box, sideline-to-sideline or downfield. They also knew when they could take risks, and more times than not, capitalize on those risks.

    The greatness of the 2002 Bucs Defense wasn’t in the physicality of they’re play, but the speed, intelligence and instincts with which they played.

  15. bucsQcCity Says:

    2002 Bucs was all about “bend but don’t break” and “speed over size” defense

    Btw Joe, stop subliminal messages that Glennon sucks by taking pictures where he gets hammered. We get it, you don’t believe that he can be good under any circumstance no matter the coach, the scheme, the players around him.

  16. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    To heck with Bennett. I realize this is the time of year we all get into speculating about things, but lets be realistic. He will not leave his team unless the Seahawks force him to leave. Why the H@LL would he leave a team that can get him a ring?

    And by the time the Lovie proves the Bucs can do so, Bennett will be too old and injury prone.

    We do not need Bennett. Clayborn is good enough where he’s at. What we need is an opposite end that is a beast, like we had with Simeon Rice. Who played opposite Simeon?

    If Clayborn has to switch sides, I’m fine with that, but Bennett is not the answer. You people have to realize that the environment around Tampa is conducive to injury for the larger players in their later years. That’s why Nicks got injured. That’s why most of our older linemen on both sides get injured.

    We need young, beastly blood there.

    That is why I’ve said the only reason to trade up in the draft is to take Clowney. As bad as I want a franchise QB (and I do), getting Clowney would be the only other option that’s is better in the first round.

    If that were to happen I would not even take a QB in the draft, I would stay with Glennon for a year and bring in Sanchez (when he is released this year) to compete. Do I think either is the answer?

    I don’t know. Glennon might be. Heck, Sanchez having a change in environment might be just the boost he needs. He has made it deeper into the playoffs than anyone we’ve had since Brad Johnson.

  17. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I will admit though, coming out of the draft I wanted Sanchez. Obviously Stafford is better, but I felt Sanchez would be better than Freeman at the time. I was right.

    Rex up there treats his QBs as poorly as Gruden did here. Always wants to date then, never wants to marry one.

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    As to the Seahawks defense, I think they have a right good one, but it cannot be considered better than the Bucs unless it lasts as long as the Bucs defense did.

    Lasting ten years meant they were so good that even with film other teams could not find their number.

  19. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    My sanchex comment would have made more sense if the post before it showed up, lol.

  20. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    @BucsFaninChina: Mack need not be a blitzer all the time, he can play like a defensive end as well and he did that at Buffalo. Also with players like Revis and a great blitzing LB like David, I don’t think we will play a lot of Tampa-2 by the books. I see Denver’s 4-3 defense and the way they utilize Von Miller’s strengths in all phases. That could be the model we may follow if our coaches draft Mack imo.

  21. Lev Says:

    Once seattle loses to Payton Manning no one will remember this defense and at most only one player will go to the hall of fame.

  22. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I’ll be pulling for the Seahawks because the Bucs are NFC also. I’ll be pulling for the Seahawks because Pete Carrol is a good coach. But mostly I’ll be pulling for the Seahawks because Pete Carrol is a 9-11 truther.

  23. Capt. Tim Says:

    Sapp is correct. They have handicapped the defenses so badly, all in an attempt to turn the NFL into the arena football league. Godell apparently doesn’t want any big name offensive player to be hit hard.

    They are trying to create celebrities, and endless offensive highlights.
    I dunno. Meybe it will keep selling. I’m a bit of a purist, personally. I love great defense. I loved watching the defenses able to intimidate offenses.
    One of Best examples was McKays Bucs, in the playoff game against the Eagles in 1979. Even the announcers were saying that Philly WRs and Backs didn’t want the ball anymore!

    Godell is trying to make the NFL a glorified Flag football league. A place where great hitters, like Deshon Goldson are vilified and fined. If fans turned against him- for playing just like John Lynch! Goldson would have been a fan favorite, playing beside Lynch. In today’s NFL- he is intentionally targeted for penalities.

    All because he hits to hard!

    Personally, I wouldn’t watch flag football. I like great defenses.

  24. Oahubuc Says:

    Which defensive end is it we have again who averages 8.5 sacks that we need to worry about whether Bennett would surpass that if he came back?

  25. PRBucFan Says:

    Brooks said our defense was better, I’ll go with Mr.Brooks’s opinion 😀

  26. Brandon Says:

    Three greatest Super Bowl era defenses? Against the run, 2000 Ravens, against the pass? 2002 Bucs, for getting big plays (sacks/fumbles/ints)? 1985 Bears. The 2002 Bucs gave up an opposing QB rating of about 45…unbelievable!

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Capt. Tim

    I agree. Unfortunately I don’t think he’ll (Goodell) will be replaced any time soon. He still young and the NFL is making more money than ever.

    So we have to change our thinking to fit the new NFL. Offense. Offense. Offense.

    I’m not even sure things would go back if Goodell were replaced.

  28. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Brandon Says
    “Three greatest Super Bowl era defenses? Against the run, 2000 Ravens, against the pass? 2002 Bucs, for getting big plays (sacks/fumbles/ints)? 1985 Bears. The 2002 Bucs gave up an opposing QB rating of about 45…unbelievable!”

    Won’t work now though.

    Peyton will win that game. Sure, at first the Seahawks might seem to have his number, but Peyton will adjust like he always does. He is clutch.

  29. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    btw, we will still see some stunts, according the the defensive line coach.

  30. Feelthepewterpower Says:

    Big plays bonzai? The buccs in 2002 had the most returns for touchdowns in nfl history I believe with eleven.

  31. Feelthepewterpower Says:

    Err Brandon above about the 85 bears as his pick for turnovers.
    Ravens played in a weak AFC division that year…

  32. bucemup Says:

    Bennett is not a Buc man. The guy is a cancer in the locker room. Maybe Pete hugged it out of him.