Schiano: Defense Is “A Couple Of Pieces Away”

December 19th, 2013

Greg Schiano says the Bucs are close to dominant

 “We have good players, proven methods, good schemes, good coaches. So when you have all those good components and you’re doing things the right way, it’ll turn. You know everybody who’s been in competitive athletics goes through some stretches where, you know, they wish it were better. But if you have the components, now you’re kidding yourself if you don’t have the components, then you’re just wishing, but I know we have the components. So you just gotta stick to our guns and it’ll turn.” — Greg Schiano, Sept. 20, 2013.

Wait a minute, Greg Schiano said three months ago that all the components were in place for the Bucs to win. Perhaps that was accurate, given that the Bucs have won four of six games.

But Schiano had a somewhat different assessment today, when talking about building a championship defense at One Buc Palace.

“We’re a couple of pieces away I think from being a dominant defense,” Schiano said. “We have some good players, some really good players. So we’ll just keep working at it. And I think some of those pieces are going to develop into being dominant players. You know we have some young kids here that I think have the upside to be special. Our whole philosophy is draft and develop anyway, and that’s really what we got to do. We gotta continue to do that.”


So what pieces do you need, Coach? Well, Schiano wouldn’t go there when asked the follow-up question.

“I think you’re pretty much in tuned to what it is,” Schiano said after explaining why he didn’t want to reveal his thinking.

Schiano went on to say Will Gholston is a prime example of a special talent on the rise. (Dare Joe say a double-digit sack guy?)

Yes, it’s clear the Bucs need pass rushers, two would be nice, but one good one would be spectacular. A stout, starting-caliber cornerback to compete with Johnthan Banks would be darn sweet, too.

33 Responses to “Schiano: Defense Is “A Couple Of Pieces Away””

  1. Daffy Buc Says:

    We are only a couple of guys away from a dominant defense!! Yahoo, if only we could use the talent the right way.

    They should let David call the plays for the defense and let Glennon call the plays on offense. Save money and can the coordinators.

  2. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    Now that Freeman is gone, his contract and future contract is gone. Glennon is actually better too.

    This means the Bucs can spend like heck again in fre agency:
    1) Top DE
    2) Top CB
    3) Top WR
    4) Top LB
    5) Back up QB
    Then maybe just draft offensive linemen… like San Fran did that year when they drafted their whole offensive line in 2 years.

    Then after next year… get rid of either or both of our expensive veteran Guards contracts… and Penn too.

  3. Orca Says:

    A dominant defense has to have quality depth too. The LBs, beyond David and Foster, are still pretty suspect. They don’t have a third DT worth mentioning, and of course the DEs are lacking. Gholston is coming on and maybe Means can develop into a pass rusher. But yeah, they’re closer on defense than they are on offense.

  4. oldfart44 Says:

    We know about personnel, we know about schemes. Maybe he would like to elaborate on methods and good coaches because he certainly isn’t a good coach by any stretch of the imagination.

    What a travesty. If by chance he happens to stay the Bucs will go backwards, or forever be struck in mediocrity.

    Merry Xmas from Arizona

  5. BIG SIR Says:

    I’m done listening and reading to what this guy has to say. I got pink eye from reading his load of sh*t day in and day out.

  6. Orca Says:

    Spending like crazy in FA will be a little harder than the last few years. They’ve got some space, but nothing like before, and they’re gonna need to start thinking about locking up GMC, which will be pricey.

  7. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Hey Coach, how about the offense?

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Khalil Mack should be there at 7 or 8…..selet him, Sammy Watkins or trade down for multiple picks….
    Mack may count as the “2 pieces” we need….he’s that good….
    Maybe he can bring Means along with him….(Buffalo Buddies)

  9. Keith Says:

    I’m a couple of wins away from renewing my four season tickets …

  10. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Barring any changes to the regime, the Bucs will not break the bank to pursue a premier free agent DE as a “piece” Schiano is talking about. Money is a huge issue. Here is the way it is going to play out:
    Newsflash: We have the worst ranked offense in the league. Many injuries to playmakers, but do you think Dom and Schiano are going to allow this O line to remain as-is? I don’t. LTs Eugene Monroe and Jared Veldheer could be had for not too steep a price. Can also give Glennon an extra weapon or two to thrive. Kenny Britt – Greg Schiano reunion, perhaps?
    2015 Defensive FAs: Mason Foster, Adrian Clayborn, Gerald McCoy, Da’Quan Bowers; Now that Clayborn and Bowers will be a year off pretty serious injuries and are in contract years, the Bucs would be throwing away opportunities to not resign them for cheap if they play up to their draft position next year. McCoy is going to get paid handsomely either this offseason or next, and Foster has more than proven himself to stay.
    Casillas, Watson, and Hayward are all free agents THIS offseason. Our entire SAM linebacker corps. Hayward should be resigned immediately, as he can play backup to all three linebacker positions and is a special teams monster. Watson proved himself to be a pass-rusher off the end and Casillas was reliable before going on IR, but neither are necessary cogs to the defense. This is why the Buccaneers need to do everything in their power to snag Anthony Barr in the first round, giving the Bucs an elite SAM linebacker and edge rusher. With the way UCLA stunts or allows Barr to drop back into coverage against TEs he will have a seamless transition to make a huge impact. Bucs would have one of the most dominant linebacker corps in the nation. Resign Watson to have a backup SAM/3rd down edge rusher.
    That leaves the following roster available at DE next season: A healthy and hungry duo of Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers, William Gholston, and Stephen Means. Watson and Barr could come in to play ends on passing downs. Teo-Neshim is a free agent this offseason and should not be resigned. Pick up a cheap DE off free agency or go to the extent of Lamarr Houston or Jared Allen for not too steep a price.
    Just a spitball idea, but where the Bucs are, I believe this is the ideal situation. Get Anthony Barr!!!!

