Learn Football From Trent Dilfer

January 28th, 2014
trent dilfer

Learn football from Trent Dilfer.

When it comes to the Super Bowl and/or the NFL in general, everyone is trying to make a buck or two.

Hell, Joe is staying at a hotel out in Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. (by the way, if you ever saw the pit where MetLife Stadium — a fine stadium — is located, you wonder whey northeast types never gripe about the location but for Tampa Bay locals, the Fruitdome, in their eyes, may as well be located in Brooksville?) and even there the hotel has a “Super Bowl Shop” where you can be gouged buy Super Bowl gear.

So it was not much of a surprise that one of the greatest slugs to ever play quarterback, former Bucs embarrassment Trent Dilfer, is trying to jump on the capitalistic bandwagon.

For a fee, you too can learn from Dilfer how to throw pick-sixes from your own end zone and throw into triple-coverage. A flier with Dilfer’s likeness was found recently, including tear off numbers like you see in laundromats for services rendered, or on college dorm bulletin boards where students look for roommates.

Just dial 844-TDI-LFER and you can learn all about horrendous football play from Dilfer.

You know, Joe just can’t figure out what the Mike Glennon Mob sees in the Bucs quarterback. But when you are conditioned to think Trent Dilfer is the answer at quarterback, damn near any other quarterback looks like Peyton Manning by comparison.

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  1. Stevek Says:


    I saw the “slug” in Rip Van Freemadonna too. Pardon me for wanting to see what Glennon has to offer going into his 14th career game.

    Dilfer and Freeman were both “me first” Buc QBs. Dilfer thought he was hot sh!t coming out of the draft and held out, while Freeman couldn’t care to show up on time to team and charity events.

    Glennon is truly committed to improving his craft and leading our team. What is so hard to see that and think this kid deserves a shot. We’ve given less committed “slugs” more time than 13 games.

  2. Stevek Says:

    Dilfer should have to pay royalty fees to Ray Lewis everytime he mentions being a SB QB.

  3. Chef Paul Says:

    I’m a Dilfer fan. Not a fan of his QBing. I just enjoy listening to him now a days. He’s very smart, and we all could learn a great deal from him. But that flier has to be a fake. Would he really prostitute himself out like a shoeless hooker?

  4. Snook Says:

    I’m getting a busy signal…

  5. Eric Says:

    Oh so true Joe about the watered down expectations.

    That’s exactly why folks think Glennon looks good.

  6. Harry Says:

    Quit teasing the MGM, they always take the bait…

    ‘hes a nice guy’,

    ‘if you surround him with Megatron, Larry Fitzgerald and Adrian Peterson, I’d like to see what he does’

    ‘if Belicheat was coaching him he would be better than Brady’

  7. ElioT Says:

    Ah yes, the daily jab at Mike Glennon…

    Go Bucs!

  8. Matthew Says:

    Glennon mob converts continue to tell us “it’s just 14 games, it was Schiano’s fault, it was his lack of multiple pro-bowl WRs” yet none of them ever really tell us WHY he’s the answer at QB except for some nonsense unmeasurable cliche stat like “he tries really hard and he isn’t Josh Freeman”. Glennon’s YPA was hideous bottom to near dead last in the league for starters, his completion % just mediocre, and his pocket presence was that of a giraffe on roller skates being chased by an Alligator. Face it Dilfer was a slug, Freeman is a slug, and Glennon while he may say and do all the right things & be an actual nice guy he is a slug too! People around Tampa have just got so accustomed to crap at QB that mediocre seems like a miracle worker. STOP SETTLING FOR MEDIOCRE, it’s a football team not women’s rec league team; being a swell guy doesn’t mean squat on Sundays when you are trying to outperform Brees & Cam.

  9. Luther Says:

    To be fair to Dilfer, there are a lot of HOF players who don’t make good coaches. Then there are horrible to mediocre players who go on to be pretty good coaches. Dilfer is a very smart guy, I would expect him to what he is, a very good analyst even though he was just passable if that as a QB.

  10. BucNasty!!! Says:

    O he’ll get a shot alright but with real competition. I don’t see how ppl want him to have a shot at being the unquestioned starter and in my eyes he’s not shown nearly enough flash to deserve that. If the 9th ranked offense needed Competition at the QB position I can’t see why the 31 ranked offense doesn’t need it. Glennon faired decent in his rushed start but decent won’t achieve great results …..only decent ones. An decent is not what we need at the most crucial position on the field regardless if it’s our biggest need or not an to me it is our biggest need because n my eyes it’s the most important 1. An stop with the comparisons of what free and Glennon rookie numbers looks like ppl because while his numbers are slightly better Glennon had a much better supporting cast of offense and defense and his numbers are only marginally better then Freemans and Imo he’s never showed that spark of moxy to bring us to wins by carrying a team on his back like free did multiple times. Glennon can have a shot but don’t read to much into a shot if he has sufficient competition because I truly don’t believe he’s capable of taking the job from someone……maybe that’s why the mob doesn’t want competition because it would reinforce the fact that he can’t win a job unless it was default lmao but trust me lovie won’t make the same mistake by riding into the season on MIKE GROSSMAN’S arm at the very least it will be someone who took the opportunity and if that’s Glennon then so b it but I wouldn’t bet my house on it.

