The Bucs And Hazing

November 6th, 2013


It just so happens the next Bucs opponent is embroiled in a controversy that makes anything that went on at One Buc Palace this season — including sleepy, leaky Josh Freeman’s antics — pale by comparison.

If reports are true, Dolphins coaches ordered a Code Red on left tackle Jonathan Martin and rookie rituals against him went from sophomoric stunts to hazing to financial shakedowns and threatened assaults against his family.

Joe spoke to a couple of Bucs players today about rookie rituals. Rookie defensive lineman Steven Means said he had to do some things but he thought they were all innocent.

“Every rookie had to do little stuff like bring in the pads, go get donuts, little stuff like that,” Means said. Team leaders, “they took care of us for the most part, guys on the team.”

When asked who was watching after him to make sure things didn’t get out of hand, Means quickly said, “Gerald.”

As in Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

Jonathan Casillas was a rookie with the Saints five years ago and went through hazing, but he admitted it wasn’t anything remotely close to what Martin had to go through with the Dolphins.

“I was a rookie five years ago, I had a little hazing but I wouldn’t call it bullying,” Casillas said. “It was more like a rite of passage. That is what I felt and I think that is what i have been a part of here.

“You know, sing your college fight song. Make sure the linebacker room — we had a fridge in the linebacker room — make sure it is packed with juice and water and go get food, donuts, stuff like that. Nothing crazy.

“Every once in a while if you revolt or get out of line, you got taped up. It wasn’t nothing serious.”

Look, having to haul in pads, go get donuts, go get pizzas, having to buy a dinner (within reason) is nothing. Texting dudes you are going to do a No. 2 in their mouth and claiming you are going to cap their parents, that’s way beyond hazing. That’s abuse at best and criminal at worst.

Good to see the Bucs had guys like GMC and Casillas around to make sure things didn’t spin out of control.

12 Responses to “The Bucs And Hazing”

  1. Dave Says:

    Hey Joe, can you work the term Code Red into a few more posts? I think the horse is still twitching. Time to shoot it in the head.

  2. Big Rob Says:

    LMAO @ Dave. I was noticing that too.

  3. Joe Says:

    Hey Joe, can you work the term Code Red into a few more posts?

    Oh, you will see that term many, many more times between now and next Tuesday. Glad you like it.

  4. John Says:

    “Texting dudes you are going to do a No. 2 in their mouth and claiming you are going to cap their parents, that’s way beyond hazing. That’s abuse at best and criminal at worst.”

    Then bring this up this afternoon with Pig Dog. He seems to be blaming everything from video games, black people, and rich parents for this crap. He’s on the Incognito Love Train much as he was the Saint Paterno Express.

  5. John Says:

    Oh, and tell him that the “who hasn’t said ‘I’ll kill you’ before in their lives?”, as well as trying to make the fact that Martin’s parents are Harvard lawyers a smoking gun, just exposes his blatant ignorance. I bet he wouldn’t have a problem with a Harvard lawyer if he had another DUI.

  6. Andrew 1 Says:

    lets see… we’ve had a QB controversy, MRSA outbreak, the Revis man vs zone issue, coaching issues, and zero wins on the season vs the Dolphins hazing issue. yeaaaa… I say we have had it worse.

  7. Bucks_Sam Says:

    Humph. At one point we celebrated “trash talking” now it’s bullying.

    I hear the Dolphins aren’t shopping for Superbowl rings anymore, they would rather have participating ribbons.

  8. chef paul Says:

    Haha I’m so stupid. When he said “I’m going to (explative) in your mouth” I thought the explative was come not #2.

  9. Capt. Tim Says:

    Um. Why didn’t Martin slap Incognito senseless?
    He’s not some lil kicker! He’s an offensive tackle, for Gawds sake.
    Not condoning Incognitos behavior in any way. Way outta line!
    But what kinda lil powder puff is Martin, to run home crying?

    I realize that this is 2013 America. Everybody is wonderful. Nobidy is ever guilty of anything. Nobody is a lazy bum. The government is resposible to support all of us, and if all you wanna do is dance and play all day- then nobody better not say anything bad about you- or you’ll Sue them!
    Everybody build this country. Everybody!
    For Gawds sake- we’re friggin Italy!

    But meybe, just meybe- Martin isn’t “emotionally” strong enough to play Football. It’s a mans game. And nowadays, lots of males aren’t “men”.
    Not that, apparently, there is anything wrong with that.
    Teams can test Men, to see if they are fast and Strong enough to play Football.
    But if you try to find out if some delicate daisy is gonna run home crying- I guess they fire everyone’s ass involved.

    Martin should Thrive in Godells NFL. He wants to eliminate all hitting, and the players line up and kiss after every game! Buccaneer conjures up too many violent images! Some flower is gonna be emotionally traumatized by the imagery!!
    Soon, it’ll be the Tampa Bay Tutu! And there will be official time outs, for tissues and players to “express themselves”!

    To quote Don Henley Martin needs someone to “Find his inner child, and kick his lil ass”

  10. Harry Says:

    Just the first paragraph made me want to respond… Looking back on it, what a dick “Leaky” Josh was. He totally sabotaged his own team; there is no doubt in my mind. He certainly did not come ready to support his teammates and to “prove” to everyone that he was deserving of the Franchise QB designation. He came in with a a bad attitude; and I would not doubt for a second that he and his agent had a plan if things did not work out with the Bucs – call it the “Leaky Plan”.

    So really people, who would you rather have as a team mate. Leaky Josh or Incognito? I’m going with Incognito!

  11. gotbbucs Says:

    Weren’t the voicemails supposedly from about the time of voluntary workouts? Give me a break! I want to hear these voicemails and see if Incognito actually sounds angry or if this was just a morons way of joking around. There is not a group on a football team as close as the o-line and I don’t believe for a second that this wasn’t in some demented way Incognito trying to help Martin toughen up.
    Society is so overly sensetive. I remember the first time I came home crying to my dad that somebody was making fun of me and my dad basically said “what do you want me to do about, get back outside and take care of it.”

  12. Capt. Tim Says:

    Gotbbucs- agreed. This country changed it’s priorities in the last 20 years. Before, our society sought to raise up the most successful and productive.
    We rewarded ambition and achievement.

    Now? Society tries to lift up the un achieving and ambitionless. It degrades the Ambitious, and praises the Mediocre. An interesting strategy.
    One that is not being practiced by our current enemies. Or our former enemies.

    We seem to have fallen in love with Weakness. I hope they aren’t watching.

    Johnathan Martin is 6’5′, 312 pounds. And a highly trained athelete. Yet he runs crying into the night, sobbing because someone is picking on him????? Gawd!! What kind of sissy is that??

    And everyone is crying in outrage for Martin?? Lol! Really??
    He’s a little girl. He needs to stay home, and play with his barbies!

    But I’m sure Incognitos career is over. Probably some coaches, too.
    Because Martin isn’t man enough, to interact with other men.

    Yay us. I need to throw up.

    I hope some of the hard ass European countries don’t get wind of this. They could send a Platoon of troops into Miami, and begin bi^*h slapping every “man” they see. Those men would fall on their knees , weeping- and demand that we surrender.

    And with all the sensitive souls running around. We just might.