How Twitter Is Changing Football News

November 29th, 2013

Joe remembers three or four years ago, many people mocked Twitter for being something that middle school girls fooled with.

From the moment Joe learned of Twitter, he knew it was a good thing and mocked those who dismissed it. Now, Twitter is a viable news source and depending who is doing the Twittering, a trusted source of breaking news.

Last week, when Dashon Goldson was suspended, he flew to California to be with family and be treated by doctors he had used in his days with the 49ers. Why? Because he was banned from One Buc Palace for the week (more on that later). While on his return flight, he had to shut down his electronics as the plane was approaching Tampa International Airport with the Bucs and the Lions in a tight game in the final minutes.

So how did Goldson learn of the Bucs win?

“I had just touched down and was reading Twitter,” Goldson said. He admitted the final minutes of the flight was rough, not because of turbulence, but because Goldson was in a dead zone, not knowing what was going on with the game. A black out of sorts.

Goldson is still peeved a little bit over his suspension, mainly because he couldn’t see any Bucs trainers.

“”I couldn’t get to the training room to get my body right,” Goldson said. Being away from the Bucs for a week was “not a good taste.”



19 Responses to “How Twitter Is Changing Football News”

  1. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Twitter is a good way to see what’s going on in the football world (or other sports too). It’s not twitter itself that gives it a bad name, but the people that use it (i.e teenage girls). People get into childish twitter fights on the internet, teenagers and young adults are always nagging at other people to “follow” them. It’s not as bad as Facebook, but it’s full of internet tough guys and fake people like every other social networking site, or the internet in general. That doesn’t mean its all bad. Even Joe has a twitter, right?

  2. bucsfan13 Says:

    Joe saw twitter like he Saw mike Glennon as a quarterback! In a few years Joe will be saying how he told everyone that glennon was a steal in the draft and how he said they should have started him from day 1! Or how all of a sudden josh freeman is leeky rip van winkle when months ago according to these very same pages freeman should be signed to a 100 million dollar contract already.

    That’s very nice and creative. Joe never wrote that Freeman should be re-signed for that kind of money. Also, Joe never understands why some fans get all up in arms when an opinion and/or an assessment changes. Joe stands behind whatever is written here. The archives are there. –Joe

  3. TrueBlue Says:


  4. TrueBlue Says:

    Nothing wrong with a little creative memory.

  5. ATLBucsFan Says:

    Gee bucsfan13, you mean Joe is human? Shame on him.

  6. bucsfan13 Says:

    I’m just saying lack of sticking with one opinion. His way of thinking is ever evolving. I got money that if Schiano looses sunday that these pages will be right back to beating down on schiano and his “ways”. Fair weather reporting!

    Atleast Duemig stuck with his boy freeman til the bitter end and continues to stick with his way of thinking(schiano being fired). I can atleast respect that.

    Your logic isn’t sound considering Duemig blasted the pick of Freeman for months. News flash: sports is “ever-evolving,” that’s why we love it so much. Again, Joe stands behind his archives, which are accessible and searchable. –Joe

  7. bucsfan13 Says:

    Thanks Joe I try to be creative on these here pages!

  8. lightningbuc Says:

    Yes, Joe, thank goodness for Twitter or else Goldson still wouldn’t know the Bucs won. Twitter is great if you want to know where celebrities are getting their hair done or when they have finished taking a dump i.e. mindless drivel.

  9. bucsfan13 Says:

    I am just a fan of consistency! Thats why i am against things Like firing coaches every two years. Don’t want to become the browns or the raiders.

    p.s. No hard feelings (like most of your posts on here) I just wanted to get you to respond to one of my posts today.

  10. bucsfan13 Says:

    i like*

  11. You Go Joe Says:

    I used twitter when the draft happened this week as I was working late the first day. And the flow of news was easily accessible to me. If you follow the right people you’ll get the information that your seeking. That’s what I did and so any Nfl news that comes out I’ll be able to read it on the fly.

  12. []_[]Buc Says:

    Speaking purely following sports and news related things twitter can he pretty useful.

    As far as for everything else twitter is garbage, full of attention seeking people, gossip, and drama. (i.e teenage girls lol)

    No Ty

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    bucsfan13 Says
    “I’m just saying lack of sticking with one opinion.”

    No, what you are saying is that Joe should be held to a different standard than yourself. Or have you never changed your mind about something or someone?

  14. Patrick Says:

    Everyone makes a twitter, posts 1 or 2 tweets, and then never uses it again. Everyone I follow never even logs on.

  15. Chef Paul Says:

    Twitter is a great tool if used properly. Using it as “social media” is for the little girls. Using it for news and sports, for example, bucs buzz tap can be very useful. I even follow the buzz taps of Saints, Falcons, and Panthers just so I have a better idea of what those trolls are up to. If not for twitter I never would have even heard of JoeBucsFan and for that I am grateful of twitter.

    I used to follow some sports players too, but they tweet no different than little girls too.

  16. JHW1980 Says:

    I think Joe does an admirable tweeting out news and insight whether it is game time observations or Bucs news in general. He also interacts with people which is what makes Twitter unique. I have been a Pewter Report Insider for years but haven’t re-upped because of this site and the twitter feed from JoeBucsFan. The Bucs following, whether it is Booger, Jenna Laine, Derrick Brooks, etc is exceptional on Twitter and keeps me pumped and informed about what is happening in the world of Bucs football. Keep tweeting away!

  17. jo mama Says:

    Bucsfan, you stole my thunder, was going to write the same thing.

    Schanio is the true rock star. He drafted Glennon and got rid of our pos franchise qb who will never play again.

    I hope schanio stays as long as glennon is on the roster they make a perfect team.

    sticking to your convictions is great….however trying to rewrite history is not.

    those of us who hated Freeman and thought he should have been traded, had to accept the fact that he put up great numbers at times. But it always seemed he was missing that something extra which is able to inspire a team and a community.


    twitter is stupid….not even jesus christ himself could use 140 characters to say something worth remembering.

  18. Joe Says:

    JHW1980 :

    Thanks for the kind words!

  19. Greg Smithwick Says:

    Changing your opinion, or view, when new facts become available is what most of us call ‘objectivity’, and ‘reality’…Which is why I read Joe. With some of the local pen and mic club busy smooching the Bucs ownership for access, it is refreshing to know Joe continues to report his (their) view, without worrying that it is a compromise.

    I can look back over a long period of ‘media partnership’ with local papers, and be certain that even when things were terrible, the local press wasn’t going to tell us, because THEIR bottom line depended (to an extent) on ticket sales.

    Keep on truckin’ Joes…I (and obviously, many others) got your back.