  11. SAMCRO Says:

    Well thankfully it is not for Joe to decide. At the very least Glennon will be given the opportunity to show his abilities to the new regime up close and personal in camp. Unless of course for some uncanny reason we do take a QB with our 1st pick, I for one feel pretty confident that Glennon can out compete any competition in Tedfords offense. Especially when he shows how quickly he can absorb the playbook compared to any of his competition. Not to mention the important rapport he already has with his teammates. Until then the rest is just static.

  12. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Bucnasty – I don’t think that I’ve read anyone on here that has said that Glennon deserves to be the unquestioned starter. I think everyone would welcome competition. My take, and I believe others as well, is that we don’t want that competition to come at the expense of making another glaring weakness a strength by addressing it with a high draft pick. If we get a solid second or third round QB to compete with him then I say go for it and let them duke it out in camp but there is no competition when you select a QB with a first round pick and that’s handing the position to the new guy and putting us back in the rookie QB situation with the same glaring hole at another position that could have been filled with a strong draft pick.

  13. Lev Says:

    Joe just accept it. Glennon is going to be our QB for at least one more year. Derek Carr or Tajh Boyd won’t be worth the #7 overall pick.

  14. Bucnjim Says:

    How many QB’s can carry a team on their back? 4!!!!! That’s it and ALL of them are over 30 years old. Hell the Bucs had Steve Young and he would run around like a chicken with his head cut off. Bucs fans screaming bloody murder, but someone with more intelligence than the fans saw something in him and the rest is history. Kapernick & Wilson would be average without their defense and ability to scramble. RGIII is one injury away from never playing again. So that leaves Luck! There are only two or three elite QB’s every decade! The other 99% are what you all call average. As for Glennon bring in competition all you want, but don’t sell the kid short. He’s already gotten the short end of the stick by having to follow up Freeman and the three ring circus.

  15. Bucs4Life Says:

    So I live in NYC…these ads are a spoof of a popular flier that’s been going around the city for years.

    “Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar”


  16. Brandon Says:


    If you’re bringing up Tajh Boyd as a possible #7 selection it might be time to get up from under your rock. Boyd AT BEST is a 4th round project. He went into the Senior Bowl with numerous questions and did little to acquit himself.

  17. Brandon Says:

    I’m pretty sure Trent Dilfer was a lot better QB than Jon Gruden, Jay Gruden, or pretty much any other head coach (other than Jim Harbaugh) in the NFL right now. Being a great, or bad QB, does nothing to show one’s knowledge of the game.

  18. NJBucsFan Says:

    Ha thats funny since I’m from NJ and all I’ve been to more Buccs games in Giants/Metlife stadium than Raymond James… But I distinctly remember my first game in Tampa and looking up reviews on a city I had never been to and everyone scared the wits out of me. I really thought I was coming to a war torn third world country with the reports of gangs and what not.

    Then when I arrived I looked around and said “This is what you guys think a rough neigborhood and ghetto looks like?”

  19. William Says:

    I’m with Patrick in VA.

    But you know, I’m also understanding that the Laughing Stock II is no longer here. Now we have legit HC and GM. If they along with the OC and QB coach see a good fit at #1, I’m good with that.

    They have just a little bit more knowledge than I do…

    I’m looking forward to their picks!

  20. ROBERT6 Says:

    another day another MG dig….

    there is a difference between not thinking some is the answer and just flat out throwing them under the bus every chance you get….and now your just reaching for reasons to throw him under the bus…….

  21. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Robert6 – Nothing is happening right now to change anyone’s opinions, regardless of which side they fall on this issue. We’re going to continue to see more of the same until the combine. Then people will be able to adjust their stances, assuming they aren’t so entrenched that no amount of evidence is going to matter. This is one of the downsides of being a fan of only one sport.

  22. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Tampamac – Is TE a big hole? I thought Wright was pretty good. Especially since defenses were trying to take him out of games and struggled to at times. Not bad for a rookie who started the season barely on the team

  23. ROBERT6 Says:

    I thought Wright looked to have the makings of a best TE. He was one of the bright spots.

  24. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I like Dilfer much better on TV, then I did at QB for Tampa.

  25. ROBERT6 Says:


  26. Tampamac Says:


    Poor choice of words on my part. Wouldn’t say a big hole at TE, but we could get better. I like Wright but when he’s in, it’s unlikely we’re running so we’re at a bit of a competitive disadvantage. Ebron is not the greatest blocker, but he can improve. He’s listed at 245 so he can easily put on 10-15 lbs of muscle and still be highly effective and fight through traffic more physically than Wright. Line them up in a 2 TE set and that could cause big mismatches.

  27. joseph mamma Says:

    Just because Trent sucked as a player, he seems like a great analyst to me and you can tell that he knows a lot about the quarterback position. Alot of the ex player’s that they put on tv do no research, just spout nonsense, Trent alway’s has something good to ad to the conversation. Probably make a great advisor/coach to someone with some talent (not Tebow).

