Josh Freeman Wrecked Three Careers

January 1st, 2014
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A report emerges of trouble in Minnesota

Now that the dust is starting to settle after the MRSA-like delousing of the Bucs football operations leadership at One Buc Palace, things are starting to seep out about why Bucs commander Greg Schiano may have done things that essentially led to his demise.

In particular, Joe’s referring to the mess with former Bucs franchise quarterback, leaky Rip Van Freeman.

Freeman’s violation of team rules was documented long ago. It got to the point that it was both affecting the play on the field and the mood in the locker room. Finally, Schiano, with blessings from then-rockstar general manager Mark Dominik and Team Glazer, benched and later tossed Freeman off the team.

Enter the Vikings. After one horrific start, Freeman mysteriously came up with what team officials called a concussion, on Freeman’s day off no less, yet he suffered none of the effects of a head injury during the debacle against the Giants.

Freeman, in NHL terms, was a healthy scratch the rest of the season. Even though the Vikings were desperate for quarterback play, Freeman’s only time stepping onto a field on gamedays was to warm up.

Well, it seems there was a reason for his benching. Seems the same stunts Freeman was pulling with Schiano — then whined and kicked and screamed his way like a child so he could be cut loose — continued in the frozen northwoods with Vikings coach Leslie Frazier, per Tom Pelissero of USA Today.

But it’s a quarterback-driven league, and that position was Frazier’s undoing at multiple turns, from his push to trade for washed-up Donovan McNabb after the 2011 lockout to seemingly arbitrary switches this season from Christian Ponder to Matt Cassel to Freeman and back again.

That’s why Spielman took a chance on Freeman, who has all the physical tools but was cut by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in October after a public feud with then-coach Greg Schiano – and didn’t exactly establish himself as a leader with his new Vikings teammates.

Four people with knowledge of the situation told USA TODAY Sports that Freeman was late for numerous meetings in his roughly three months with the Vikings. A third player said Freeman often was among the last players to the facility.

And why did Schiano get irritated with Freeman? Because he was late to team functions or just flat blew them off.

And people claim Johnny Football is immature!

It’s both sad and ironic that this information comes to light roughly two days after Schiano was jettisoned by Team Glazer, in large part because of the mess that Freeman created.

So in the process of playing the irresponsible, petulant child card, Freeman has wrecked the careers of Dominik, Schiano, Frazier and quite possibly poisoned his own career beyond repair.

69 Responses to “Josh Freeman Wrecked Three Careers”

  1. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Maybe Rah and the pop-star should not have filled his head with “its all about 5″ and ” he is the franchise” before he even stepped thru the door at 1 Buc. It was poorly handled from day 1. And the Gm was the one who wrecked all the careers!

  2. teacherman777 Says:

    And RAheem!

    Encouraging Josh to drink and party!

    And then the rockstar traded for a broken Kellen Winslow?

    What kind of influence did Dom think Winslow would have on his rookie 21 year old QB?

    Trading for Wnslow doomed Josh. Raheem Morros corrupted Josh.

    And youre right!!

    They handed the franchise to Josh and made him feel wayyyy to comfortable.

    Totallt entitled. And it all went to Joshs head.

    Remember V-Jax contract? 5 yrs. 55.555 million?

    You dont think that Dom was getting cute with that contract? #5 ?

    Dom should hate Josh Freeman as much as every fan in Tampa should!

    Hs behavior was like spitting in the face of Warren Sapp, Ronde and all Bucs nation everywhere!

  3. Scotty Says:

    i could not believe it when we moved up to get him i was screaming what!who!&why!

  4. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    “Freeman has wrecked the careers of Dominik, Schiano, Frazier and quite possibly poisoned his own career beyond repair.”

    ……To tackle the big and relevant issues of the day with bold and innovative ideas is without question the most rewarding way to serve.

  5. Macabee Says:

    New Year’s resolutions:

    Who is Josh Freeman? Never heard of him!

    Who is Greg Schiano? Name sounds familiar, but doesn’t ring a bell!

    Who is Mark Dominik? Oh, I remember that guy, but nothing memorable about him!

    Moving On!

