Can’t Score Without The Ball

December 1st, 2013
The Stinking Panthers scored -- and danced -- then they had the opportunity to do so today. The Bucs did not.

The Stinking Panthers scored — and danced — when they had the opportunity to do so today. The Bucs did not.

Let’s be honest. The Stinking Panthers roughed up the Bucs in a Charlotte back alley this afternoon and stole their lunch money.

That’s what it looked like. The Stinking Panthers bullied the Bucs into submission. Pounded them. Beat them up. Mike Glennon’s ribs must look completely purple about now. It was big boy football played by the Stinking Panthers and the Bucs were the neighborhood runts.

Now, the Chip Kelly’s of the world will try to peddle the notion time of possession means nothing. Kelly is basically a baseball stat geek in a football coach’s sweatshirt, thinking he can reinvent the wheel. Time of possession means a lot. Yes it does.

Consider the stats that Tampa Bay Times Bucs beat man Greg Auman tossed out on Twitter.

@gregauman: Second week in a row Bucs haven’t run even 50 offensive plays: 49 in win at Detroit last week, 46 in loss to Carolina today.

Welp. You can’t score when you don’t have the ball, when your quarterback fumbles and when you have a dog of a place kicker.

The Bucs beat the Lions last week by forcing turnovers but not coughing up the ball themselves. The Bucs lost this game by not forcing enough turnovers, by not scoring when they had the chance, by coughing the ball up themselves, and, oh, yeah, not getting the defense off the field on third downs.

Other than that, good game.

2 Responses to “Can’t Score Without The Ball”

  1. Mr. Patrick Says:

    “Can’t score without the ball?” This team can’t score WITH the ball against good teams. Offense is seriously lacking talent and a good play system. O-Line got beat all day, receivers couldn’t get open and QB couldn’t hang on to the ball. Not to mention the genius play calling

  2. NY Buc Says:

    Well the Bucs are on their 3rd string RB and WR’s who where cut or on the practice squad by week 1 (besides Jackson) in addition to missing Nicks on the O Line. Throw in losing both starting TE’s (at start of season) and a rookie QB who is getting better but still a rookie, and you don’t exactly see a rosey picture for the Bucs lighting up top defenses regardless of who’s calling plays.