Schiano Ordered No “Hangover”

November 18th, 2013

“Beers on me, kid.”

As Joe’s written earlier this morning, the national media is back on the Greg Schiano bandwagon. The Bucs are somehow captivating again — for good reasons this time.

Longtime NFL writer Mike Garafolo, now of, penned a Schiano column today that explains why Garafolo believes there’s legitimate hope in Tampa and for Schiano to stay in 2014

So I asked McCoy to be dead honest: Is that locker room still behind Schiano?

“Of course. Of course we are,” [McCoy] said, adding that the way the team responded on a short week was proof. “Coach Schiano issued a challenge to us today as a team: ‘Are we going to have a Monday Night Football hangover or come out and keep the momentum and keep going?’ We did that today.”

Frankly, fast starts to games are routine for the New Schiano Order. The staff clearly comes prepared but often fails the adjustments game.

That’s where Joe’s focus was yesterday, not on a “hangover,” but on the Bucs’ ability to bury Atlanta in the second half. They got the job done.

5 Responses to “Schiano Ordered No “Hangover””

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    “That’s where Joe’s focus was yesterday, not on a “hangover,” but on the Bucs’ ability to bury Atlanta in the second half. They got the job done.”

    Precisely Joe. It was glaring for all to see. That in the 2nd half the team did not let up. They kept pouring it on. It was a welcome change for me as a fan to sit back and relax when the 3rd quarter ended. It seems that the D did let up quite a bit in the 4th, but it did not matter. The Falcons scored a TD and all I could do was sit there and mouth the words “whatever this game is over” out loud with what little voice I had left.

    Speaking of that little voice I had left. When I went over to the Bucs tunnel before the game ended there was 50 seconds left on the clock. Atlanta had the ball I leaned over the railing making as much noise as I could, I was still being very loud. Fans in the rows below turned around and looked at me like I was crazy, because the game was over. I said to them “let that be a lesson to all of you, never stop being loud for your defense no matter the score or your teams record.”

  2. Doofus Dan Says:

    @ Buc1987,

    The Bucs defense didn’t let up at all in the 4th qtr. Once Atl put Davis in for Matty Ice, Schiano put in our backups. That last all of one drive which led to the aforementioned score. The starts returned on the next drive.

  3. Fritz50 Says:

    “That in the 2nd half the team did not let up. They kept pouring it on. ”

    Well, up to a point , I agree, I did feel that the Bucs took their foot off Atlanta’s throat a bit too early. Not from a score standpoint, but more from the point of view of keeping the ball away from the dirty birds. I just think it would have been totally embarrassing to have a Colts style collapse, specially after dominating so well, early on. I guess my feeling is that the best way to prevent such a collapse is to get 1st downs, as opposed to three failed runs & a punt. Just seems like a lack of killer instincts , to me. Guess I should be happy with a win, I suppose, but chewing my nails the whole 4th quarter was not a happy place , for me.

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    I’ll say this about Schiano. Fire Shanahan! His team made the playoffs last year and they only have 1 more win than the Bucs have. For that matter fire Mike Smith too, his team is 2-8 as well.

    Does anyone think that those 2 things will happen? I’m not saying that Schiano is a better coach than the two of them. I’m trying to say, maybe we need to give Schiano more time than 1 first season of 7-9 and a 2nd season of 2-8 so far.

    So essentially what your saying to the next coach is. Hey buddy you’ve got a year and 1/2 to make this team winners or your gone and that’s just WRONG!

    Maybe we might not want to run this guy off like Cleveland did to Belichick? Maybe?

  5. oldfart44 Says:

    Don’t agree with you. Schiano caused his own problems with his personality and arrogance. I think you may possibly have forgotten some of the things he did especially on handling Freeman with the suite episode.

    How many good players have we released because they would not kiss his ass? This is professional football. Sometimes you have to put up with “difficult” personalities in order to win. You don’t think that we may have a few head cases on this team right now?

    Many stupid statements and lots of bravado. Never have I seen someone get dumped on so much by people outside of the Bucs’ fans. Sometimes I wonder if the owners are not trying to create a shit storm where they could move the team.

    There were sure a lot of empty seats again as compared to honoring Warren Sapp on MNF.

    We STILL had 11 penalties in the game, and one of the usual suspects, Goldson. Why is he don’t pulled and talked to? Is the tough guy afraid to discipline him?