  6. NY Buc Says:

    He actually may have helped Schiano’s. Got him out of Tampa where the media poisoned the fans towards him. Dude will probably get another shot in the NFL, might have to go to the Pete Carroll route. Frazier and Dom might not get another HC/GM shot, which would suck for them. Hopefully the catalyst (Freeman) can join the Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell cast of physically gifted guys who didn’t have what it takes to make it in the NFL.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I will be happy when we can finally move on from all of this….Freeman, Bennett, Rock Star, Schiano…what remains is the Glazers….the constant of the Bucs…lets pray for them!!!

  8. Jon Says:

    Raheem coached him at k-state, who knows a persons character better that? That’s why Raheem said he was “married to him”. Rock star drafted a QB for a club that didn’t have one. Sure freeman ruined careers in two states, didn’t Rah start it all … Moving on

  9. Jon Says:

    Raheem coached him at k-state, who knows a persons character better that? That’s why Raheem said he was “married to him”. Rock star drafted a QB for a club that didn’t have one. Sure freeman ruined careers in two states, didn’t Rah start it all … Moving on

  10. Mike Says:

    That pic of good ol’ Josh is priceless!

  11. Chef Paul Says:

    When I read the headline, I thought “Hold on now. That’s a little too much to pin on one dude.” Then I read the article and suddenly I became “DAAAAMMMMM!!! That guy is a total loser. As Ace Ventura would say, LOO HOO ZER HER!!!

  12. Luther Says:

    @teacherman777 I have been to Africa and all I can say to you is thank you for your hard work.

    Freeman has been his own worst enemy. I have had so many people try to defend him and it’s just a waste of time to explain how terrible that guy is or was for this franchise.

  13. ctord Says:

    This is only my opinion but I believe Freeman really does not love football. He seems to have no passion for it or a desire to get better. It seems as though he loves the money, and who wouldn’t, but does not want to put the in the time. Very sad to waist that much talent. I workout with a lot of ex football players that did not quite make the big time and they all have said to me that they wish they had Freeman’s talent. Waist of time. Shame.

  14. madmacskillz Says:

    You have a quarterback who is late to meetings or misses them, has a bad attitude, and is playing subpar. He becomes a cancer in the locker room so you get rid of him. That, to me, is what happened. The last two paragraphs of this post try to suggest that Freeman cost all 3 of those men their jobs. But it’s a laughably bad theory and it utterly fails to prove the claim of the headline for this post.
    When you come up with an outrageous sensationalist headline and then fail to actually offer concrete evidence, that’s bad journalism.
    Joe wholeheartedly disagrees on multiple levels. –Joe

  15. Grudenite Says:

    I see a reality tv series, called “Making it”. You have a house near a football stadium, living in the house are Jamarcus Russell, Tim Tebow, Vince young and Freeman. They are all four trying out for a team. The whole ordeal is filmed. Each week you would have a “guest Trainer” come in to work with the QB’s. As follows – Jeff George, Donovan Mcnabb, Ryan Leaf, and Jake Plummer. Are you paying attention ESPN?

  16. Eric Says:

    How in the world do you go to a new team and be late for meetings?


  17. bUcncRazy Says:

    @Grudenite Lmaof!

  18. NY Buc Says:


    Good idea Grudenite, that was funny! Hey as far as reality shows go it sounds like the total trainwreck that equals great TV ratings.

  19. Hawk Says:

    @ Grudenite
    What is absolutely laughable, is that after the Vikings dump him, there will be some desperate HC/GM who will take a chance. If so, Freeman may not need Tebow, Russell, and Young to fill an entire season of reality garbage.

  20. Mike Says:

    Ok I understand there’s probably not a lot to write about right now but freeman has been gone for how long and we still have to hear about him. Why ? Please let freeman screw his life up we don’t need to hear about it

  21. Doc Says:

    Could it be not winning cost them.

  22. tailnreds Says:

    Not to mention, he was probably the main reason Chip Kelly didn’t land in Tampa. At that time, it was pretty well documented Freeman was locked in at the QB position. This didn’t mesh well with Kelly’s plans, I’m sure.

  23. Rrsrq Says:

    Free should go to the CFL or Arena League and get an appreciation for what he had #humblepie or he can go to the Pats and backup Brady and learn how to be a professional and succeed like a few other displaced Bucs. I hope he succeeds in the league

  24. Doc Says:

    Freeman, will be a back up in New England and will join the other player’s that these two clowns gave away. All the player’s that were cut or not resigned told this coach that this junk would not work. Thank goodness the Glazer’s listen to the player’s on Sunday night. No one cost this coach his job,he did.

