Glennon “Wasn’t As Poor As The Stats”

December 9th, 2013

mike glennonAfter defying the fantasy crowd’s core beliefs and delivering a victory with heinous numbers yesterday, Mike Glennon is no doubt trying to forget his 9-for-25 performance that netted just 90 yards.

For this week, Glennon is dusting off the “Stats Are For Losers” line in Raheem Morris’ old locker at One Buc Palace.

But Glennon did have his share of superior throws, and two were lost touchdowns, one caught by Vincent Jackson but thieved by a stupid NFL rule. And the other hit Tiquan Underwood in the chest.

Dave Moore, the former Bucs tight end and current team radio color analyst explained on WDAE-AM 620 this morning that Glennon was better than his box score.

“Going into the game you knew it was going to be a tough one for him. They’re leading the league in sacks. They do a lot of blitzes. They show some things disguised. They’re very unorthodox,” Moore said of Buffalo. “And that really led the second play of the game to the 80-yard touchdown. They had nine guys, eight on the line of scrimmage, one guy behind. They’re trying to give difficult looks. They get a lot of sacks. They’re very active in the defensive front.

“So when you look at his statistics, he didn’t complete many passes and he had two interceptions. …

“But a lot of those incomplete passes were he was feeling pressure. He had to throw it before the route was finished because they didn’t run effectively on first and second down. So he’s waiting on things to happen. Shovel pass? Bad decision. I mean he made some great throws and he made some not so great throws. But that’s kind of what you get out of a rookie quarterback. But I think it wasn’t as poor as the stats will tell you. But yet he’ll tell you he didn’t play a great game. There was some pressure and to avoid the sack he was getting rid of the football. And, you know, you’re going to take all those incompletions rather than forcing something. So, it’s definitely not what he wanted it to be. I think the jury’s still out because he made [good throws], back of the end zone to Vincent Jackson, that’s as good a throw as you’re going to make. He had two guys in front of him; [Glennon] put it only where Vincent can get it.” 

Joe’s on board with much of what Moore says, but 9-for-25 is still darn ugly even with the drops and great plays mixed in. That kind of outing is what got Josh Freeman run out of town, and if those numbers continue in the final three games, then Joe will not be alone in screaming for Johnny Football.

To be fair, Glennon was playing with a big lead in the second half, which changes playcalling quite a bit. Glennon just has to bounce back. The best way for that to happen is for the Bucs to recover their consistent running game. It’s been gone a while now.

41 Responses to “Glennon “Wasn’t As Poor As The Stats””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Again, where are the short pass routes?….it seems all of the targets are downfield…..we need to use the backs, in particular the FB more in the passing game.
    Playcallin is also an issue….it seems like the other team is in our huddle. We made a change passing on 1st down & running on 2nd….and even that was sniffed out.
    Nevertheless, Glennnon still was somewhat inacurate….but, if that is the worst of his games we can live with that when our defense shows up like it did.
    We will need both clicking Sunday.

  2. Phillip Says:

    So because you guys think hes our FRANCHISE QB he gets mulligans on the fact of the matter he still went 9-25 for 90 yds and 2 TD’s and 2 INT’s?? Fact is he has been throwing for under 30 attempts the past few games so don’t give me that crap about they barely threw any passes..25 ATTEMPTS who knows how many got called back for numerous Penalties…For every drop pass, someone fell, he stubbed his toe blah blah blah.. There’s the opposite side of the matter on all his completions.. If Vjax doesn’t make some of the craziest catches all season or Tim Wright then his day would have been worse.. Sorry that EXCUSE has two sides, failing to see both is called BLINDERS guys.. Glennon seriously was only TOUCHED TWICE all game long theres no excuse for how TERRIBLE of a game he had.. BTW Nick Foles was playing in 6″ of SNOW and still had a better day than Glennon.. Keep up the excuses don’t hear anything from New England how they can’t keep ANY weapons healthy all year..

    Bucs fans make absolutely no sense we settle for mediocrity because we are so used to being the YUCS still I think.. I’m tired of settling for avg QB’s(GLENNON, FREEMAN, GRIESE, THE JOSH JOHNSON PROJECT, SHAUN KING, TRENT DILFER, ROB JOHNSON, CHRIS SIMMS, JEFF GARCIA, BRUCE GRADKOWSKI) Our “BEST” QB is Brad Freaking Johnson unless you want to count all the ones we let get away that turned out to be great….

    Joe you have like a cult like following where everything you say goes with these people its crazy.

    My post from the other thread.. I feel it pertains to all the Glennon lovers.. ENJOY 🙂

  3. MikeJ Says:

    I wonder if Glennon is getting over-coached?? Maybe he’s thinking too much.Or perhaps more is getting placed on his plate by the staff.How Mike does in a clean pocket vs. under duress (when instincts take over) may be worth watching from here on out.

  4. MikeJ Says:

    Tampabaybucfan , I tooted that horn a while back;the Bucs seems to have a really tough time getting backs open for some reason.

  5. Captain Stagger Says:

    Funny there are comments about the backs, all I hear the big dog rip on is his yards per attempt and calling him captain check down….

