The End Of The Mike Glennon Era

December 30th, 2013
mike glennon

No chance Team Glazer would have fired Greg Schiano if Glennon was a star-in-waiting

Joe’s sure of one thing about whoever the new Bucs head coach will be. He won’t be rolling with Mike Glennon. No chance.

Sure, Glennon will be here, and he’ll compete, but he’s got a flimsy chance of starting. Team Glazer didn’t drop the hammer on rockstar general Mark Dominik and Greg Schiano to ride No. 8 to the promised land.

Bucs lore tells us that Team Glazer was frustrated that Chucky couldn’t develop/land a franchise quarterback. Remember, Team Glazer signed off on paying Brett Favre $12 million per season to add him to the 2008 team that was coming off a division title.

Favre jilted them, but Team Glazer still wanted a franchise quarterback. The alleged 2009 edict to Dominik and Raheem Morris was to ditch Jeff Garcia and draft a quarterback in the first round or score a name in free agency.

Dominik moved to land Matt Cassel and Jay Cutler, but those deals didn’t go down. Josh Freeman was drafted and Team Glazer was satisfied, rightfully so after Freeman’s stunning 2010 season.

Joe fully expects Team Glazer to demand a top quarterback or quarterback prospect of the new regime. Glennon isn’t the guy. For Glennon, he was in the right place at the right time this season, but he didn’t stand out. Pretty good is nowhere near good enough, not in the NFC South. Not when Glennon never threw for 300 yards in a game or sent fans on a mad rush to buy his jersey.

Joe’s all in favor of scoring Johnny Football, but the Bucs might not be willing to wait that long, that far past free agency and pre-draft trades.

75 Responses to “The End Of The Mike Glennon Era”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    Why? If Lovie gets hired Glennon will be his QB. Lovie let Rex Grossman be his QB for years. Glennon is safe if Lovie is hired.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Lets consult with Shaun King and get his valued opinion on QB.

    “Shaun King, one of two Buc Quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship Game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

  3. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I will glad that the rock star is finally performing somewhere else. Maybe he should be playing different music altogether.

  4. thegregwitul Says:

    In any event, at least the Bucs know they have a strong backup QB in Glennon that could even be a solid starting QB to fill in for a few games in the event of injury. That’s a heckuva lot better than previous Bucs backup QBs of years past.

    Now, the important part – find your franchise QB. Could Johnny Football actually be on the table for the Bucs? Who knows, but it should be exciting to see how it all unfolds.

  5. Eric Says:

    Former bucs Gm Mark Dominik said……..

    no point to that other than I wanted to say it.

  6. Walter Says:

    Good, Glennon is…….. Meh, at best. Goodbye Captain Checkdown

  7. joseph mamma Says:

    He was the best rookie QB in the league, and I think with the right offensive system could get the job done. He could beat out whoever the Buc’s bring in to compete with him.

  8. Couch Fan Says:

    To say he has “no chance” is just ignorant joe. It’s one thing to state it as your opinion. But c’mon on. Lol.

    Sorry, Glennon has no shot at becoming the Bucs franchise QB. –Joe

  9. PRBucFan Says:

    I think you couldn’t possibly know this Joe 😉

    Unless you bought one of those oh so popular Crystal Balls.
    Not saying he’s the guy cause I for one would like someone with better mobility but this is premature if I ever saw it.

  10. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    They will go with an offensive-minded coach, guys. Joe is right. Think it through.

    When they went offense last time they won a superbowl. They’ve gone with defensive-minded coaches since, and look at the result.

    And if they bring in a offensive guy, Glennon is toast as starter. He’ll go back to being what he was always intended to be…a backup.

  11. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    If nothing else Glennon will be an excellent backup and a big improvement over Dan-O.

