“Coach Schiano, That’s A Tough Son Of A Bitch”

November 18th, 2013

Bucs captain Davin Joseph lets loose on what Greg Schiano means to him and the locker room

“I don’t think it could have got any worse for [Coach Schiano.] But the guy stuck with it, stayed with what he believed in. And now it’s finally paying off. It was tough for a while, new quarterback, you know what I mean, the whole Josh Freeman thing. Doug [Martin] gets hurt. All these things. And people are ready to can us. And Coach Schiano was like, ‘Sh*t. Fu*k that. Keep your pads on and we’ll keep on working.’ And you finally get the sense to where it’s like guys believe in him. You know what I mean; we’re becoming closer. It’s the first time I can actually really say that we’re a family now. I mean, it’s some tough times. All that stuff could have like broken us up and we could have been just getting blown out and not fighting and all that sh*t. But Coach Schiano, that’s a tough son of a bitch.

“Because it’s such a business, it’s so hard to say “family” in the NFL. Dude’s been preaching it since he walked through the door. And sometimes you don’t really know where they’re coming from when they say that, and you blow it off the first time or the second time and you don’t really know where they’re coming from. ‘Family, family, family, family.’ But it makes sense now. I can really say now that we’re like a family. Guys trust him. Guys believe in him. All he’s been saying has been coming true about just keeping your head down and working. Because it couldn’t have gotten any more negative at One Buc. It’s the worst it’s ever been, and I’ve been here for eight seasons. It was the worst it’s ever been. The dude is tough, man.” Davin Joseph, following the Bucs win against Atlanta yesterday.

This was heartfelt stuff from Joseph. It’s not possible for Joe to convey the seriousness with which Joseph delivered these words.

None of this makes Schiano a good gameday NFL coach. He’s got much prove there, but there is no question the Bucs are a united and motivated team. Joe’s very eager to see how these final six games, against tough competition, play out.

31 Responses to ““Coach Schiano, That’s A Tough Son Of A Bitch””

  1. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    You have to think that the Glazers, after the front office choose the wrong Qb heading into the season, That the Glazers will not count the first 8 games against Schiano. and with the last 8 games, that if the Bucs go .500 Coach will stay. That means 2 more wins and competitive in the rest and Coach Schiano will be back.

  2. Skelly Says:

    Geees….After reading that I may want coach to stay. You don’t hear NFL guys talking like that very often. They have to keep winning but it says something in the Not For Long league that these guys are talking about believing in him and buying into the coach. Lesser men would have lost the locker room or folded under the pressure. He still may get fired but he seems to have risen the challenge and the players are following him still. We’ll see. Game was awesome yesterday.

  3. Walter Says:

    Hey, if he can keep these guys playing hard and win a few more games, I’d be content with him staying. It’s been a while since there was a family atmosphere in Tampa Bay, hasn’t been that way since Dungy.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Schiano needs to win a tough one…like against Detroit away or SF at home….and add a win against Buffalo & St. Louis…and he stays.
    Joseph’s comments will be very important to the rest of the team because he is a soft-spoken leader….
    Glennon has real possibilities and was a steal in round 3 because he is at least a very cheap backup and at best a starter for years to come.
    We still have a few weapons we could get for him….Watkins would be nice along with a stud tight end.

  5. biff barker Says:

    I love it when a plan comes together. Nice to see a united locker room playing with purpose.

  6. mark2001 Says:

    The thing, I think, to consider is that if that is the way it really is, it becomes very difficult if you change the HC, if the team doesn’t feel it is time for him to move on. When Tony left, I think the timing was right for the team. That takes nothing away from his coaching prowess or him as a purpose, but the team couldn’t get the Offensive side of the ball right. It was years of Clyde, etc.. with no progress, nothing to show for it. Philly was in our heads and we couldn’t get over them with Tony at the Helm. Even with a SB, the team did seem to hit a wall regarding personnel and the nose dive at the end of the season, though I though getting a good GM would have been more the solution. Raheem was lost, and the team lost a buddy but not a strong HC. Cutting Shiano, after he got rid of bad apples and a head case QB, the MRSA incident… which wasn’t really his fault, could be more problematic….after it seems this team has taken to him, if they play well every game the rest of the year. If they do, I think one more year is in order for he and Dom. There has to be something changes in the staff, but I think if the team is really coming together, I hate to see it broken up. Yes they are professionals, but they are young men and chemistry isn’t something to be taken lightly.