  6. d-money Says:

    In the first Falcons game he throws for something like 260 yards 2 TD’s and no INT’s but his critics said it doesn’t matter because he didn’t win and all that matters is the W…fair enough.

    Now, he has a subpar statistical day, still managed to throw 2 TD’s and win the game but in this case, apparently, the stats are more important than the win to the critics.

    If you already made your mind up about the kid before he started then you probably aren’t going to change your mind no matter what he does the last 3 games. There will always be a reason why his accomplishments don’t matter to his critics and his supporters will always find a way to explain away his shortcomings.

    I like him but I haven’t made up my mind either way. I just think you have to expect a rookie is going to have days like yesterday. But I do think he has earned the chance to go into next season as the starter.

  7. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I’m going to cut Mike some slack as he only has 1 receiver and a converted tight end to throw to. Plus the offensive play system is horrible. I really do think he will continue to get a lot better. But coaches have to help him succeed

  8. Bobby Says:

    Glennon can throw the deep ball but his bread and butter is the intermediate throws. Those were not open yesterday. Let Tim Wright continue to develop. Get Mike Williams back. Draft another good WR and next year Glennon could really shine. Right now he’s limited with the weapons he has. Underwood drops way too many. If they double Wright and V-Jax he really has nowhere to go with the ball.

    He has the arm. That throw he made to V-Jax in the back of the end zone that go reversed was just sick. Reminded me of the Freeman throw in the Carolina game last year. That was a rope to Tim Wright on third down also that hit him right in stride. He just needs more than two reliable targets.

  9. cmurda Says:

    Johnny Football…Make it happen regardless of these last 3 games.

  10. Clowney Says:

    I think Glennon has some major flaws in his game. He can’t throw deep with touch and he can’t throw moving to his left. He also can’t out run a defensive end. He’s Trent Dilfer. Wasn’t Dilfer a ginger before he shaved everything off?

    His TD pass to VJ looked like a punt and should have been picked. The shovel pass should have been picked also.

  11. Splengo Says:


    Good observation. Critical, but fair. Mike J. May be on to something too about religiously trying to adhere to the script – over coached. Contrary to my public disdain for Schiano, I like Glennon and have no problem with returning as starter in 2014. For a rookie, I don’t mind the mistakes. But he must learn to move on in a game when they occur. Seems to get a little rattled after an error and tries to make up for it. On the whole, I think he’s going to make it and I wish the best for him!

  12. That Guy Says:

    Is the “stupid NFL rule” to which you’re referring the one that says you have to catch the pass in bounds in order for it to be a completion? I believe the phrase is “polishing a turd.”

  13. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Sammy watkins will help with the stats.

  14. d-money Says:

    If not being able to out run a defensive end is a major flaw in his game then Id say about 25 or so of the 32 Starting QB’s in the NFL have major flaws in their game.

  15. Adam L. Says:

    Don’t forget – Glennon – to – Jackson for Pass Int. yards was successful THREE TIMES on Sunday. Those don’t go on the stat sheet either.

  16. d-money Says:

    The “stupid rule” is that if you are falling in one direction you need only get your toes in… falling the other direction the toes aren’t enough.

    If it’s not stupid its certainly inconsistant.

  17. Curmudgeon Says:

    Reminder. He’s a rookie QB. And they’re winning.

  18. Clowney Says:

    OK, can’t outrun a DT.

  19. flmike, is back... Says:

    If Glennon were a first rd pick we’d be hailing him as our franchise QB….

  20. Architek Says:

    Our playcalling never gets the qb in a rhythm and gets him a feel for the game – I’m sure the ideal thing is continuity for retaining Sullivan but somehow the playcalling needs to change.

  21. That Guy Says:

    “apparently, the stats are more important than the win to the critics.”

    How many wins do the Bucs have again? I, for one, appreciate the irony of your comment.

  22. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Sounds to me like the Freeman saga again making excuses he doesn’t have weapons or someone drop passes was the reason….how many drops did they have n the first 3 games? I’m tired of excuses no matter who it is I want consistent good play an 9-25 didn’t cut it with free nor will it do with Glennon. Now Glennon has more rope cuz he’s only a rookie but I never said I wanted him of the team he has a reasonable salary an fairly decent he cam only get better. But this team can’t go as he goes or wait for him to get better we have a win now defense with again stars on both sides of the ball. Trade the farm for Bridgewater or sign cutler for a 2 year stop gap. No matter how much cheese he needs for his whine he can definitely sling it an far better then Glennon as of right now. I just want a perennial winner that’s it.

  23. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Hell orlovsky could have won that game with that defensive performance an he arguably could have had a better game…not saying he’s better then Glennon cuz I don’t believe so but I’m putting this day into perspective for the ppl who think Glennon can do no wrong. Lmao I’ve never heard of 9-25 being spent around as a good day?? Great defensive day but the offense was sub par to say the least Glennon had 7 of his 9 completions in the first 2 drives so that really makes for a long inconsistent day when u spend 3 1/2 quarters with 2 completions no matter who dropped what or who didn’t help out his cause…..All n all keep up the good work D. Lavonte David for president 🙂

  24. mvermulm Says:

    The play-calling is downright brutal. Deep shot on 1st down, then run up the middle on 2nd-and-long. Every possession seemed to be like that, and it’s getting ridiculous. One good run up the middle does not mean that every run should be directly up the middle. I hope more and more each day that when the season ends, the first news from OBP is that Sully has been fired.