  12. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Bridgewater and Carr will be gone by the time we pick so you guys can kiss those thoughts goodbye. Manziel will be there but there’s no bigger boom/bust prospect in this draft than that guy. He’s small and narrow just like RGIII and will eventually get pummeled into mediocrity just like he did. Nah…there’s gotta be someone better than that as a prospect for the Bucs.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Here’s how I see it. The Bucs are going to either sign a veteran QB, trade for a QB or draft a QB. Glennon has a chance to develop and if whoever they bring in falls on their face, he’ll get another shot. It’s up to him to be ready for that chance.

  14. PRBucFan Says:

    “Sorry, Glennon has no shot at becoming the Bucs franchise QB. –Joe”

    “but he’s got a flimsy chance of starting.”

    Which is it Omniscient one?

  15. Paul Says: will now be known only as

  16. Number 41 Says:

    They aren’t going to be in a position to upgrade in the draft.

    If you’ve learned nothing over the last few years, you should have learned that reaching for a mediocre QB (see: Locker, Ponder, Gabbert) is just as bad as not drafting one at all.

  17. Paul Says:

    Hope this site doesn’t become a Glennon smear site when he’s starter next year.

  18. SKelly Says:

    Glennon will be a great backup. Good dude to come of the bench if need be.
    I like Glennon, but like Joe. I can’t imagine a new GM and HC wouldnt want to upgrade or at least draft their own guy.

    Out of Bridgewater, Carr, Manziel, Bortles

    One of those guys should be there and all would be an upgrade…

  19. Paul Says:

    Even if we did get manziel, he’d get beaten out by Glennon because he’d be busy putting on his make-up or doing some promotional stunt instead of preparing.

  20. Jaryd Says:

    Did I miss something? Am I the only person who doesn’t want to see lovie smith as the head coach of this team? Our offense was miserable 3 and out after 3 and out. But I for one remember those bears offenses when lovie smith was at the helm.

  21. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Exactly number 41…. I don’t see the point in drafting QB two years in a row. If the new regime doesn’t want Glennon then they should find a proven vet.

  22. @eric Says:

    The kid is going to be a solid qb….just needs the right coach to develop. He was Grudens favorite and he praise wben be bad him on his qb university show…….Lovie Smith HC…Chud as OC and Schwartz as DC witb Mckay coming back to GM…….

  23. bucrightoff Says:

    No drafting a QB please. Offensive line and defensive lines need upgrading. Joe Flacco just won the Super Bowl, Andy Dalton could do it this year. You don’t need an elite QB to win, you need great lines to win.

  24. BucsQcCity Says:

    Defense will improve just by the scheme change. OL is a mess but a scrambling QB can help. WR would be good too since Jackson isn’t getting younger.

    I would trade Martin to climb a couple spot in the draft.. Bucs played their best football when James was the RB

  25. Dylan Says:

    @coach ah cmon you read this site for over 2 weeks you know joe is ignorant and thinks he is a GM at times. Glennon has no chance? thats just ignorant and disrespectful to mike. Now am i sold on mike? no, but I am a realist. MY question to CAPTAIN JOE is, what QBs are there then chief? We ALL know YOU love and want johny football but cmon that is just the obvious. Who else joe? jay cutler? lets see if he makes it past the franchise tag… Blake Bortles??? I go to UCF and he is a joke, he is the next blaine gabbert in the making. teddy bridgewater? signs point to him returning next season buddie.. so lets take a step back and overview this situation we got here… a) Glennon b) Mazniel c) bortles…. with those options it sure looks like glennon has better then a “zero” chance. in glennons defense, he tied a nfl record for most games throwing multiple touchdowns… set a nfl record with most games throwing a TD consecutively.. all without star RB Doug martin, Mike williams and a bunch of scrubs playing hot potatoe on the O line…. keep in mind he still set those records and looked extremely poised… but no, joe you are always right! glennon has 0 chance…. HAAA

  26. Paul Says:

    Glennon’s rookie stats with 1 WR that drops a lot of balls and no RB:
    247/416 59.4% 2608yds 19td 9int 83.9rat

    Can’t wait to compare that to Johnny Fooball at the end of next year.