  28. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Tampamac – I’ll give ya that. Not a bad situation to find ourselves in. After seeing the hype that was put on Escobar and Ertz coming out of this year’s draft and then seeing them deliver less than stellar seasons I would hesitate to grab him in the first round but I wouldn’t be opposed to snagging a stout blocking TE

  29. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Unquestioned starter means getting a late round qb to compete and there’s not really a upgrade that’s like a loaded question. If you want competition u have to actually get someone capable of the battle. And 7 doesn’t mean you have to start right away many qb’s have sat and had success but like I said it will b a battle and the best man wins but to say address other positions and add competition late n the draft is a cop out that’s not real competition that’s what I mean by the mob wanting a unquestioned starter. And our team isn’t that devoid of talent that it has to spend multiple high round picks on holes I feel as if we could fill the majority if not all our holes n free agency and our premium pick at 7 can b used for premium competition even if that means trading up. We are literally 1 cb 1 De and maybe 1 wr from being dominant. I think the line can make due as it is especially at its current cap sign a jarred Allen a Tillman and maybe a Ted gin or something like that an we could literally b a Bridgewater or a manziel away from being perennial playoff contender

  30. bucstop.com Says:

    Ironic because the 99 season opener vs NY Giants was the game that everyone really saw Dilfer was not going to be the answer at QB. He was directly responsible for all 17 of the Giants points. Pick 6 fumble returned for 6 and fumble for FG. Defense held Giants to 107 yards total offense. lost 17-13.

    The clincher was the home game vs Chicago= a 6-3 win. Thats no typo- 6 to 3 win. Dungy benched Dilfer after that game.

  31. That Guy Says:

    To be fair, if you call that number, Dilfer will not only work with you, he’ll go on ESPN and try to push you for an NFL roster spot. Just ask Timothy Tebow!

  32. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Bucnasty – I didn’t say a late round selection. I said a 2nd or 3rd round selection. There are a number of people who speak highly of Jimmy Garapollo and a few other QBs that would be available in that window. Those guys would be good competition and a good value at that spot. I don’t want to bring in someone that isn’t going to push Glennon. I’d actually like to bring in someone who is legitimately more talented than Glennon. I just don’t think that drafting a QB high in the draft will give us a good idea about whether they actually are better.

    I’d be interested to know who you’re talking about when you say that there are “many qb’s have sat and had success” outside of Rodgers who was sitting behind a future hall of famer. You can’t have your first round pick sit on the bench these days. You have to win now or at least show progression or you’re out and I’m pretty sure that Leicht would not be comfortable enough with his position to have his very first top draft pick sit on the bench his first season. Also, I’m sure that Lovie is a lot more concerned about shoring up those 8 wins that are going to come from the defense than he is about the 6 wins that would come from the offense

    I’d like to think that you’re right that we only need 3 positions from being dominant but we haven’t approached FA yet to see who actually comes in.

  33. Barry Says:

    Glennon – Historic rookie season. Dilfer – Super Bowl winning QB. Freeman – Avg Joe supported Bust. Dilfer knows more about football than Joe is my point.

  34. INVESTWAX Says:

    Here’s what I don’t like about Glennon. . . Schiano picked him.

    Schiano could get him to voluntarily commit to Rutgers, but could force him to play through the draft.

  35. That Guy Says:

    @Barry You do know the Joes labeled Freeman “The Bust in Waiting” the moment he was drafted, don’t you? I’m not one to stick up for the Joes, but at least be accurate in your whining, son.

  36. Chris Says:

    You know some of the best qb teachers were former players that weren’t successful or stars. But they could develop the talent.

  37. lightningbuc Says:

    Joe, Why don’t you ever refer to Shaun King, the ONLY QB in the history of the entire NFL to be relegated to emergency QB behind the immortal Rob Johnson in a Super Bowl game, as a slug? Dilfer’s resume is far more impressive than King’s, though that isn’t saying much!

  38. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Stevek Says:
    “…while Freeman couldn’t care to show up on time to team and charity events.”

    That didn’t happen until his last year, at which point he probably knew Schiano did not want him.

    Here’s a thought…if Schiano and his staff were so bad that they got fired after a second year, and we know Raheem and staff were bad…what chance did Freeman really have under their guidance?

  39. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    As to Trent Dilfer, he would not be the first QB to fail in the NFL and possibly be a good coach…ever heard of Jon Gruden?

  40. lightningbuc Says:


    I don’t think Gruden failed as an NFL QB, as he never played in the NFL.

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    Yet we still have people on these boards complaining about Glennon as if their is such an abundance of people doing so. PIPE DOWN ABOUT IT! No need to get riled up over something that is not there. Hmmm I wonder who is doing the riling?

    Yes I was shouting.

  42. Patrick Says:

    Freeman had a sh1tty rookie season and we gave him how many years? Glennon had a very good ROOKIE season yet everyone wants to dismiss him. Because he wasn’t a first round pick right?

  43. LUVMYBUC Says:


  44. Clowney Says:

    ” Dilfer knows more about football than Joe is my point.”

    The frustrating thing about Dilfer is that he knew how to play QB in the NFL. He just couldn’t translate that knowledge on to the field. Quite possibly, he was the worst QB in NFL history.

