Lovie Wants 49ers, Seahawks Model

January 14th, 2014

New Bucs head coach Lovie Smith took a year off from football to recharge, relax and re-evaluate all things Lovieball.

He handpicked his offensive guru in Jeff Tedford, but don’t expect significant changes from the head coach.

During his recent visit on Pro Football Live, Lovie explained that his desires and principles haven’t changed.

“Your core system on what you believe is always tested. And that’s what happened with me in Chicago,” Lovie said. “I came in with a way in mind that we were going to win football games, and I believed in that. And I’m talking about, you know, a physical running attack on the offensive side of the ball with big play ability in the passing game, a defense that played hard every down, that relied on takeaways, you know the turnover ratio determines the winner of the game. And then putting a big emphasis on special teams, having a special returner that can change the game. And then having good skill specialists. We’re going to try to use the same format.”

Interestingly, Lovie said he thought his Bears had “an efficient offense that played to the strengths of, you know, what we were as a defensive team in Chicago.” Joe’s not sure what that actually means. Is Lovie talking about time of possession and keeping his defense off the field?

Lovie went on to say he likes this season’s versions of San Francisco, Seattle and Carolina, and “how they’re set up to win football games.”

“That was a model that we had while we were in Chicago, and a model that we’re going to bring to Tampa Bay,” Lovie said.

Of course, that begs the question of how exactly Mike Glennon fits in to the models Lovie is referring to — ones led by Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton.

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  1. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Said this last week

    January 5th, 2014 at 6:33 pm
    I hope ya’ll hear them brag about that 49ers Oline.

    59 Jonathan Goodwin C 35 6-3 318 12 Michigan
    75 Alex Boone G 26 6-8 300 4 Ohio State
    77 Mike Iupati G 26 6-5 331 4 Idaho
    67 Daniel Kilgore G 26 6-3 308 3 Appalachian State
    78 Joe Looney G 23 6-3 315 2 Wake Forest
    62 Ryan Seymour G 23 6-4 301 R Vanderbilt
    68 Adam Snyder G 31 6-6 325 9 Oregon
    76 Anthony Davis OT 24 6-5 323 4 Rutgers
    74 Joe Staley OT 29 6-5 315 7 Central Michigan

    January 5th, 2014 at 6:38 pm
    Then you gonna hear about how Dominate Carolina’s Dline is. And how it controls the tempo of the game.

    90 Frank AlexanderDE 24 6-4 270 2 Oklahoma
    76 Greg Hardy DE 25 6-4 290 4 Mississippi
    96 Wes Horton DE 23 6-5 265 R USC
    95 Charles JohnsonDE 27 6-2 285 7 Georgia
    91 Colin Cole DT 33 6-2 335 7 Iowa
    92 Dwan Edwards DT 32 6-3 305 10 Oregon State
    98 Star Lotulelei DT 24 6-2 315 R Utah
    99 Kawann Short DT 24 6-3 310 R Purdue

    Folks keep talking about Keep a $16 million dollar corner. DLine & Online is where the game is won and loss.

    January 5th, 2014 at 6:42 pm
    As you can see control the line of scrimmage U will impose your will on others. Neither teams Receiving core or Defensive backfield is nothing to brag about. Think about it my BUC brethren.

  2. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *won & lost

  3. Lev Says:

    Here is my assessment of this current Bucs team that no one is willing to accept but deep down everyone knows is true. The Buc’s record speaks for itself. I shouldn’t have to make any argument but it looks like I have to. I rather have no-name players at ever position over a “talented” roster with a 4-12 record. If we are gonna say that Mike Glennon is OKAY but can never take us to a super bowl then we should be saying this with other players on this team that deserve the same criticism. Adrian Clayborn and Mason Foster are perfect examples. Both are solid players but will never take us to a super bowl. Same with Donald Penn, Davin Joseph, and Vincent Jackson. These players week in and week out failed to beat the person in front of them and the team lost. 4-12. We can blame the coaches but these are grown adults who have been playing the game for years. How can you coach Vincent Jackson to not get caught from behind? How can you coach Adrian Clayborn to beat a block? How can you coach Donald Penn to make a block? How about this, GET PLAYERS WHO ARA BETTER AND CAN BEAT THE PLAYERS THEY ARE GOING AGAINST!!! This is why Mark Dominik was fired.