  27. Gus Says:

    Glennon does have a shot Joe. I promise you, he will compete for the starting job. Will he win remains to be seen, but he will compete. If the Glazers hire an offensive guru that believes in Glennon, we could see him as our starter week one of next season.

  28. johnny Says:

    Funny same thing they said about Nick Foles last year …Glennon may never start again but he impressed me having a 4th string Rb no number 2 WR a rookie TE and offs line that is terrible and oh yea a bunch of unemployed coaches ….if it was so easy to go get a franchise QB everyone would have one …to toss 19tds and 9 ints with what he had to work with was amazing to me….i hope we get a franchise qb .

  29. Bucs244 Says:

    The Bucs almost had Favre on the 2008 roster? Wow, what could have been. Thanks for the info Joe.

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    At the very, very least…we have an inexpensive young backup that has NFL starting experience…..worth the 3rd round pick.
    At the most we have a franchise QB in development.
    I still say we should trade our pick and get a good QB in the later rounds to compete with Glennon.
    Johnny would be a real crapshoot….I’d rather go with Murray, McClarron or Mettenberger in the later rounds.

  31. Jordan Says:

    Joe – it is quite foolish to state that Mike Glennon has “no shot” at becoming the Bucs franchise QB. One only needs to look at Peyton Manning’s 3-13 rookie season to know that such statements are shortsighted. Let us deal in facts: Mike Glennon’s rookie season was better than Peyton Manning’s rookie season. Another Fact, Peyton Manning is now a future HOFer with a super bowl ring. Let us also keep in mind that the Bucs faced one of the toughest strength of schedules of the last 10 years. Hopefully our new coach and gm won’t be as dismissive of Mike Glennon as many on this board have been.

    Joe is not evaluating based on stats. Comparing Glennon to rookie Manning is silly. If Glennon is so good, (this is a question Joe asked on Twitter yesterday), then surely the Bucs could trade him for a first-round pick in the quarterback starved NFL? Joe doesn’t think there’s a chance for that deal, simply because Glennon doesn’t have the talent level. –Joe

  32. DontBucNH8 Says:

    Bring in Ken Whisenhunt as HC and keep Sullivan. Sullivan did have a top 9 offense a year ago and I think we could get back to that with Whisenhunt as the Coach. Whisenhunt could work with Glennon and getting Williams and Martin back will help. For a rookie Glennon’s numbers aren’t too bad and this years draft of QB’s aren’t that impressive IMO. I know we need O-line help, but Sammy Watkins at #7 looks real nice!!!

  33. Bucky23 Says:

    Lovie n Cutler. Nobody has less swag in the league than Michael Glennon.

  34. bigpoppabuc Says:

    We’re at a bit of a disadvantage compared to the other teams with new vacancies, because we have to find a gm first. I personally want Dungy.

  35. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    If Phillip Rivers is a free agent next season the Bucs should try to reunite him with V-Jax. That duo along with the Cannon Ball Doug Martin and a upgraded/fully healthy line should produce again. And lets get a pass rush going now we have a decent LB core and a upgraded secondary. Help out McCoy!

  36. Celly Says:

    bigpoppabuc Says:
    December 30th, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    Exactly number 41…. I don’t see the point in drafting QB two years in a row. If the new regime doesn’t want Glennon then they should find a proven vet.
    Panthers did it with Clausen and Cam.

    When you have a chance to upgrade a position, especially the QB, you do it.

  37. Otto Says:

    We rushed about 38 yards per game with Glennon at QB. I’m not counting Matt Ryan Jr. (haha) out after being repeatedly forced into 3rd and long as a rookie. I’d love to see real competition for QB though. Maybe a new GM will understand……

  38. PRBucFan Says:

    “Joe is not evaluating based on stats.”

    Your right, It’s purely opinion.

  39. patrickbucs Says:


    no way Rivers is a free agent after the season. He had one of his best seasons ever this year.

