“So Hard For Them To Show Up & Get Ready”

November 4th, 2013

FOX Sports color analyst Daryl “Moose” Johnston worked the Bucs game yesterday and gives a few thoughts in this brief video recap.

“It’s going to be so hard for them to show up at the facility and get ready for Week 9 on Monday,” Johnston said.

3 Responses to ““So Hard For Them To Show Up & Get Ready””

  1. Mike J Says:

    They should be used to it by now; routine.

    There was an old movie w/ Fred McMurray as a football coach at a college; his team was winless, & Fred’s wife tried to cheer him up by saying, ”At least they’re good losers.” Fred replied. ”Good?? They’re darn near perfect at it.”

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It may be tough in the beginning of the week…but I actually think this game could be a turning point…..I lets the players know that they can play with anybody….to go there and play out West at one the most difficult venues….to take one of the best teams to overtime….should actually end up being a confidence builder….
    The thought should be….we are at home on MNF against a beatable team….let do it like Warren….for Warren!!!

  3. Capt. Tim Says:

    Beautiful photo of Adams! Who would’ve thought that a 5’6, 140# CB would have a hard time tackling( or in coverage) in the NFL? Never seen that coming!

    Playing your very best, then getting horse whipped in the second half? Not exactly a confidence builder. More like the SeaSquaks took the first half off, the ended their siesta, and kicked our ass when they felt like it. And as totally ineffective as we have been all season in the Second half- they aren’t the only ones!