  25. BFFL Says:

    The crazy thing is we were bamboozled by the local media about Freeman for years. The media would tell us how hard Freeman works and how he is the first player in the building and last to leave. When the likes of Boomer Esiason and Warren Moon questioned his work ethic our local media acted surprised.

  26. Couch Fan Says:

    I think it goes beyond just Dominick and Rah that pampered Freeman, it was the media as well. I’ve never seen a player so pampered before. Everybody and there mama was all over Schiano for doing what he did without letting the facts come out first. The thing that sticks out in my mind the most is how somebody like Boomer knew about Freeman’s life outside the game but our own local media built him up as this great leader, great work ethic, blah blah blah. It’s rather scary.

  27. Couch Fan Says:

    Ahh just seen BFFL’s post, agree completely.

  28. Eric Says:

    Part of that is the local media ran Chucky out of town because he didn’t develop a franchise QB.

    So, they were invested in Free cause they all ran their mouths about it.

    Same phenomenon applies to Former bucs GM Mark Dominik.

    We got a dysfunctional sports town. Success isn’t appreciated and ineptitude is embraced and exhaulted.


  29. iamtheone Says:

    Ctord has it. I heard Doomig interview him once. He grew up playing soccer. Football was merely a means to an end. Schiano was unable to coach him up. Couldn’t find a way to keep him growing up,

  30. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Schiano sealed hus own fate when he came out and said Glennon was his guy going forward. . I truly believe that was the straw that broke the camels back. You can’t sell that going forward he didn’t actually light it up to the point where he’s the unquestioned started yet that’s what was being pushed after the former qb needed Competition at the position after orchestrating the 9th ranked offense but hey who cares!!!!! Post something about us trading up for Bridgewater or I’d even like to read one of your bromance stories on how Johnny football made the come back yesterday….lol sorry Joe I could resist that (innocent) shot at u don’t ban me I need my morning cup of Joe plus a side danish of Ms Rachael Joe… I mean Watson lol 🙂

  31. johnny Says:

    Its not Freemans fault ..just ask Duemig was that mean ole Greg Schiano …thats when i knew Freeman was a trainwreck when you blame others for your bad behavior .

  32. Mr. Patrick Says:

    And to think that all of these things have happened just because Raheem had a man crush. Thank a bunch Raheem

  33. PRBucFan Says:

    I’m would just like to say

    I told y’all so 😉

    But noooo, Saint Free Free could do no wrong lol

  34. Chris Says:

    Joe check your email. You will like that image of mr. Manziel

  35. Hesson0208 Says:

    Freeman is a druggie, nuff said. If he can ever get off the amphetamines (adderall) and stop making partying a priority, maybe one day he can become the kind of person that u have to be in order to be successful at any job. If he stays on the drugs, he’s never going to be anything productive in life.

  36. lightningbuc Says:

    how somebody like Boomer knew about Freeman’s life outside the game but our own local media built him up as this great leader, great work ethic, blah blah blah.
    – – – – – – – – – –

    Right on Couch. Boomer was belittled right here on these very JBF pages. Warren Moon said the same thing. Fran Tarkenton. But they were mocked for the most part.

  37. canadian bucsfan Says:

    @madmacskilllzs (nice name)? And sweet glamour photo of you. If you don’t like Joe’s journalism then don’t read. I read the comments because there is a lot of intelligent people with solid input. The constent complaining is very annoying. I can understand having a different opinion but to question Joe’s journalism? Go kick stone bud. EH

  38. bucrightoff Says:

    Freeman’s career as a viable NFL starter is pretty much over. But I see Chicago signing him to back up Cutler (assuming McCown retires like he’s suggested). Someone like Trestman will simply look at the physical tools and know he can maybe get something out of it. But mentally Josh isn’t prepared to be a CFL QB, let alone a backup in the NFL.

  39. crazy Says:

    Too bad. Spoiled by too much raw talent and enabled by the support system around him to have to live by the rules and work within they system his teammates did. Maybe he’ll realize that before it’s too late.

