Money Time For Dekoda Watson

December 22nd, 2013
dekoda watson

Free agency looms

Lost in the painful home loss to the 49ers last week was Dekoda Watson posting career numbers. Watson led the Bucs with 12 tackles while starting at strongside linebacker.

Watson had never approached anything close to that number. He had 10 tackles all of last season.

An accomplished special teams player, one the organization has called “elite,” Watson has shown pass-rush ability, as well as durability. At 25 years old, he should be in demand when the unrestricted free agency bell rings in March.

Joe approached Watson about his individual performance against San Francisco and, as usual, Watson wouldn’t talk about anything from a personal standpoint if it shines a pretty light on himself. Watson is all about team. By contrast, ask Watson about a blown punt block, and he’ll share how he screwed up. But ask him about his success, and he just wants to talk about the team. 

The Bucs might have trouble re-signing Watson. He was practically gifted the starting strongside linebacker job in training camp but lost it midseason to Johnthan Casillas. Watson might lean toward a team and a coaching staff that views him as a starter — and pays him as such.

Joe knows Watson won’t command anywhere near Quincy Black money (heck, Quincy Black didn’t even deserve Quincy Black money), but he might be able to score, say, a three-year, $6 million contract with some guaranteed cash. A good final two games this season could cement that market for his services.

Watson was a seventh-round draft pick in 2009, but elite athletes like him aren’t usually found there. Neither are players with Watson’s diverse skill set. Watson’s no star, but he’s not easily replaced. Joe would re-sign Watson. He represents the kind of depth found on great teams.

8 Responses to “Money Time For Dekoda Watson”

  1. Lee Says:

    He lost the starting job to Jonathan Casillas. He has three sacks in four years. Joe is king of hype. He will get paid like an excellent special teamer and spot starter.
    Maybe he and Derek Landri can form an amazing inside/outside pass rush.

  2. Vic Says:

    Gus Bradley might disagree with you

  3. Jo_mama Says:

    So Joe…….

    How could you have an interview with “no quotes” in your story?
    When you say you “Approached him” what exactly does that mean.
    However, I applaud your efforts for getting closer to the players.
    We….your readers and the buyers of the products which you advertise on your website are asking for more in depth interviews of our buc players.

    Your attitude blows. And it’s getting irritating day after day. Again, Joe talks to players all the time. If they don’t have anything interesting to share, Joe doesn’t share it. Joe only shares what Joe finds interesting. For example, here’s a time when Watson said something compelling recently.
    This comment section is not a complaint department. If you don’t like JoeBucsFan, then avail yourself of the many other avenues of Bucs coverage. –Joe

  4. Jo_mama Says:

    sorry for the double post.

    I just have a high expectation level of what I take it. Be it watching sports, listening to the radio or reading buc info on line.
    You have access to the bucs we don’t. Maybe you can create a thread of questions which your readers would like to have answered by the bucs.
    we are starving for info…..we can get fluff anywhere.

    Unfortunately, your expectation level seems to include Joe writing up stuff that’s not interesting. A large majority of the time, players give worthless, yawn-inducing, company-line answers. Derrick Brooks took great pride in that. That’s the nature of sports. Just because questions are asked, that doesn’t mean they’re answered.–Joe

  5. Jo_mama Says:

    Good point….

    Regarding last week’s game.

    Time of possession and number of plays may have had something to do with the uptick in Watson’s numbers.

    39:50 to 21:10
    we were 1 for 10 on third downs and 0-2 on 4th down.
    71 total plays to 50 total plays

    Would like to see what he does today.

    Barrett Rudd had high tackle numbers as well every game,.

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    On that note.



  7. Jo_mama Says:

    One other thing to consider for his numbers, if the scouting report on him indicated that he only had 10 tackles last season, I would guess that they directed running plays toward our weakest player statistically.

  8. Mike J Says:

    Watson teases but never follows through. Needs replacing as a scrimmage player.