Jimmy Garoppolo’s Stock

January 23rd, 2014

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It seems that the hyped quarterback from the smaller school isn’t over-hyped after all. That’s the vibe Joe is getting from Senior Bowl reports. That’s where Eastern Illinois’s Jimmy Garoppolo is competing with the big boys this week.

In this NFL.com video, former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah talks about Garoppolo and gives his hunch where he could be drafted.

Yes, Joe has a bit more of an interest in Garoppolo than, say, Derek Carr, because “this Joe” is a graduate of the same higher institute of learning as Garoppolo. The comparisons to other “Eastern” (as natives of the Land of Lincoln called Eastern Illinois) quarterbacks such as Sean Payton (he was a scab player with the Bears) and Tony Romo may be unfair, especially to Romo. Not every dude who went to college in Charleston, Ill. can be expected to bed Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood and Miss Missouri (Romo’s current wife).

But last week when Joe talked to June Jones, the offensive coordinator of Garoppolo’s team in the East-West Shrine Game, Jones raved about Garoppolo’s accuracy. Joe remembers talking to Bill Cowher last year at the Super Bowl Media Day about then Bucs leaky quarterback Rip Van Freeman and Cowher told Joe quarterbacks can’t really be coached up for accuracy. Either they have it or they don’t.

Garoppolo has it.

Joe isn’t trying to knock Garoppolo but when he watches him he sees Case Keenum. Garoppolo, Joe believes, would be a developmental pick and he might just be best used in a west coast system.

Joe would love to see how Garoppolo does throwing deep passes in Saturday’s Senior Bowl.

15 Responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo’s Stock”

  1. BucNasty!!! Says:

    For the right price I’d b all for it the more competition the better. No hand outs roster spots and jobs will b won with hard work and dedication. I’d b more then happy going n to camp with a 3 way competition of Glennon and garappola and Mallet or a Glennon Mallet and Murry or McCown trio

  2. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Just as long as it’s not a bs move like a Glennon orlovsky and arrow Rodgers lil brother as most of u Glennonites would love ….didn’t u guys get enough of anointing starting jobs…. how’d that work out with free? But personally I think free could have been managed better because for the accuracy that he lacks over Glennon he deff has the it factor per all of the 4th qt. Comebacks and orchestrating the 9th ranked offense that’s some shyt you’d never see Glennon do this guy’s just takes sacks and no chances get em outa here.

  3. ROBERT6 Says:

    @ joe

    how about a story that identifies our needs. DE, OL, WR, DT etc.. and then what free agents will be available at those positions when the market opens and how this might effect the draft.

    i.e. we need OL – who will be available (in FA and the projected players available in the draft) and how this will effect the draft

    I keep hearing QB. maybe that sells the clicks, but we have other needs and your the man with the info.

    Generally, Joe finds those kinds of stories long boring, so Joe never writes them. Joe prefers to focus on one player at a time. Joe’s already written this offseason about the O-line, d-line and receivers, and there will be more to come. –Joe

  4. Mike J Says:

    Is G’o really all that much of an upgrade over Glennon??
    I am still holding out for Zach, assuming a QB is drafted at all.

  5. kennyc Says:

    Again, not a single QB in this draft that is a huge upgrade from Glennon. Do not waste a pick on any of these guys. Glennon is a good QB and the bucs can easily win with him. Do you think russel wilson or kapernick are better passers? NO, THEY ARE NOT! Yet both teams are very good!

    Does glennon hold on to the ball sometimes, absolutley. That is a prob with all rookie QB’s. The guys that can run, just pull the ball down and scramble. Glennon can learn to throw the ball away. Also, sullivans O was mainly deep routes and he was also dealing with 3rd string WR’s (besides v-jax). I agree with not passing on a andrew luck or RG3, but there is not a guy in this draft of that caliber.

  6. Bobby Says:

    I’ve been saying Garoppolo is a good one. He has a quick release and he’s accurate. He can also move well in the pocket. I like him and if we can get him in the second I think we should.
    I would love to see us get Sammy Watkins in the first and Garoppolo in the second. Be a good start. Bring in some FA’s to fill in the gaps and we’re ready to roll.

  7. Architek Says:

    I like this guy man and I hope he has a great career, just something special about him. Don’t really know what it is…

    Hopefully we won’t look back and say we had a chance to draft this guy and let him get picked by a team like Dallas and he goes and develops into a monster!

    The point I’m making is that there is nothing wrong with getting 2 QBs to compete. If that’s our primary issue then draft and let the cream rise to the top! At the very least you will have a tradable asset to get something for later with development and competition.

  8. Pete 422 Says:

    It would be great to get a guy like him. Now saying “developmental” means he serves as a back up & they work him in a year or two down the road? Or do they play him season 1? If the former is true, who is the experienced stop gap guy they can win with? It’s not Glennon IMHO. Maybe talk Josh Mc into playing another year or two?

  9. Champkind Says:

    Seems to me like Bruce Gradkowski 2.0

  10. tummler1 Says:

    As mentioned in jimmy footballs last article, I can say I saw all of garoppolos home games the last 2 years. The kid has got it….His release is faster than glennons. He is the real deal, and way more pro ready than Romo was (I know, I was going to EIU when Tony was our QB.) . I would LOVE for the Bucs to get Garoppolo to compete with Glennon, and snatch Eric Lora in the 7th round…..kids lke welker/edleman…..small, but super fast, and would work the slot amazingly with the big guys we got on the outside!

  11. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    kennyc Says
    “Do you think russel wilson or kapernick are better passers? NO, THEY ARE NOT!”

    Actually, look at the stats. They ARE better passers. Just you having an opinion doesn’t change that. Heck, Russel Wilson has a 100+ QB rating. Seahawks d not win on defense alone, regardless of what fans claim. They were 12-4 in scoring at least 20 points per game.

    So there goes the defense wins championship theory.

    That was true years ago, but now all the teams that win superbowls have true franchise QBs.

  12. kennyc Says:

    Wilson had a 64% comp and glennon had a 54%, glennon had 417 attempts to wilson 407 and glennon played in 4 less games than wilson.

    My point is that glennon is a good QB and for some reason most bucs fans (I use “fans” loosely) do not see that. Also wilson and kapernick both had dominate run games and a D that gave stellar field position on a regular basis.

  13. Brandon Says:

    Can’t wait until one of the Joes take my offer and do a little research on Brett Smith of Wyoming. Garropolo is decent, but Smith blows him away.http://draftbreakdown.com/players/brett-smith/

    The last time I had a feeling like this for an unknown unheralded QB like this, it was Colin Kaepernick.

  14. BoJim Says:

    BucNasty Said

    I think free could have been managed better because for the accuracy that he lacks over Glennon he deff has the it factor per all of the 4th qt. Comebacks

    How many did he have last season?

  15. BucsFanGreg Says:

    Please Draft Garroppolo!! This guys has something special and I think will be the best QB from this draft. His quick release is perfect for our offense because our o-line doesn’t block very well in pass protection. We can get him in the 2nd I hope!