    Glennon is ok when he has time, he doesn’t worry defensive coordinators because they know they can hit him on his spot almost every-time. With a Manziel, Wilson, Kap, etc. you do have to worry about that and that gives coordinators fits. If Manziel is mature enough to handle the QB position he could be a star. How amny of you at 21 were loaded and a QB in the multi-media age? Me either, everyone can mature.

  40. trubucfan22 Says:

    Glennon is a bad qb. He is the worst qb in the second half of games. You can blame the coaches but glennon is just a bad qb. He can be the back up for the next 3 years but he should not start.

    Bring in ryan mallet. Hire jim caldwell as head coach and this offense will have a decent shot at being good.

  41. Jason Says:

    Glennon is terrible. I didn’t see him make one play all year. Good QBs MAKE plays. Oh 3-7 no one open ok ill just throw the ball away and we can punt!

  42. BucTrooper Says:

    Gotta say that flea flicker will be played in Bucs highlight reels forever.

  43. bucs_Sam Says:

    Demand a QB…..


    I demanded a flying car years ago, turns out it still doesn’t exist.

    Reality trumps wishes every time. Do the Colts have decades of great QBs because of owner demands or downright luck (pun intended)….

  44. Patrick Says:

    Saying that Glennon was terrible this year is foolish. For a rookie, he had a very solid first season. He’ll be back next year; maybe not as a starter but at least as a backup.

  45. Jordan Says:

    Over the last 23 years only 6 starting Rookie QBs have had higher QB passer rating than Glennon. Russell Wilson, RGIII, Newton, Matt Ryan, Cutler, and Roethlisberger. Certainly, there are many excellent QBs not on this list, but Glennon is in very good company here.

  46. TonyD Says:

    The Statue has fallen. Get someone with just a little mobility. I will admit he’s great at throwing a five yard pass on third down with ten to go.

  47. TonyD Says:

    The new coach will want “his” QB. We all know that. Freeman had a franchise record breaking year a year ago. But, wasn’t Schiano’s guy. So, he was dumped.

  48. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:


    Is Rivers even a FA next season? I was thinking if he was maybe the Bucs would spend the cash to pry him away from the Chargers. He’d have V-Jax here already and those 2 together are pretty good. Last year I’m not sure what hapepned with Rivers, but your right this year was one of his best, if not the best. I wouldn’t trade any picks for him. Johnny Football would be sweet too if we could land him.

  49. Harry Says:

    @Couch Fan Says:
    As you said to me a couple of weeks ago Couch Fan “…Blah blah blah, Keep spewwing your stupidity…”, you sound like an idiot propping up Glennon at this point.

  50. White Tiger Says:

    @Paul – why shouldn’t this site remain consistent? Josh Freeman turned in fantastic performances, engineered fourth quarter comebacks, and became one of the fastest-to-10,000 yards in the history of the NFL…only to be jeered, insulted, and hounded by this very website!

    When Gruden became the first HC to lead this team a Super-freakin’-Bowl – they almost immediately began calling for his head…even though he only had one losing season in his final 4 seasons. Under Gruden, Tampa Bay went to the Super Bowl, and won the division 3 times.

    For that, he was jeered, insulted and hounded by this very website!

    Why you no unnerstan?

    It’s their job to assign blame. Their for ya’ – till their agin’ ya’…

    They can whip you up to be for something, then they can whip you up to be against that very same thing.

    Like this team – they have no heart.

  51. Analacubana Says:

    Brees, Ryan, Newton and Glennon. LMAO in caps! Have some more Koolade Glennon mob, lmao

  52. Orca Says:

    Throw the prognostication out the window. We don’t know yet if Glennon has a chance. We don’t know who the GM and HC are yet. We don’t know if they’ll succeed in bringing in another QB. We don’t know what they’ll decide when they look at the film and meet the kid. Let’s settle down and see how this plays out. All the bold proclamations and arguing over unknowns amount to pointless wanking.

  53. PRBucFan Says:

    No TonyD he was dumped because he regressed into one of the worst QB’s this league has seen.

    The record books prove it after his showing on MNF with the Vikes.

