Is Charles Tillman Waiting For A Call?

January 2nd, 2014

Bears superstar cornerback Charles Tillman, who spent 11 seasons wearing black, told the Chicago Tribune this week that he’s got other “options” as a potential free agent in March.

Hmm, Joe wonders where those could be?

Tillman, 32, was a two-time Pro Bowler (2011 & 2012) for Lovie Smith and was lost for the final seven weeks of 2013 with a torn triceps.

How much would he cost in free agency? Tillman earned just under $8 million this season. That’s half of what Darrelle Revis makes.

Joe’s not lobbying for the Bucs to get rid of Revis. Don’t read between the lines. But it’s foolish to think Revis’ Bucs future isn’t being strongly considered. At $1 million per game, it’s impossible not to scrutinize what could be had on the open market if Revis is not here. The Bucs could score two elite corners for the price of Revis, and keep their 2014 third-round pick by letting him go.

It’s something to keep a close eye on as the clock ticks toward the free-agency bell ringing in March.

Make no mistake; Lovie will get what he desires. He’ll have Team Glazer’s checkbook at the ready.

35 Responses to “Is Charles Tillman Waiting For A Call?”

  1. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Or how about restructuring money elsewhere say the o line or something then have a revis Tillman combo. You got no where to throw Mccoy and Lavonte and Mason will feast off of tackles

  2. Bucfan40 Says:

    Getting rid of Revis shouldn’t even be considered. He was at 80% this year and was still only thrown at like 20 times throughout the whole season. Cut Davin, sign Tillman.

  3. terraj35 Says:

    Damn I’m so pumped about this coaching staff. Proven nfl coaches who know what they’re doing. Go Bucs!

  4. adambomb418 Says:

    Don’t forget we gave up a first round pick for Revis, who the Jets used to draft a pretty good young DE named Sheldon Richardson. If we cut Revis, then we wasted a 1st round pick.

    It’s only wasted if the money freed up isn’t used properly.–Joe

  5. Walter Says:

    We should keep Revis and add another solid corner, we need to keep Leonard Johnson off of the field.

  6. Ryan Says:

    Or we could bring in Tillman to play alongside Revis. Banks still needs work, and Leonard Johnson is roaming toast. Hopefully they don’t even consider getting rid of Revis considering the weapon he provides this defense, so long as he is utilized correctly. Tillman is a ballhawk, and with Revis on the other side of the field, he would get a ton of balls thrown his way.

  7. Dark Mominix Says:

    Tim Jennings too

  8. Gus Says:

    They have enough to sign Tillman, keep Revis and restructure the line.

  9. BucNasty!!! Says:

    And bring Julius peppers while your at it hell I’d retool that entire o line at a reasonable price and aquire me a mobile qb so he can get out the pocket when it breaks down from a youthful oline

  10. Gus Says:

    It’s only wasted if the money freed up isn’t used properly.–Joe

    Right and it’s also foolish when your better off with Tillman AND Revis. That would be one of the best one two combos in the league.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Pro Football Focus graded Revis as the best cornerback in the entire NFL in 2013.

    We may use the new staff to try to restructure Revis’ contract taking off a few million in return for some guarantees.
    I don’t think Revis wants to be back on the market at $16 million…nothing ventured…nothing gained….

    But we should absolutely keep him and build around him.

  12. Macabee Says:

    Don’t stop with Tillman and Jennings, bring Henry Melton too! lol

  13. PhantomVash808 Says:

    Maybe Tillman will give a discount to play with Lovie again plus I hear there is no tax in florida.

  14. Thomas Says:

    We still owe the Jets a pick from THIS year’s draft. You dont get rid of a guy with that kind of talent and still pay draft picks…

  15. PRBucFan Says:

    Yea I also have a feeling he’s tired of that dance as eel and he would be willing to work our a new deal with Lovie.

    Revis and Tillman with Banks at slot would be nice

  16. Thomas Says:

    Macabee- Tillman, Jennings and Melton would be a world of improvement over what we have.

    Jennings is an interception machine. Tillman is the best all time at forcing fumbles and Melton can rush the passer when he’s healthy.

  17. Evan Says:

    Getting rid of Revis will quickly make the front office & coaching staff highly unpopular. It’d be nearly as bad as when they released Brooks. 24 gives us something to work with and a less of an area to concern with. There’s no need to be greedy with possible FA and acquisitions. I think fans are just becoming overly excited because of the mess Schiano left us with. In due time we will see what happens but, as for me, i vote to keep Revis, Tillman would make us more deadlier too.

