Aloha! Joe’s At The Pro Bowl With Awesome Bucs Video Interviews

January 24th, 2014

Joe’s enjoyed a welcome break today from all the chatter about general manager stuff and draft decisions that are 100+ days away.

Joe’s got his Hawaiian A-team at the Pro Bowl getting all kinds of interviews. You’ve read highlights throughout the day, but now here’s the video. And there’s much more to come through the weekend. Enjoy. at the Pro Bowl from Video 21 Productions on Vimeo.

17 Responses to “Aloha! Joe’s At The Pro Bowl With Awesome Bucs Video Interviews”

  1. Paul Says:

    Pro Bowl is wrecked. Team Rice vs Team Sanders wtf?. Ruined..

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Coming from an old TV guy…..(WTVT)…..nothing beats Video….thankfully, you have the new technology of streaming online…so you have the best of both worlds…Print/Video
    Enjoyed the piece.

  3. Cmurda Says:

    Pro Bowl is what it is. Time for some of the better NFL players to enjoy a break and Hawaii. Its certainly not a game worth a crap and the selection process is nothing more than a popularity contest. Good video by Joe. Hardy said it would be a “dream”. Um, yes it would Greg, a dream for us fans too.

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    Mahalo Joe.

  5. SAMCRO Says:

    Thanks for the video JBF!

    You’re welcome. More to come tomorrow.–Joe

  6. CanadianBucsFan Says:

    Is that you doing all those interview Joe ?

    No. Joe’s in chilly Tampa and will head to the frigid Super Bowl next week.–Joe

  7. Alaskan Buc Says:

    Great piece Joe. No luck in tracking down Revis for a few words?

    Coming tomorrow. –Joe

  8. Nick H Says:

    Good stuff. I think it’s pretty clear by now but it sounds like GMC didn’t really like Schiano … lol.

  9. clafollett Says:

    Thanks for the video Joe(s) and team. Its great to see some live action stuff.

    Enjoy frigid NY Joe!

    @Nick H:

    Yeah, I kinda caught that vibe. In typical GMC style, he was graceful about handling it.

    As for Hardy… I’m not sure the Panthers will let him go but if they do, I wouldn’t mind at all if he happened to land with the Bucs!

  10. Nick H Says:

    Yeah passing on the question is probably the nicest thing they could do for Schiano.

    I’d hate to see us overspend for Greg Hardy (pretty much goes for most players) but I don’t think I’d complain if he’s wearing pewter either.

  11. Bucs4lyfe Says:

    thats big time joe

  12. Andrew 1 Says:

    wow, good video.

  13. RustyRhinos Says:

    Very cool Joe thanks.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    Big Thumbs up Joe!!! Good Stuff

  15. madmacskillz Says:

    Good stuff!

  16. bee Says:

    Nice vid! Now Bring on Revise!

  17. Clowney Says:

    My favorite rule was, “No conspiring in small groups.” Maybe, the Little General couldn’t sleep at night worrying about an insurrection.

    Another rule was “No hands on hips.” In that crazy bastard’s mind, that was the sign that a team was beat. That’s why he would sit on a 2 point lead in the 2nd quarter and run one of his micro backs up the gut 3 times and then punt repeatedly.

    Now I finally understand why my 3rd grade teacher would put her hands on her hips and conspire against me in the cloakroom with the principal.

    Funny, why Joe doesn’t corner a player, ply him with free beers and come out with an anonymous list of rules and the fine schedule. That article would go viral and might win the Pulitzer Prize or an ESPY.