    It wasn’t because he was a bad athlete either because he was a scratch golfer. To cap it off, he wasn’t on speaking terms with his head coach Wyche, who was an offensive genius.

    1st round pick gone horribly bad, see Trent Dilfer.

  45. Buc1987 Says:

    Patrick…people like Joe will tell you that atleast Freeman showed “flashes” of potential during his rookie year, and Glennon did not.

  46. Bobby Says:

    No problem with bringing in competition at QB but I don’t see all the hate for Glennon. I thought he did a pretty good job for how he was thrown in the fire and with half the supporting cast missing. We’ll see what they have planned for the draft but the only thing they can improve on by getting a new QB is getting a mobile QB. Glennon can make all the throws and if he can learn to not hold the ball so long I think he can be very good. He is NOT very mobile but then a lot of great QB’s weren’t very mobile. It’s all in having receivers that can get open so you can get rid of the ball quickly. Doesn’t Peyton Manning prove that you don’t have to be a mobile QB to be effective? You need to be smart and get rid of the ball quickly and accurately.

  47. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    I can understand the optimism with Glennon. Compared to other young QBs we’ve had in the past, he has the skill set and is accurate when he has a clean pocket. He has not shown the ability to go through his progressions yet and that is what makes him a suspect to me. If he had that ability as well, with the right personnel around him he can be polished into a solid passer ranging from Pennington to Philip Rivers.

  48. j.r. Says:

    Bitch all you want. Glennon is our qb next year.it could be a lot worse. Just ask the jags,Browns,jets,raiders,bills and texans.

  49. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    lightningbuc Says

    I don’t think Gruden failed as an NFL QB, as he never played in the NFL.”

    You are right…he played one in college, but not NFL. Still, there have been several NFL QBs that were better coaches than players.

  50. LUVMYBUC Says:


    I think whoever we bring in, be it through free agency or the draft. Glennon has all the tools to be a successful starter for us.

    Tedford system from Cal, implements tons of intermediate crossing routes. The quick strikes will get the ball out of his hands quicker, and establish a more comfortable rhythm to the offense.

    Competition, improved Line play, a capable blocking/catching tight end, plus an fearless quick twitch slot receiver will only help elevate his game.

  51. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Buc1987 Says

    They WERE saying it at one point. Now they suspect they were wrong and say “bring in competition”.

    (not saying you are one)

  52. mvermulm Says:

    Joe, way to get a rant about how bad Dilfer was as a QB without even checking the validity of the flier. I think he’s been a darn good analyst, even if he wasn’t good on the field. Gruden wasn’t good on the field, but he owns a SB ring that he got for our Bucs. Dilfer also said over two years ago that Jameis Winston would be the #1 pick someday. He’s onto something…

  53. Andrew 1 Says:

    Just signed myself up for some world class QB training with my boy Trent. Next time you suckas see me Ill be playing QB in the NFL.

  54. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Bobby Says
    “No problem with bringing in competition at QB but I don’t see all the hate for Glennon.”

    There really isn’t any hate for Glennon. Ask anyone who wants a QB picked in the first round, and you will be told (mostly) that they don’t know if Glennon is the future franchise QB.

    That’s the point.

    Fans are tired of losing while we wait for a QB to prove himself or not. We want to speed up the process on finding a legit QB that can compete in our division.

    So it only makes sense to get another legit contender and try to find our guy between the two. Two chances are better than one.

    Look at it this way…if we decide to see what Glennon has in the tank, how long will that take? He could go 8-8 next year and still get another year of play, right? That would show just enough glimpses of talent for coaches to give him another year.

    And what if it turns out he is not the QB we hope? We start over? That will be 3 years down the drain, wasted.

    Whereas, if we bring in a first round QB, make him try to earn the starting role, you have Glennon being the starter at first (unless the new QB blows everyone away) and if he is good enough to keep the spot, we’re good. If he is not, we have the first rounder already learning with our coaches ready to step up.

    And DO NOT suggest that if you take a QB in the first round, he has to start right away. IT doesn’t always work that way. It did not with Freeman, and it did not with several elite QBs throughout NFL history.

    Tampa has never had an elite QB play for them. DOug Williams was not elite. Heck, really he could be considered no better than a Trent Dilfer, since he only achieve one SB Ring.

    There are several reasons for that. First, and this plays toward the Glennon Mob, Tampa fans give up on players too fast. (For example, many wanted GMC cut during his first two years).

    Second, the Tampa Buccaneers have never aggressively sought an elite QB. They did not have to. The other teams in our division usually did not have one. The Saints were the first to get one (Brees) and the Falcons (Vick was not elite) knew to win the division, they needed to get one (Ryan; they hope). The Panthers saw two teams with one, so they went after one. Why?

    Because they knew to make the playoffs in our division they needed a possibly elite QB. Now, the Panthers have traditionally had a good defense too…yet they still went after their QB.

    That’s what the Bucs need to do. We have three teams. One with an elite, 2 with QBs on their way to elite. Yet, at QB, the Bucs “don’t know” what they have.

    THAT’s why we’re not making the playoffs.