  4. Clowney Says:

    Sounds like Lovie loves Johnny Football or he’s just throwing knuckleballs to the media

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “That was a model that we had while we were in Chicago, and a model that we’re going to bring to Tampa Bay,” Lovie said.

    But….Lovie didn’t have that model in Chicago….he had that defensive model and special teams but not offense….Rex Grossman?

  6. Architek Says:

    In order to make a team of this model – we need to make more changes in the trenches. Those teams are rock solid in the trenches on both sides and deep.

    We will see but the OLine starters and the DLine depth must be addressed.

    Glennon is not as bad as we sometime refer to but hes nowhere near mobile as needed to be efficient in today’s game with the speed of the defenses. The team better be special all around him if its going to be like that.

  7. Lev Says:

    The Mike Glennons of the OL: Donald Penn and Davin Joseph.
    The Mike Glennon of WR: Vincent Jackson.
    The Mike Glennon of LBs: Mason Foster.
    The Mike Glennon of DL: Adrian Clayborn.

    All are good but will never win us a super bowl and apparently make the play offs. We need upgrades everywhere. 4-12.

    Someone refute my argument.

  8. stanglassman Says:

    Those are the 4 players on the Bucs roster that you think stand out as player that aren’t getting it done, really?

  9. Lev Says:

    ^This is why Dominik was fired

  10. BirdDoggers Says:

    If Lovie builds the team in the mold of the two teams mentioned, it would suggest he wants a playmaker at QB. This would also suggest he learned a thing or two about the offensive woes he had with the Bears. Even though he might not admit it, I’m sure he’s taken note. A dependable QB, a solid running game and a stifling defense. The recipe for winning a championship.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Lev

    None of those comparisons are rookies…

    We have yet to see how Glennon develops…and those that say he can’t get better have no idea what they are talking about unless they can see into the future.

    I’m not saying that you are wrong…just that you could be.

  12. Lev Says:

    Look at San Fran’s OL, LBs, WRs and DL you will see why we are 4-12 and why they are going to another championship game.

  13. Lev Says:

    I am comparing them to Mike Glennon based only on the criticism he is getting. We want to blame Glennon for 4-12 but we should blame the entire roster. There are 11 people playing not just 1.

  14. You Go Joe Says:

    @Lev “Same with Donald Penn, Davin Joseph, and Vincent Jackson. ”

    Your funny oh so funny lol.

    Vincent jackson not good enough??? Your standards are past elite that only 2 other receivers can do. He caught 1224 yards this past year the year before 1384. He never broke 1200 in San Diego. Penn is not NFL elite but he’s a stud. Mason Foster had his best dam season and he played well for us. Why don’t you go against the Guards who constantly were getting holding penalties?? Or the lack of WR depth?? There’s bigger issues than Vjacks, Penn, Clayborn and Foster.

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Mike Glennon 19 9 83.9

    Drew Brees 2nd yr (rookie yr only 1 gm) 17 16 76.9
    Cam Newton 21 17 84.5
    Matt Ryan 16 11 74.1

    It is said that we can’t win with the 4th best QB in the league. Looks to me like Glennon has potential to be better than that!!

  16. You Go Joe Says:

    If you compare X team to our team of course there will be improvements. But hey other teams will be comparing David, Martin, Vjacks, Tim Wright, Mccoy, Barron, Revis, Goldson(maybe). There’s talent out there…hell even Rainey is in the mix.

    What the issue is DEPTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comparing to San Fran is stupid. They have a very smart coach that we didn’t. Lovie will sure bring in his views of talents, but we had enough players on the team to win however the execution was lacking.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Atlanta went out and got Julio Jones for Matt Ryan…..Tony Gonzalez & Roddy White…..& Harry Douglas

    Glennon had VJax, Tim Wright, Tiquan Underwood, Chris Owusu

    Look how Matt Ryan did when he lost Jones!!! QBR 61.4

  18. adamant Says:

    @ Lev

    I agree regarding Penn (he gets worse as the season goes on) and Joseph (too many injuries). They are on the downside of their careers.

    Vincent Jackson is still a very good receiver and would be better with more compliments around him. A healthy Mike Williams and a speedy, stretch the field type (Sammy Watkins). We can win games and go to the playoffs with them and a good TE.

    Mason Foster needs to be moved to Strong Side LB. He is not a Cover 2 type MLB. He would thrive on that side of the line.

    Adrian Clayborn is a two down DE. Take him off the field on 3rd downs. Or, find a replacement that can play all three downs.

