The Bucs, The Draft And Quarterbacks

November 29th, 2013

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No, Joe is not completely in the tank for Mike Glennon. Yet. He is getting Joe’s attention but for Joe to fall off the deep end for him, he has to do more of what he did last Sunday against the Lions.

That was the first game where Joe saw Glennon rifle passes downfield, hitting streaking receivers in the numbers. It’s one thing to ring up a great completion percentage with dump off passes, but at some point a quarterback has to stretch a defense. Against the Lions, Glennon did just that.

Joe wants to see more of that to be convinced Sunday wasn’t a fluke for Glennon.

Now the chieftain of, Scott Reynolds, believes the Bucs may be in the market for a quarterback no matter how well Glennon plays. How Glennon fares the next few weeks, Reynolds believes, will determine how high (or low) Bucs rock star general manger Mark Dominik would select a signal-caller.

Drafting a quarterback in the first round would mean having to play him over Glennon in 2014 due to the financial and draft pick investment Tampa Bay would make in the rookie. That’s why the Bucs wouldn’t draft a quarterback any higher than the second round if Glennon keeps playing the way he is.

Schiano likes a tall, strong-armed quarterback, and there are only a few candidates outside of the first round. The 6-foot-5, 235-pound Mettenberger might be an option if he slid to Tampa Bay in the second round.

Tampa Bay doesn’t have a third-round pick this year due to the Darrelle Revis trade with New York, but could select a quarterback on the third day of the draft to take advantage of quarterbacks sliding down the draft board to shore up its depth behind Glennon in 2014. If McCarron were to slide into the fourth round, or the Bucs were to trade up into the third round, the 6-foot-3, 214-pound Alabama star would be an ideal fit in Tampa Bay although he doesn’t have the strongest of arms.

Now go ahead and check Joe’s archives for this: Joe, about a year ago, remembers telling WTSP-TV Channel 10 executive producer Matt Sinn that if Freeman, for whatever reason, was not re-signed by the Bucs, Joe could easily see the Bucs drafting McCarron because he appears to be a Schiano kind of guy through and through.

The guy Joe believes should be watched is Aaron Murray. A little over a week ago, Murray was looked upon, at best, as a second-day draft pick. Now, blowing out his knee, he won’t be able to take a snap until the regular season has already started, meaning he will miss out on draft preparation, the combine, pro day and private workouts, and his draft stock will plummet as a result.

Joe would be stunned if Murray is not a third-day draft pick, meaning, someone is going to get a helluva steal.

17 Responses to “The Bucs, The Draft And Quarterbacks”

  1. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Haha, where do you get these pictures of Johnny Boy?

    BTW, nice to see Murray get some love, I’ve been all for him for a while. Don’t think the ACL injury will slow him down, maybe in the running game a little, but he’s a pocket passer first, scrambler second.

  2. PRBucFan Says:


    You know Manziel won’t end up here.

    Nice pic though lol

  3. the_buc_realist Says:

    let Joe have his fun, At least he is taken a stand of what his pick would be. Alot of media will tell you what is wrong with the bucs but not say how they would fix it.

    I try to look at the bright side if this did happen. It would mean that the pop-star has gotten released! So maybe this is why that Joe is campaigning so hard for this?

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If we have the 9th or 10th pick, lets trade the pick and pick up at least another 2nd round pick and then either in that round or later select one of the following(if available)…..McCarron, Mettenberger, Boyd, Murray…. we need our first round pick to be a starter….either a TE (Ebron) or 3rd WR (Watkins, Evans) or OT (Lewan).
    The QB we pick can provide some “competiton” and serve a s backup without wasting a 1st round pick.

  5. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    This picture is why we should not have Johnny “spoiled rotten” Football. Not a Buccaneer man. I get the feeling Joe is just taunting us to get a reaction. In that case, well played Joe….its working. I’ve taken the bait.

    I to applaud Joe for offering solutions for improvement, rather than just criticizing. Right now it seems the Bucs have greater needs than QB, so with this QB draft class, drafting a QB in the first round would be a waste.

  6. Touchdown Gus Says:

    I’m in the bpa no matter who it is. Unless it’s a RB. That’s the only position I feel the bucs are stacked at

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Touchdown Gus

    I would add Safety to your non-need position….

  8. teacherman777 Says:

    If Joe actually thinks that Schiano would draft a spoiled party boy like Manziel.

    Then, @Joe

    Doesnt know anything about the Bucs!!

  9. Rob Says:

    I didn’t even read the story. I just wanted to comment on the horrid decision to make you click through to read a story in full. I like the old ways. I come in once a day or so and when I do, I read the stories from the bottom, up. Last thing I want to do is click an additional ten times to read all the stories. Most of the time it’s my pre-sleep reading material so it’s on my mobile device making it even more cumbersome. Come on Joseph!

  10. Brandon Says:

    Rob, I’ve figured out how to accomplish what you and I like to do. Click on the last story and then just click the link to the right to advance to the story above the one you just read. It’s a pain, but despite Joe’s obvious affliction for Johnny Football (late 1st rounder at best), Joe’s yearly belief that the Bucs are a good candidate to draft an OL high (not with Dominik running the show), and his total refusal to edit or revise anything he posts, his content is best on the web in terms of Bucs news, and he has a solid take on the pulse of the team normally.

    Please Brandon, Joe’s written multiple times about how Dominik doesn’t like to draft offensive linemen because it goes against his philosophy in light of the changing college game. In fact, Joe confident he was the first to dive into the Dominik strategy. That doesn’t mean Joe can’t lobby or suggest. –Joe

  11. Trey Says:

    I don’t expect Dom or Schiano to pursue Manziel. With that being said, I wouldn’t watch a single snap with Johnny Jackass under center.

  12. MikeJ Says:

    When I watch Aaron Murray, he reminds me of Drew Brees.

  13. BB Says:

    Johnny will be a complete turnover machine sick of the articles etc about selecting him

  14. originalfloridamarlin Says:


    I agree with what Rob said above. I don’t care for the articles you’re now writing that require the reader to click on a second to read the whole article. And I am a loyal reader who logs on the the site 6 to 10 times/day.

    Please consider going back to the original format of running the whole article and not just part of it.

  15. Jbeachbuc Says:

    I’d like to snag Murray on day 3 also… Would be well worth it and another deft draft day move by Dom

  16. teacherman777 Says:


    I hate the (read more) thing too!

    Stop it!

  17. Joe Says:

    Joe’s going to guess that the people who hate to click one link would hate to pay to read Joe even more. Just a hunch.