“It Truly Is Like A Jump Shot”

November 5th, 2013

“It truly is like a jump shot. You gotta lay it up there for Tree to get it. And usually, when we practice it every time, [Tom Crabtree] is kind of working his way back towards the back of the end zone and you just throw it. Well, when you trip up, now it even becomes more [difficult]. And I thought it was a great adjustment by Mike James, a guy who, you know, I think you can see keeps his cool and doesn’t get overwhelmed by the situation.” — Greg Schiano, speaking yesterday on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

Joe appreciated the Seattle Times photo above. It gives some great perspective on Mike James’ jump-pass touchdown throw to Tom Crabtree in Seattle, when Crabtree slipped to the ground on the play but got up in time to adjust for the catch.

Schiano’s quote above offers some insight into what a poised play James made. The video replay is phenomenal. James (no relation to LeBron) skies off the turf for the pass and, like a jump shot, releases the ball at the apex of his jump after adjusting for Crabtree’s clumsy feet. If you watch closely, James released the ball with Crabtree on the turf.

It was one of the coolest plays in Bucs history — sadly in a meaningless game.

5 Responses to ““It Truly Is Like A Jump Shot””

  1. UK_Buc Says:

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  2. Adam L. Says:

    That was one of the 10 coolest individual plays in Bucs history.

  3. Joe Says:

    @UK_Bucs – The ads do not promote drinking and driving as you suggest. The ads advise people of their rights and promote Metcalf Law. Last Joe checked, rights are still important in this country, like them or not. –Joe

  4. The Dom must go Says:

    No Greg YOU are the only one that gets overwhelmed by the moment….like not having this kid involved in the offense at the end of the game.

  5. Adam L. Says:

    Joe – do you think it’s right that you regularly provide Hooters calendar photos when there are so many flat-chested women out there SUFFERING???