Never A Bad Practice

December 1st, 2013

“To see them happy after a win, you know, because they work so hard. Throughout the entire beginning of the season, I don’t think I can ever say that we went out to practice and their work ethic wasn’t what we wanted it to be. So, when you have group of guys that are putting forth that effort, it’s nice to see them be able to succeed and have a smile on their face after the game.” — Greg Schiano, expressing his satisfaction in the Bucs’ winning streak to the Carolina media last week.

Joe found the above quote rather telling. It came as part of Schiano’s answer to a question about what sparked the Bucs’ turnaround after going 0-7. 

It’s a pretty amazing concept to consider the Bucs didn’t have at least have one practice in which coaches were disappointed in the work rate. Is that possible?

If this is true, and Joe has no evidence to the contrary, then the Bucs’ focus has been extraordinary in the face of adversity. Interestingly, that also would mean the steady, intense work rate at practice included sleepy, leaky Josh Freeman through his September to forget.

Joe’s so damn curious to see how the Bucs finish this season. There’s plenty of healthy talent on the Bucs, and they’re working diligently. That’s got to translate into competitive play and at least a couple of more victories.

Otherwise, Joe’s got to point a finger at coaching.

2 Responses to “Never A Bad Practice”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    Who’s the plenty of healthy talent Joe? No Dougie (a major part of the Bucs offensive machine)no Mike Williams (big time key 2nd receiver) no Carl (the road grader) Nicks, no real “talent” at WR after Jackson, Underwood was cut and nobody picked him up, a learning rookie QB, a RB picked up off the street. The fact that they can move the ball on offense at all is a testament to the coaches and MIKE GLENNON.

    Seriously If I asked you before the season if Underwood, Mike James, Tim Wright, and Mike Glennon were some of the best talent the Bucs had on O, you might have laughed at the question.

    Well maybe on D the talent is still there.

    Koenan has been making some horrible punts this season and I’m not even going to go into the Lindell experience other than WTH is he still doing on our team. Btw does anyone know the length of Barth’s contract, because I REALLY miss him?

  2. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    Bet your a ton of fun to watch a game with 87.
    Let’s Go Bucs! Panthers are due for a let down. After yesteday’s great games why not continue that pattern. Why not here! Why not us! Why not now! Let’s go Bucs!!