  55. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    And the good teams get their QB and build around him. Not the other way around.

  56. Erick Says:

    Must be a slow Super Bowl Week so far…last two post on here have been quite strange

  57. d-money Says:

    “Just dial 844-TDI-LFER and you can learn all about horrendous football play from Dilfer.”

    Funny how Joe obviously hates Dilfer for some reason but loves him some Shaun King and Jeff Carlson.

    I’ll take Dilfers analysis over that tub o’ lard on NBC sports anyday.

  58. Nick H Says:

    What a random, weak jab at Mike Glennon

  59. bee Says:


    Finally, someone understands! Glennon needs REAL competition and a 2nd, 3rd or 4th round QB doesn’t qualify. If you have a chance to greatly improve the most important position in sports, do it! We should move up and grab either Teddy or Manziel. Who cares if it costs draft picks that’s why we have them, to use them! And I don’t believe Glennon sucks but what has he done on the field that makes anyone believe he’ll be better than the QBs in our division, let alone the NFL? He’s just ok, and this team has had on for far too long.

    I read a comment above that said Kapernick and Wilson are just average QBs. Well if they’re average, what does that make Glennon?

  60. Buc1987 Says:

    The difference. Dilfer was drafted 6th overall and played like crap. Glennon drafted in the 3rd round didn’t exactly play like crap.

    Hmmm makes me wonder what “crap”QB the Bucs could draft at 7th overall. If Teddy and Manziel are gone. Maybe they will draft another Dilfer at 7.

  61. Orca Says:

    This is a sooperdoosh article dude. Dilfer was never a great QB, but by most accounts a decent guy, a smart guy, and I think he probably knows the game. He won a Super Bowl and is certainly qualified to teach a few things about the game. Frankly, he knows a lot more football than the joes. Makes you look small to take unprovoked cheap shots at him.

  62. Nick H Says:

    Not to mention a shot at the Bay area to say we were conditioned to think Dilfer was the answer, that’s lower than the lame shots at Mike Glennon considering the guy played his last game here in ’99 and EVERYBODY knew he was terrible

  63. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bee – so let’s go with your scenario. Let’s trade up and pick up a QB to compete with Glennon. Let’s say we give up this year’s 1st and 2nd and then next year’s 1st. Seems like it would be a reasonable exchange for a #2 or #3 pick. So, now we have a QB competition and let’s get way out there and say that it’s actually a fair competition where Glennon might be considered as a potential winner of the starting job. Let’s say that after the competition Glennon actually wins and is our starter. So, now we have the same QB that we already had but without a 1st or 2nd round pick this year or a 1st rounder next year, or whatever the pick exchange works itself out to be. How would that go over with the fanbase and with ownership?

  64. Eric Says:

    We should forfeit all our picks as we’re afraid of drafting a bust.

  65. BucfaninMO Says:

    What 3rd round pick? We lost that with the Revis trade and the Bears have our 6th round pick. We only have 5 total picks this year to address the needs of this football team. We need depth on the OL, CB, a pass rusher to take pressure off McCoy, a slot reciever, and a true TE
    I’m all for competition at QB but where is it coming from? McCown (who is leaning toward retirement), Vick, Henne? Bring in the “Pick 6 King” Schaub if Houston cuts him? The FA QB list flat out sucks! Are we going to reach for Carr at #7? He played in a spread offense at Fresno St and who’s mechanics are not the best, and looked awful against a pro style D against USC.
    Unless we trade up for Teddy, Bortles or Joes man crush JFF we have no shot at the top 3 QBs in this draft. To many QB needy teams picking ahead of us. IMO I hope Glennon can improve under Tedford and then go after a QB next year when it’s filled with potential franchise QBs.

  66. Patrick in VA Says:

    @BucfaninMO – There are a few Patricks posting on here so if your comment was directed at my previous comment the #3 pick I was referring to was one that we would potentially be trading up for, as in #3 overall.

    I agree. I think that we should give Glennon a chance to work in this offense this year and if it is clear that’s it’s a need by next year there will be a crop out there that will be much better to pick from. By addressing other needs this year and shoring up positions then we would be able to package a few picks together to make a push to go get that final piece we need in a great QB.

  67. Buc1987 Says:

    “But when you are conditioned to think Trent Dilfer is the answer at quarterback” – Joe

    This right here is big dawgish talk. Makes absolute no sense to even type something like this. Joe seems to think many Bucs fans think Dilfer was a good QB while he played for the Bucs. Which is absolutely ludicrous.

    How long have you been a fan Joe? Did you actually see Dilfer play like the rest of us?

  68. Mumbles Says:


  69. Eric Says:

    Remember Jackson and Revis are getting long in the tooth. A rebuilding plan for drafting a QB next year and were not utilizing our top guys by the time we get new QB broken in.

    Plus if we can’t muster a trade up from 7 this year how are we going to next year when our pick is likely to be much lower.

    Tough decisions ahead.

  70. LUVMYBUC Says:

    *Odd Similarities: (2014 Tamp Bay Buccaneers vs 2010 Seattle Seahawks)

    -To Do List-

    Pete Carroll almost completely overturned the Seahawks roster in his 1st season (totaling over 200 transactions).

