Schiano’s Bucs Life Rides On Bills Game?

December 7th, 2013

greg schiano 1031Seemingly shunning (or perhaps embracing?) the rollercoaster perception game of a long NFL season, veteran Tampa Tribune sports columnist Martin Fennelly penned a piece about how he can’t imagine Greg Schiano keeping his job if Tampa Bay loses to the Bills Sunday.

Is Fennelly right?

Lose to the Bills and all the recent Kumbayas and “We … are … family” stuff goes out the window. 

Lose to the Bills and Schiano’s belated hearts-and-minds tour won’t make a dent. 

Schiano is scrambling for traction, because he knows 4-12 and 3-13 don’t have much, if any. 

He even did radio with local firebrand Steve Duemig. One Bucs blogger described it as a “powerful landmark interview.” Eat your heart out, Frost-Nixon. 

Lose to the Bills … 

You don’t lose to the Bills. 

You just got crushed at Carolina. You got crushed, and you can’t get crushed again. 

And losing to the Bills would be twice as bad as losing to the Panthers.

Joe can’t go all doom and gloom yet, not after the Bucs showed they could beat a good team on the road in Detroit.

San Francisco comes to Tampa on Dec. 15, and the Niners have been inconsistent this season and have just one win against a team currently with a winning record, an October home victory against Arizona. After that, the Bucs head to bumbling St. Louis, led by the immortal Kellen Clemens and his 51 percent completion rate.

Joe just can’t arbitrarily circle those games as losses, like Joe does the season finale in New Orleans.

Yes, a loss to Buffalo would have legions of Bucs fans dusting off and mailing those letters to Santa asking for Schiano to get a new job for Christmas, but the head coach would still have plenty of time to soothe the natives with more wins.

Joe would endorse a Schiano return if the Bucs win two more games. Joe could sleep at night knowing the Bucs went 5-3 in the second half of the season against  a brutal schedule. And Joe suspects Team Glazer would be comfortable with the direction of the team in that scenario.

And about those Bills, they’re not a good team. They’re a team that can’t close out games with a rookie quarterback who’s up and down and winless on the road.

There are no excuses for the Bucs on Sunday, and Joe expects a victory.

36 Responses to “Schiano’s Bucs Life Rides On Bills Game?”

  1. Vic Says:

    If they lose Sunday, they suck ass, but there’s still time to recover. If he’s really righted the ship, they’ll win two of these last four.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I expect a win on Sunday….but just because I expect it doesn’t mean it will happen.
    Its rediculous to say a loss will cost Schiano his job…there are three games left after the Bills game. What if he went 3-0….does he still lose his job? Fennelly is an idiot fo making the statement…..very few of us would make it.

  3. Laughing Stock II Says:

    Wait Joe Wait

    Lets be realistic. Yeah, I’m proud of he Bucs getting the win in Detroit. But that win was pretty much gifted by Matthew Stafford. Let’s not think those teams playing at their best would equal a Bucs victory. That game is not a real measure as to where we are as a team.

    I do think loosing o the Bills will support my point as to where we really are. That is why fans are upset.

    2014 deserves an experience coaching staff.

  4. Ed Says:

    The same old junk with coach Schiano, this is a win or go home league. If you can win join Freeman in the inactive box.

  5. k_bassuka Says:

    I don’t know why will the Glazers keep a guy to be in charge of the team when he continues to misuse the talent on the roster. Yeah he seems not to have lost the team, but the only times the team looked good has been when they have gone away from everything Schiano tried to bring to TB. Less stunts, taking more risks on offense, and continue to keep the foot on the pedal when winning games.

    There’s too much talent on this team not to bring a HC that can compete and get the best out of the Glazers investment.

  6. Brandon Says:

    I think the talent in Buffalo is there to give the Bucs fits. Their DL is dominating, leading the league in sacks, their offense is fast and explosive, and the closest equivalent schematically to the Eagles, who rolled through us. EJ Manuel is not great, but unlike Tannehill, he is a young QB that will use his legs and mobile QBs have killed this Buc defense… and Manuel is the closest to Cam Newton on our schedule (physically-Kaepernick is similar too, but Manuel and Newton are very close in physical stature and ability).

    I don’t think we’ll be able to block Buffalo’s front four, and I think our defense will prove leaky with Buffalo running a spread-style attack like the Eagles.

