Vincent Jackson Lone Saving Grace

December 23rd, 2013
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Greg Schiano is down on the other WRs

The Bucs had a miserable day yesterday on offense. This is nothing new. The Bucs have been tail-spinning offensively the past month and currently rest in the basement of the NFL with the worst offense in the free world.

And if it wasn’t for Vincent Jackson, it would be a whole lot worse.

Jackson had five catches yesterday for 98 yards, more than half of the Bucs’ 178 total yards. Jackson is becoming the best wide receiver in Bucs history and the guy is getting no help from a recently impotent run game and scant assistance from other wide receivers. Nobody’s taking heat off of him.

 “We struggled to get off of man coverage at times [against the Rams],” Greg Schiano said today of the receivers not named Jackson. Man, was Schiano being generous.

Jackson was targeted 10 times yesterday. He is double-teamed virtually every game. Yet he still comes up with big catches and big yards.

There is something considerably wrong when a wide receiver touches the ball five times and accounts for over half of your team’s offense.

8 Responses to “Vincent Jackson Lone Saving Grace”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Hell….forget punting….just throw deep to Jackson on every 3rd down….if there is an interception, we don’t have to punt.

    The only problem is that our O-line doesn’t provide enough time for Jackson to get down field….

    Perhaps we should put two more offensive linemen in the backfield instead of a FB & RB.

    A real bad prescription for a Rookie QB

    No Running Game
    No Blocking
    Recievers can’t get open
    Horrendous playcalling

    Oh…you can say Glennon isn’t the answer….but I’m not sure anyone could play well under those conditions.

  2. patrickbucs Says:

    I hate to ever admit I feel sorry for someone who is super loaded but I do in this case. Could you imagine if he would have signed with a real team and organization like the Patriots, Colts, or now Carolina? He may have had a chance to get a ring and he’s not going to get any better as his ceiling has been hit. All of those teams need a number 1 or at least a tall hybrid type.

    Great signing Dom wish you and Schiano could have done much more to help him out.

  3. buc4lyfe Says:

    who’s the IDIOT that picked these inexperienced receivers, who’s the idiot that decided to start ogletree then cut him mid season…..whos the idiot that cut underwood who was second on the depth chart? who’s the idiot that let go of all the veterans that mark dominick brought in just to have all this young talent….dumb coach is bringing in inferior talent that he can easily control and does not like veterans because they know what a joke of a coach he is….think we could have used derrick hagan or david douglas? wont use eric page, tommy streeter sitting on the practice squad

    This idiot coach was worried about one player and one player only in the offseason and that is mike glennon…dare i say that he was the one player that got consistent playing time in the preseason when the entire bay area is wondering why our starters arent getting reps and look how our season turned out….no way schiano should come back….tired of hearing all these excuses for why we have the last ranked offense…every team in the league is losing players….aaron rodgers in green bay but they are still competing…..eddie lacy is in the rookie of the year talk and they’re offensive line has been a joke for years….no there are no excuses for lack of talent because glazers broke the bank the last two years…..last year we lost jeremy zuttah a few games, we never really have carl nicks, we didnt have davin joseph at all and donald penn was still fat, nope no excuses……we had a more mobile quarterback and right about now i’d take 4 interceptions a game rather than less than 200 yards passing per game and 3.3 yards per play….it’s time for schiano to walk the plank for one simple reason

    who knows what josh freeman could have been…..5 years and he’s had raheem morris and greg schiano as his coaches…both know absolutely nothing about winning games on the nfl level even though raheem morris record is better with less talent….mike glennon needs a veteran coach thats not trying to save his butt….who’s the next scape goat for this garbage head coach the head coach should always take the blame lol people are still blaming josh freeman when truth be told we played better during that entire fiasco than we’ve played since he started sitting the bench in minnie

  4. BucFanForever Says:

    “Hell….forget punting….just throw deep to Jackson on every 3rd down….if there is an interception, we don’t have to punt.”

    This plan would immediately result in a higher likelihood that the Bucs win games.

  5. buc4lyfe Says:

    gotta be joking….are people actually trying to say we didnt have these same issues last year? how did we manage to throw so many deep balls last year than this year? with a mix and match offensive line…..guess vincent jackson played quarterback and reciever and just threw the ball up to himself……how did mike williams get to be a few yards away from 1000 yards catching…..glennon’s only problem is predictable play calling and coaching even with glennon we should have never gone 0-8 and the game against seattle is all the proof people need, how did we manage to compete in that game is we are so lacking talent….yea were lacking talent, it’s called coaching

  6. Eric Says:

    Amazing what fools gold can do.

  7. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Glennon stared down Jackson on every passing play. So the Bucs really have only one player to catch the ball. It is hard to see this passing attack improve enough to compete in every game, even with a healthy MW returning next year.

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    The caption beneath the picture reads,”Schiano is down on the other WRs”. We have “other” receivers?!
    Buc4lyfe, you have valid points but I think your frustration is misguided. Ogletree caught everything in practice so how could they know he was going to turn into Alvin Harper Jr.? By the time they realized their mistake, Kid ‘n Play was the best available option(which I still find hard to believe) because he knew the offense. Most of all, looking at how quickly Freeman devolved, I doubt he would’ve made any difference. It’s apparent now that he HAD to go.