Earnest Graham Joins Fire Schiano Chorus

November 5th, 2013

Revered former Buccaneer Earnest Graham is a fan nowadays, since his career (and the Bucs 2011 season) ended during the Bucs’ last visit to London.

Graham still bleeds pewter and red, though, and is still a fixture in the area. Asked today whether he would retain Greg Schiano beyond this season, Graham said he’s not on board with that

“I don’t think you do [keep Greg Schiano for 2014]. You know, I just don’t think you do. I think with what has happened the last dozen or so games, what has happened this year, as a fan, just pulling myself away from being a player, as fan sitting in the stands it just wasn’t a very (laughs), nothing was interesting as far as the team was concerned,” Graham told the Ron and Ian show on WDAE-AM 620.

“I was actually bored watching the Buccaneers play. And I mean that’s just being honest. So I don’t think so. I think the product that they are putting out on the football field doesn’t warrant a person [keeping] their job. And that goes for any players and any coaches. And that’s what I love about the game. I love that truth about the game, is that if you’re hired to do something, you have to come through on it. And if you don’t, organizations and teams move on. So, no I don’t think so.”

Graham also lamented the 2013 mess and said it reminds him of his beloved Gators.

“Defensively for a while, they were playing some tough football but, you know, I haven’t seen this much go on with a football team like really ever, man. It’s just been a real, real tough year,” Graham said. “I was like everybody else, man. I bought my season tickets, and I’m in the stands, yeah, high hopes to start the year, but things haven’t gone real well at all. The offense isn’t doing much at all. It’s kind of similar to the Gators actually, at this point.”

The close games the Bucs have played don’t impress Graham, he said, because most NFL games are close and the mark of a good football team is winning those games.

Interestingly, Graham went on to say he’s excited about what next season could hold for Bucs because they have so much talent.

16 Responses to “Earnest Graham Joins Fire Schiano Chorus”

  1. MadMax Says:

    Welcome aboard Mr. Graham!

  2. andres Says:

    Man I miss EG!

  3. Adam L. Says:

    And this guy played for RAHEEM. He KNOWS when a coach needs to go.

  4. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Maybe Schiano could coach Man-U

  5. Adam L. Says:

    You Mr. Patrick, I don’t think Schiano with a football team can outscore some EPL teams.

  6. Just A Juggalo Says:

    Mr Patrick may be right, if you have to pay the Little General for 3 more years, send him to England. He can’t do worse as a kickball coach.

    Once Manu scores a goal and sees the opposing teams “hands on hips”, he can sit on the lead until the end.

    135 Lbs (10 stone) kickball players should be able to run the 110 meters X 16 gauntlets without totally devastating the team and ending careers.

    With 6 spy cameras on every corner, the Limeys will never notice Greg spying while they “conspire in small groups.”

  7. BB Says:

    Changed my mind these guys have turned corner with schiano and will be ok. Glennon is actually going to be good and mark it down everyone will have a different opinion after the bucs win 5 to 7 of their last eight games mark it down joe I hope you see this from me first

  8. Eric Says:

    Still remember that toss sweep on fourth down to clinch the division against the Saints, in their house. Gutsy call. Great execution.

    Oh, I forgot, winning the Division is a disgrace.

  9. andres Says:

    @BB dooood these guys aren’t a few plays away from winning games anymore, they are getting soundly beaten. The defense is completely out of wack and there’s no excuse for it. They’ll be lucky to win one game and their best shot is next Monday night if the star align and Miami has an off night. They are not a good team right now.

  10. blackmagic00 Says:

    I’m with bb. This ship is about to be righted.

  11. coach80m Says:

    The ship has sunk. Take a look at the schedule. Maybe they can beat the Bills? A fresh face in charge might get the team a positive boost. The MNF game might be cringe worthy. The place is probably sold out to honour Warren Sapp, but what else is going to happen? Maybe the place will empty after the honouring of a great player.

  12. coach80m Says:

    Question to the writers/owners of this site. Being relatively new to this site, what makes the bully such a nice guy? Anything I have read about him has never been positive from the ex players to NFL people trying to attend Rutgers practices. The only person I see hiring him might be Belichek.

  13. ed Says:

    EG- the ultimate unselfish team guy. Bucs could use some more guys like him. Watched Josh McCown, a cast off throw some TDs to his big WRs last night. Out big WRs don’t get open enough or the routes are poorly designed, whatever. Our offense sucks. Shiano can’t coach offense and his D line doesn’t get the QBs. Bears went for kill vs Wallace last night. Bucs let a Falcon team with no Julio or Roddy throw it all over them. No excuse for that. They also gave Nick Foles and Eagles have all day to throw. Shiano and Dominick horrible dline evaluators. Their defensive ends have to be the worst lass rushers in the NFL

  14. BB Says:

    Joe and everyone I have followed football for years and usually can tell how a team will turn out I was enraged at schiano and all that has gone on couldn’t sleep very upset wanted him fired but something happened in Seattle this team is building character and they are coming together like brothers even with schiano look at all the garbage that has been brought up on and off the field and they are still not quitting in the coach. Then players talk glowingly about glennon I have done a 180 it’s time to rally behind this team stop the negative garbage. They are going to win five to seven games to finish and I want to be on the record as the first to believe and we should keep the staff on tact glennon can lead us team needs to draft def end and o line help for next year the rest of the team has more talent than you think

  15. BB Says:

    I will go down the schedule the bucs will win at home against the dolphins falcons bills and on the road against the saints

    They will beat either the lions 49ers or panthers and play hard in the other two games

  16. coolman Says:

    we want win but maybe two games this year with schiano our offense sucks boring as hell not enough speed and playmakers our defense needs a dominant pass rusher by the way a new coach like brian billick will get us going and Glennon looks ok