“I Feel Like It Will Be My Decision”

November 6th, 2013

Joe watched Doug Martin tentatively put a t-shirt on over his head and wounded shoulder today in the Bucs’ locker room. Perhaps Martin didn’t want to get hair gel on the threads? Joe’s not sure.

But for Joe, that scene further reinforced that Martin should just shut it down and save his body for a season that isn’t lost.

But Joe’s no doctor. Greg Schiano said today that Bucs physicians are working closely with Martin to evaluate him and rehabilitate him before inevitable surgery. The injury is believed to be a torn labrum, though that hasn’t been confirmed by the Bucs.

Martin said, “it’s a feel thing,” when asked about his say in a possible 2013 comeback. “I feel like it will be my decision. Right now we’re still in a time of just seeing how it is and that’s it,” Martin said.

Treatment, “motion stuff” and stability work are all part of Martin’s daily routine, he said. And he acknowledged he’s little nervous about what awaits him.

“It will be my first surgery,” Martin said. “There will be some butterflies in there at first, but you know that’s what I need to continue my career.”

Again, Joe hopes Martin gets shut down. Mike James looks strong. Brian Leonard has value. Martin’s got three more seasons on his rookie contract. Fix him up now and don’t risk anything.

7 Responses to ““I Feel Like It Will Be My Decision””

  1. Adam L. Says:

    Doug… shut it down. Save it for the next coach.

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    But he’s on my fantasy team, “My Favorite Martin”.

    Really though, if there is risk, shut it down. No risk of further damage, his call.

  3. Bucks_Sam Says:

    Competitors compete.

    I put on Kt tape on my blown out shoulder in my softball beer league so I can throw out Bob from Blue River Baptist to win the game for the City-of-Who-Cares T Shirts and plastic trophy.

    I don’t see how you can ask a competitor to not compete, he has no choice.

  4. Adam L. Says:

    Hey Bucs_Sam….

    Custer was a competitor.

  5. coach80m Says:

    Don’t let that fool take advantage of you. Save your health and possibly your career. Your backup did very well.

    Can we have the NFL hire a lawyer to investigate the leaks? This is what they are doing in Miami.

    In other news, Houston and Denver have interim coaches. Why can’t the Bucs follow suit?

  6. Capt. Tim Says:

    Get the Surgery now- and you’ll be recovered by next season. Put it off till offseason- you’ll be 80%, and trying to impress a new coach.

    Park it in the Garage, Doug. Save the Martin for next years racing season

  7. tampa2 Says:

    Bucks_sam –

    You’re comparing some softball league bullshit to THIS? Fans….