    Front Office Moves (2010)

    • Pete Carroll Hires John Schneider general manager

    • Announced the resignation of vice president of player personnel Ruston Webster to join Tennessee in a similar position. Promoted Scott Fitterer to director of college scouting and Eric Stokes to assistant director of college scouting.

    *Key Trades (2010)

    • Traded QB Seneca Wallace to Cleveland for a 2011 undisclosed draft pick.
    • Acquired QB Charlie Whitehurst and a 2010 second-round draft pick from San Diego for a 2010 second-round draft pick and an undisclosed 2011 draft pick

    (Running Back)
    • Acquired RB Marshawn Lynch from Buffalo for two undisclosed draft picks

    (Offensive Line)
    • Traded G Rob Sims and a 2010 seventh-round draft pick to Detroit for DE Robert Henderson and a 2010 fifth-round draft pick.
    • Traded an undisclosed 2011 draft pick to Philadelphia for OL Stacy Andrews

    (Defensive Line)
    • Traded DE Darryl Tapp to Philadelphia for DE Chris Clemons and a 2010 fourth-round draft pick.

    (Defensive Backs)
    • Traded CB Josh Wilson to Baltimore for a 2011 conditional draft pick. Placed CB Josh Pinkard on the reserve/non-football injury list.

    *Key Retirements
    • Announced the retirement of OL Walter Jones
    • Announced the retirement of offensive line coach Alex Gibbs

    *Draft Pick
    • 1st Round (2010) 6th T Russell Okung -Oklahoma State

  71. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Joe bucs fan not too long ago was credible,… those were the days. Was a time when I would wake up in the morning and think,. “Can’t wait to read Joe Bucs Fan”… and now I just wonder what kind of swill I will have to read in Joe’s attempt to stir readers up. It has gone beyond just commenting, reporting, and full speed into propaganda! JBF said yesterday that he had only done 14 stories on jonny football, but if you add the number of shots taken at Glennon into consideration, you get the impression that Every day there will be some Propaganda piece pushing jonny or dissing Glennon! (always with the disclaimer that you think Mike is a good guy) GO BUCS,… and Back to something I can enjoy reading Joe!

  72. Erick Says:

    Other than new coach and GM not sure how any of those are similarities to the current Bucs team.

  73. bee Says:


    Then we would have a quality back up in case of injury and trade bait for next year’s draft. Worked well with San Diego with Brees and Rivers.

  74. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bee – you want to give up 3 1st or 2nd round picks for a backup QB? It didn’t work well with San Diego, they shipped Brees out as soon as they had a chance to with his shoulder injury because they couldn’t justify keeping Rivers on the bench. Now Brees has a Super Bowl in New Orleans and San Diego has nothing

  75. Derick Says:

    Glennon sucks can we please move on from this shitty qb.

  76. LUVMYBUC Says:

    I looked at from a To Do List ,draft position, former and current personnel, + scheme stand point.

    *Familiar Names

    Ruston Webster
    Eric Stokes

    QB Zac Robinson
    DE E.J. Wilson
    DT Frank Okam
    LB Matt McCoy
    CB DeAngelo Willingham

  77. Patrick in VA Says:

    @LUV – I’m not sure what I’m looking at with this list

  78. ROBERT6 Says:

    yall cut Joe some slack…t’s media week @ the SB, he’s probably still at the h**ker hotel and just popped o a tory that would keep the page hits ruing while he sanitizes and get’s back to football

  79. BucfaninMO Says:

    This was the first post of the day I read on JBF. Went and looked at pervious posts and totally agree with you. Trade back get much need picks and add depth. How great will JFF be under center with our OL play? I’m guessing IR by week 5.
    My question as I asked earlier is where would we stand on JFF if Hundley, Petty or The Oregon kid didn’t return to school?

  80. LUVMYBUC Says:

    @Patrick in VA

    Rare for Coaches to hire GM (Or be part of the process)

    One of our Key Front types Jumps ship for another organization.
    (The names involved Ruston Webster & Eric Stokes)

    Pete Carroll’s attempt to bring in Competition at the quarterback position.
    (We need to do the same)

    Shake-up across the Offensive & Defensive Lines.

    Drafting a LT in the Top Ten.

    Trade at Cornerback

  81. LUVMYBUC Says:

    Pete Carroll passes on QB Tim Tebow for a LT in the 1st round.

  82. Patrick in VA Says:

    @BucfaninMO – It’s the same thing every year. They make the kids coming out in that draft seem like the last great QB draft class that will come out for years to come. They hype up the guys coming out every year as the next faces of the league. The truth is that few of them actually become that. There are a number of QBs that will be very good coming out next year but if they sold that sort of long term view then that would take away from the appeal of people following this draft.

  83. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Just looked up some career stats on several QBs,.. Glennon stacks up quite well against them,.. there are Dozens of Good QBs who have stat averages Much closer to Glennon than Dilfer. I guess you have to look for a QB with a completion percentage of just under 60% and over 2-1 TD to INT. That kinda narrows the field. If you were to look for one who did that while playing with a 4th string RB, only 1 starter at WR, and a 4th string TE I think the pool would be quite limited indeed!