  7. Macabee Says:

    This is a game we should win and I believe we will win. But Schiano and Sheridan at their press conferences are making me a little nervous about whether they think they can win.

    They are asking for 12th man help against the Bills no huddle and giving props to their rush defense and running game as if we’re playing a Super Bowl team.

    Maybe it’s just me but that looks like pre-game anxiety to me. Maybe they do think this is a critical must-win game. With Jackson and Revis not appearing to be 100%, Glennon and Rainey must win this game!

  8. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I can’t get a feel of whether the Bucs will win this week’s game or not. It escapes me. The Bills might be a team the Bucs have an overall winning record against, or is that the Lions? I’ll get hoarse yelling at the team on the tv regardless of the outcome.

  9. Snook Says:

    Sick of the Detroit “gifted” comments…

    Who do you think forced those INTs? The Bucs did by creating pressure against an O-Line who is very good.

    Was it really a gift that Megatron got laid out on the final INT? Give me a break.

    Stop with the Detroit gifted the Bucs that win garbage. Its idiot talk.

  10. Harry Says:

    “…Josh Freeman’s not sure why he’s not playing…” – funny article in PFT on Thursday. The best part of the article about this team wreaker are in the comment section. As an example, “…I’d rather MRSA in my locker room than Freeman at QB. Too bad the Bucs had to go with both…”. It is good reading, for NON-Freemanites that is, lol

  11. j.a. Says:

    Let’s keep it nice and quiet for the Bills tomorrow during the game. We have a reputation to uphold. Remember, Raymond James Stadium, “Home of the 10th Man”

  12. Kevin Says:

    Detriot isn’t what I’d call a “good” team…..talented? Yes. Good? Meh…..

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Fennelly is a horrible writer. Not because of the content of his article, but because it is a very poorly written article.

    As to the topic, I think if the Bucs lose out Schiano may still continue being coach of the Bucs. I just have my doubts that the Glazers will give him less than 3 years.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    Wow, I just saved 15% on car insurance…..
    Who Cares?

  15. Patrickbucs Says:

    Schiano is not a good coach, he still hasn’t learned from all of his mistakes on the job. If they are going to keep him and bring in new coordinators you might as well get a new coach as well as those philosophies most likely will change anyway. We cannot have another year plus of this awful coaching

  16. NY Buc Says:

    Barring epic quit or non-competive games Schiano will be back next year whether they loose this Sunday, the following Sunday, or the rest of them. Haters will have to deal with it…totally agree with those who’ve said the Glazers will give Schiano a mulligan for all the off-field chaos earlier in the year, all the injuries to key starters, and the very important fact that the past two Schiano + Dominick drafts have produced significant roster talent that is contributing on game day. Add in no off-field arrests and players buying into the message and you’ve got enough positives to give the guy another season.

  17. Brewmaster Says:

    This team looked real bad during the exhibition season so I’m not surprised by their record and I won’t be shocked if they lose to Buffalo. I said they were A 5-11 team coming out of camp and I may be proven wrong if they do lose to Buffalo. 3-13 is a real possibility. Buy into that harsh reality.

  18. BucsFan68 Says:

    No excuses for the 3-9 record with the talent on this team. To use the coach’s own words, this is a performance based league. Going 7-9 in your first year and then going 7-9 again or worse is not an improvement; the previous coach had a 13-19 record (3-13 to 10-6) after 2 seasons. This game is a must win.

  19. Ryan Says:

    Ur Crazy Joe… This coach does not deserve to keep his job even if he wins every game the rest of the season by 50 pts each. We know who this coach is, he is a coach who lost his 1st 8 games… COMEON!!! ur kidding me! Raheem lost his job for the same thing, but the white coach with 10 times as much talent gets a 2nd chance WTF is that??? Raheem had way less talent and Mccoy was out the whole season that year. Think if mccoy was out all this year too we probably still wouldn’t have won a game… SCHIANO HAS TO GO.. UR NOT GONNA WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP WITH A MEDIOCRE COACH IT JUST DOENST HAPPEN SORRY!

  20. Patrickbucs Says:


    Don’t recall any major injuries last year after our 6-4 start other then Nicks? This year early on we had most of our starters or projected starters but we still lost. I just dont see where all these new positives are from this year compared to last year besides a few obvious ones.