    So, basically, I agree with you with the exception of VJax.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t pick up a QB or draft one….just that we shouldn’t trade the farm for one until we really see what Glennon can do. Maybe give him some competion this year and if he doesn’t work out….trade up next year.
    Hundley, Mariota & Winston will be there and many teams will have selected QBs this year…so the opportunity will be there.

  20. Lev Says:

    @You Go Joe,

    I only Judge players on win/loss and what they are doing in December. Yes these players have put up good stats and are solid starters. But if we say Glennon is “good but will never win us a super bowl” we should be able to say it about other players on the team since we are 4-12 and the 7th worst team in the NFL. This is a team sport unlike tennis or golf.

  21. mpmalloy Says:

    Lol…no s**t.
    As far as a girlfriend I’d like to follow the Lauren Hanley model.
    As far as running my business I want to follow the Steve Jobs
    or the Bill Gates model….Lol.
    And for Christmas I want a Ferrari.

    That’s great and all yo ‘want’ to follow the 49ers
    Seahawks model but doing it is a different story.
    My advice would be not to fire Jim Leavitt for
    being smarter than you for starters.

    (Jim Leavitt is the 49ers epic LB coach
    fired by USF for grabbing a slacker player
    during halftime)

  22. Lev Says:


    I may have been to harsh on Vjax but how is he different from Glennon when we say “if he had more around him he would be better.” He is good and makes this team better but should not be paid elite number one receiver money.

  23. adamant Says:


    Put it this way. We would be far worse off without Vjax. Would we be far worse off without Glennon?

    Vjax may not have elite speed, but he does have elite size, hands and route running. True student of the game (which by all accounts Glennon is too).

    Bottom line, it is very unlikely that the Bucs draft a QB with the number 7 pick (Bridgewater, Manziel and Bortles will most likely be off the board). Looks like we will have another year with Glennon and a later draft pick and a journeyman type veteran next year.

    Draft Sammy Watkins!!

  24. cmurda Says:

    Lev, I see you on some of the points but VJax is elite. You are wrong about that. He’s a top 5 WR in the entire NFL. He is amazing and I’m so happy to have him. The part you are correct about is in the trenches. Our O Line and D Line are far from elite. Our O Line was a colossal failure with guys coming back from serious injuries and Carl Nicks toe injury. Dominick swung and missed on Nicks, Wright, and most importantly Freeman. That is the reason he was fired and for no other reason. Lovie will need to work on strengthening our O Line and creating D Line depth. I expect us to get at least 1 stud DE either through free agency or the draft.

  25. Brandon Says:


    Those are fantastic numbers, except two things, Glennon also took 40 sacks… one for every 10 passes the threw, so he avoided mistakes by taking sacks (another mistake). The other thing….32… as in the rank of the offense. This was the worst offense in the NFL, putting up any numbers for the worst offense in the NFL is meaningless and tells you the play at many positions was far less than desirous.

    In Peyton’s rookie year his rating was under 75, he threw 20-something INTs… but only took 22 sacks in over 150 more pass attempts than Glennon AND the Colts offense was ranked #12 in the league.

    Glennon is a caretaker… he could be decent with talent around him, he could excel with a great defense and running game… is celing is… Brad Johnson. Which is great if you have the 2002 Bucs defense playing with you, but that was a once every 10-15 year type defense. We need better than Glennon.

  26. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lev, Tampabaybucfan, right on! I cannot figure out how so many people know that Glennon is not the guy. I also agree that while he may be the “4th best QB in the division”, there are 10(TEN) other guys on that offense that can also be blamed.
    The Bucs need upgrades at every position. That’s not to say that they don’t have good players, you can always be better.
    I’ve argued many times that this so-called “passing league” is a fallacy. Teams like Seattle and San Fran have succeeded with less than average passing games, stellar defense, and hard-nosed running. There’s a reason that you always hear, “defense wins championships”. It’s not a fluke, look it up.
    Not to compare the Bucs to those teams but, we’re closer to being a Seattle than we are to being a NE. Hiring Lovie pretty much cements that.

  27. Lev Says:


    If the Bucs draft Watkins I would not complain one bit. He would be our bonafide number one and would also fit that deadly kick returner Lovie really wants. I guess the only downside would be the fact we have so much money invested in our stud number two’s Mike Williams and Vjax (That’s right I said it). Another predicament Dominik put us in. I would rather go OL with the first two pics, dump Penn and Nicks and and then get a Jacoby Jones, Emmanuel Sanders or Anquan Boldin in FA. Then I would go for Jared Allen to start over AC and Bowers.

