Lorig Love Comes Forth From Schiano

December 4th, 2013

Fullback was a bright spot Sunday, Greg Schiano explained.

A couple of the Bucs’ soon-to-be unrestricted free agents, Dekoda Watson and Erik Lorig, have proved their worth this season.

You don’t expect to read big headlines about seventh-round draft picks, rockstar general manager Mark Dominik grabbed both there in 2010, but these young guys should be among the offseason priorities.Both are elite athletes, as well.

Greg Schiano fueled that fire in recent weeks with praise of Watson emerging as a pass rusher and his established special teams prowess, and Monday night Schiano said Lorig was one of the big bright spots against the Stinking Panthers.

“Erik is a guy, it’s almost like a sixth lineman back there. You know, they’re lead blocking a lot. Every once in a while we’ll throw him a pass or give him a handoff, but there’s not a lot of hearing your name called when you’re playing the fullback position. So it’s an unselfish job. But he’s done a really good [job], and Sunday he did a very good job, leading up on [Luke] Kuechly. Some of those runs that Bobby [Rainey] came creasing out of there can wholly be attributed to Erik Lorig,” Schiano said on WDAE-AM 620.

“And again, he does a great job on special teams as well. Those guys, Spencer Larsen, his backup, is also a guy we’ve been able to learn something about, that I think is a good player. So those guys are valuable guys to your football team. Maybe not household names, but certainly valuable and help you win.”

Of course, the future of the New Schiano Order remains in limbo. Team Glazer has yet to issue any sort of guarantee that Greg Schiano will return in 2014. But Joe suspects the Bucs will push hard to re-sign Lorig within minutes after Schiano is retained.

Lorig’s chemistry with Doug Martin and veteran presence — and his little used ball-catching skills– make it a no-brainer to lock him up.

10 Responses to “Lorig Love Comes Forth From Schiano”

  1. BucsfaninChina Says:

    The dropoff between Lorig and Larsen is rediculous.

    If he isnt resigned im gonna eat my hat. And Dougie is gonna be eating the dirt.

  2. GBG Says:

    Role players are the meat and bones of an NFL roster. Lorig and Watson have both earned their roles here, let’s hope the GM sees retaining these two as no brainers.

  3. Rrsrq Says:

    Lorig is this team MVP. It is noticeable when he is not in the game and does need more touches in the passing game. Dakota is a special teams ace and athletic enough would be hard to replace.

  4. d-money Says:

    7th round?

    That must be a mistake…because we all know Mark Dominik doesn’t know how to evaluate talent.

    Shelton Quarles must have found these guys.

  5. Luther Says:

    Lorig is definitely an impact player for the Bucs…we have to keep that guy.

  6. stevek Says:

    Why would our GM retain a 7th rounder/undrafted guy?

    We haven’t had a 10 sack guy since Simeon Rice, and we let the 9.5 sack guy from 2012 go, Michael Bennett.

  7. Nate_tweetz Says:

    Lorig is a good player, no doubt. I just hope him and his agent don’t get too greedy. Hope they can re-sign him. If not, they could pick up The FB Abrams out of FSU in a late round as well. Dude is a stud too.

  8. Schiano Happens Says:

    I’d really hate to lose either of those guys. There’s probably a marked for Watson.

  9. PhantomVash808 Says:

    Bucs better resign Erik Lorig

  10. Really? Says:

    Really, “Rockstar Dominick”? Give me a break. If you think that Dominick drafted Lorig as a fullback tell Pam Bondi to legalize thatt Hippie Lettuce that you’re smoking. Coincidence that the drafts have gotten better since Schiano has been the coach? Dominick is a 2nd rate scout at best.

    In the archives here you’ll find a story about how Raheem was the guy who wanted to convert Lorig from defensive end. So what. Joe’s been calling Dominik the rockstar for years. –Joe