Mike Glennon > Peyton Manning

November 18th, 2013

What a wacky day for the Bucs yesterday in beating the Dixie Chicks. First, there were the 41 points scored (six from Ric Flair-loving Mason Foster on a pick-six). Where did that offense come from?

Then there were three sacks from defensive tackle stud Gerald McCoy, tying a franchise record for defensive tackles.

The icing on the cake? Rookie quarterback Mike Glennon outplayed one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. No, not Matty Ice, but Peyton Manning.

Of course, the Bucs did not play Manning but statistically speaking, Glennon outshined a guy that already has his path to Canton greased. Glennon completed a Jameis Winston-like 20 passes of 23 attempts. No other quarterback this season, not Aaron Rodgers, not Tom Brady, not Drew Brees, not Manning have had a better statistical day with completion percentage.

Is Joe sold yet that Glennon is the franchise quarterback of the future for the Bucs? No. Is Joe impressed? Yes. Not sure anyone expected Glennon to pass like this.

Now if he can only improve his downfield proficiency, then Joe might entertain the thought of Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik not drafting Johnny Football next year.

56 Responses to “Mike Glennon > Peyton Manning”

  1. Andrew 1 Says:

    thats where stats can be deceiving because Peyton played the best defense in the NFL and Glennon played one of the worst. I still like what Glennon did though.

  2. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I still get nervous when people talk about “franchise” Q.B.’s.

    What do we mean when we say that? Are we talking Manning, Brady or Rodgers? Or are we talking Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer or Joe Flacco.

    There are Q.B.’s that can carry a team, but even that doesn’t always work, can you say Dan Marino.

    There are Q.B.’s that keep you from winning, many very high draft pics among them. Can you say Ryan Leaf or Josh Freeman or perhaps worst of all Jamarcus Russell?

    Then there are “smart” Q.B.’s who are winners and were able to protect the ball and do enough to win Super Bowls..Dilfer, Johnson and Flacco.

    I just want to make sure we’re not overly enamored with that first group. They are rare, they are incredibly expensive necessitating a huge gamble at draft time.

    We obviously need to avoid the second group.

    My point is we shouldn’t be judging Glennon on whether he can carry a team. We should judge him on whether he is a competent professional who doesn’t PREVENT a team from winning the Super Bowl.

    From what I’ve seen of Glennon I believe he has a solid shot to be as good as Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer two SB winners and smart, excellent players, but not “franchise” Q.B’s

    We shouldn’t expect Glennon to be Johnny Football or Manning or Brady. He just has to be good enough

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Glennon’s incompletions were throw-aways!!!

    If we have a shot at “Johnny Football” we should trade the pick for another 2nd rounder or more….then draft Mettenberger, Murray or McCarron at the top of the second round..

    Bonus Note…..Joe would like McCarron because it would mean many pics of his girlfriend….our luck…he would dump her before he arrives at camp.

  4. Bucstop.com Says:

    I am not a Glennon mob guy, but I am impressed. We keep needing to see more. But he keeps showing more. At some point, we may wake up and find we have us a QB. I’m not there yet, but I’m closer. 6 auditions left

  5. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Joe, I believe we share the same view on Glennon.

    After years of let downs after thinking we had found franchise QBs I would rather have two eggs in our basket and minimise the risk of a one-year-wonder.

  6. Bobby Says:

    I would much rather have a Matty Ice clone like Glennon and go after some pass rushing DE to compliment Clayborn and a speed demon deep threat receiver to give Glennon more weapons. I wouldn’t be opposed to going O-line but not QB in round one if Glennon keeps progressing. I would love to have a QB that can scramble out of trouble like Russell Wilson but Wilson didn’t go in the first round, he went in the third.

  7. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Name one time this season where chad Pennington aka glennon threw a deep ball pass an the “lost a step” vincent Jackson hasn’t had to atop n come back to a 20 yrd under thrown ball while he has three steps ahead of the cornerback??? I’ll wait? He has no threat of being anything other then a dink n dunk game manager great backup but shoukdnt b what u hinge your season on if we get a top five pick u pick a qb who will scare the defense out of 8 an 9 man fronts with the option of the deep ball….something glennon CLEARLY does not have….facts!!! With thay being said no faukt to him he is what he is but stop suckin this guy he’s not the future he’s not the franchise he’s just that another guy. Hell nick foles is more impressive with the deep ball then this guy an in my opinion he still might not keep his job.