  40. buc4lyfe Says:

    Joe you were one of the guys reporting that Leslie Frazier didn’t want Freeman….this is a product of a foolish franchise pairing a rookie qb with a gm and coach who had no clue what they were doing and ALL 3 were learning on the job…..then you bring another retard greg Schiano who pretends to be some kind of talent evaluator….hey just remember that all this love he was giving to Glennon, he’s also very high on Leonard Johnson. I would find it hard to care also if a team isn’t going to make the playoffs and had me listed as third qb and not giving me practice reps plus my contact is about up allowing me to go look for another team…..come on people not everyone is built like Brooks or sapp out lynch….he’s a human being first then a football player….how many of you would show up really at your pathetic jobs to sit around and watch everyone else do what you think you can do better

  41. buc4lyfe Says:

    So Freeman is a druggie….if a mayor can smoke crack and get his job back so can Freeman, I’m not for or against Freeman but damn some of you people sound like you get paid to hate on players…aqib talib was attacking cabbies, taking adderall, hitting teammates with his helmet and all of a sudden the hate is gone even though he got suspended and traded in the middle of a season we clearly needed him and could have made the playoffs…no one is hating on talib or Blount anymore, just two examples of players who played well under raheem who was a better coach then Schiano and that’s an insult to Schiano skill but true, but we get this idiot Schiano, talib, Blount are gone but somehow they aren’t getting the hate…wonder why, is it because suddenly their being coached by real coaches and helping their teams like they did here just without any coaching support and oh look one year later talib is a starting corner in the probowl….people love the negative love to say I told you do like any of you know anything about what’s going on in Minnesota or behind the scenes….Josh Freeman never led a 32nd ranked offense even as a rookie throwing to Maurice stovall so…even josh mccown was garbage here but look what he did for Chicago, it’s no coincidence that since Doug Williams was here quarterbacks have left here to have better careers but oh no had nothing to do with the regime…..someone’s dumb enough to suggest in an article one players sabotaged two years of pathetic coaching….nice one sure, keep it coming….I like making fun of your intelligent analysis Joe

  42. Clowney Says:

    Funny how a 24 year old kid can expose so many supposed professionals as complete frauds. (sports media included)

    I believe it was former ballet dancer Rahm Emanuel who said, “Never waste a good crisis.”

    At the end of last season, I suggested that since the Little General hated Freeman and would never let him succeed and Free was under contract, they should unload him and the $8.4 million to KC or Oaktown for draft picks.

    Then they could have drafted a couple QB’s which would have extended their own careers (see Rex Ryan) and may have even given them time to eventually succeed.

    Of course, I was castigated and accused of having never participated in organized sports. In retrospect, I was correct and a lot of people lost their jobs needlessly.

    A 24 year old kid, still wet behind the ears, whose cries for help or leadership fell upon deaf ears. Similar to what happened with Brian Price, Legarrette Blount, Aqib Talib, Tanard Jackson, Karl Nicks and many, many others.

    It’s time the Bucs brought in some real leadership and built a team which includes all types of individual personalities. Not just “Buccaneer” men which really translated to “Rutgers” men. Many of the young boys on this team have never even had a legitimate male role model.

    This season was simply a FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE.

    Tip of the hat to Eric who correctly nailed it.

    “We got a dysfunctional sports town. Success isn’t appreciated and ineptitude is embraced and exhaulted.


  43. Tburneymac Says:

    Let it go. Still blaming Freeman now Raheem! Schiano is an idiot. Like he did anything at Rutgers. Glazers were trying to do a 180 by bringing in a disciplinarian but this guy obviously didn’t have a clue. Then he puts all these Rutgers players on the team. They had more Rutgers players than Florida, Florida State and Miami combined!

  44. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh shut it Free4Lyfe

    We all knew you’d show up in this thread

    The truth hurts 😉

  45. sho-nuff Says:

    me thinks the scrip junkies only good year was when he was on the wrong drug…sorry but that kid NEVER had it…all you had to do is listen to him…sound stupid usually means you are

  46. JJ Says:

    In the NFL the one thing thing they cannot forgive is if the throws are not accurate enough to hit a well covered receiver. That was the real problem with Tebow, Freeman and countless others.