  28. Harry Says:

    @Clowney Says:
    “Sounds like Lovie loves Johnny Football or he’s just throwing knuckleballs to the media”

    Funny you interpreted it that way. I was thinking exactly the opposite (and I highly support drafting a QB w our first pick). I was thinking that since Lovie went to the SB with Grossman, that Lovie would be fine with Glennon. Interesting

    Draft Teddy!

  29. chipbuc Says:

    Sure Glennon has his stats 19 and 9 83.9 but what did he do in the second half of every game he played ? Nothing, nada, zilch get the picture look up his stats in the second half, he didnt bring us from behind once. Not good enough for any team wanting to win.

  30. teacherman777 Says:

    Schiano wanted the same thing.

    But Schiano was too military minded.

    Lovie is much cooler.

    Thats the biggest difference between.

    Lovie is happy Schiano drafted David, Spence, Golston, Martin, Barron, Banks, Tandy, and Glennon.

    Schiano got us LaVonte David. Just like Sam Wyche got Sapp and Brooks and Lynch for Dungy.

    Interesting how this cycle and go in circles.

    I couldnt be happier” i think we got the best NFL head coach out there.

    But what do we do about OG, DE, QB, TE, and WR?

    I think we can survive another year with Penn and Dotson. Dont u? So, we can focus on our OG CRISIS.

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Michael Koenen-3,250,000

    Derek Landri-1,500,000

    Anthony Gaitor-658,404

    Sign the following player to bolster our Rotation (Tree Trunks with Pass Rush)

    *From The Left Side
-Justin Tuck 6′ 5″, 268 lbs
    *From the Defensive Tackle
-Kendall Langford 6′ 6″, 313 lbs
    *From the Nose Tackle
-Tony McDaniel 6′ 7″, 305 lbs
    *From The Right Side
-Julius Peppers 6′ 7″, 287 lbs

    Comparable Vet Defensive end contracts (2013)
-DE/OLB-John Abraham (Jul 25 2013) 2 year $4.6 million contract (ARI)
-DE Osi Umenyiora (Mar 27 2013) 2 year $8.5 million contract (ATL)

    -DE/OLB Dwight Freeney (May 18 2013) 2 year $13.35 million contract (SD)

    New Rotation
    -LDE Justin Tuck Adrian Clayborne, William Gholston
    -DT Gerald McCoy, Kendall Langford, William Gholston
    -NT Tony McDaniels, Akeem Spence
    -RDE Julius Peppers, Daquan bowers


    Donald Penn-$7,066,665
Davin Joseph-6,000,000

    Jeremy Zuttah-4,000,000

    Luke Stocker-763,172

    IMHO-Draft Penn’s Replacement
    1st Round Pick:(Options)

    -LT Greg Robinson Auburn
    -LT Taylor Lewan

    Sign Josephs Replacement(FA-Options)

    -Jon Asamoah

    -Willie Colon

    Sign Zuttah’s Replacement (FA-Options)

    -Alex Mack

    -Brian De La Puente
-Evan Dietrich-Smith

    Sign Stocker’s Replacement (FA-Options)
-Brandon Pettigrew

    -Brandon Myers
    -Scott Chandler

    -Garrett Graham

    Sign Koenen Replacement (FA-Options)

    -Pat McAfee

  32. Lev Says:


    I totally agree that “this is a passing league” is BS. Hell the patriots are run first team all of a sudden. The only real passing team in the final four are the Broncos and I don’t think they will make it past the Pats. Passing is really good for the regular season but once its said and done, a strong running game, a strong defense, and some passing sprinkled in when needed will win you a super bowl. Also, mobile QBs with running ability would not be the new trend if this was a “passing league.”

  33. teacherman777 Says:

    Ipad typos. Sorry.

  34. TAC Says:

    Stephen White wrote a good breakdown on Glennon in the 49er game. Shiano and crew were doing their best to lose the game playing scared Offensive football, and that is what Glennon looked like. He is a rag doll in the pocket, and the Oline sucked.

    He never showed an ability to bring the team back when placed on his back and needing some plays made by him. he needs a lot of work, and will get a chance. If a QB falls to number 7 who can make some plays, I don’t see how he is passed up, we still have Glennon regardless.