  8. mikeck Says:

    Whatever…its just nice to not see footballs flying 5 feet over a receiver’s head on a 10 yard crossing route or fall at his feet on a 5 yard out.

  9. BucNasty!!! Says:

    True but just being better then terrible dont make u good it just keeps u from being completely ass everuone talks like glennon got something on his resume o yea I forgot he beat the dolphins an the falcons lets all b proud of that an award him a franchise contract an while u at it sign schaino up for a ten yr contract cuz he won teo games this year so thats clearly better then when gruden won 9 games an got fired . Mediocre standards r the norm so y should I b upset at u guys for accepting trash? U keep thr trash ill save my praise for something actually worthy of it…..I cant wait till the off season wtf 0_0

  10. SoonerinTampa Says:

    I tend to take people more seriously when they can actually spell, they use words instead of letters, and when they can put a complete sentences together. It lets me know they have a few ounces of common sense and smarts…just sayin

  11. Pyrda Says:

    Well Glennon played very well against seattle imo better than chiefs … also glennon doesnt have the weapons that Peyton has I think this young quarterback all he needs to do to prove he is a Franchise Quarterback is to be Consistent….

  12. stpetebucsfan Says:

    He’s a rookie!!! He’s on a team that has been through tons of turmoil!

    Anybody criticizing VJax as losing a step needs to get that first cup of coffee and wake up. His game is his size and athleticism.

    BTW Was Brad Johnson known for throwing deep bombs. Did Brad have a rocket arm. I remember a lesson Brad taught me when he was playing with MInn against the Bucs in the old Sombrero.

    It seemed as if he couldn’t hit receivers in the hands. Then I realized just how smart Brad is…his passes were placed where only the offensive player had a chance to catch it. Sometimes that necessitated diving catches. But Brad was smart and Brad is a competitor and a WINNER.

    Glennon only needs to become as good as Johnson to win an SB if we improve our D enough. D wins championships not Q.B’s.

    I’m not part of the Glennon mob but he certainly is earning the right to hold his job if his play continues at it’s current level.

    He’s freaking rookie on a crappy team with two RB’s down, no T.E. target, and his second receiver is down. He’s performed as well as he needs to up to this point.,

  13. Walter Says:


    Dude, get the stick out of your a$$. Glennon goes 20-23 with two TD’s with his 4th string RB and only 1 WR and you have the audacity to say that he is “just another guy?” He outplayed Matt Ryan, that in itself is impressive, especially considering he is a rookie. Like it or not, Glennon has shown plenty of good things in his 7 starts so far.

  14. Ryan CO Says:

    I don’t understand what the deal is with Johnny manziel on this site, but am I the only one who feels like his off the field issues are enough to make him not worth a top 5 pick? Schiano came in to rid the bucs of turds like him, why spend another first round pick on a qb who clearly has party issues

  15. Chef Paul Says:

    “Name one time this season where chad Pennington aka glennon threw a deep ball pass an the “lost a step” vincent Jackson hasn’t had to atop n come back to a 20 yrd under thrown ball while he has three steps ahead of the cornerback??? I’ll wait?”

    OK BucNasty. How about the 2 thrown yesterday that were caught by Jackson. Neither one was 20 yards underthrown. A little underthrown but not 20 yards. Thanks for waiting. It gave me chance to decipher your hieroglyphics.

  16. Walter Says:

    @Ryan CO

    Trust me, you aren’t alone in that regard. Joe has been banging the drum for Manziel for a bit now. I don’t want him because I see him as a bust waiting to happen.

  17. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Everyone doesn’t type from the computer. Cell phones tend to auto correct. And for your tendencies they can take a hike with schanio N Glennon I write what I want dont read it if u don’t want to. But it still doesn’t change the fact he did that against low quality competition. Mccoy grts three sacks its cuz the othet teams bad o line but the fact the falcons play with a rookie cb an asamye Samuel come on he aint been relavent since the pats. An brad johnson could hit a down field reciever n stride facts u go watch the tape it nevver fluttered an dies ten yrds b4 it got there like glennons deep ball does every time. He is a rookie an we’ve haf turmoil so he gets what he gets the bare minimum praise which is he does what he’s capable of but to tout him as a franchise qb because he completed a high precentagr of passes against a bad secondary with no threat of going deep “with out a rosary bead n hand” is irresponsible.