    There are a number of teams that started off poorly for various reasons: steelers, giants, eagles, jags, that have all bounced back as well. I just can’t wrap my mind around that Schiano should be back for another year. MRSA has effected in reality 1 true starter that’s it. Coach was a major contributor to the Freeman debacle right or wrong. We still lost the next 5 without Freeman period. Why should fans or season ticket holders continue to wait for how many years to get to the playoffs?

  21. Couch Fan Says:

    Why should fans or season ticket holders continue to wait for how many years to get to the playoffs?


    Because thats what fans do!! Fans support there team whether they are winning or losing….

    If you dont like it then go support another team. Fake fans arent needed.

  22. bigpoppabuc Says:

    The next three games won’t matter… A loss at home to the bills and this team will cash it in with the fan base. I absolutely agree that a loss on Sunday will seal Schiano’s fate and I think he knows this.

  23. aj Says:

    i like winning, but schiano can’t stay around for another year. We’ll just be stuck with more idiotic line stunts and blitzes, and putting revis in zone, and on 3rd and 2 having a 4 vertical passing play. Can’t waste another year of this talent with schiano as coach, we’ll never get anywhere. he’s gotta go

  24. PRBucFan Says:


    P.S. Ryan your an absolute tool

    Signed, Tony Dungy

  25. Paul Says:

    I want to see us stomp the Bills, but I now understand why people were rooting for us to lose. I thought Schiano’s fate was already sealed. I never realized that Schiano could win a couple games against some garbage teams and become the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.

  26. Patrickbucs Says:


    I’ve had season tickets since 98, hit countless road games and attended the SuperBowl win. I’m still a fan obviously but if organizationally they don’t care why should i and many other fans continue to do so? This is a failing franchise period, the owners and GM only publicly speak when we’re winning (not much at all) and because we win a few meaningless games that’s a thumb’s up for the season? Jacksonville has more wins then us ugh

    I just wish there was more accountability in this organization is all. Also put in the new scoreboards for god’s sakes lol!

  27. lee Says:

    WHY would any season tkt holder want Schiano back ? with the talent on this team ,he is a joke . The bucs could have Lovie Smith,etc next year so why stick with a loser. Im sick of the bucs being a low life team in the nfl

  28. PRBucFan Says:

    Well seems like you have already made your decision.

    Don’t let the door.. Well, lol, chow

  29. Splengo Says:

    Couch Fan,

    Lighten up pal. Schiano has not met your low threshold to return. I assume you’re a man of conviction and would stay true to your word! Hold people accountable. I’m counting on you to be there for the celebration! Lol.

  30. PRBucFan Says:

    It’s gonna suck for some of you cause Schiano most likely is going to stick around for at least another season.

    Glazers are business men, their not going to want to pay a man that is no longer with the organization next season.

    His contract is fresh, they’ll get one more season lol

  31. MTM Says:

    Win or lose I hope the Glazers release Schiano back to Jersey. The Glazers essentially hired D2 coach with a losing record as head coach. I’m not upset with Schiano. He just failed upward. Much like Lane Kiffin. Bring in a head coach who knows what it looks like. Schiano is not that coach plain and simple.

  32. Mr. T Says:

    This game is a toss up from what I can see. If the bills front 4 dominate like Carolinas we will have problems running, passing and scoring, we have to hope the olines performance will be significantly better than last week. Our run defense should be able to shut their running game down. I feel better for our chances with Manuel trying to beat us through the air

    I agree if we win 2 out of the next 4 Schiano will be back next year, if we lose all of them then I’m not so sure. Should be an interesting month.

  33. Fritz50 Says:

    “Glazers are business men, their not going to want to pay a man that is no longer with the organization next season”

    And yet, they paid Gruden for , what, 3 Years after he left ? Well, so much for yor theory. Not sure if Schiano stays, or goes, but if he is canned, it won’t be based on the time left on his contract.

  34. Mach Says:

    Keep schiano.. Although I think he needs a new OC and DC. Maybe someone young who thinks outside the box. That will keep a good balance with shiano been a traditionally concervative old school coach.

  35. PRBucFan Says:

    Your point?

    Unless you can prove that they make it a habit of wasting their money your insinuation is laughable.

    Their money hasn’t just grown on trees.

  36. Ryan Says:


    Why do u like schiano so much, why is losing ur 1st 8 games acceptable to you?? thats crazy with the payroll we have, there is no excuse… He has got to go and i think he will. The bucs will win this week then probably lose the rest of the season.