  35. Lev Says:

    At least we didn’t waste a first or second round pick on Glennon like the Bills did with EJ and the Jets did with Geno. Glennon looked like a superstar compared to those two. I am still trying to get over the fact that Geno Smith had 20+ interceptions lmfao X). Yet he still did enough to beat us.

  36. teacherman777 Says:

    And a good defense can take a passing team out of the game.

    Look at Brees yesterday.

    I love Seattle’s model.

    Too bad Dom signed Goldson last year. Or we could aign Jarius Byrd to join his dad, our new CB coach in Tampa. We need a fast FS like Earl Thomas on Seattle. Barron is the enforcer. Goldson is not what we need. We need speed at FS.

    I wanted Ried. But SF drafted him to replace Goldson. At a fraction of the cost.

    Seattle is also awesome because they let their players have fun.

    Schianos biggest mistake was killing the fun of the game.

  37. Bucsfanman Says:

    Chipbuc, I suppose Glennon dropped his own passes too, or didn’t block? Come on man. I get it, the whole thing was awful to watch in either half, but why are we blaming one guy(a rookie, no less!). It’s a TEAM game.
    Look, I’m all for upgrading the position. Right now though, there are far more pressing areas to address like OL, DL, CB, WR…

  38. Walter Says:

    Jackson is not a #2 receiver, he is a bonafide #1 receiver. Just because he isn’t a burner doesn’t mean he isn’t a great receiver. Also, if we drafted Sammy Watkins, he would not take over the #1 spot, he’d be our slot receiver, and we’d run a lot more 3 Wr sets with Wright at the TE spot, Martin in the backfield of course. We’d still need a new QB.

  39. Lev Says:

    Mel Kiper’s mock draft comes out tomorrow. If he has us taking a 3-4 OLB I am going to hunt him down and ball tap him. Enough with all these mock drafts having us taking a 3-4 OLB. In his press conference Lovie himself made it clear that the will be a 4-3 NOT A 3-4!

  40. Bucsfanman Says:

    LUVMYBUCS, that all sounds good on paper and I’m sure that some of the names you mentioned will be cut or signed. However, be realistic, that’s a fantasy team right there. Also, I don’t think the salary cap is that simple, it’s not dollar for dollar. With that, the Bucs will not be able to afford all of those(if they wanted them in the first place).
    We’ll soon find out the direction of this team once free agent signing begins. I’m excited!

  41. Bucs55 Says:

    Youcan tell lluv my bucs plays a lot of madden lol

  42. chipbuc Says:

    Bucsfanman , Im not blaming Glennon for all the problems on offense, im saying he is just not good enough to be a starting QB in this league at this time. Maybe they can coach him up in the future, but right now i want a competent QB in there to have a wining season.

  43. Dano Says:

    The biggest need is the O-line. It was pathetic this season.

  44. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    -For the price of ONE GUY (16 million in cap space)
    We can sign 3 good corners
(two outside guys + one slot guy).

    R Corner /L Corner (FA Options)

    -Alterraun Verner
-Nolan Carroll (luv this kid)
-Vontae Davis
-Antoine Cason

    -Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

    Slot Corner (FA Options)

    -Captain Munnerlyn

    -Walter Thurmond

    -Josh Wilson

    Lol, My sons are outta the house now. So I haven’t played in a couple years now.

  45. Bucs55 Says:

    I luvmybucs you can tell you play madden to much lol

  46. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Not a Capologists, but “There’s a lot of flexibility with the cap,””It’s really like everyday life, where you have your budget that you have to live with, but you also have your credit cards that give you some room.”


  47. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Football Fanatic just the rest of us

  48. chris44 Says:

    Brandon. Manning had: On his offensive line, Steve Mckinney, Tarik Glenn, Jay Luuwenberg. Weapons, he had, Faulk, Harrison, Ken Dilger. Maybe, just, maybe. Thats why he didn’t get sacked as often. I’ll take Mannings weapons and O line over ours, wouldn’t you?

  49. chris44 Says:

    Sorry he’s not the problem. Surround with a line and weapons, than tell me he’s not a qb that can lead . Hell look at any of the good qbs. Brady and Manning can sit in a chair, read a paper and still have time.

  50. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Nah-pre snap defense recognition, progression follow through, and release; Are unmatched. Thats why majority of the lineman that lift Indy failed

  51. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    * Football Fanatic just like the rest of us

  52. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I agree in large part with Lev. Can’t argue too much based on their performances. However I would disagree on their potential for 2014.