  54. D-Rome Says:

    Over the last 23 years only 6 starting Rookie QBs have had higher QB passer rating than Glennon. Russell Wilson, RGIII, Newton, Matt Ryan, Cutler, and Roethlisberger. Certainly, there are many excellent QBs not on this list, but Glennon is in very good company here.

    Passer rating is overrated. If you want a statistic that is closer to evaluating the entirety of skills look at Total QBR. Glennon’s TQBR was much lower than all the QB’s you mentioned.

  55. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Glennon can compete and win the starter spot regardless of who becomes head coach. His production or lack thereof was to me an indication of just how bad his supporting cast was.

  56. PRBucFan Says:

    No to mention he also tied the record for most multi TD games as a rookie QB

  57. Uprayedd Says:

    These Glennon fans on this site are delusional. Wow. Im going back to that other site that I won’t mention because I don’t want to attract any of Glennon’s girls.

    Just watch some real football this weekend and see what a real QB does. Then try to imagine Glennon making those plays. And then, welcome to reality!

    Now lets get us a QB and put some points on the mf board! Glennon’s 5.2 points in the second half just doesnt cut it now does it?

  58. Upgrayedd Says:

    These Glennon fans on this site are delusional. Wow. Im going back to that other site that I won’t mention because I don’t want to attract any of Glennon’s girls.

    Just watch some real football this weekend and see what a real QB does. Then try to imagine Glennon making those plays. And then, welcome to reality!

    Now lets get us a QB and put some points on the mf board! Glennon’s 5.2 points in the second half just doesnt cut it now does it?

  59. Upgrayedd Says:

    Wow Joe, it looks likes the MGM hijacked your website. SMH. I guess they need a place to comfort each other and reassure themselves that theyre not utterly ignorant to todays NFL.

  60. PRBucFan Says:

    Hey Upgrayedd

    No QB could have come in and done better with that shiite offensive scheme and playcalling.

    With a bunch of back ups and no run game

  61. Upgrayedd Says:

    Wow you’re stubborn. You honestly dont realize that a new HC, especially an OC, will make upgrading the QB his number one priority??

    Just accept that he’s a mediocre QB, and that after years of mediocrity here in Tampa, Buc’s fans deserve a QB that can go toe-to-toe with Brees, go toe-to-toe with Newton, go toe-to-toe with Kaepernick, and so on…

  62. Upgrayedd Says:

    And enough with always blaming everybody but Mike. Its the line, its the scheme, its the injuries, its the wide receivers, its Freeman! For Gods Sakes Little Man! Its Glennon!!

  63. PRBucFan Says:

    I realize that whoever comes in WILL give Glennon the shot to compete and be our starting QB.

    That’s what I realize, if we find better and he wins the starting job GREAT.

    With all the demeaning, tough guy, thread posting you put out though it doesn’t change the fact that he’ll get that opportunity and that you still don’t know who Glennon is or will end up being as a pro. So quit talking like you know anything about his future because you my friend are not the omniscient one you imply to be.

    Thanks anyways Ms.Cleo

    Fact is he performed well behind a putrid makeshift offense, non existent run game, and horrible coaching as a rookie. He had his rookie moments but thats expected unless your one of those fans that desire to have a rookie who automatically develops into Brees in his first season.

    Again for me personally I would rather have someone who is a bit more mobile but I’m not ignorant enough to deny that Glennon can play QB, and also deny that he did some good things in the hell he was thrown into. It would be stupid not to wonder what he could do in a good situation with a line who can block for both the pass and the run, actual starters besides the one option everyone and their mom knew he was passing to, an actual coaching staff (offensive coordinator), and an offensive scheme that works. One that does not run run and require him to pass on 3rd and long every damn drive.

  64. Otto Says:

    I don’t know, man. Glennon didn’t have any 4 INT games, he read progressions, showed some pocket awareness, etc. I wouldn’t call him terrible. Many teams win championships with a great defense and a QB who simply manages the game. Our terrible running game and average defense ruined that plan. That said, it’s hard to get excited about another season with the worst QB in our division.

