Dominating The Turnover Battle = Winning

November 30th, 2013

The Bucs had a helluva November. They took arguably the best team in the NFC to overtime in their chamber-of-doom house, then proceeded to win three straight during what looks to be the embryonic stages of a blossoming quarterback and perhaps the sparing of Bucs commander Greg Schiano from the guillotine.

But to be frank, there isn’t a huge secret to the Bucs’ success. It comes down to good old fashioned football that never has and never will go out of style. The Bucs are forcing turnovers and Joe is geeked.

In fact, the Bucs led the NFL in forcing turnovers in November. Twelve to be exact, three recovered fumbles and had nine — NINE! — interceptions. Overall, the Bucs are tied for third in the NFL with 15 picks with two teams that look to be playoff bound: Carolina and Arizona.

4 Responses to “Dominating The Turnover Battle = Winning”

  1. MikeJ Says:

    Exactly what is the turn-over margin for the team??I looked for it yesterday but could not find it. The ”eat the ball” stuff may be hokey, but the Bucs don’t fumble much in my recollection.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe….you can add two punt blocks and a recovered onside kick…I realize they don’t count as official turnover stats…but they are certainly important…

  3. Captain Stagger Says:

    Better secondary play = better pass rush = more interceptions

  4. Pyrda Says:

    Even though this season looked promising to start with I am even more excited about next year! finally we should be able to be playoff bound