“I Think We’re Going To See It In Games”

November 14th, 2013

Glennon’s deep-ball questions marks will be answered soon

Can Mike Glennon throw the deep ball effectively and consistently?

Nobody knows that for sure yet, but the leader of the New Schiano Order said today that fans are likely to find out soon. How about that!

“I think we’re going to see him do it in games,” Greg Schiano said. “I mean he does it out there [in practice] all the time. I think we’re going to see it in games. He’s very accurate, good touch, understands placement. And that’s why we keep trying to do it.

“Now we’ve got three [defensive pass interference calls] in the past two weeks. So, you know, we’ll take that. Hopefully, some of them start to land and they’re not DPIs. And then we can do some things. You know, it doesn’t only have to be deep and outside. We can do deep all over the field, as well. So we’ll continue to take shots. I think those deep outside comebacks that he’s hit Ti [Underwood] on, he can rip those. Some of those throws are really good rips. That is maybe eight feet high. We’ll keep doing that.”

Underwood has shown he can get open and make plays, now he just has to catch the ball more consistently. It’s a damn shame Glennon doesn’t have Mike Williams around, but that’s the NFL.

Glennon’s ability to connect deep, and execute the difficult decision-making it takes to be a good deep-ball QB, will go a long way toward determining his future as a starter.

As Joe’s written previously, the Bucs don’t just need a QB, they need a quarterback who’s not the worst starter in the division. Teams don’t win Super Bowls with the fourth-best guy.

20 Responses to ““I Think We’re Going To See It In Games””

  1. Tampa2Step Says:

    If he does it in practice, and we “keep trying it” in games, then why haven’t we already seen it? Look – doesn’t matter what happens with Glennon – good or bad, his book has already been written. He won’t be here to see a 2nd contract with the Bucs. That’s how it goes. History repeats itself – he won’t be the first to break the trend, despite the fact that he’s growing on me quickly.

  2. Hawk Says:

    Fourth best? Trent Dilfer (Baltimore)?
    As long as you build an outstanding defense, you need only to have an ‘average’ QB. The Buccaneer Super Bowl year is another example.
    Glennon is as good Dilfer (or better), and rapidly climbing on Brad Johnson. The Bucs need someone to scare opposing QBs and OCs.

  3. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    fourth best, why did you not mention that when Freeman was the QB.

  4. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    Glennon as a rookie is better than Freeman ever was.

  5. Ruggyup Says:

    Mel Kiper says Bucs need a better depth chart at QB. I say the whole roster and front office need to be Hoover’d.

  6. Nick2 Says:

    When I looked at Glennons highlights from NC State in the offseason he had plenty of deep passes that seemed right on target. I am thinking that he just doesn’t have the rythm down with our current receiver corps. I like Glennon but that being said I want us to take a QB in the first round so QB will NOT be the problem in 2014. Freeman had us over a barrell because we had no options and he knew it. Never again!!!

  7. passthebuc Says:

    He can throw it long. problem is to whom. The don’t have anyone to stretch the field. How can you begin to determine the capabilities of the QB when your receiving corp is non existent.

  8. Capt. Tim Says:

    Glennon has really grown on me . He might be our QB for the Future. He has Two things to work on.
    1) the afore mentioned Long ball
    2) most important. He HAS to start playing in the Fourth Quarter. Has to!
    The great ones show up at the end of games- in the Fourth quarter. They snatch victory from the jaws of defeat- on last second drives.

    Glennon doesn’t show up after half time!
    I now believe he is our QB to go toward with. But only if he can start winning games. Otherwise- backup

    To say Glennon is better than Freeman was- is just more stupidity, on a site that gets plenty as it is!!!

    I don’t know what went so very wrong with Josh.
    But he won 3 of his first 8, then 10 of his next 16.
    He did that, with a horrible team!! Didn’t inherit one Ptobowler. Had no one but Rookies to throw to. That team was horrible. I’ll never know how he won with them! And unlike Glennon- Freeman was the master of the 4th quarter.

    He looks like refried crap now. Don’t think he’ll ever start again for anyone. He is terrible. Much worse than he was as a rookie.

    But worse than Glennon?? Lol. In his first two years- that kid was the talk of the league- an absolute gunner. To say otherwise is ludicrous. And clueless. Read a record book, and get a clue.

    Don’t know what failed him- head, heart, or habits.
    But for two seasons- Freeman displayed Talent that Glennon won’t touch.

    But Glennon will prove smarter- and in the end- they may prove the best talent to win with

  9. oldfart44 Says:

    Captain Tim, I agree with you mostly about Freeman. I think Schiano ruined him via bullying and destroying his confidence. In my opinion, Glennon has much better teammates around him, but he is nowhere close to Freeman in athletic ability.

    Second question that has been bugging me for a long time. What exactly does a QB coach in the NFL do for the QBs?

    Just look at the mechanics of Peyton Manning’s throwing mechanics as compared to most QBs. As a starter he usually has two hands on the ball, and the ball is above his shoulder.