  18. Macabee Says:

    Ok, I’ll go ahead and say it. This administration is not going to pay the Revis we saw last year 16 million on a promise of future potential. At a minimum, he will have to renegotiate his contract with fixed performance incentives to earn that money.

    These are all opinions now, but I’d bet that something changes!

  19. Pyrda Says:

    Do Not get rid of revis !!!!

  20. Oahubuc Says:

    Yes, yes yes. It’s been beat to death already, but bring him in, keep Revis, restructure the horrendously overpaid o-line. Revis balled this year, in case you weren’t watching.

  21. adambomb418 Says:

    It’s only wasted if the money freed up isn’t used properly.–Joe

    I beg to differ when you lose the right to obtain a “generally” good young player for a cheaper price than a free agent.

    But I get the point you are trying to make. I just don’t agree with disregarding rights to cheaper and good players for good players that would cost more money.

  22. THEYTRUTH Says:

    Go get devin hester!!KR

  23. TPCMatt Says:

    adambomb418 Says: 
    January 2nd, 2014 at 12:20 am

    Don’t forget we gave up a first round pick for Revis, who the Jets used to draft a pretty good young DE named Sheldon Richardson. If we cut Revis, then we wasted a 1st round pick.

    It’s only wasted if the money freed up isn’t used properly.–Joe

    If we traded a 1st round pick for a one year rental that resulted in a 4-12 season, then I would say we wasted a 1st round pick.

  24. Travis Desbien Says:

    If Revs is cut we dont simply “keep their 3rd round pick”. If we cut him we DO infact keep out 3rd, but its a conditional pick that would then become a 4th rounder given to the jets. We lose a pick either way.

  25. buccinfan Says:

    Did we just get bears fans invading our website? Lol dayyum anybody read that tillman is 33? No way the market will give a 33 turning 34 year old CB that money. Shoot grimes signed for less than that. get capt. Munnerlyn and/or grimes beast mode

  26. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Let’s bring in everyone over the age 30…, llet’s build through the draft! uh, which way do you want people?

  27. Pick6 Says:

    Let’s start by plugging holes not creating them. There is a plan to win that wouldn’t involve unloading one of the best players in the world during his prime years as an opening move. The best thing Dominick left behind was a great cap situation. We could be just as active as we were the last 2 years without many major moves

  28. trubucfan22 Says:

    Joe please just stop with this cut revis crap.

    Now that revis is making 16m a yr every other cb will be looking for close to that. As you said tillman is elite, and he will be looking to get what revis has. Tillman made 8m last year after signing a contract 4 years ago. Trust me his price went way up.

    After you realize all that uou gotta think to your self, would you rather revis at 16m, or brenf grimes for 14m. Ill stick with revis thanks.

  29. Chris Says:

    Actually it’s the old regimes wasted pick and money hence why they aren’t here.

  30. teacherman777 Says:

    Teacherman is ecstatic!

    Ask @Joe

    I called for this midseason. At 0-8. I said, amd I quote, “Bring back Lovie!”

    Finally, the Glazers are listening to me!

    Lovie Smith? With Gerald McCoy, the best DT in the NFL.

    With LaVonte David- the best WLB in the NFL.

    And Darrelle Revis, who by next year, will return as, the best CB in the NFL!

    Lovie Smith is gonna bring us a Super Bowl!

    We just gotta fix that O-line! Asap!

  31. Rrsrq Says:

    Revis made pro bowl, doesn’t that mean the Jets keep the pick

  32. Brandon Says:

    I hope Lovie doesn’t start going all Chucky and start bringing in his washed up former players. Tillman can still play, but at 32, that is not a wise investment for a team to make. Jared Allen as well. I would love to continue to try to build through the most part through the draft….that is after we pilfer Michael Johnson or Greg Hardy from other teams.

  33. flmike...hates Johnny Football Says:

    The wife (Chi-town native and life long Bears fan) just informed me, it’s not black, Chicago’s colors are actually Deep Navy Blue and Bear Orange.

  34. crazy Says:

    This is why the team needs an experienced and professional GM and not a rubber stamp for fantasy owners who promised the HC “whatever you need.” There’s a reason the bros overruled McKay, hired Bruce Allen to give Gruden what he wanted and replaced Allen with a “young and promising” Mark Dominik to pair with their choice to promote Raheem Morris from DB coach to defensive coordinator to HC in less than a couple of weeks.

  35. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Although I am a fan of keeping Revis on our team. I see no way possible for Tampa to pay him 16 million a season. We could sign Tillman and draft another DB…ala Dennard. I hope we do keep Revis because, as some posters mentioned, he is a top DB and was only thrown to a handful of times all season.