  7. mark2001 Says:

    Of course when I was taking about the Post Tony SB era, I was talking about Gruden.

  8. Bobby Says:

    I think if the team keeps playing hard and stays in every game for the remainder of the season with a win or two sprinkled in then Schiano returns. If we don’t have a STRONG winning season next year then he is gone like the wind.

  9. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Eh we beat the hobbled Falcons and the team missing their entire starting left side of the O Line and now Schiano is the fearless leader that must stay? Granted, it was fun to watch the Bucs do surprise onside kicks and going on 4th, but come on now. This is a team that should have NEVER found itself in this position of coming back from 0-8, and I am still of the belief that the talent is not being maximized. Our defense should be shutting mf’ers down, not running stunts and putting Revis in zone. Bring on Lovie.

  10. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’ve been as big an advocate for schiano leaving as anyone and I stand by having thought that based on the evidence presented at the time. Now that the play calling has actually been appropriate for the situations and the team is playing well the last few games I am willing to consider him as a viable option for next year. There is something to be said about continuity and I don’t want change for the sake of change if what we’re doing is working now. I’d be willing to consider the ugly happenings at the beginning of the season a result of a bad quarterback being forced on him and an unfortunate scenario in the mrsa deal. These past two games have upgraded him from must go to you better produce. was at the game yesterday and i’m glad this was the game I chose to make the trip down to Tampa for. The crowd was going nuts and the show the Bucs put on put the cap on an already great trip back home to the bay area

  11. BFFL Says:

    We still need to here this kind of talk from the defense. It looks like they are finally using McCoy properly. It makes me wonder how many more defensive players are being used incorrectly. Still discouraging to watch the defense give up too many points to a pathetic offense.

  12. Tampamac Says:

    Good stuff Joe. I’m with you in that he still has to make in game adjustments, but hopefully yesterday’s game was the turning point. I know I wasn’t the only one watching with one eye open in the 2nd half hoping not to see our perpetual after halftime swoon. But they kept their foot on the pedal yesterday which made the difference with Atlanta getting 2 late scores. Schiano still may not be back next year(although I’m leaning towards him getting a 3rd make or break year), but the team is still playing hard. Raheem’s last year was the epitome of a team quitting. But Schiano’s saving grace may be the development of Glennon because that’s his guy. Definitely an upgrade over Freeman. At least Glennon progresses from game to game at this point in his career. Any stats guys out there know if Freeman ever had an 87% completetion rate in a game like Glennon had yesterday?

  13. givemeball Says:

    If they play like they played the last 3 games the rest of the season win or lose you keep Schiano for 14.

  14. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    I bet you the owners have been meeting with Schiano and said… “Look, we already saw our team quit on Raheem, and it was NOT pretty. So, Greg, I don’t care about 0-8, you need to make sure this team doesn’t quit. That is your job. DO NOT let these 20 something millionaires quit like the weak little biotches they are. Make them focused and strong. Greg, quitting is not an option.”

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    It was great to get another win yesterday and not take the walk of shame to the parking lot.

    But Dude, call it what it is. The Bucs beat two really crappy teams, back to back. That’s it, no more. I am very happy for the players, but I can’t help but feel that if Schiano stays, the same losing garbage will manifest itself again in September.

