Sack-Starved Lions Hoping To Eat

November 22nd, 2013

Ndamukong Suh leads the Lions’ 30th-ranked pass rush with 4.5 sacks

You think the Bucs can’t get to the quarterback? They’re the Steel Curtain compared to the Lions.

Detroit has a dreadful pass rush, and their needle is trending down. The Detroit Free Press highlighted the woes with a quote from Lions DE Willie Young.

SACKS OUT TO LUNCH: It looks like the Lions’ sack well has run dry. They rank 30th with 16 sacks, hit Ben Roethlisberger only once last Sunday and have averaged one sack over the past four games.

“We’re hungry all right,” Young said. “We’re as hungry as can be.

“But at the same time we’ve got to keep playing collectively as a group. We’re sitting at the bottom of the sack list right now, but we’ve got somewhat of a decent schedule right now.

“We let one or two get away from us, but everything’s laid out for us. We’ve just got to capitalize and take advantage.”

Joe’s confident the Bucs can run the ball on the Lions and Mike Glennon should have time to throw. The Bucs should score points, hopefully touchdowns over field goals.

The real Tums-inducing worry comes from the Bucs defense that will be down Dashon Goldson (suspension), and possibly Mason Foster (concussion) and Johnthan Banks (shoulder). The Bucs would have trouble slowing the Lions even with those guys all in the lineup.

7 Responses to “Sack-Starved Lions Hoping To Eat”

  1. Glennon Test Day Says:

    Now lets see how our coaching staff reacts to falling behind. This could get ugly with Glennon having to save the day…

    Remember Schiano said we are staying aggressive!

    Go Bucs!!!

  2. Detroit's D-Line Says:

    We will continue we our D-Line STUNTS! We just about master our execution. Glennon is going down!

  3. Bobby Says:

    What makes you think we’ll be falling behind? We dropped 41 on Atlanta which is 24 more than Drew Brees managed. I think we’ll be fine. If we come out hungry we’ll have a good chance.

  4. Biff Barker Says:

    The key to this game is the Bucs sustaining drives and getting 7 points out of red zone opportunities. Settling for field goals is not going to deliver.
    Agree Joe, the defense is too banged up to hang all game with the Lions.
    Special teams and the offense need to play lights out Sunday.

  5. patrickbucs Says:

    Lions are very good against the run, if we are able to do so succefully we may win this game.

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sounds like Mr.Young is looking past the Bucs with their favorable schedule. If so, that’s a big mistake. Bucs played really well last week on Offense. Detroit may have their heads in their hands again. Schiano gets under my skin but, Bucs should win this 31-30.

  7. BucsFan68 Says:

    Detroit’s D-Line Says:

    We will continue we our D-Line STUNTS! We just about master our execution. Glennon is going down
    The Lions will be the ones going down 37-20