  47. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    Freeman’s issues are clearly deeper than the game of football. Say what you want – Freeman was once a respected and productive member of the Bucs organization and the Tampa Bay community (once voted one of the league’s top 100 players by his peers). To put the onus on Freeman for wrecking other people’s careers is wrong on every level. Did the organization put Freeman in the best position to excel from a career standpoint? (No veteran mentor to teach him how to maximize his talent, Inexperienced coaches, no continuity in the systems).

    I hope Josh has experienced life coaches that can assist him with addressing his core issues. Football is a game, Life is not!

  48. PRBucFan Says:

    womp womp womp

    1 good season in 5 and a small spurt of excellent play

    Choices have consequences, he’s no victim

    His choices did indeed effect the people around him in a negative way

  49. Analacubana Says:

    Wow. So much hate! No wonder this is a terrible sports town. I think we just love to love, then love to hate. Perhaps we are on the wrong medication?
    Know what ADD meant when I was young, your mom or dad were not beating your butt enough! Lmao. And if I get fired( and I have been), know who’s fault it is? Mine.

  50. Analacubana Says:

    Also , know my mentors or role models were? My parents! Ah , the good old days ! Lmao!

  51. PRBucFan Says:


  52. Analacubana Says:

    Good choices, good results, bad choices, bad results. Accept personal responsibility! Life is hard! The real world keeps score!

  53. Supergobaby Says:

    Freeman wrecked his own career…an uncontrollable lush who was a regular in the S. Tampa bar scene. Season or off-season, it didn’t make any difference. Rock star let himself be persuaded to draft this loser by Morris.

  54. adam from ny Says:

    ok this is what we do:

    i say if the bucs know what the real problem with freeman is, just maybe he’s not done…

    there was no need to release him, then dump both dom, schiano, and staff…

    all 3 didn’t need to be released…if they had an idea they were dumping the current regime, maybe they should have held freeman on the bench and told him just shut the f*uck up for a minute…

    i personally think freeman has a drug problem and the nfl knows – like the bucs and minnesota…just look how skinny he has become…he probably is sniffing blow off hookers boobs every other night at lingerie shops in tampa…

    i say bring freebird back…yes i said it…bring him back – clean him up and get high end, take no bs, people in here running the show – like gruden and mccay…tweek (or twerk) the team a bit and we are definite contenders…we could have won 10-11 this year if everything went right…i think freeman, a drug program, a solid qb coach and a seriously respected staff will get him back to form…the kid can play…and you can lure him back now that schiano and crew are gone…sounds psycho?…well this is tampa…so let’s do it…

    adam from the zoo

  55. adam from ny Says:

    known fact: freeman is a drug addict who hangs in tampa lingerie shops

    adam from ny

  56. adam from ny Says:

    lets have a free for all in tampa….sapp will be the coach – imagine his press conferences…lynch can play gm…ronde will be d coordinator and at that point who give a darn who our oc is…hows about alstott for oc…sounds good?…do it glazers – do it

    adam from ny

  57. buc4lyfe Says:

    Prbucfan…..we don’t know you so be honest what/or how many drugs are you on right now? Your on the house for sure! Even when couch fan talks no one ever agrees but already he makes a point and writes complete sentences. Freeman choices doomed him but affected everyone around him…think the defense ifs affected when Freeman throws an interception more than glennon record 6 points per game in the second halfs? You idiot on one’s choices affect a team more than the guy running and setting the culture….that entire fiasco was 100% on Schiano simply for being dumb enough to have odd conferences all year that made it obvious he was clueless

    You have Freeman…an inaccurate quarterback but when asked in the preseason why he wasn’t getting reps his answer was because Freeman has done it, he’s a professional and doesn’t needed a full game of reps which we now know was a lie because he had a man crush on Napoleon dynamite

  58. adam from ny Says:

    bottom line is josh is a junkie and whom ever cleans him up is gonna be one lucky team…we should try to lure him back here since the staff is all gone and he was unhappy with them anyway…

    adam from ny

  59. adam from ny Says:

    if we can just hire rah for a day, to call and meet with josh in some seedy hotel room, i think rah and an 8 ball would convince josh to return….then they can go to south tampa and drink the night away…sounds like a plan – follow thru glazers – follow thru!!

