Stat Sheet Goose Egg For McCoy

December 2nd, 2013

OWould this happen to Warren Sapp in his prime?

Perhaps Joe’s being unfair comparing Sapp to Gerald McCoy. But, Sapp himself did just that recently, even saying McCoy might be a better player. McCoy also declared on his Buccaneers Radio Network show Wednesday that he could become better than Sapp.

Yesterday against the Stinkin’ Panthers, McCoy didn’t show up on the traditional stats sheet. That’s the first time this season.

It’s not all McCoy’s fault. When McCoy is asked to perform what might be the most senseless defensive line stunt and blitz Joe’s seen in a while (video here), which led to the biggest Panthers play of the game, that’s a recipe for failure.

Sure, Joe knows McCoy’s job is very much about disruption and setting up others to make plays. But McCoy just didn’t have it yesterday. It’s most troubling because he’s a team captain and it was against a hated division rival.

What’s also troubling is the Bucs pass rush is pathetic — 28th in the NFL in sacks — and the run defense has gone from stellar to average.

None of that is all on McCoy. But something has to change along that defensive line. The Panthers “did a lot of double-teaming [of McCoy],” said Bucs radio voice and former tight end Dave Moore.

If McCoy is the player Bucs coaches and many analysts say he is, then the Bucs have to re-build their defensive line around him and/or change the scheme.

16 Responses to “Stat Sheet Goose Egg For McCoy”

  1. JerseyBucsFan Says:

    Bring in a real coach with a real plan on defense and McCoy will be just as great a Sapp if not better.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am puzzled why GMC didn’t perform yesterday….he seems to always show up regardless of the opponent.
    Our DL is really impotent….our sacks are coming from LBs & Safties…

    If we are true to form…we will play well against the Bills (poor team) and poorly against SF.

  3. Chris Says:

    McCoy beats up on weaker interior OL. He doesn’t show up against better teams.

  4. Warrenfb12 Says:

    No, I dont think you are being harsh joe. You are spot on. He disappears. It is unfortunate because there are days when his potential looks limitless. Other days he is getting dominated by stronger interior lineman.

  5. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “then the Bucs have to re-build their defensive line around him and/or change the scheme.”

    Just with a different guy than the one who built this one.

  6. Harry Says:

    I was going to point out that Sapp had Simeon Rice to help open things up for him in the middle. But when I checked the stats on this, I was completely wrong. The year before Rice came to the Bucs, in 2000, Sapp had freaking 16.5 sacks and was Defensive Player of the Year. The team had 55 sacks!! With Booger McFarland having 6.5 and Marcus Jones had 13. The next year, in 2001, Sapp had 6 and Rice had 11.

    So what the evidence seems to scream out Mr. McCoy is that Sapp did not need a stud DE nor Revis Island to make his job easier. Yes, he had better coaching, but that is not an adequate excuse. Get to it or stop with the Sapp comparisons

  7. yomammaplaysnosetackle Says:

    Just like the Bucs front office went all out to address our cornerback issues, we need them to get us some OL and DL guys. GMC has had his opportunity to prove himself. You can have a load of potential but never see that produced on the field. If we don’t go after a new head coach, we need to at least get a new defensive coordinator. Watching videos of the 2002 Bucs defense and then watching what we have now is depressing.

  8. Chris Says:

    Sapp was awesome without an elite De. People fail to see that.

  9. Chris Says:

    If you ask me , Revis and goldson have been busts. Goldson gets beat all day and every day. Revis hasn’t bee worth what we shelled out for him. Just think we could have had Start Loutelleli.

  10. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Chris Say
    “If you ask me , Revis and Goldson have been busts.”

    I agree with you on Goldson. To me he is the only selfish player on the team. His refusal to bend to the rules has cost the team more than it has gained.

    As to Revis, I only halfway agree. The truth is no CB is worth the money paid for him. That aside, he is still very good and getting better. His groin injury slowed him down this week, but he has been productive while playing.

    The problem is Banks is 1-2 years away from becoming great and we have no one else worth starting after that. That’s why I think we need to keep Revis through next year, draft another CB in the mid rounds and check the Free Agents (including undrafted) for some talent.

    As soon as we can get two younger more suitable starters we should cut him (Banks and whoever else). I’m guessing it will take until the 2015 season unless we get lucky.

    Which may well work out since IF Glennon is any good he’ll be due for a new contract.

  11. C. Alaka Says:

    You guys sound (no disrespect) STUPID!…let’s get this out the way Sapp is a 1st time ballot Hall Of Famer…Sapp is a monster BUT let’s not forget he played in a era where D was still D…you not throwing seam routes in the middle w/ Lynch or Philips patrolling…everything is designed for O these days…I think McCoy is special player & is the ultimate team player…he does what is asked of him, so knock it off…if any of you ppl actually watch football & watch McCoy then this talk of McCoy being elite would cease…McCoy, David, Barron studs!…all picked by Marky D!

  12. sho-nuff Says:

    weak sauce always was always will be…sorry I just dont see it

  13. Harry Says:

    @C Alaka:
    “no disrespct”? Really? “…if any of you ppl actually watch football…” – I watch a lot of football, essential every game the Bucs play and more. I have been a Bucs fan for over 20 years. Yes, the game has changed, but, seam routes have been around a while (why do they call that the West Coast offense – Steve Young and the 49ers, just as an example…).

    Further, McCoy has a pretty good secondary behind him, at least equal to what Sapp had, if not better.

    No one said McCoy sucks. But the fact is he is no where near Sapp’s level. McCoy is at 6 sacks, so far, his highest production in his career. To be fair, McCoy was hobbled his first couple of years, so lets just take his last two: 5 sacks last year, and as I said 6 now. Sapp in his 2nd year had 9, then 10.5, 7, 12.5 and 16.5.

    Can McCoy get there? Maybe, but all this bs talk needs to get backed up. I like Old School – let your game do your talking for you. I love him, great person, great player, but McCoy is not there yet

  14. Chris Says:

    I think mccoy is a good player but he’s not the elite tier player you would expect him to be. He’s not going to make the players around him better. He shoots through gaps but he overpursuits. He was never a high sack pass rusher at Oklahoma. He was good. He was a great run defender coming out as a prospect.

    I think people blame stunts. But sapp ran a lot of them with rice. It’s do they know how to run them. ?

  15. BuccoBill Says:

    Lets fire all the players except for LD and all the coaches and the front office blah…..blah……blah……blah……… We need to draft a QB, DE, SLB, 2 TE’s, 2CB’s and an entire offensive line in the 1st round of the draft blah………..blah…………blah………….blah……… We need to hire (insert HOF coaches name here) blah………….blah………..blah………….blah………. I’m so smart that I should be the owner/GM/head coach/O&D coordinator blah…………blah………..blah……….blah………. Because, OMG! we lost to a team that very well may play in the SUPER BOWL this year.

    Thank god cooler heads prevail.

  16. Oahubuc Says:

    Um, we also had this guy Monte Kiffin whose boots our current coaches aren’t fit to lick. And there will be no more Warren Sapps. Ever.