  84. LUVMYBUC Says:

    @Patrick in VA

    If LT Greg Robinson is gone at #7. I’m all for trading back.

  85. Joe Dunn Says:

    I learn stuff when I see Dilfer on TV….. was so-so at QB and that is well documented.

    At least he still LOOKS like he played QB….. Shawn King is bigger than Paul Gruber I bet.

  86. Patrick in VA Says:

    @LUV – I haven’t done a great deal of analysis on the prospects but if we don’t have a shot at Watkins, one of the top Olinemen, Clowney or a top LB then trade back a bit and get some picks to fill out the roster.

  87. LUVMYBUC Says:

    LB Anthony Barr reminds me to much on LB Akeem Ayers. Khalil Mack’s personality clashes with teammates + I personally believe LB Morgan Breslin is a better prospect. And you can grab him in the later rounds.

    Can’t wait to see how it all plays out

  88. Patrick in VA Says:

    @LUV – I’ve heard some disparaging reviews of Mack. I’m not sure that he’ll be rated quite as high when the combine comes around but we’ll see what happens.

  89. LUVMYBUC Says:

    If we trade back and land Trent Murphy, you won’t hear me complain

  90. LUVMYBUC Says:

    @Patrick in VA

    Yeah the physic evaluation & interview process will be key for him.

  91. mvermulm Says:

    “My question as I asked earlier is where would we stand on JFF if Hundley, Petty or The Oregon kid didn’t return to school?”
    Exactly my position with regards to Bortles. I like Bortles and think he could be the best QB of this draft in 3 years, but he’s a project. If those other QBs had come out, Bortles would be a second round QB or staying in school for another year. Same goes with Manziel. He’s simply too small and doesn’t have the arm to play his style of game in the NFL. Bring in some competition from later in the draft or free agency and give the coaching staff a year to get their schemes implemented and find out what they need, then address QB next year if you need to.

  92. Buc1987 Says:

    Or go 4-12 again in 2014 on purpose and draft (the best qb in college football) Winston in 2015. Trade up in 2015 if you have to. The Glazers could make mega money in ticket sales if they draft Winston in 2015. Winston is only going to get better next season.

    The hell with Manziel!

    Draft Winston in 2015!

  93. Patrick in VA Says:

    @87 – I don’t know that I agree with tanking the season next year but I agree with the premise. Giving up the farm for a QB that isn’t even the best QB in college right now is nonsense. Let’s stack the team between the draft and FA this year then next year we can package a bunch of draft picks together to trade up from the #25 spot to #1 and get Jameis

  94. Buc1987 Says:

    I declare that if the Bucs draft Winston in 2015, every Nole fan in the bay area will line up out the door to get into that stadium. Me included.

    The hell with Manziel!

    Draft Winston in 2015!

  95. Buc1987 Says:

    Sounds good to me Patrick.

  96. ROBERT6 Says:

    dang joe and that waitress must be having a blast!!!!

    c’mon joe, news plz

  97. csidedave Says:

    I think it is safe to say that Mike Glennon and even Josh Freeman would have fared much better under the new coaching staff. I don’t know that Mike is the answer but it is not impossible. Let’s bring in a vet and let the competition begin. Josh McCown is fine with me. If we can find some speed at WR, the QB doesn’t have to carry this team, especially with the defense I think we will have

    Is it possible Glennon’s short yards yards per attempt were because “don’t take chances” was drilled into him? Who knows with the wannabes that coached here.

  98. Chef Paul Says:

    All I can say is I’m glad we didn’t just throw out GMC after his rookie year. And I will admit, I was one that didn’t like him.

    So the last few years I’ve been wrong about, Talib, Blount, Freeman, GMC, Clayborn (still keeping the faith though), Bowers, Schiano, Raheem, Dom, Dougie, entire O-line, Leonard Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Dexter Jackson, even the fricken punter just to name a few. Since I’m a Glennon supporter, I fear I’m wrong again. I do have my doubts that I’m correct about any player at all. Thank goodness I know for a fact, Lovie, Tedford and Licht are way smarter than me.

  99. bee Says:


    It did work for them, they got draft picks. They just traded the wrong QB. And besides, you honestly think Glennon can beat out Teddy or Johnny. Please. Right now we have a mediocre QB with a chance to get a better one. Who knows when we’ll have this chance again.

    Trade back? Why? Aren’t the better players in the first round? And please don’t mention that there’s no guarantee because the whole draft is a cap shoot. It’s time this team for aggressive instead of moving back waiting for things to happen.

  100. Patrick in VA Says:

    @csidedave – another take on the short passes, perhaps it wasn’t a lack of trust in glennon but a lack of confidence in the receiving group that caused the coaches to keep the passes short. If they didn’t believe in the receivers then they wouldn’t have glennon wing it to then where it could get picked if they didn’t come down with it

  101. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    “Don’t win for Winston!”