    adam from ny

  60. adam from ny Says:

    josh = strip clubs, lingerie shops, weed, powder, meth, molly, flask in jacket, bar hopping, and is the best package store customer in town…thats our josh freebird…

    adam from ny

  61. adam from ny Says:

    and he has been spot at the best “glory hole” spots in tampa too

  62. buc4lyfe Says:

    Lol what NFL player doesn’t players doesn’t hang out in bars people please tell me? Warren sapp still does and no one is complaining about him failing his drug test because it allowed him to fallin the bucs lap……Freeman wasn’t the guy so be it, atleast it was Freeman and not jamarcus russell we drafted…..Freeman isn’t the guy but neither is glennon, were still talking about drafting a qb, I don’t know about any of you but I don’t want a quarterback who throws more possesses for negative yards than any one in the league or a guy who throw 51 times and still can’t get 300 yards when completing over 60% of his passes

  63. Mr Lucky Says:

    I said LONG ago that Freeman should have been traded for Tebow and people discounted me – turns out I was right.

  64. stratobuc Says:

    Yeah, let’s trade Freeman for a guy that can’t make any NFL roster.


    Mr. I told you so is a genius!

  65. BucsFan68 Says:

    Schiano and Dominik wrecked their own careers. This article is written as if Freeman was solely responsible for all the Bucs losses. I went to a lot of games during Freeman’s time here and that simply wasn’t the case. There were a lot of times where Freeman left the field with the Bucs in the lead and the defense and coaching failed to seal the deal. There were some other Rip Vans on the Bucs roster and one of them (Davin Joseph) was a team captain.
    It was the team’s undisciplined play (under a coach who is supposed to be a disciplinarian/details kind of guy) and Schi’s stubbornness and decision to go with a rookie to QB a team that was built to win now. Free, Schi, and Dom the Rockstar are gone, history, kaput. It’s time to move on and turn the page.

  66. oldfart44 Says:

    Let’s face it, it is exceedingly difficult to find “THE GUY”. How many franchise QBs are there in the NFL who can get your team to the Super Bowl?

    If your lucky, you can find one that is above average. What I have always found difficult to comprehend is why these NFL coaches seem incapable of finding a system that suits their personnel. How can any coach say that his system works?

  67. PRBucFan Says:

    Who the hell said anything about Drugs Free4Lyfe?

    Not this guy, so try again.

    When the Vikings are complaining about that bum than you know nothing was being made up here.

    He’s a lazy bum, that tried to burn us down on his way out.

  68. White Tiger Says:

    yeah…missing meetings for a coach who is dead set against you, installs an offense that even Less Steckel says sucks, and tells the world about it…once he knew the hand-writing was on the wall…

    ls missing meetings when you’re the starting QB anything like missing half-time interviews when you’re the head coach of the losing team – like the hypocritical coach did on December 29th, and he knew the hand-writing was on the wall?

    And after all the whining he did to get a starting caliber QB – how did Leslie Frazier repay Speilman? He threw the new QB into the fire after a few days of marinating in the uder easy Viking playbook – and decided to throw 53 times – 10 more times than he threw the ball with ANY QB before or after Freeman started…

    These are supposed to be leaders you like?

    My one unfinished wish in discussing he long list of the unemployed in Freeman’s wake – is yours – Moron Joe.

  69. Bucs Oracle Says:

    Freeman was a quality talent, who was emotionally destroyed by Schiano. I would have rather caught MRSA than had a boss like that. Raheem was doing some type of jedi mind trick that worked for a while. I say wherever Freeman ends up as a backup, they should hire Raheem as his handler. What Frazier did throwing him in there right away was a crime, and now we have this genius Frazier who looked lost as a coach in MN as our defensive coordinator. BRAVO! We have had great talent tossed away systematically. Blount, Talib, Bennett, were all studs, even Winslow played well and had upside. We had promising three and four WRs

    The problem was not having a coach who was man enough to handle other men, and no I don’t mean in a Sandusky kind of way for those of you wondering.

    Dominick lost my faith when he pushed out brooks too early. Also he built too young too quick with no veterans to guide the ship aside from Rhonde. No continuity. Then he hired a kicker for huge money. Everything has been so reactionary with the franchise for years also schiano made dominick his prison girlfriend which doesnt exactly build lockerroom confidence. What a joke.

    Does the Oracle have to become a coach and gm? It may be the only hope