  10. Mitsurugi Says:

    The NFL has changed since the days of the Super Bowl Ravens and Bucs. It’s a passing league. The 4th best QB in the division will not win a Super Bowl.

  11. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Josh Freeman is horrible. Don’t invent history.

    He is and always will be a bum.

    Josh Campbell is who he reminds me of.

    So glad he and Raheem are off the team.

  12. Capt. Tim Says:

    Oldfart- yeah, kinda strange. I haven’t figured out who’s to blame for the destruction of Josh.

    Meybe he is. Meybe it’s Schiano.

    I kinda think it’s all the different systems, plus different ( really bad) coaches, offensive co-ordinators, and QB coaches.

    But there’s no doubt, at one point- Freeman looked as talented as any QB in the league.

    Teams seem to be swinging back toward intelligent QBs again. For all the unbelievable hype and Press he’s gotten- the Uber atheletic Michael Vick is a lousy, fragile QB.

    Mental toughness isn’t a measurable- but boy, it’s important.

    Which brings us to Glennon . . .

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    “The NFL has changed since the days of the Super Bowl Ravens and Bucs. It’s a passing league. The 4th best QB in the division will not win a Super Bowl.”

    Really now? Look how well Flacco is doing this season without most of the defense he had last season.

    Look how well the Bucs DEFENSE shut Brees down in week 2 for 59 minutes.

    The is all nonsense it’s a “QB driven league” now is straight up BS. As if a great D makes not one bit of difference anymore.

    Did the Rams have a crappy offense in 99 or were they called they called the greatest show on turf for nothing. Sure that was the past too, but the Rams had a GREAT offense and great QB. The Bucs D shut them down.

  14. jo mama Says:

    No one is mentioning the deep dropped ball which underwood let fall right through his hands.

    give glennon a first round WR and then see what he can do.

    but he has seven more games to earn his spot.

  15. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    It IS a passing league now. There is now point in mentioning 1999 because it was a different time. So were the 2000s. In the last 3 years the league has taken it upon itself to turn itself into a passing league with the rule changes.

    Does defense matter? Of course, just like it did in earlier times. But offense is needed to win championships now because now defense can consistant shut down the QB with the new rule changes.

    Heck, the refs call penalties pretty much anytime a WR is tackled. And players are getting fined for what should be legal.

  16. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Schiano didn’t “ruin” Freeman. His decline began before Schiano got here.

    Tbat’s like blaming Obama for getting us into Iraq.

  17. mvermulm Says:

    Glennon definitely has not been in 100% rhythm with VJ or Underwood because the former has been double-covered and the latter walked in off the street a few weeks ago. The only guy he’s had much rhythm with was Wright, and he disappeared last week (Glennon did try to force more to VJ so he missed Wright open a couple of times). I think that the more time he has with these guys, and the more confidence the coaching staff gets in all of them, the better you’ll see Glennon play in the second half and on deep throws.
    The coaches are obviously telling Glennon to play safe and protect the ball, taking few chances that aren’t necessary. If you saw Glennon play in college, you see the difference in his game now with all the check-downs. He pushed the ball downfield a lot more often in college, and I think that will come with time. Anyone who is saying Glennon has no chance to be the QB of the future after six games with all the turmoil around this team is making extremely premature judgments. I agree that we need another QB next year besides Orlovsky, but it’s too early to tell if that should be a top-5 pick, a later-rd pick, or a vet. Let’s see how the next 7 games play out first.

  18. Matthew Says:

    It’s a QB driven league is now all BS?!?! You are joking right? All the rule changes benefit passing teams, scoring is up across the league, passing records are being shattered, please continue to believe your nonsensical argument. Go ahead and name the top & consistent division winners for the past 5 years and look at their QBs: Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady. Oh you are right just another group of run of the mill QBs. This joke idea perpetuated by the we don’t need an elite QB crowd is laughable. People point to the “outliers” to prove their argument while ignoring they are the exception not the rule. Elite QBs or elite defenses are the only way you can make the playoffs consistently. Teams that made one year runs Bears with Rex Grossman, Ravens with Flacco or Dilfer tend to return to normal mediocrity .500 teams post their one year run, WHY? because they don’t have a top tier QB. Also to the person perpetuating the other myth that the Bucs NEVER re-sign a QB to a second deal is again FALSE, go google Brad Johnson’s contract extension ie 2nd Contract with the Bucs. Also even though it was a joke offer Hugh Culverhouse did offer Doug Williams another new contract he just refused to take it! So let’s stop the Bucs don’t resign their QBs, its inaccurate and more has to do with the fact we’ve never had an Elite QB (sans a cut Steve Young) thus we haven’t resigned our QBs a bunch.

  19. ThisFilterStinks Says:

    Brad Johnson got a contract extension

  20. Sheen Says:

    In the words of the great Ian Beckles, “I am not feeling his deep balls”…yet