    I believe Davin Joseph was not truly over his injury. He “could” return to form Same is true for Nicks although I concede things are looking bleak for him. Dotson still has room for improvement. The O line certainly was a weakness in ’13 and needs to be addressed for ’14 but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    As far as VJax and Mike Williams. Both are valuable assets. We are simply asking them to fill a void in the team where they lack skills.

    We need a dependable “possession” receiver for 3rd down. Vjax is not that guy. Doesn’t mean he isn’t great at getting deep and out jumping smaller DB’s. As somebody posted his stats speak for themself. But he has mediocre hands at best and drops too many to be a true “possession” receiver. Perhaps Tim Wright can help there but I’m thinking the wideout from Clemson.

    Watkins… the Clemson WR/KR is fast, big and so my question to you knowlegeable types is how are his hands? We need somebody who has hands of glue to augment VJAX and MikeW.

    At LB a super stud MLB would give us one of the best corps in the league.
    Move Mason Foster to the outside where he originally made his bones in college. Levonte is the next 55 and if we had a really good MLB we’d have a great corps with some depth.

  53. Theodore Says:

    “a physical running attack on the offensive side of the ball with big play ability in the passing game”

    In other words, get ready for more sh*tty offense. This the exact same thing as Schiano and his run the football and “take shots down the field” offense.

    Today’s NFL offense is not about “big plays” that come from “taking shots down field”. It’s about having a competent passing game that can gain 5, 10, 15, 20 yards at a time.

  54. Cmurda Says:

    Im a big Madden fan but I give luvmybucs a little more credit than that. I like a lot of the calls made like cutting Penn, Davis and I like Peppers. I see that as a real possibility. It would take too long to go through all of the scenarios but the point is our O Line and D Line needs to be the center of focus. Koenen has been pissing me off for 2 years now. His salary is obnoxious for a half-ace punter. Lindell is too inconsistent. Schiano baffled me after having Dimke hit everything he was given and then signing Lindell after the Tynes escapade. That was a stupid move. Give Dimke another shot and sign him if he proves himself again or draft a kicker late in the draft but please get rid of Lindell and Koenen. The only name I didnt notice and I could be wrong was Hester. Please tell me when we have ever had a legit Kick Returner and please dont say Spurlock. Spurlock gets unconditional love by taking our first kickoff to the house ever but c’mon. Devin Hester is a game changer and he is loyal to Lovie. If the Bears don’t lock him up, he could change our whole dynamic on special teams. I want Hester badly.

  55. tcaviar Says:

    @ You Go Joe agree with you totally @Lev go look at other LT who go against elite DE’s and you’ll have a better appreciation for Penn. Glennon had time as freeman did the coaching and play calling sucked maybe if they let Clayborn rush instead of dumb stunts (coming off injury) he would have been more productive People are quick to blame a line who always finishes top 5 in sacks allowed. Learn the game people stop just repeating what you hear somebody else who is wrong says

  56. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Thank you brotha. Even though I luv Hester, lets not sleep on Jacoby Jones or Jacoby Ford.

  57. bucsQcCity Says:

    Said it before but why can’t we move goldson as a LB? He plays like one, has great instinct to get to the ball carrier but he’s not a true ballhawk safety. By taking him closer to the Line Of Scrimmage, I’m sure he won’t get as flagged and we could then maybe move foster to OLB and get Safety Byrd to play with Barron. I’m sure in a Tampa 2 schema Goldson would fit good.. Just some thoughts..

  58. tcaviar Says:

    @bucQcCity he was a ball hawk with the 49ers schiano’s scheme just sucked even took away from what Revis does best

  59. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Since our Offense has so predictable the last 3yrs. Donald Penn is giving up-Driving stalling or Game changing sacks. If you can’t trust a running back or special teams player with butta hands to hold the rock. How can you trust a man thats suppose to PROTECT the QB blind side? He wears down as the game & season progresses. And when I last checked thats when you need to bring your best (4th quarter) & (Playoffs).

    He can’t handle these young DE/OLB for (4) full quarters. He’s giving up 25 sacks in 3yrs.

  60. Rob Says:

    So, let me get this straight…

    Lovie’s model is to:

    Run the ball well.
    Have big play ability on offense
    Play solid defense and take the ball away
    Excel on Special Teams

    So, basically his plan is to be good in all three phases. Is that EVERYONE’S plan?