  18. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Lmao im glad u guys aren’t n the running for bucs management lmao you keep glennon an dont complain when a competent teams stops that bullshit u love which is dink an dunk when a team plays us pressed man doubke v jax an stack the box an force us to win it looks like …. o yea the arizona game where he throws two picks how wuick we forget reality whrn schiano shoves this tiny sliver of hope infront of you two wins against trash teams ur excited do it against the lions then come talk to me about how much u love glennon lmao put a real cornet on the other side of him a patrick Peterson an he become your favorite guy to make excuses for lmao we gon havr a top 5 pick 4 a reason now use it on a true franchise qb lmao ya “franchise glennon an his noddle arm”

  19. Couch Fan Says:

    Everybody wants to act like the deep ball is the end all be all of QBing. If Glennon keeps on improving on all the other aspects of his game then I am fine with that. 7 games into his rookie season, thats what people like Bucnasty are judging the man on. Clearly his mind was made up before Glennon ever took a snap…

    Oh and btw, no rookie next year will come in here and immediately hit the deep ball. None of them. It takes time. And I bet giving Glennon time will prove that he can hit the deep ball.

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    Manziel has me thinking Vinny Testicleverde all over again and that scares the crap out of me.

  21. BucNasty!!! Says:

    V jax was underthown 98.6 percent of the time….. does that make u feel bettet for the 2 timrs a game he make a ok deep throw lmao god forbid we expect our qb to make good deep throws consistently. Like I said I never said he was trash hes just not the franchise wb ….maybe the franchise backup but I call a spade a spade v jax is almost always under thrown when he goes deep an anybody who says different just doesnt like me an I could care less Im unbiased when it comes to my teams we gon b ight with or without u glennon suckers lmao just make sure u eipe up the remains off ya chin glennon doesn’t like it when u look messy get a bib

  22. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Deep ball accuracy an strength are different I gave him a chance he’s shown he cant get it out there period let alone accurate or not lmao u can work on the accuracy but your physical attributes can only b built so far if u aint got the deep ball strength by now u aint gon get it thats my gripe on glennon he is fairly accurate actually maybe above accurate n the short term but to b a franchise qb u need talent or potential n all aspects of being a qb

  23. Joe Says:

    to tout him as a franchise qb because he completed a high precentagr of passes against a bad secondary with no threat of going deep “with out a rosary bead n hand” is irresponsible.

    LOL “rosary bead n hand”

  24. Bucfan#37 Says:

    No matter how well Glennon plays there will be those that are never content. I am content that Glennon is the QB the Bucs need for their future. I don’t think Manziel is even a top pick.

  25. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Joe please give me your opinion if u think im being biased against glennon ill drop it but have u personally joe….havr u ever been impressed with his deepball. Not just the accuracy cuz I kno thats terrible im askin bout his arm strength an ability to consistently get it out there….. b brutally honest joe lmao b our mediator for the sake of us good ol buc fans 🙂

    Joe puts all his opinions in stories and in audio takes here. No need to tell Joe to be brutally honest. Joe’s evaluating Glennon as he goes. He’s exceeded expectations to date and his developing well after being dropped into a mess. Too early to call him anything other than improving and a strong decision-maker. –Joe

  26. BucNasty!!! Says:

    An for the record I dont want manzel, hell or mariotta I only want bridgewater if we cant get him id even b crazy enough to want jay cutler on a 1 or 2 year trial contract until we find the qb who will b our future for 15 years

  27. Jordan Says:

    I’m convinced that even if Schiano is fired, I don’t think a new head coach would use the #1 pick on a QB. The only knock on Glennon so far is that he has been inaccurate on deep passes. But equally important to the drive-by Bucs fans is that Glennon doesn’t run like Cam, have an entourage like Manziel, or date a supermodel like Mccarron. These fan-types will never be appeased with a Glennon. They want a TMZ/Espn Quarterback.

  28. bigpoppabuc Says:

    I don’t get what the big deal is about the “deep ball”. His deep ball is fine. It’s not like v jax is wide open running freely down the sideline. The deep ball complainers sound like Freeman lovers to me. Glennon is as accurate a rookie QB as I’ve ever seen. For all the years we kept waiting for Freeman to fix his accuracy and completion percentage… Glennon is putting on a clinic in that phase of the position.
    his deep ball is just fine, and by seasons end I think the rest of you will come around and realize we finally have a QB who we can count on.