  25. NashVegasRyan Says:

    He was terrible yesterday. His TD pass to V Jax was a duck he threw up for grabs. It was such a bad pass the DB got dizzy and fell down.

  26. d-money Says:

    That Guy,

    I get that you think you’re super clever and really smart…you probably even went to college and got yourself some fancy book learnin’ too.

    However if you bothered to read the entire sentence which was…..

    “Now, he has a subpar statistical day, still managed to throw 2 TD’s and win the game but in this case,…(see that’s the part that you left off to make yourself sound clever)… apparently, the stats are more important than the win to the critics.”

    You’d see that there is no irony big guy..because I was only talking about this particular game.

  27. pick6 Says:

    if folks are going to try to give him “would’ve\should’ve” credit for 2 great throws that didn’t end up being completed, should we also deduct for when the WR makes an amazing play\adjustment to catch a ball that was off target or a pure jump ball? he had a bad game, and thankfully we made enough plays that it was a non issue. the most important things a QB must do given schiano’s philosophy (and most people’s, for that matter) are 1) protect the football, and 2) be accurate. Glennon’s day was a disappointment on both fronts. i sincerely believe he will get better (although maybe not next week) but let’s not sugar coat what he put on film yesterday

  28. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Well d money you can’t say he won this game it clearly was won by the defense

  29. d-money Says:


    If you read my original post you’ll understand how you just made my point for me.

  30. BucNasty!!! Says:

    The stats are important to his audition for future QB. But he did have a good game against the falcons an that lose wasn’t his fault but the defense….or shall I say the coaching allowed harry Douglas to go for career highs. But total body of work says Glennon has the chance to Compete next year with competition he hasn’t shown enough flashes of greatness or consistently being above average an in this day and age that’s kinda what the position requires with a few exceptions here and there for teams with consistent top 10 defenses with awesome run games 🙂

  31. Buc'dUP Says:

    Manzel #s again LSU. 16 com/41 atts, comp 39%. 1 td and 2 in. Joe even your good ol boy Johnny has had a bad day. Glennon had a bad day and still almost had 4 tds passes..Not Bad besides Like you said many times, all that matters is wins or losses and when you still win by 21 points and have your worst day as a qb thats pretty darn good.

  32. cbell96825 Says:

    I hope we go offense this draft its been awhile since we have gone o heavy watkins 1st and a solid te in the 2nd like austin stef jenkins from washington and please get some youth on the oline at some point dominick penn, nicks and joseph are getting a little long in the tooth

  33. Mr. T Says:

    I think he will be our QB for the future. With a full year next year to practice with the no. 1 offense which I hope includes at least 1 if not 2 additional play making WR’s I think we will see a big improvement in our ability to move the ball through the air. Plus getting back Martin and James with the addition of Rainey will make other teams have to respect the run a lot more rather than stacking the box and blitzing. We also need to take a hard look at our oline and see what improvements can be make there.

  34. Drew H. Says:

    my Duke Blue Devil football team plays Johnny Football in the bowl game….this will be my deciding factor on JM. If he looks anything other than a superstar then I’m not sold.

  35. That Guy Says:

    Steve White and Booger McFarland are killing Glennon today lol.

  36. Mark Says:

    Great quarterbacks don’t need excuses for poor stats. They blitz a lot, there were too many drops, stupid NFL rules…. Did the Colts, Patriots, Broncos,Packers, and Saints draft nothing but future hall of fame receivers? The kid is doing his best but greatness in quarterbacks usually shows up immediately. I think we can do better. We have beaten 2 bad teams, 1 team that had a scandal going on and missing most of their offensive line and got our lucky win of the year on multiple lucky turnovers, one of which was 3 yards away from losing the game. Fire Shiano and grab the best QB available!!

  37. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    Mr.T is correct.

  38. BucsFan68 Says:

    That Guy Says:

    Steve White and Booger McFarland are killing Glennon today lol.
    Ha ha; they’re calling it like they see it. White doesn’t see Glennon as dynamic and he does have a point. In today’s NFL and specifically NFC South with Brees, Ryan, and Newton, a dynamic QB is required.

  39. Eric Says:

    Stunning lack of respect for Brad Johnson. Shameful. In his prime he would be behind only Brees in our division. And damn near everybody who has ever played the game is behind Brees.

    Give the kid a little time for goodness sakes. Geez.

    Won four out of five with him and almost beat Seattle? I’ll totally take it.

  40. Eric Says:

    Shameful lack of respect for Brad. In his prime he would be the second best QB in our Division. And dang near everyone who has ever played the game is behind Brees.

    Give the kid some time for goodness sake.

  41. john Says:

    man he is are guy and i will take the good the bad and the ugly. he works his ass off and is a good teamate