  61. tcaviar Says:

    @Tac was Stephen white a qb? Hell no he and king are true Buc haters bitter ex Bucs Glennon scored twice using the hurry up O schiano never went back to it and went with a stupid trick play on a kick off return that lost us the game

  62. Patrickbucs Says:

    It’s not just a passing league, balance is needed. It also helps if your QB doesn’t take a bunch of sacks and can scramble for a first down and/or extend the play. Glennon hasn’t shown yet he can do either. He’s not going to scramble but he may possibly learn how to extend the play. He’s not shown anything in the 2nd half which is worrisome. If the new regime wants to move ahead with him I will support him and the new philosophy for now. Next year is a deep QB class but we most likely will have to give up picks to get 1 if we play like Lovie says we should be 8-8.

  63. mjmoody Says:

    I would love to see a Carolina, 9’ers or Hawks’ version of offense here. It seems to be what the NFGoddelL is pushing for. They All play very solid defense. 9’ers have the best LB tandem in a 34 D in the League. IMHO. Carolina showed that Cam in the pocket is going to take some work. He was WAY too slow on his reads. But if it comes, they will be the team to beat in the South. I’m sure Lovie sees, that these great D’s with bruising run games–score 30 points. That’s the new watermark. This type of team MUST have plays for 3rd and long that work. They don’t make excuses for getting behind on down and distance. They execute. Apparently the league will let you play D in the playoffs, but your O has to get you there first.

  64. Lev Says:

    According to Mel Kiper, Mike Glennon was the 14th best performing rookie of the 2013 draft class. If the 2013 draft were to re-happen Glennon would be a first round pick.


  65. TAC Says:

    tcaviar I place much blame for Glennon on Coaching, and haven’t given up on him at all. He does need to put on some muscle, because he will not last. He got lucky, and didn’t take any really good hits so far.

    Supposedly he got plenty of work in the last off season, but he will get a full chance as a starter this year.

    I know Steve is a Cowpuke fan, but he did break down that ugly 49er game well.

    Glennon looked like a rag doll his last few games, scared to make any mistake trying to save the Coaches job.

  66. Capt. Tim Says:

    Lev- please stop. When I opened this post, a terrible scent of fertilizer came out of my IPhone. I didn’t know the source, until I read your post.
    It’s ok not to know anything about Football. But no need to spew ignorance on the rest of us.
    Jackson and Penn aren’t good players? Lol
    It’s not a passing league? Guess somebody better tell Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kapernick.
    The real truth to that is- a great offense helps out your defense! Teams that are behind are forced into taking chances. And you know they will be passing on every down! That helps your defense quite a bit.

    You don’t know that from watching the Bucs this season- because our offense never seemed to make it back after half time.

    When trashing Jackson and Penn- why not include McCoy, David, and Revis??
    After all- they lost 12 games too
    Again- comic relief!

  67. Mike10 Says:

    I hear what everyone’s saying but I’m not so sure why we’re so quick to talk about ousting some of the guys on this team. Mason Foster, is a legit back-up, i’ll give you that. And unless you seek to have the LB core of San Fran, it’s going to be hard to upgrade there.
    But V Jax is a great player. Is he overpaid, of course he is. But he’s a guy that can get up and get the ball. I wish he or Mike had better top end speed. PPl might get on him for dropping balls at the end of the year… and I can stand here yelling “u get paid to catch those!” But let’s put the BS aside, they were playing for nothing at the end of the season.. NOTHING, he’s a vet and wants to win the SB… he’s a winner.. and if I was at the pt in my career winning 4 games a yr, what really is the pt!…. and don’t throw me some “rudy, win at all costs for the sake of the game bs.”

    Davin, had one bad year… coming off ACL surgery, after being dominant his entire career. Take it easy for god sake! You play guard – pushing off 350 lb men and tell me how that newly repaired knee is. He’s a leader on this team, at the prime of his career, and an important part of our core.. give it another year before you pick up your Davin Joseph pitch forks.

    Glennon, is not the answer. I don’t know at this pt what is the answer, either thru the draft or free agency. But I’d rather see us stick w him for another year than invest a lot of $ in a vet or reach in the first for a qb that we’ll be forced to stand by for the next couple of years…. then we have a tannehill, smith, or ej manuel…. I DONT want that! Something better might be available next year.

  68. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Something better might be available next year.

    Can you say Jameis Winston. But he’ll go #1.

    I hate gambling on First round Q.B. picks. There are too many examples of decent Q.B.’s who are under the radar. Even at Div II schools.