  29. thegregwitul Says:

    I was impressed with the win; Glennon played very well and Bobby Rainey was fantastic (I picked him up and started him in both of my fantasy leagues, so double bonus). McCoy was a monster, love his hustle, all in all a nice win against a division opponent.

    Each week Glennon continues to impress me more. I’m not a member of the mob just yet, but if this guy can be a Brad Johnson in his prime, I’ll be more than happy as a fan.

    I was calling for Schiano’s head after the third loss of this season, but if he can continue to lead the turnaround, I would like to see him back for a third season. Worst case; the team tanks in year three and a new coach comes in and maybe the Bucs replace Glennon with Famous Jameis. Best case; the offense and defense gel, the team closes out games and the Bucs make it back to the postseason.

  30. flmike, is back... Says:

    So I guess the Colts should have drafted another QB in 99, the season after Manning looked like he was completely lost and kept throwing it to team…

  31. flmike, is back... Says:

    Should read…

    So I guess the Colts should have drafted another QB in 99, the season after Manning looked like he was completely lost and kept throwing it to the other team…

  32. BucNasty!!! Says:

    I dont need a limelight superstar I just need a qb with a strong arm capable of making all the throes consistently not a fan base that makes consistent excuses for his short cummings. Great backup not something you’d strap ya nfl career to our next coach will pick his qb accordingly. If u can afford a posche why not buy one while u have money…”top 5 pick” why buy a honda then say well it gets me to point A an to point B like a porshe does just cheaper….yea thats all well an good until that hot babe we all want walks up to u “a superbowl championship trophy” an says ohhh my names such an such whats yours…o well im mike glenon lmao she looks at ya ride an says is that u??? Lmao an walk over an hops n that new porshe…. With that awesome anolgy said glennon might can get a hot girl to do a double take an look again but he doesnt have what it takes to close the deal… I dont kno about u guys but if I get the chance to exchange words with her I wanna close the deal. We havr a talented undercoached team on the cusp but when we get there we need someone who’s gonna close that deal. Glennon hasn’t won a game yet trchnically speakin mike james and the defense for one series an rainey an the defense won the other game he just doesnt lose the game but thats not the same as winning it either

  33. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Dont ever n ya life refer to peyton Manning when a thought of mike glennon is in your brain….. u almost single handedly made me boycott this site I think im still holding down vomit as I type…..stop it 5

  34. Rob Says:

    Johnny Football is a disaster waiting to happen. If the Bucs draft him, we’re looking at another 3 to 4 years down the toilet.

  35. Buddah Says:

    Cam Newton can throw the long ball and what’s he done so far–basically nothing. Carolina is good this year, because they have an awesome defensive line and linebackers. People laughed at terry Bradshaw for the first five years he was in the league. Then m when the Steelers surrounded him with talent, he had the last laugh. Glennon CAN MAKE ALL THE THROWS. Gruden said it; Cosell said it, and he’s completed three long passes over 40 yards to Jackson. The kid is a rookie. When is the last time a rookie was in the Super Bowl? When is the last time a 2nd or third year Quarterback was in the Super Bowl–only Rothlisberger, who was on an incredibly talented team and that was what 8 or 9 years ago, and how many before or since. The FACT is that if you put all your chips on a rookie QB, you’re asking for trouble–the odds are stacked against you. The Buccaneers are built to win now or in the next three years. No way would I cast my lot with another rookie. Glennon shows me enough to think he will only get better. If the Steelers had given up on Bradshaw, they wouldn’t have won 4 Super Bowls; if the San Diego Chargers hadn’t given up on Brees, they would have won a couple. We ought to be grateful that we have a young, rookie QB who is showing so much so early. What we need most is a defensive line and another cornerback.

  36. Buddah Says:

    Take a look at Peyton Mannings’ stats in his first six games, that will make you vomit.

  37. Tim Says:

    I seem to recall a couple HOF QB’s that made their careers on dink and dunk passing. Its called the west coast offense, Montana never had a cannon for an arm. He was smart with his throws and took shots downfield when opportunities presented themselves.

    Now don’t get me wrong I am certainly not putting Glennon anywhere near the class of QB Montana was. I am not 100% sold on him being a starting QB, but what he has shown so far is pretty darn good.

