Who Will McCoy “Grab?”

November 14th, 2013

“I saw a guy [in Gerald McCoy] that was mature, ready to take the next step, very into it in the meetings, very intelligent. And so you’d just like to think and hope that this year he can build and bring some guys with him. Because true great players bring, you know, other players’ level of play to a different level. That’s what we’d like to expect from him this season.”Former All-Pro and current Bucs pass rush coach Bryan Cox, June 2013.

Is Gerald McCoy raising the play of those around him? Joe’s not sure. The play of every returning Bucs defensive end has regressed.

After getting the above quote from Bryan Cox, Joe’s been keeping a close eye on McCoy’s leadership skills. So McCoy’s words last night on the Buccaneers Radio Network, via WDAE-AM 620, really got Joe’s attention.

Bucs fans have already heard about how Lavonte David stepped forward at the two-minute warning Monday night and demanded the Bucs defense make plays and refuse to lose — now! The influence of David’s speech was referenced by Greg Schiano and Darrelle Revis, among many others. It was, perhaps, a defining moment in David’s career.

But McCoy said the impactful influence of David continued after the Bucs’ sack (Daquan Bowers/William Gholston) on first down, just before McCoy’s sack on second down.

“Lavonte David came to me before that play, and he grabbed me. Because we had got the sack before on a blitz and he grabbed me and said, ‘now it’s your turn.’ He said, ‘You go get this one.’ Most people don’t know that. But he grabbed me and said, ‘You go get this one.’ I’m like, ‘OK. Alright. I’ll go get it.”

Joe wants to know why McCoy, a team captain, isn’t the guy grabbing teammates and leading. This is no knock on McCoy, but the Bucs are desperate for that kind of on-field leadership, which doesn’t seem to be McCoy’s style. That’s probably why Cox was challenging McCoy in that area. Joe heard stories last week of Warren Sapp, when Sapp would watch JumboTron replays on the field so he could call out teammates that missed their assignments.

The other 2013 defensive captain, Dashon Goldson? He seems to lead on the field, unfortunately, by bad example.

Joe’s got a hunch David and Darrelle Revis will be voted Bucs defensive captains next year, if McCoy can’t “bring some guys with him.”

13 Responses to “Who Will McCoy “Grab?””

  1. BFFL Says:

    It’s nice to here that David is emerging as a leader. This is something the defense needs desperately. McCoy is not a leader. It’s that simple. You can’t make someone be what they’re not. Anyone that sits on the sideline laughing with teammates while getting you’re ass kicked by the other team is not a leader.

  2. ander Says:

    that’s because lavonte david is a leader, you could see in his play, and a good example was last year how he was a rookie calling all the plays. the more experience this guy gets the more he will get more comfortable calling some of these guys out because dude is a beast a pretty good pick by mr dominick last year.

  3. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    Wow. David is the real leader.

    This better be a wakeup call for McCoy.

  4. Capt. Tim Says:

    Not “leadership”
    It’s our 2 of our 3 best defensive players- firing each other up!

    Reminiscent of some of the Sapp/Brooks Stories.

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    @Bucs Fan #237 “This better be a wakeup call for McCoy.” – What in THE f*** are you talking about? he’s the only DL person playing worth a damn. People lead differently and there are many stories of McCoy helping people. I say it’s time for the other players to step up their game.

  6. kh Says:

    bye-bye, Joe doesn’t tolerate insults. –Joe

  7. The 300's Says:

    It has been well documented the work McCoy puts in with his fellow linemen in teaching them how to be a better player. None of us knows what goes on in the huddle or on the sidelines (except what they put on TV and that perception isn’t always reality, see Dez Bryant).

    It has also been well documented the coaches are the problem, including Joe’s beloved pass rush specialist Bryan Cox.

    There needs to be multiple leaders on each side of the ball, and finally we have that. What McCoy isn’t at this time is a steady veteran presence, which I think this team needs on the D line.

  8. GBG Says:

    McCoy, and his obliteration of opposing lineman, speaks for itself Joe. David is clearly morphing into our leader in front of our eyes, that’s why I listen whenever I hear him in an interview because he doesn’t say much otherwise and just balls out every Sunday. So, David telling McCoy its his turn after the 1st of the back to back sacks next one, and McCoy delivering right on the money, speaks to the reason McCoy is 1 of our defensive leaders. It’s football, not a popularity contest.

  9. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    McCoy is, at the least, a lead by example type. And it takes all kinds. I don’t recall Lee Roy being an “in your face” leader.

  10. Bobby Says:

    I saw McCoy and David talking to each other the whole game. I believe they were challenging each other and keeping each other fired up long before the sack. McCoy and David could very well be the next Sapp & Brooks. If the defensive scheme will turn McCoy loose he will do just what he did on that last defensive stand but on a much more consistent basis. Let these guys hunt the QB Sheridan!!

  11. Chef Paul Says:

    I never saw McCoy as a great leader anyways. It’s not in his personality. Just because a guy is awesome at what he does, does not automatically make him a leader. And he is fantastic at what he does. Just not leader material.

    Soon he will see what the rest of the defense sees. And that is David is the real leader

  12. gotbbucs Says:

    Six here, half dozen there. Who cares who the leaders are? All I care is that some or elevating to that role. This is still such a young team, it’s easy to forget that. Revis is the old man on the team and he’s what, 28 years old?

    McCoy leads in his room of D-Linemen I’m sure, David leads the LB room, and Revis leads the secondary room. David should be one of the main leaders on the field, he has the green sticker on his helmet and he’s an extremely high energy guy.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Spence is playing like a robowler and Clayborn is constamtoy double teamed for a reason. I’d say the play of the dline has been elevated.

    I would like to see Foster become a leader as well. Like a Shelton did (to some degree).

    Foster uas been playing okay but he should have been calling defensive plays by now. David is great at it, but it is a role the mlb should b more active in.