“Extra Opportunities” To “Showcase”

December 24th, 2013

Will Gholston gives a take on the sputtering offense and a new head coach

Get used to hearing the name Will Gholston. He’ll likely be the 2014 Da’Quan Bowers, minus the disappointment, hopefully.

The emerging rookie made his first NFL start at left defensive end in St. Louis. Joe talked to Greg Schiano about Gholston’s development last week, and he was made available to media yesterday via conference call.

Gholston, as expected, was asked about the Bucs’ horrible offense and the burden that has placed on the defense. In what might have been the best answer Joe has heard to that question to day, Gholston, with a smile in his voice, said the offense is giving the defense “extra opportunities to be able to showcase.”

What a great attitude!

Gholston also had a good one, saying Bucs coaches “see what I see in myself.”

As expected, Gholston also was with the regime-change question, one surely to be asked a lot this week. Gholston said the team is very tight-knit, “we’re all cool,” nobody is pointing fingers but he would support any moves because he’s a Buccaneer first and foremost.

You can listen to young Gholson below, via 620wdae.com.

7 Responses to ““Extra Opportunities” To “Showcase””

  1. buc4lyfe Says:

    finally a real answer…good play on the field or not that interview is a step up and shows thats where the needle is pointing, i pray he has someone to help him develop some pass rush moves to make him more dangerous in the years to come, it’s strange that none of the defensive ends previously drafted have flashed a single new rush move…how is it possible to have a roster full of defenseive ends who only know how to bull rush…..lets give greg schiano a hand for developing defensive ends into bull rushers, i dont think i’ve seen a single spin move from a d end in tampa since simeon rice, no kind of change of direction moves, our d ends basically run to a spot and then stop and it’s so consistent it’s gotta be scheme

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We are at that time when we can only look forward to the development of our younger players…..the draft…and the future. I am very impressed with the character and attitudes and positive personalities of many young Bucs…..Gholston, Spence, Rainey, Wright, LVD and yes…Glennon.
    I think this will benefit us greatly going forward regardless if there is a coaching change or not.

  3. Destin johnny Says:

    Credit were credit is due dom is not good on so many levels but he did find A player in this kid and in spence and mike james. Banks is to slow and jury is out on fBi

  4. BucsfaninChina Says:

    I would love to see a little edge in Glennon. The guy is all business and Im sure he is figuring things out, but damn. I want some competitiveness and fire out of the guy.

    That being said, lots of love for our young guys. Cry about the record all you want, but the development and great drafts are encouraging.

  5. Bucsfanman Says:

    Well said Tampabaybucfan! Here we are, no sense in kicking a dead horse. Through whatever unfortunate events, we have been able to see some young talent gain valuable experience. While some may be relegated to”depth”, others will start and possibly excel at their position. I like this kid’s attitude and I hope he can develop into the player we so desparately need at his position.
    I’m still having a hard time understanding all the vitriol toward Glennon from Buc fans. Given his stats, I would say he’s done as well as can be expected for a 3rd round rookie thrust into a terrible situation. Do I think he’s the answer at QB? Nobody did at the start of the year. Who knows? That’s the beauty of the offseason…nobody knows!

  6. patrickbucs Says:

    There is some young talent on the Bucs as well as every other team in the NFL gentleman. We will acquire more this offseason by NFL rules, it doesn’t mean much without someone to coach them up. I don’t think Rainey will even make the team next year, outside of a few long runs the kid averages probably a yard or so. He may catch on elsewhere but he’s not a feature back; he’s done well though considering what’s in front of him. Mike James is much better then he is imo. I think the 3rd back will be Demps or another speed guy we acquire by the new regime.

  7. bucemup Says:

    Martin James Rainey and Demps. Done deal