  11. knucknbuc Says:

    If schiano says it. It must be true….lmao couldn’t keep a straight face there

  12. Westsidebucsfan Says:

    What about the offense?

  13. BucsFan68 Says:

    Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    December 19th, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    Now that Freeman is gone, his contract and future contract is gone. Glennon is actually better too.
    Let’s see where Glennon is at after he has played in 59 games (the same amount Freeman played in). 11 games down 48 to go.

  14. BucTrooper Says:

    I really think they need a scheme and a DE.

  15. Greg Says:

    I aqree…those pieces are Ronnie Lott, Lawrence Taylor and Reggie White…in their prime..not now.

  16. That Guy Says:

    Another day, another round of excuses from Gregory.

    Has it been noted that when he was asked the other day why he was so determined to run the ball against San Fran, despite the fact that they have a dominant run defense, Gregory’s answer was, “Because we’re a running team.” Idiot. That’s literally the level of offensive game planning we get from this team.

  17. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I’d love to use the “defense wins championships” line here but your offense stinks Greg I don’t even think you could win with the Bucs old HoF defense. Shaun King couldn’t do it.

  18. BeeMoney Says:

    I would take CB Brent Grimes or Chris Harris (Slot CB) & DE Jared Allen! With Those Pieces This Defense Is Top 5 Hands Down!!!!

  19. Bucs or Gtfo Says:

    Doesn’t matter how much talent you bring in if they aren’t coached up right & not used properly(see d-line stunts & Revis in zone). This coaching staff(Schiano) has no idea how to win in the NFL.

  20. Jim Says:

    The offense was ranked 9th last year, with Freeman. This year with Schiano’s guy at qb, the offense is ranked 32nd. ” Mike Glennon gave the Bucs the best chance to win”. The real problem is Schiano only knows how to coach ‘yes men’. If the Bucs would have resigned Bennet and his TE brother, this would have been a much different team.

  21. IknowmorethanJoe Says:

    too bad the team is a coach and QB way from being a good team.

  22. MTM Says:

    Schiano should take a note from his bestist buddy Belichet and say next nothing. Its all BS! “Schiano can’t win with him” .

  23. That Guy Says:

    Jim, we don’t need a TE. We converted a Rutgers WR to play the position! A true Schiano Man!

  24. Macabee Says:

    A little capology courtesy of Albert Breer and Pat Yasinskas:

    The NFL is projecting a salary cap of $126.3 million for the 2014 league year, according to NFL Media’s Albert Breer. That total would be roughly a 2.6-percent increase from this season’s $123 million cap number. The additional $3.3 million could be used on top of the salary cap carry over from this season.

    According to Pat Yasinskas, the Bucs are in a good position. They currently have just over $115 million committed to 45 players for 2014. As it stands right now, the Bucs would have about $10 million to play with in free agency. But there’s more good news on the horizon. They are just over $7 million under this year’s salary cap and they can carry any unused space over until next year.

    This does not take into account the possibility of cuts, trades, or restructures like the Jackson/Nicks restructures of year-end 2012. Either way the Bucs go about it, they should have somewhere around $17 million in cap space for 2014.

  25. WinterSpringsBucsFan Says:

    I would like to see how having Gerald Mccoy and Jared allen line up next to each other would play out. Add Spence and Claiborne and that could make a difference. But our O-line needs serious work.

  26. Harry Says:

    If the defense is a couple of pieces away, what is the status of the offense? I believe it is ranked #32, right? This is how a defensive minded coach thinks – f**k the offense.

  27. oldfart44 Says:

    If Schiano’s idea behind a running team I assume to be clock control, then has it not been proven with good blocking that the backups behind Martin can do the job, then why not trade him for a draft choice?

    I don’t think he is particularly effective as a receiver. In addition, I think he was used far too much.

    What do you think?

  28. bucs55 Says:

    Old fart

    u actually like Mike james better then Martin he’s more patience and he sees his holes before he hits them

  29. chickster Says:


  30. BucinNC Says:

    It’s clear we all dislike freeman but can we honestly say that glennon is sooooooo much better than him. I am in now way shape or form defending josh but “schianos guy” clearly is not anywhere near what us true bucs fans were expecting.

    Could josh have done better this year or….

    Again, I am in no way shape or form saying that josh is the answer or better than glennon but we keep giving glennon a pass. Is glennon really sooooooooo much better than freeman?

  31. JonBuc Says:

    Greggy and Glennon are only a couple of 1/2 dozen wins way from contending…

  32. Splengo Says:

    Hard to find Buc faithful!

  33. teacherman777 Says:

    Bucs faithful right here!

    Our defense is HARD!

    We hung with the 49ers!

    We hung with Seattle!

    We beat Detroit.

    We have a rock solid defense!

    Thank god!

    Our offense, was unlucky this year. We lost Mike Wlliams, Carl Nicks, and Doug Martin. Then Davin Joseph just never returned to form.

    You cant blame the offensive struggles solely on Schiano. There were many factors.

    I for one, have seen the NOTICABLE difference in defensive EFFORT, SPEED, amd INTENSITY since Coaach Raheem and his party crew have left town!

    Go Bucs!

    And Viva Schiano!

    Go get us some more draft steals!