  65. Pruritus Ani Says:

    He wasn’t terrible. A few months ago people were clamoring for him over Freeman. Is he the answer though? I have no idea as the only offense we saw him in was what he learned drinking out of a firehose in his rookie year.

    I can say the guy doesn’t appear to be very mobile for a tall skinny guy….not a plus in the way the league has evolved.

  66. PRBucFan Says:

    I agree Pruritus

  67. mark sneed Says:

    To TampaBayBuc fan – that take on Shaun King is brilliant! I’m so tired of reading “one of only three quarterbacks to lead Tampa Bay to an NFC Championship Game” I could puke! He was marginal at best! He had a dynamic running game with Dunn & Alstott and virtually the same defense as Gruden/Johnson (who wasn’t exactly considered a franchise QB) but couldn’t get it done.
    I don’t get the reverence for Shaun King. He was a back-up that got thrust into the role. While certainly better than Dilfer, he was pretty unimpressive to me.

  68. Upgrayedd Says:

    Glennon is boring, uninspiring, mediocre, immobile, and goes down more than a Tijuana prostitute – but he would make a decent No. 2.

    With Orlo most likely gone, our new HC should bring in 2 QBs. One to start, and the other to compete with Glennon for the #2 spot.

    Again, no excuses. His QBR is ranked 27th. His yards/attempt is ranked 37th. 37TH! The stat list on espn only goes to 37! How many times on 2nd and long, 3rd & long have you seen him dink and dunk it like Dilfer?

    And btw PR, what is your fascination with fortune telling?? First referring to Joe as “Omniscient one”, with his crystal ball, and me as Ms Cleo.

    Dude, youre corny, your posts are annoying, your fascination with fortune telling is just weird, and youve got an unhealthy attachment to Mike Glennon. Let it go.

    It’s a new start in Tampa! R.I.P. Mike Glennon Mob! The more we go into the next few months, the more options there will be for a starting QB, Cant Wait!

  69. Jordan Says:

    News for you Joe – The Bucs will own the 4th best QB in the NFC South whether they have Glennon, Manziel,Cutler or Bridgewater. Do you have the audacity to suggest that Cutler and Manziel will be better than Cam, Drew, or Matt?

  70. BFFL Says:

    Glennon did a fantastic job given the circumstances. Give this guy targets and a NE patriot type scheme and he will thrive.

  71. Draft Johnny Says:

    Joe is right. We need manziel. So what he’s cocky? He back’ s it up on the field. I love his attitude and it would start a fire in this offense that glennon could never do. I don’t give a dam if he party’s so long as he comes to play on Sunday. He’s a smart kid, runs and plays hard, and is tough and competitive as hell. Oh yeah, he’s a superstar and an electric player.Do we have any of those? The answer is no. He will take this franchise to another level both in the media and on the field. DRAFT JOHNNY FOOTBALL!!

  72. Analacubana Says:

    Glennon girls! Lmao. He is so good he could not even beat out Freeman with all his issues! Bet he practices really well! Lmoa

  73. BoJim Says:

    Upgrayedd Says:

    And enough with always blaming everybody but Mike. Its the line, its the scheme, its the injuries, its the wide receivers, its Freeman! For Gods Sakes Little Man! Its Glennon!!

    Emmm. You kinda made a case to bring Glennon back. I agree. Give him the tools he needs including a HC and OC.

  74. bucemup Says:

    Glennon had a better rookie season than Bradford. When Bradford won the OROTY. This Glennon isn’t the guy stuff is obsurd. Would it be a better year if he gun slung 25TD’s and 22int’. I mean the guy went 2-1 TD/Int won 4 games with a horrible O-line a running back and a #2 WR that every team pass on over and over again. Besides V-Jax this team has nothing on offence. Foles won 1 stinking game last year as a rook threw as many Int’s as TD’s. Yet nobody said he is not starting material.

  75. bucemup Says:

    Enough with the Johny football garbage. No way he get’s past the Raider’s