Schiano Revival Tour Continues

November 24th, 2013

“Who’s with me?”

Imagine if Team Glazer was moved by billboards, paper bags and sports radio screams, Bucs fans wouldn’t be enjoying front row seats for one of the more mind-blowing resurrections in Bucs history.

The Bucs were lifeless and dead a month ago after a home beating by Carolina on Thursday Night Football, which followed a thorough media beating by NFL Network leading up to the game, as well as a good few weeks of clobbering from all angles — ex-Bucs, fans, pundits and more.

The New Schiano Order is 3-1 since then and on the rise. They’ve made adjustments. They’ve thrived through injuries and with a rookie quarterback. They’ve developed players, and registered solid wins. 

Is Greg Schiano’s once broiling hot seat even warm?

It is. Schiano still has to keep his team playing good football and keep his quarterback progressing to earn a return voyage in 2014. But it’s very hard to imagine that not happening on this winning afternoon.

The Bucs are on the rise, and Josh Freeman is in Minnesota.

17 Responses to “Schiano Revival Tour Continues”

  1. 911bucs Says:

    I hope we can keep Cam from doing his stupid 1st down salute next week. That ticks me off.

  2. lurker Says:

    revival / survival

    tomato / tomahto

  3. WalkdaPlank Says:

    He is 4-13 in his last 17 games, as well as an 0-8 start this year. It’s not pretty, but Schiano has seemingly brought this team back from the dead. It feels great to be a Bucs fan again for the first time in a long time.

  4. Adam L. Says:

    I was thinking the Bucs have to fire Schiano despite that I was really rooting for him as a fellow Italian. He’s my Obama. Apparently something is clicking. And this is why midseason firings are bad ideas.

    They really have to fire Sullivan though because poor Rainey is getting murdered by Sullivan’s inability to recognize that the interior line can’t open holes. That game today looked just like the Arizona game w/ Doug Martin.

  5. Larry Says:

    Glennon keeps playing well and winning…and no elite QB’s will be available when the Buc’s pick! lol Way to secure your job, Mike!

  6. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @911 – A lot of things about Cam Newton tick people off, lol.

  7. MadMax Says:

    Josh who?

  8. NY Buc Says:

    instead of saying he’s 4-13 in his last 17 games I’d rather look at it as he’s 10-17 as an NFL head coach. Still nothing to brag about, but it’s a better representation of his complete body of work as the Bucs HC.

  9. Brian Jones Says:

    Schiano is not going anywhere. The Glazers know that he is their man, and the teams man. Any fan who thought holding the embarrassing Fire Schiano sign was getting to the Glazers, you sir / maam are wrong and will soon continue to look like the real moron. #dontfiregregschiano

  10. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    amazing, and with using alot of undrafted, unrestricted, castoff Rucker’s players to cover for the pop-star failed drafts, and poor roster moves.

  11. Jordon Says:

    Nothing will give a losing coach another shot faster, than a hot young QB who shows promise and wins some games. I think Coach Schiano will be back if the Bucs can win a couple more games down the stretch! I think he and Dominik deserve one more shot.

  12. Macabee Says:

    According to Roy Cummings today Joel Glazer spoke out today praising Schiano for the last 3 wins. I assume that means they like what he is doing. Didn’t give him the Ok for next year, but if they took the time to speak out, he’s in good standing with at least Joel Glazer.

    Not hurting himself by winning, that’s for sure!

  13. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    People have made fun of Schiano’s ‘Buccaneer Men” but look at the example the guy has set for his team. His players obviously believe in him. They didn’t quit on him when everybody else did fans and media included.

    i accept the frustration at the play calling and the lack of discipline. But the personal attacks prompted by the devious Freeman’s behavior have been truly uncalled for.

    Just ask yourself how many coaches would have behaved like Schiano after watching a player paralyzed during the height of the football season and Schiano’s busiest time. Remember in addition to football Schiano also has his own family to keep him busy. But after Eric LeGrand was paralyzed what did Schiano do?

    Coach Greg Schiano would visit Legrand frequently, and is said to have truly embraced the entire family as his own, and would repeatedly relieve Eric’s mother from taking care of him without hesitation.

    Regardless of how you feel about him as a coach you have to admit he is a class act.

  14. buc4lyfe Says:

    the greg schiano era is even more strange than the raheem morris saga!!! he’s got a losing record all time in tampa so since when did we start measuring the hot seat by game streaks instead of total body of work. His seat should be hot because nothing has changed other than he has actually learned how to let players help him win games. We have a playoff caliber roster with the salaries that back it up, the fact that we’ve gone 3-1 shouldnt allow him to keep his job because winning games with this roster should come as a suprise, it should be expected. glennon has improved at a faster rate than the coaching staff. we win 7 games with the worst pass defense in the nfl last year. this year with revis and goldson we go 0-8 now were 3-1 in the last 4 games, his seat should be hot until we have another full 4 games to compare to the first half of the season especially with actual playoff teams coming in the next 3 of 4 games. i dont want someone coaching my team when everyone in the livingroom watching the game can guess his playcalling on offense and defense. no matter the down and distance i think we ran the ball on 2nd down the entire game

  15. buc4lyfe Says:


    It’s not the first time a coach has had a bad quarterback running their team just ask ken wisenhunt. fans and media care about what happens on sunday’s not monday thru saturday….great Schiano’s a great guy, a great father, a great role model whatever whatever. Father dungy has hall of fame voting. he brought in his own players, the team was awful when he became a first time head coach so freeman gets the credit for being a bad quarterback, schiano didnt handle the situation as well as you make it seem because he put that target on his back after the last game of the season. who cares if he’s a great guy….who cares if he’s an A-Hole for that matter all we care about is wins and losses.

    schiano has done alot more winning than losing. we were supposed to be carolina….they have proven everyone right so had detroit…the front 4 is more important than the back because if you can name anyone in detroits secondary other than chris houston and anyone in carolina other than captain muddywater then you watch too much football

  16. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Couple of things.. Perhaps the Freeman issue was more of a distraction and obvious determent than we were led to believe. Notice, much if not all the controversy and disarray left once he left. Is it the only reason, of course not. There is enough blame to go around that it was allowed to fester and permeate the team for so long without being addressed.

    There are still huge discipline problems which still shocks me considering he’s purported to be so discipline and detail oriented. Still, a win is a win and the team overcame adversity to capture this victory. They were on the road, playing with a rookie qb and a defense decimated with injuries.. Throw in the world’s worst field goal kicker who missed kicks my abuela could have made and we actually still found a way to win…Good teams are able to do this consistently….I think Joe and a number of you have pointed out.. December is a key metric. A month ago, I think most everyone gave Schiano 0 chance of returning. Now, I think he does return barring a December collapse. Continuity may not be such a bad thing.

  17. Surf Buc Says:

    F the past. At this point it’s about momentum.