    It seems only the Big Log and his cronies forget how successful you can be without throwing the ball deep 15 times a game. What has Al Davis possessed everyone? Go Vertical!

  38. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Peyton also started his career where it was legal to tackle the guy at tje line of scrimmage now its illegal to breath to hard on the wr at the line different era stop it wit the bullshit he’ll never b peyton wtf ughhhh

  39. bigpoppabuc Says:

    You need to go watch those replays bucnasty… That first deep one to Jackson was right in the money, outside away from the defender. The second one traveled a solid sixty yards in the air to the one spot where only Jackson could get it. That’s ACCURACY…. SIXTY yards downfield.
    open your eyes dude. This kid can flat out slung the rock any way he chooses.

  40. stevek Says:

    Wake up Freemanites!

    BucNasty, Wake up brother, a Franchise QB is already taking the snaps in Tampa.

    Winnin’ with Glennon!

    #Future of the Franchise MG8

  41. ken b. Says:

    Lets think….big picture if schiano returns both clowney & manziel would be considered buccaneer men ones a partyer and the other lacks work ethic . This the O line … question are we a lineman away from the SB or playoffs?? You always draft the best player available to add value to your roster not to fill a hole. That being said would schiano take a qb…. he’s out to prove he can make glennon work even though this could cost the organization long term. Take the qb… Glennon does look decent and thats all i think he has improved but enough to say he’s franchise material? Would you draft glennon over this class of qbs. Last i checked this is a business i doubt an O lineman or DE would sell tickets or jerseys. Last i check does glennon or even schiano . Like a wise man once said its a performance based business …schano 9-17 .346

  42. BucFan 20 Says:

    Some of you dumbass people can’t be happy even with wins can you? Freeman is in Minn. Go suck is jock there. Then follow him out of football next year. Glennon is doing fine. If all you can bitch about is a 70 BOMB. I watched Manning, Smith and a lot more throw way over and under yesturday and weeks before. Guess they need to get rid of them too. How many starts do they have now with their receivers?

  43. McBuc Says:

    Grudenseems to think he can make all the throws, and he has looked the part so far. This kid is making real progress.

  44. ed Says:

    Adding a quick slot receiver and a pass catching tight end would really show us what Glennon can do. Mike Williams is great in the red zone and makes acrobatic plays. He isn’t quick in his routes. Glennon gets the ball out fast. With an offense that runs more crossing and natural pick routes Glennon has the abilities to be a very productive quarterback. A New England style offense would fit him perfectly. I believe if he had a tight end that can run down the middle of the field he could pop many 15-20 yard vertical completions. Those that say he isn’t accurate are watching a different guy than I see. He does have some me mechanical issues like not stepping into his throws, not putting enough air under his deep ball, footwork stuff. You can’t teach intelligence, Glennon is a smart kid, he will study the film and get better. My biggest concern is that the Bucs don’t coach him up and design more plays to take advantage of his quick release.

  45. BucNasty!!! Says:

    If glennon actually overthrew his deep balls id have no bitch but….here we are an v jax still has to come back to the ball on a fly point blank u shouldnt waste the talents of your 55.5 mill dollar man cuz he has to wait or come back to a fly pattern

  46. stevek Says:



    And pairing V-Jax.

    Please take note, Glennon got this chance because Freeman FAILED, BOMBED, and BUSTED his way out of Tampa.

    Considering the storylines of this season, it would be a blessing to get 6+ wins, and finding ourselves a franchise QB.

  47. ed Says:

    Just in, there are 3 rookie qbs starting in the NFL Geno Smith, Jets, EJ Manuel, Bills, Mike Glennon, Bucs.

    Glennon’s QB rating and YPG are better than Smith’s or Manuel’s. They were first founders, Glennon is a 3rd.

    He isn’t as athletic as his fellow rookies but his numbers are solid. Andrew Luck and Glennon have exactly the same QB rating.

    RGIII and Colin Kapernick, last year’s super rookies aren’t playing as well as Glennon. Watching Kapernick against an average Saint defense and Griffin against an average Eagle defense, Glennon outplayed both.

  48. BucFan 20 Says:

    Also don’t forget 99% of Freemans’ bombs were great work by V Jax and Williams NOT Freemans’ throws. Had it not been for thei great play, Freeman would not have even been close to 4000 yds.