    The fact still remains that the Bucs are 2-8, and that is nothing to be proud of for Little Hitler. Beat the Lions, 49’rs, Panthers and Saints, then run your mouths about family and how great your stinking coach is. I hope they can do it but really don’t see it happening. You can’t just beat the crappy teams and call yourselves good. You have to beat the good teamszz

  16. mpmalloy Says:

    I feel like something of genius today.
    I’ve never let myself be manipulated by the
    ridiculous, media-fueled anti-Schiano propaganda.
    I was smart enough to see through the haze of bullshit
    to the truth.
    1.) No arrests under Schiano (or if you were arrested you’re gone)
    2.) Impervious to all the h8terz. Completely unfazed.
    3.) Linebacker guru
    4.) Running back guru

    I tend to think for myself.
    You Schiano haters should try it sometime.
    Not saying I’m epically smarter than you and that
    you’re a short-sighted easily manipulated idiot……just sayin’

    Go Bucs!
    Good luck Coach Schiano!

  17. Yossarian Says:

    The biggest accomplishment Schiano has made this season is that his team didn’t quit. And that is a major accomplishment. That being said, he still hasn’t shown that he can coach a playoff team. They did finally go for the jugular yesterday, but teh fact remains that he (and/or his coordinators) have made very questionable calls at crucial times. Just last week he and Sullivan called for a QB rollout to the LEFT on 3rd and 1 with 3 minutes left. The end result was Glennon ran out of bounds. It was an absolutely awful call. And it is the kind of call we have seen too much of during the Schiano era. This is the same coach who insisted on calling running plays on 3rd and long when the Bucs had a chance to close out the Saints by kicking a FG, but then let his rookie QB (in his first start) throw on 1st or 2nd down inside his own 10 yard line while nursing a 10 point lead.

  18. Jwied73 Says:

    Uh oh. Looks like certain local radio personalities that were skewering him personally and going for all-out character assassination are going to have a big pile to eat. I’d love to hear a full retraction, but I don’t think that’s coming. Bravo, Joes, for remaining level-headed through the worst of it. Calling for a coach’s head based on performance is one thing, but demanding he be fired for perceived character flaws is entirely another. The outright venom that was thrown on this man was really staggering.

  19. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I would love to say I told you so…but… it’s too soon.

    I will address the naysayers.

    I said long ago that as long as Schiano does not lose the locker room he should stay. If the players don’t quit and believe in what he’s doing he should remain. It’s that simple.

    Now we saw national media try to tell us all kinds of negative things, that the players hated Schiano, that MeShawn was warned to stay away, that Schiano was at fault for pretty much every thing.

    None of it was backed by any sources. It was heresay. Yet the fans chose to believe it the media made up news instead of using their eyes. There is just no way the team would not turn on Schiano if half the rumprs were true.

    So, naysayers, you make a valid point that the Bics beat two very bad teams. I’ll give you that point. But consider this…winning changes the perspective of players. Once they have a taste for it they know it is always a possibility and they will keep trying to achieve it.

    Also, claiming the Bucs are not using talent properly is no longer true. Since 3 weeks back, Revis has been used right. Since the end of last weeks game, the defensive line is being used right. It doesn’t matter who it was against. So they were bad teams…it still enabled the team to see what works…and that includes the coaches.

    Have you not seen the shift in coaching? Weeks ago, Schiano told all his coaches to take a weekend and consider how they can improve how they do their jobs. Sullivan told us this was the reason he switched to the box. Our special teams coach has stepped up as well. Our defensive coaching as well.

    I’m not saying the Bucs will win out. I’m saying things are different now. Not because of two wins against two bad teams, but because of the changes made in the coaching. They are now putting the team in position to produce.

  20. Bobby Says:

    I wonder what Prisco and Kirwan will have to say this week? Doubt if we’ll hear any retractions about the stupid gatorade bath.