    Taking at QB in the first round is a HUGE gamble. We have plenty of other needs to address this year. Grab a great prospect later in the draft and sign a competent vet like Josh McCown give Glennon some competition and see how things shake out.

  69. Mike10 Says:

    Winston reminds me a lot of Newton, but you’re right, most likely we won’t have the first overall pick. There’s the Oregon QB… but after that, not too sure. I have a better idea of what’s out there this year. Maybe we snag a Mettenburger in a later round, or McCarron although that OU game scared me… I agree with you, let’s look at addressing other positions i.e. LT, SLB, DE, WR or a guard, and get a QB later in the draft. McCown feels too much like Matt Flynn.. No one has even mentioned him until the last 6 games of this past year.

  70. Roscoe the Pirate Says:

    That Glennon took 30 sacks and was repeatedly shut down in the second half of games is more of a reflection on the poor coaching than the player IMO.

    He was probably coached to take the sacks rather than take a risk to extend the play. I think there is huge potential for improvement in his play.

    Having said that he does need competition, a better Oline and receivers. Draft Watkins or a Tackle in the first and chase a QB later.

  71. Barry Says:

    Glennon is better than Brad Johnson, so he has the talent to win a Super Bowl.

  72. buchead407 Says:

    Hey LEV. You saying VJAX won’t help us win a superbowl might be the STUPIDEST thing if ever heard on this site

  73. buchead407 Says:

    Chad was the only player worth a damn this season. I can understand the other players. But mason foster is still pretty young. Wouldn’t quit on him yet

  74. buchead407 Says:

    Vjax* not chad. Dumb spellchecker

  75. Eric Says:

    What position is not a gamble in the draft?

  76. chef paul Says:

    Haha chad. Autocorrect is the worst invention to hit the free market!!!!

  77. SignedontoSay Says:

    Schiano put an offense in play to allow Glennon to have success. Glennon is okay, but he is not ready to start in the NFL. Could good insurance.

  78. stanglassman Says:

    I liked Peppers and Hester as much as anyone but but they are 33 and 31 respectively, both older than Penn and Joseph. They are in positions much less forgiving of age. If we were making a team for the 2000-2005 I would be with you but not today. That being said for the right price/contract structure I could be persuaded. It’s too bad Tim Jennings resigned with the Bears, they seem to sign him back real quick after Lovie became the Bucs HC.

  79. lurker Says:

    glennon is not better than brad Johnson. Johnson could make his throws to his receivers in motion with a spiral. Johnson was more mobile, when needed.

    also +1 to brandon, but tbbf thinks his “stats” are the only ones that matter and nothing else about the teams or players matter for comparisons.

    Brandon Said:
    January 14th, 2014 at 12:32 pm


    “Those are fantastic numbers, except two things, Glennon also took 40 sacks… one for every 10 passes the threw, so he avoided mistakes by taking sacks (another mistake). The other thing….32… as in the rank of the offense. This was the worst offense in the NFL, putting up any numbers for the worst offense in the NFL is meaningless and tells you the play at many positions was far less than desirous.

    In Peyton’s rookie year his rating was under 75, he threw 20-something INTs… but only took 22 sacks in over 150 more pass attempts than Glennon AND the Colts offense was ranked #12 in the league.

    Glennon is a caretaker… he could be decent with talent around him, he could excel with a great defense and running game… is celing is… Brad Johnson. Which is great if you have the 2002 Bucs defense playing with you, but that was a once every 10-15 year type defense. We need better than Glennon.”

    and lev, the difference is the qb is the leader of the team, makes or breaks the team, and gets paid like it. our qb is weaksauce. yes the receivers dropped passes, but I saw the receivers bail glennon out more than they dropped passes. he is not accurate. how does he have a strong arm when his passes are not spirals, but ducks?

  80. lurker Says:

    and now we will see if my long post shows up late again.

  81. BoJim Says:


    Where do you come up with all this crap?

  82. GenocideD Says:

    I get so tired hearing every coach say the same thing…
    1.We want to run the ball well.
    2.We want to take shots down the field.
    3.We want to have a solid defense.
    4.We want to have a good special teams
    5.We want to build a solid competing team just like…*insert Packers, Ravens, Patriots …now Seattle (b/c they’re good now).

    No sh!t? What a shocker.

  83. Drew Thomas Says:


  84. JoeBucsFan.com » Blog Archive » Will Lovie Follow The Carolina Model? - Tampa Bay Bucs Blog Says:

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