Groin Injury Illustrated Revis’ Value

November 24th, 2013

The Revis-free second half today truly illustrated just how valuable Darrelle Revis is to the Bucs’ defense.

Calvin Johnson did little in the first half when Revis followed him around Ford Field on nearly every snap. It even seemed like Revis might have gotten inside Matthew Stafford’s head a bit. Stafford was tentative and inaccurate at times with Revis on the field.

But Revis blew a groin late the first half, and the Bucs’ chances seemed to blow away along with it.

Stafford went right for Johnson — successfully — to start the second half. And the whole Bucs defense appeared to open up with for Detroit without Revis shrinking the field of opportunity.

Thankfully, the Lions gave the Bucs Thanksgiving gift after Thanksgiving gift, which led to the Bucs win.

Joe’s not discounting the big plays made in the backfield by linebackers and defensive line, the adjustments on Johnson in the secondary, and the big hit by reserve safety Kelcie McCray that led to the game-ending interception, but let’s be real; Revis delivers an irreplaceable impact. 

Joe’s hoping Revis can return healthy for the final five games of the season. Yeah, every team has injuries, but Joe’s dying to see what a revived Bucs team, with Revis, can do against a very tough schedule down the stretch.

5 Responses to “Groin Injury Illustrated Revis’ Value”

  1. WalkdaPlank Says:

    The injury bug has bee unkind to the Bucs this year. Here’s to hoping Revis gets back on the field to help keep the win streak alive.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think he was held out as a precaution….they want him playing next week….hopefully he will be OK…..we already have enough players in development.
    I think we saw how much was on Barron’s shoulders (penalties)…without Goldson’s help….it will be very good to get him back.

  3. You go Joe Says:

    We gotta give Bamks credit, him with safety help did limit megatron. That’s your in-game adjustment that we rarely see.

  4. Natenazty Says:

    With a below average schedule next year and hopefully, a healthy team, we should be optimistic about next year.

  5. sho-nuff Says:

    it also indicated what a desperate team will pay for old busted players…Nicks…complete bust not worth a dime…but we tried…ooops