If Schiano Stays, Glennon’s The Man

November 26th, 2013

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In a not-too surprising thought, Bucs commander Greg Schiano, if he is to survive and return for the 2014 season — and the arrow is trending towards a return — implied there is little need for the Bucs to entertain drafting a quarterback, types Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

Because the Bucs will have a franchise quarterback already on the roster and his name is Mike Glennon.

“I know this about Mike: He is a rookie quarterback for sure and there are still some rookie things he says and does that makes you realize, oh, yeah, this guy is a rookie,” Schiano said. “But I think he has accelerated his progress since the day he got here by how hard he’s prepared and worked. And if there’s such a thing, I think he’s taken a rookie season and condensed it into eight or so games if that makes sense because he’s playing at a higher level that you would expect as a rookie.”

The Bucs have won three games in a row after an 0-8 start. Glennon has thrown at least one touchdown pass in eight straight games, the longest streak by a rookie since the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson did it in nine straight in 2012.

“And the things that are hard for rookies is to let a bad play die,” Schiano said. “Don’t get greedy. That’s what Mike does the best job of. In six games, he’s thrown on interception. He’s now thrown the ball down the field with more confidence, because he’s always been able to do it. Just pulling the trigger. That is the development and maturation of a quarterback and I think we’re all seeing it right in front of our eyes.”

Now one could make the argument it would be irresponsible for the Bucs not to take a quarterback in one of the deepest quarterback drafts Joe can remember. From the day Schiano benched and subsequently threw leaky Rip Van Freeman off the team, Glennon was his guy.

The only question was if Schiano was Team Glazer’s guy. With the very real possibility Schiano may weather the storm and return for 2014, it’s not a shock that, barring injury or a complete and total Freeman-like meltdown, that Glennon will be your Bucs starting quarterback in 2014.

MG8 sure hasn’t played himself out of a job; that’s for sure.

Now if Joe were Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik, just for a good investment, Joe would take a flier on Aaron Murray on the third day of the draft. Murray, who blew out his knee Saturday, won’t be able to participate in any pre-draft festivities, such as the combine, pro day or a private workout. So his draft stock will completely plummet, as he likely won’t be able to take a snap until the 2014 NFL season has already begun.

Not saying Murray is the answer, but he will be a helluva sound investment for any team that drafts him. Stinks for Murray, but great for some NFL team.

17 Responses to “If Schiano Stays, Glennon’s The Man”

  1. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’m generally against the idea of taking a qb in this draft but if the scenario that you mentioned presents itself where we can snag up a quality guy deep in the draft and let him sit back and learn the system without any expectations other than him rehabbing and being able to step up if needed then I’d be onboard for that. The bucs are great at rehabbing knees, according to Dominick so that probably won’t scare them off. Let the other teams squabble to snag up the highly touted qbs in this draft and we can stock our shelves with talented players where we need them.

  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Joe, you need to change the title to ” When Schiano stays”.

    also @Patrick, if the pop-star is so good at “rehabbing knees” why do they all end up hurt, unable to practice, or fall very short of expectations. Maybe the pop-star should start being leery of “bad knees”.

  3. Walter Says:


    Lol just out of curiosity, how mad would you be if Dominick was here for, I dunno, 3 more years?

  4. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bucs_realist – I’m not saying I agree with his assessment of his medical staff, I’m saying that that’s the stance he’s taking publicly and it’ll probably play in to his decision making come draft time if Murray’s still available

  5. BucsFan68 Says:

    Steve Deumig said it best that until the Bucs start winning
    on a regular basis again, some folks are going to have their
    doubts about the QB and the HC no matter who they are.

  6. The_Buc_Realist Says:


    If the pop-star stays, I could tolerate it as long as he admits he now takes his marching orders from Coach Schiano. also when he does press conferences he must wear the glasses with fake nose and moustache, or he can wear a sombrero. I would let him make that choice or he can wear both. If my demands are meet, i will not say another word about the “boy-genius gm”.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe….since so many QBs will be picked in the draft, won’t there be some available through FA or perhaps a cheap trade?
    Perhaps you could give us a list of the possibilities….

    Murray was one of the QBs I thought we should perhaps pick in round 2….if we could get him in 4 or 5 that would be great.

    I think we should trade down 2 to 5 slots and pick up Ebron or Watkins…..I would also be OK with sticking and picking Matthews…..

  8. mark2001 Says:

    Agree a 100% Joe. If we can get a guy like Murray in the third, that is a good insurance policy for the most important position on the team. We need another young GB in the pipeline anyone, should an injury or other problem occur. I don’t think Glennon is the kind of guy to shy away from competition, and if Murray develops, we could swing a nice trade in the future….QB is likely one of the positions that we do see traded for the most. Of course Josh couldn’t handle not being treated like the totally anointed king…or should I say the “king of Pop”, but I think Glennon can.

  9. Macabee Says:

    Never had a doubt! I like the fact that we’re turning things around, but there is no Lombardi Trophy for the most improved team. I thought we were that team this year. We’ve been promised a winning team for a long time now. If we’re sure Schiano and Glennon can make good on that promise, then I don’t mind another year or another five. But sooner or later, close or improved or the players are playing hard just isn’t good enough!

  10. John Says:

    If we can draft a better qb then glennon i am all for it-‘I just don’t think we can

  11. Surf Buc Says:

    Food for thought: if Glennon stays but Shiano goes, and no Johnny football drafted, what happens then?

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Glennon is here to stay even if Schiano goes…he is at least a fantastic backup….

    And…I don’t think if he were benched he would act like a crybaby and freak out!!!

  13. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’m not sure that Glennon is as tied to Schiano’s program as everyone is making him out to be. I think Schiano has figured out a way to use him effectively in his system and was smart enough to work him in slowly so that he’s able to build his confidence but I don’t see why he’s being labeled as a system qb like he would be useless with anyone other than schiano. if the kid keeps setting records and winning I’m pretty sure that any coach would be able to find a way to use him.

  14. biff barker Says:

    Per latest PFT Power rankings:

    26. Buccaneers (3-8; No. 28): The most stunning in-season turnaround in years continues.

    That’s about the highest praise possible when trying to save your job.

  15. MadMax Says:

    Im all for drafting another QB for a backup, and just to develop. You never know. Glennon could get hurt or we may even be able to use a change of pace QB on some plays. Connor Shaw could be that guy…I also wouldnt mind Blake Bortles….or Murray. Its just blowing a knee is individual when it comes to healing from it…..and I think of all positions where that kind of injury can get in your head its at the QB position.

  16. biff barker Says:

    Food for thought: if Glennon stays but Shiano goes, and no Johnny football drafted, what happens then?

    We’ll be a better team long term. Love J Football, really. But I doubt he’s going to thrive in the NFL.

  17. Patrick in VA Says:

    Say what you will about the first two wins being against bad teams, I think that the timing of those games worked out perfectly where those wins happened at a time when the team was ready to play effectively together and they helped to build the confidence our team needed to feel like they could go in to detroit and stand toe to toe. especially after coming so close in seattle. that showed that we could run with a quality team. it’s falling in to place now. still some wrinkles to iron out and we’ll need all hands on deck for some of the stout competition coming down the pike but it’s not a matter of the talent not being there.