Quit Watch Sparked By Adrian Clayborn

December 2nd, 2013


Greg Schiano and his supporters are going to have to forgive Joe here for dropping the dreaded “Q” word.

Joe is still in a state of shock over the end of the Raheem Morris administration, when the Bucs clearly rolled over for a belt-whipping over and over again. Serial loafer Sean Jones is a fixture of Joe’s nightmares.

It’s because of that painful experience that Joe’s on high alert for signs of the Bucs quitting for Schiano. Yesterday and today, a red flag arose.

Speaking to reporters this afternoon at One Buc Palace, Adrian Clayborn offered an explanation of what went wrong with the Bucs in Charlotte.

“After watching the film we know why we lost, we wasn’t playing with that much passion on every play,” Clayborn said. “And we wasn’t gang tackling and we wasn’t doing the stuff that we’d been doing the past three weeks to win the game.

Can you put your finger on why, Adrian?

“No. I mean we started off good. But I guess stuff happens within the game and guys get frustrated, Clayborn said. “So we just gotta learn how to play through that stuff.”

Joe’s speechless. Perhaps Clayborn was referring to the lack of effort by him and others at the end of this key play? Frankly, that play made Joe want to vomit.

Now Joe’s not going to go overboard and call the Bucs quitters. That just hasn’t been the case.

And Joe’s confident the Bucs will bounce back and play good football Sunday against Buffalo. But Joe’s radar is cranked up tonight.

Justly so. (You can hear Clayborn’s quote below, via WDAE-AM 620).

30 Responses to “Quit Watch Sparked By Adrian Clayborn”

  1. That Guy Says:

    I’m sure the D Line was thrilled we went back to using those ineffective stunts again.

    Just saw Private Pyle Schiano on the local teevee station and he said that if you don’t include the 60 yard run that Cam had, they did contain him. What a freaking moron.

  2. NY Buc Says:

    Not sure what happened to Clayborn, maybe the injury last season isn’t 100% yet? That guy had a non-stop motor in his rookie year. I doubt he’ll quit on his team, on his coach, or on himself as a professional.

  3. BucFan 20 Says:

    He was hell on wheels before the injury. You heard his name all the time. Now almost never. Has he recovered or has this scared him he may get hurt again?

  4. Fairteacher Says:


    Pretty sure he is talking about himself. Go back and watch the long run from cam, positive I saw him jogging to chase him down.

  5. PRBucFan Says:

    AC has been wreaking havoc the last 4 weeks.

    The entire line got handled yesterday.

  6. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    on any team put together by tehe pop-star, your quit radar should be up. You don’t finish 4th, 3rd, 4th and 4th in your division by accident.

  7. PRBucFan Says:

    Before yesterday AC had been playing like a man possessed since the Seattle game.

    Nothing is wrong with him, the whole line got manhandled.

    A man possessed? You must be watching different film. –Joe

  8. Justin Says:

    AC is talking about the defense. I thought the D played a decent game. The offense, not so much.

  9. Ak Says:

    I hate admitting this but it felt like after the Panthers established both lines of scrimmage, they really did “out physical” us and take us to the woodshed…many point to the Glennon fumble but really, Carolina going for it on 4th down before the half and scoring the TD was the final straw- and even if they hadn’t gotten it, they felt confident w/ a 10-6 lead. But, 17-6 after they basically said “here it is, we’re running it, try and stop us” and we didn’t? Game, set, match.

  10. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    These line stunts are counter productive, with the personnel we employ. When we get this wack coaching staff out of here( Except Bostad, Byner & Cox).

    Employ some type of hybrid defensive scheme(scheme diverse). Hire either Baltimore’s Ted Monachino, or 49ers Jim Tomsula to run the scheme. Utilize AC the same way that Baltimore utilizes Terrell Suggs(Rush end). Watch out.

  11. Patrickbucs Says:

    I made a comment about the team yesterday and my perceived lack of effort on their part. Just because a team is better then you doesn’t mean you can’t play with passion. Lions are a better team then we are but we still had excellent effort. Not just because we won but they passed the eye test. Other then the 1st drive or so offensively no juice.

  12. JK Says:

    Stinkin Josh Freeman

  13. jo mama Says:


    I know you need things to write about every day, but come on man….. AC does not strike me as being the goto person to get the teams pulse.

    it sounds like he was just reaching for things to say to sound have way intelligent and maybe land a broadcasting career once his playing days are over and he gets a hair cut.

