Win And They’re In For New Orleans

December 24th, 2013

Last year, the Bucs went to New Orleans in December and got their clocks cleaned 41-0. It was a shocking beating from the opening whistle for a Bucs team that was still in the playoff hunt.

Joe remembers talking to a Saints player off the record who said New Orleans was stunned by the Bucs’ lack of intensity for a big division game.

On Sunday, the Bucs will head back to the site of the beating, the Superdome, for their season finale. This time, the Saints are an improved team and the Bucs are struggling to move the chains.

After San Francisco’s victory against the Falcons last night, the NFC playoff picture is clear for Sunday. If the Saints beat the Bucs, then they’re in the playoffs. If the Saints lose, then they’re done for the season if Arizona wins. Also, the Saints can win the NFC South with a win and a Carolina loss.

In other words, the Saints have everything to play for, and their holiday season crowd for the now 4:25 p.m. kickoff will be extra buzzed to jack up the noise.

Joe realizes most Bucs fans see this as a completely meaningless game. But there is a lot on the line. The New Schiano Order is still being judged, and the Bucs defense should be able to show that it can slow the Saints, like it did in Tampa back in September. Another blowout here would still be just one game, but it would be awfully telling.

Joe’s hoping all that pride and unity in the Bucs locker room that has been talked about for months shows up on Sunday. If not? Well, that would be a horrific ending to a lost season.

11 Responses to “Win And They’re In For New Orleans”

  1. MattHorse Says:

    If we win schiano keeps his job. If we lose schiano hopefully gets the boot!

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Saints are beatable….they went to St. Louis and took a beatdown just like we did.
    You can best believe that Schiano remembers last year and the poor performance against NO…
    We will still get a great pick at #8 and that is the worst we can pick…so I’m all in for trying to ruin the Saints season.

  3. BucNasty!!! Says:

    The straw that broke the glazers back I predict a curbstomping just to get him outa here. I don’t think the fans nor the players or any other coaches like him for that matter. Now I know it isn’t about being liked it’s about wins…. but we won’t even go there lmao but I think Sean Payton will politely show schiano the good ol boot out the door back to the big east. I predict a 42 to 17 drudging with us scoring 14 n the first half and that good ol field goal shocker of a second half he calls football. If that doesn’t speak volumes to the glazers then I’m going to have to believe the rumors that they don’t care about us (I mean buccaneers) but only man u an that is just unacceptable to a fan who yearns to have that feeling he had watching that game in 2002. Ahhh sweet memories well u can’t take those from me glazers dam u!!!!!!!

  4. madmacskillz Says:

    I’d give up a week’s worth of “Morning Cup of Joe” to know what the Glazers are thinking right now. I think they’ve already decided Schiano is gone and the outcome of this game won’t change that.

    Um, BucNasty, there IS no more football in the Big East – the football teams moved and become the AAC. But that aside, I’m curious to find out where he ends up. He’ll be somewhere, that much is for sure.

  5. Laughing Stock II Says:

    One way for sure will get Schiano out of here is if the players quit like last year.

    I like BucNasty’s prediction.

    I wish Schiano the best wherever he goes. We do deserve the 2002 feeling again. College game plans will not get us there.

  6. buc4lyfe Says:

    Theres no reason to think that the bucs will get up for this game regardless of who were playing, it seems that an idea that were just not good enough has set in with the players because theres no excuse for getting physically pushed around every week…even the jaguars are showing more fight than we are but hey let him keep his job bcause they didnt quit….the fact that he’s not a very good coach should not factor in at all i guess. it’s teacher’s assistant for an adult education school gettinga job at Princeton

  7. Mark Says:

    5-11 keeps him here, 4-12 he’s gone??? What’s the difference?

  8. Laughing Stock II Says:

    This game might end up being Glennon’s NIGHTMARE & Schiano’s HELL!

    Hopefully for Bucs Fans we will see the light next Monday.

  9. buc4lyfe Says:

    If glennon’s a starting nfl quarterback then it doesnt matter who the coach is, he’s already gonna have a new coordinator so why not pull the trigger on the coach now and get some stability in the front office so we can get it on the field too

  10. Laughing Stock II Says:

    Neither Glennon or our players will be prepared for a Playoff atmosphere next Sunday. I think Rob Ryan (NO-DC) will create havoc for Glennon & our running game. He seems to have our number.

    Let me guess, Bill Sheridan will use more stunts in this game because they are playing in artificial turf. We know how well that will work. If Barron doesn’t play, Brees will have Graham dunking footballs.

    Hopefully we score 50 by halftime and we might win this one. Just being REAL!

  11. chickster Says:

    This staff is gone