  102. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bee – 3 of the 4 qbs in the last round of the players were picked in later rounds. Nearly all of the Seahawks dominant defense were late round picks if they were picked at all. There is all kinds of talent to be had throughout the draft. There’s no need to move up

  103. bee Says:


    Hmm. And often does that happen? 3rd round QBs becoming starters and becoming successful? Yeah, thought so. Is rather stay put than move down and get the BPA. Listen. Glennon is average. And that’s being generous. He specializes in 5 yrd passes, eats sacks and is only good when everything is going perfect around him. He doesn’t make plays by himself. Will he get better? Maybe, probably? But what had he done to give you such optimism? Because he comes in early, studies and shakes everyone’s hand? I did that in chemistry class and still made a C.

    I understand your point, draft picks are precious and we could possibly find value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I agree. But I’d rather roll the dice on maybe getting a great player at our most important position than finding a diamond in the rough.

  104. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    IMO, this is just a very weak QB year. Some of those guys would never be considered 1st rounders in other years.

    The talking heads and the writers need people to talk about and drive ratings and page views (AHEMM!), and agents are going to push their clients, next thing you know, 3rd rounders are 1st rounders. Don’t believe the hype.

  105. BucfaninMO Says:

    “you honestly think Glennon can beat out Teddy or Johnny. Please. Right now we have a mediocre QB with a chance to get a better one. Who knows when we’ll have this chance again.”
    My question to you my friend is who exactly is going to protect TB or JFF?
    Do you want to really want to go Ditka/Redskins style in this years draft? Not counting having to probably give up next years number one. Sure you can say RGIII took them into the playoffs his rookie year but look at year 2, played hurt and had a sophomore slump. Where did that get them? The #2 pick overall. They lacked depth and it killed their season.
    I know OL is not a sexy pick but how do you take advantage of a franchise QB when he’s on IR? Next year we have all our picks and can even throw someone like Revis in the deal to move up to get our QB of the future.
    Football is won or lost in trenches and we need help big time on both battle fronts.

  106. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Football is won or lost in trenches and we need help big time on both battle fronts.”


  107. LUVMYBUC Says:


    Your being sarcastic of course?

  108. BucfaninMO Says:

    IMO, this is just a very weak QB year. Some of those guys would never be considered 1st rounders in other years.
    Other than TB I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Great post!!

  109. PRBucFan Says:


  110. Jordan Says:

    Cheap shot Joe. You are attempting to marginalize Glennon-supporters by suggesting that they adore Trent Dilfer. One would be hard-pressed to formulate a composite stat line using Dilfer’s entire career that even slightly resembles Mike Glennon’s rookie season.

  111. BoJim Says:

    Trent Dilfer? BWA HAHAHAHAHA!!

    No way the Bucs get Winston.

  112. tickrdr Says:

    Jordan Says:
    January 28th, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    ….. ” One would be hard-pressed to formulate a composite stat line using Dilfer’s entire career that even slightly resembles Mike Glennon’s rookie season.

    In fact, I have been researching composite stats a lot recently. I know many people feel that MG8’s ceiling is at best as a backup for the rest of his career. I happen to disagree, but nevertheless I want to congratulate Mike since he is likely to have a career at least as good as Trent Dilfer, who was the 6th pick of the 1st round in 1994. Dilfer managed to play for 14 seasons, and even as a backup, probably made at least 1 – 2 million a year (Freeman got $3 mil just to be 3rd string in Minn.) That means earning 20 – 30 million dollars for MG8, if he manages to stay healthy and be at least as bad as Dilfer. BTW, Trent Dilfer never had a single season where his TD/Int ratio was as good as MG’s 19/9 = 2.11. In 14 seasons, Dilfer had only 2 seasons where he threw for more than 19 touchdowns, even in 16 game seasons. In 14 seasons, Dilfer had only ONE season where his QB rating was greater than 83.9! Yet, MG8 had that QB rating of 83.9, 19 TD’s and only 9 Int’s, in only one season, and only 13 games. It’s a good thing that the Bucs didn’t have the 7th pick that year, cuz we probably would have had to throw in a roll of tape or two, to move up in the draft to land such a stud (career RTG 70.2, 113 td’s, 129 INT’s)
    Just imagine how much it would have cost to move up to get Heath Shuler that year as the 3rd pick overall (HS= career RTG 54.3, 15 TD’s, 33 INT’s).
    Aren’t all Buc’s fans glad that the Bucs finally decided to get their “franchise” QB that year???


  113. JP4 Says:

    Let me guess, Joe…you’re a Republican, and you hate Obama, too! To hell with mediocre QBs, the poor, the sick, the lame, and anybody who doesn’t ‘Just do it’.

    This is like saying “If I have to learn physics, I won’t learn it from any of these bums teaching at state college, I can only learn physics from Albert Einstein.” Until you’ve learned enough physics to ask questions the local state college physics professor can’t answer, you’re not ready for Einstein, and you can still learn from the state college guy.

    Dilfer was far from the worst QB in Bucs history, and there are certainly some HoF QBs who suck at even teaching their own kid how to brush his teeth.

    If you were in a burning building, and Antman showed up to save you, this is like smacking Antman across the face and saying “I’ll wait for Superman to save me, you shi + snack of a superhero!”
    When blind hatred like this comes out so clearly in your writing, you’ve got a problem, Joe.

    Or…is this just a troll post? Are you laughing about it, right now?