No “Look And See”

December 24th, 2013

Sunday is about winning, not personnel.

The Bucs are marching up to New Orleans to beat the Saints on Sunday and there will be no deviation from the plan. This isn’t a preseason game, Greg Schiano explained today.

Joe asked Schiano if he might give young players extra snaps or rest any banged up veterans, or even approach the game with that possibility in mind.

“We don’t,” Schiano responded. “We’re such a young team trying to establish our culture and how we’re going to do things. We want to win the football game. When you’re involved in competitive athletics, you know, you may say, ‘well, you’re 4-11,’ well you know what, that last game sticks with you. And you gotta live with that taste the entire offseason. Our guys need to play. If you’re healthy enough to play, you should play. That’s what we do. We only get 16 games a year. That’s how I look at it. And then if you’re fortunate, you get more.

“So we get paid to play and coach 16 games a year minimum. And anybody who’s able, we’re going to do that. Looking at guys? No. When I ask the guys to lay it on the line every week, and study, you know, and take care of their bodies, and practice and play with pain, I don’t think it would be right for me then to turn around and say, ‘We’re going to do a little experimenting here.’ You know, they’re going to lay it on the line to win the game. I’m going to do everything I can to win the game with personnel.”

Schiano went on to say the 2014 preseason is his time to evaluate players in game conditions.

Later in his news conference, Schiano said of the Saints-Bucs game, “It’s our playoff game.”

Ok, Coach. Joe’s going to buy in and play along. If this is the Bucs’ playoff game, the Bucs’ do-or-die shining moment in New Orleans for a 4:25 p.m. flexed game, then Joe expects to see — win or lose — rabid intensity and the best coaching job of the season. Anything less won’t be acceptable.

17 Responses to “No “Look And See””

  1. 911bucs Says:

    Heck no play to win. With a win hopefully the deserving Cardinals will make it, since were out of it.

  2. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Schiano loses, and he’s gone. Simple as that. Cannot finish the season 4-12, especially after what has gone down. And if the Saints use their backups and he still loses, they should fire him that Sunday, not wait till Black Monday. But seeing as how the Saints will be playing for a division title and first-round bye they will probably come out shooting against the Bucs. Win or lose, this was a horrid season for Bucs fans all around, just a huge disappointment.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ WalkDaPlank

    No way the Saints will use backups…the SF-AZ game is on at the same time. The Saints will be playing to win….no doubt. If we can somehow spoil their season….that would be great!!!

  4. Clowney Says:

    Playoffs? He’s talking playoffs??

    The closest the Little General gets to the playoffs is if he buys a ticket.

  5. teacherman777 Says:

    Poor fans.

    We had a rough here.

    Such high expectations.

    Josh Freeman attempted a mutiny. And failed.

    Gerald McCoy turned into the best DT in football.

    LaVone David had a record breakinhpg season. Again.

    Mason Foster was heroic. Spence was solid.

    Revis was a weak tackler at times, and kinda flat.

    Goldson wont change. Barron improved.

    Adrian Clayborne is great on rushing downs. Poor on passing downs. He needs a partner in crime for his side of the line.

    Banks and Johnson were ok. Not good.

    We need more talent on D.

    Grimes. Jared Allen. And draft 2 guards. 1st and 2nd rounders.

    I still cant believe a team as talented as we are. Could finish 4-12. It just baffles me.

    As Jay-Z would say…..”On to the next one!”

  6. Bucks_Sam Says:

    Players are paid to play, and coaches to coach.

    I respect a man who see an obligation to fulfill and will cash his paycheck knowing he earned it, win or lose.

    Love him or hate him, Coach Shiano hos shown why he was brought here: he won’t be doing shots with the Line Backers if you know what I mean…. Blaming the season on Shiano just isn’t fair. A winning football team isn’t built over night.

    Just look at Freeman in Purple … one and done. If that’s not enough support for a need for a purge nothing is.

  7. Architek Says:

    Joe – lol
    Please stop giving us juicy fan bulletin board Schianoism’s because it’s going to potentially send us into a Christmas depression. This guy comes out and reminds us he’s from college by saying this is our playoffs.

    That’s past stupid and shows how low the bar is at One Buc Place. Let’s see 4-12, ain’t squat funny about being a defeated team and losing in triple years.

    I’m going to call this SchianoCare!

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Architek

    Now I’ve seen some insults hurled Schiano’s way….Hitler, Pizza Nazi…..but SchianoCare….that is the pinnacle of insults….I’m sure he deserves most of what he’s getting but that one hurts!!!

  9. Tackleblockwin Says:

    There are a few things I really like about Schiano. Unfortunately there are many many more things I dislike about him.

  10. dan Says:

    Shiano will be good long-term. We are building a team that will contend year after next…. and for many years after. Go Bucs!

  11. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if the Bucs could actually bounce the “Aints” from the play offs. Sean Payton’s arrogance drives me nuts. Admittedly the Bucs will need their best effort of the season to win this one.

  12. Brandon Says:


    Proofread your post before you claim to belong in my profession, Secondly, wasting a 1st rounder AND a 2nd on GUARDS!??! Seriously? Then you want us to take on an old and declining Jared Allen (when Johnson and Hardy are available) and an older CB. If we followed your “plan”, we would be an even bigger train wreck than we are now.

  13. Mr. Patrick Says:

    It’s really bad when your Head Coach has to have his team pretend to be in the playoffs. It’s the only way that he can ever get them there though

  14. chickster Says:

    This bucs team is he most disappointing that I have seen and I have seen them all and I have never disliked a coach as much and just the money I have spent this year and that will never happen again not with this staff and to keep this guy around would be the worst thing that could happen to the fan base all my buc friends will not be buying any tickets next year

  15. BucsFan68 Says:

    dan Says:

    December 24th, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Shiano will be good long-term. We are building a team that will contend year after next…. and for many years after. Go Bucs!
    He won’t be good long-term here in Tampa. Going from 7-9 to 4-12/or 5-11 (with a lot more talent than the previous coaching staff) is not improvement.
    At least the previous staff went from 3-13 in year 1 to 10-6 in year 2 during their time here.

  16. BucsFan68 Says:

    teacherman777 Says:

    December 24th, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    Poor fans.

    We had a rough here.

    Such high expectations.

    Josh Freeman attempted a mutiny. And failed.
    The coach never wanted Freeman. There was no mutiny (lol); the coach created the QB controversy and put in a rookie QB. The HC said the QB gave them the best chance to win. The HC is reaping the consequences of that decision.

  17. Joe Says:


    Here is some Christmas reading for you about Freeman before he was benched.