  21. pick6 Says:

    Joe, you nailed it. all this “do they love him or hate him?” stuff is a distraction from the biggest issue this coach has. whatever he does monday to saturday, he has been the lesser gameday coach more often than not. even yesterday there was suspect clock management at the end of the first half that would have hurt us in a close game. last week we nearly gave up the game late with more conservative play and the week before that we helped seattle set a record for their largest comeback ever. i felt coming off of last season that with our talent upgrades and contiunuity, if schiano were even an average gameday manager we could be an 11+ win team. among all the mishaps of this season, i’ve perhaps been most disappointed with the fact that schiano’s decisions on sundays leave alot to be desired even in victory

  22. Brian Jones Says:

    So glad that this interview went out online. This is proof that the players believe in their coach. This just shows that Coach has loosened up and is not a “mafia” leader per Michael Bennett’s words. I can not wait for all of the fair weather band wagoners to look just embarrassed as they tried to make the Glazers, coach Schiano and our organization look like, when coach is back next year and we are making playoff runs for years to come.

    Support your Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Coach Greg Schiano? Join us at http://www.facebook.com/dontfiregregschiano

    #webelieve #itsabucslife

  23. AK Says:

    Joe, is this audio posted online anywhere by any chance?

    No, it’s in Joe’s recorder, a little too fuzzy with background noise for easy listening.–Joe

  24. yomammaplaysnosetakle Says:

    Performance is everything, and everything we have seen this season besides the last couple of games and the end of last season is what people’s calling on Schiano’s firing for. Two wins against two bad teams is not enough to retain him. I want him to succeed. I want my team to succeed, but let’s truly be objective here. If they can win out the rest of the year, let’s keep him as coach. If not, he has to go. I think that’s more than fair.

  25. Brian Jones Says:

    @AK and Joe:
    Listen hear (19th interview down) – it is brief

  26. Joe Says:

    Brian Jones:

    Ahem. Joe wrote about this extensively this morning. 🙁
    Also, the audio you are referencing at 620 does not include what’s in Joe’s recorder and what is included in this post. –Joe

  27. Brian Jones Says:

    @Joe – understandable and just trying to help out a fellow fan.

  28. BigMacAttack Says:

    Schiano has proven that his team is not the worst in the NFL, or 2’nd worst. I’d say these 2 wins over horrible teams moves the Bucs up to about 28’th now in the NFL. This is really something to cheer for. Let’s all strive for mediocrity and set our sights on not being the biggest losers.

    I’m really really happy for the players, but c’mon, wake up and stop thinking you’re great. Sorry but I’m just not impressed but 2 easy wins. AT this rate the Schiano Team should win a Super Bowl by 2050′. Awesome!

  29. Jason Says:

    Here’s what I don’t get, Joe and the rest of the Tampa Bay media have had this information all along they were the ones telling us how bad it is in the locker room and all this yet it loks like the locker room is united. The media, not the fans are trying to run Schiano out of town. I’ll say it again, Schiano has to prove it to me by taking 2 if 3 from the Saints, Panthers, and 49ers to end the season before I think he should come back. It looks like he might have changed a lot about his coaching philosophies and is finally coaching to the player’s strengths. Shame on Joe, Big Dog, and the rest of the media for trying to sell papers, get hits, and viewer instead of reporting what the actual players in the locker room were saying. You guys have the inside information and access but only reported what would sell at the time, now that it’s getting better time to do the old flip-flop.

    Joe’s going to let this comment go, but it’s grossly inaccurate and misleading. News flash, there were problems in the Bucs locker room, and Joe’s reporting has been very balanced. Only someone with his head in the sand would think that the Freeman situation wasn’t a cancer. –Joe

  30. Jason Says:

    What I was saying was during the chaos there weren’t many reports of the players having the coaches back, now all the sudden the media is finding stories of the players getting the coaches back? Looks like these stories were stuck in the media’s back pocket for the time being and now all the sudden are coming out. You are definitely more fair than the Big Dog, he gets an agenda sometimes and won’t drop it nio matter how bad he looks. But I’m still not sold in my opinion we have to go 8-8 or 7-9 for coach to stay.

  31. stevek Says:

    Don’t aim at Joe, he is legit.

    The BigDog said he thought the Bucs would surely pack it in after getting a lone victory.

    Wrong again!