    Spin the comments any way you like.

    What spin? Clayborn was crystal clear. The audio is here for all.–Joe

  14. Danny Says:

    Drew Brees just threw a pick-6 to Michael Bennett. SMH

  15. BFFL Says:

    Foster and clayborn are average at best and would only start on 1 or 2 teams in this league. Bowers wouldn’t even make the practice squad of any other team in this league. Sheridan is an awful DC that was basically shunned from this league. The glazers need to wake the F up and bring in some real NFL people to run the organization. It’s time to bring in Jerry Deangelo as GM, Lovie Smith as HC and Rod Marinelli as DC.

  16. jo mama Says:


    come on man….my whole point is you have to consider the source. you know as much as anyone that athletes rarely ever give you something to write about. Look at tom brady manning brees, they all are smooth and talk one game at a time bs.

    AC, gets a little too cute with his answer and all of a sudden its an indictment on the team quitting on the coach a.k.a. spin.

    if you were to ask him is the team quiting or individual players quiting, I am sure you will get a different answer.

    AC didn’t get cute with his answer.–Joe

  17. Harry Says:

    What a lazy dirt bag.

  18. BucsQcCity Says:


    You do realize that Sheridan use AC to cover the TE downn field.. No wonder the guy can’t get sack.. At this rate he may have more int than sacks at the end of season.. Sheridan and schiano collge schemes are to blame for the lack of productivity.

    LVD plays makes coaching look better than they are. He’s elite.. Mccoy is above average but he’s trapped in dancing mode.. Spence has potential, Te’o is garbage and it seems that we will never see what Bowers can do once he get a feels for the game because he’s BENCHED for chirpin I guess

  19. Andrew 1 Says:

    In the first half there were D lineman hustling 10 yards down the field to make a tackle. Second half, not so much. I don’t think this team will quit with only 4 games left, especially when they had so many chances before.

  20. Awaiting moderation Says:

    I can’t emphasize how dumb it was to release bennett. I’m so tired of all the rhetoric and excuses. It’s always the same bs line from Shiano. Every team has injuries this time of year that’s why you have something the bucs don’t seem to comprehend it’s called depth. Dominick has proved mediocre in the draft but I also think our scouting dept must really be piss poor too.

  21. Que589 Says:

    “Stuff happens within the game and guys get frustrated”

    That don’t sound right to me either Joe.

  22. Awaiting moderation Says:

    The filters on this site suck

  23. Patrickbucs Says:


    Glad your not running things moving forward. Are you kidding me? One of the worse gm’s in the game, ask any Bears fan.

  24. PRBucFan Says:

    Yup these past weeks since Seattle he has been constantly creating pressure off the edge.

    Announcers every week would single out his hustle.

    You might wanna rewatch that film.

  25. Stranger Says:

    The only problem with Clayborn’s performance this year is the fact that Sheridan uses him like a 3-4 OLB.

  26. ButIt941 Says:

    He’s probably tired of losing, and now starting to throw in the towel. Since he’s been here it’s been a fiasco. He’s watching a guy who i am sure was like a mentor in M. Bennett leave and be on a Superbowl bound Seattle team. My gut just hurts for these guys and i am not the one playing. Honestly, I can’t blame him if he is a bit from time to time right now. The season is a failure. It had a good bright spot on what this team can be, but for now it’s just kind of, well sad about sums it up.

    Since AC has been on this team i have seen a guy with a non stop motor who went hard every play. I notice a few players on this team who you can clearly notice “Not giving it their all” during the loosing streak.

  27. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    I guy with a non stop motor , who goes hard mean that the Bucs have a DE that can’t get to the QB.

  28. Paul Says:

    Couldn’t see it on the broadcast tape, because it doesn’t show the receivers routes, but when the coaches tape comes out, I suspect that VJ was quitting on his routes. Saw him do that to Glennon before at Seattle, VJ gets doubled and appears to quit trying as the game goes on.

  29. GBG Says:

    Sherdian needs to quit stuntin’ and encourage Clayborn to get his hand back in the dirt, as he doesn’t have that same explosion he does standing up opposed to being in his stance.

  30. Jim Says:

    Clayborn missed his gap, jumped into the air, and let Cam run. Horrible football.