  49. Bobby Says:

    @BucNasty…Glennon is doing just what most other QB’s do who have a receiver the stature of V-Jax….they throw it up for grabs so that their receiver can make a play on it. Watch the throws that Stafford makes to Johnson. How many times has he just tossed it into the end zone and Calvin has out leaped the DB’s?? You want perfect throws….I just want results pal. I think that’s all anyone wants with half a brain. When the DB is running with the receiver and the DB’s back is to the ball anything in the vicinity that the receiver can make an adjustment on is a good throw. Do you even watch football?? Just how many deep throws do you see each week where the receiver is running clear and gets hit right in stride?? A very high % of them are just throws that are put in a place where the receiver has to make a play on the ball.

  50. Bobby Says:

    Actually, Glennon and Cam Newton have similar numbers throwing the ball. Cam is just a threat with his legs too and Glennon is not.

  51. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Who keeps bringin up free u are ive never said one word bout free screw him an glennon an stop wuoting and comparing stats they are missleading he got better stats then both those rookies manuel an smith but they both produced wins and not there team they themselves have willed there team to win we are talkin about giving us someone with the moxy to win mot great mediocre stats n losing efforts part of being a good qb is making good choices having good competions procentagrs but also intangibles to win he has good accuracy an completion procentagrs but no balls or arm strength with accuracy to produce doen field throws needed to consistently produce points we averaged b4 these 2 games against trash tram 16 points again that wikl not cut it period no matter how accurate u are on the underneath stuff. Nfl defenses r to good to make a livvving off of underneath but im done beating a dead horse all glennon lovers can bite it an again for the record he’s servisable as a backup not the franchise

  52. Fritz50 Says:

    I have to confess to being a Freemanite. As such, I felt he was responding to his treatment by Schiano & crew. Still feel that , to some extent. That said, Glennon has done all he’s been asked to do, and pretty well, the last 3 games. To expect the team to toss him in the dust bin, for the latest, greatest, most phenomenal “sure fire” franchise QB would be stupid. For every one of those you point out that ended up a true franchise QB, I’d bet Joe , or any other knowledgable fan , could point out 5 abject failures. The draft is a crap shoot, and a very expensive one, when you’re talking top 5 picks.

  53. Bucfan4life7 Says:

    I’m really liking what I’m seeing from Glennon. Look at the weapons he has working for him besides Vincent Jackson, a UDFA TE in Tim Wright, Tiquan Underwood who got cut from this team, Skye Dawson (Who?) and Bobby Rainey a 4th string RB. Side point I’m really liking our backfield when Doug Martin and Mike James comes back along with Bobby Rainey.

    I would love to see Glennon get another season because his numbers are very impressive and he is on pace for a 3500 yard season with 25 TD’s and only 9 INT’s if he played 16 games.

    In the draft I feel we should get a couple weapons to help Glennon out to see if he is the answer and I would like to see us picking up a TE like Eric Ebron and a WR like Jarvis Landry.

  54. stevek Says:


    Put your Freeman jersey back in storage on moth balls, Glennon is here to stay.

  55. oldfart44 Says:

    How do you know Glennon is intelligent? How do you test that?

    These QBs are told what to do via their headsets. Do you think this kid has the balls to audible out of some of these plays that are called? Does he have the experience?

    Again, I will ask, what is the role of the QB coach? If this ex Rutgers coach, McNulty was doing his job, then why is Glennon always look down a the field when he is about to get sacked. Should he not be lookup up and down the field?

    Who is supposed to work on his mechanics? His footwork? His throwing motion?

    Harbaugh insisted on replacing Kapernick last year, but look at the problems he has been having, and he sure as hell is a far better athlete. These capable DCs have him figured out.

    This is nothing personal against Glennon. To me this is Schiano trying to prove he was right to get rid of Freeman. He will stick with the kid no matter if it costs him his job, or the team to lose.

    Why not fire him, and bring in some capable, smart people.

    If the team is potentially

  56. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    How do you know Glennon is intelligent? How do you test that?

    Glennon completed his academic tenure at NC State with two degrees: a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, graduating on December 14, 2012. His GPA in the MALS program, which had an emphasis in leadership and sports management, was in the 3.8 range on a 4.0 scale. The curriculum included classes in financial management of corporations and investments and portfolio management.[8]