Glennon, David Take Home NFL Awards

November 27th, 2013

A couple of young Bucs studs grabbed a couple of high NFL honors today. Mike Glennon was named offensive Rookie of the Month, and Lavonte David was named Defensive Player of the Week.

Glennon’s numbers are eye-opening.                                                                                                            

During November, Glennon posted the third-highest passer rating in the NFL (119.7), the third-highest yards-per-attempt (8.92), the fourth-highest completion percentage (70.5), all while throwing just one interception.

Joe’s not big on “passer rating” as a meaningful stat, but that doesn’t take away from Glennon’s accomplishment. Another month like that and he’ll be name Rookie of the Year.

David, of course, earned the honor with what was just slightly better than a typical Sunday for him — 12 tackles, one interception, and one forced fumble against Detroit.

Congrats to these young Bucs. Who drafts these guys?

42 Responses to “Glennon, David Take Home NFL Awards”

  1. DontBucNH8 Says:

    Mike Glennon for Rookie of the Year!!

  2. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Rumor has it that Shelton Quarles brings in all the good players.

  3. bucrightoff Says:

    If the Bucs were 6-5 right now and not 3-11 Lavonte would be one of the frontrunners for defensive POY. As it is he’ll get one (or several) of those by the time he’s done.

  4. Macabee Says:

    Congrats to Glennon and David – much deserved! And a shout out to GMC and all the young Bucs for a magic November. Keep it up guys. Go Bucs!

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    Nice try, Joe. But I’d bet Greg Schiano knew more about Mike Glennon before the draft than the alleged “rock star” did. No coincidence that the two best drafts for Dominik have been with Schiano as coach.

  6. Cmurda Says:

    Who drafts these guys?

    Well freaking done Joe. I’m liking the direction of the team right now. I like Dom and Schiano is growing on me.

  7. Brian Jones Says:

    Congratulations to Mike and Lavonte – very much deserved! Lavonte is such a beast – and Mr. Glennon apparently is grooming into one. Looking forward to the future with these two on board!

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    Congrats to these two! Well deserved!
    LD is on the fast-track to stardom and Glennon gets better every week.

  9. Architek Says:

    Both young players are really blossoming I agree.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There is no question that our last two drafts have been much better…..and now, even Tandy is starting to show signs of potential….also some of the undrafted free agents look very good. Schiano stuck with Gorrer & that may also pay off…

    There is no doubt that there is a Schiano influence on our new talent….and don’t count out Butch Davis behind the scenes…

  11. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Yes, but don’t you want your GM to work WITH the head coach during the draft process? Or should the GM just draft whoever he wants regardless on the coaches input?
    Give me a break.

  12. SKelly Says:

    Dear Joe.

    Time to admit Glennon can play and probably is the answer. I am not a Glennon mob guy but you can’t fake the way he has played. Dude is protecting the ball and hitting guys when they are open. No more Johnny Football talk. Say it Joe, Glennon is the QB of the future…..

    In best Sam Kinison voice…..Say it!!! Say it!!!

  13. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Exactly beachbuc…. Schiano hand picked Glennon AND David. These two are the future in Tampa. One more good draft and we could be building something very special.

  14. Walter Says:


    GLENNON!! What a beastly month he had, those numbers are impressive as hell! And David has always been awesome, he’ll finally be tasting that pineapple this year, as he should have last year.

  15. Buc1987 Says:

    BucNasty….. is not going to like ANY of this one bit. Awards?

  16. Jon Says:

    Here’s the deal, good draft picks go to Schiano (Glennon, Spence, James, Banks, Martin, David, Barron) Bad picks go to Dominik (Dunsmore, M. Smith, Goode) Same goes for free agents – Ogletree Dom/Goldson Schiano

    You are welcome to all the sheep who think that.

  17. stevek Says:


    Who made the 2nd round draft selections prior to David, because most of them SUCKED out loud?

    Schiano has an eye for talent, as evidenced by Rutgers presence in the NFL.

    Also, look at Schiano, he knows talent.

    You, yourself, said that Schiano “would not make a QB change” and was potentially loyal to a fault, but he had the vision to draft Glennon with the 73rd pick and put him in there week 4.

    Dom is doing better, but we can never overlook the signing of Albert Haynesworth. That still haunts me.

    “Big back hunting”= checkdown to Lumpkin

    “It’s all about 5″= Wasted pick.

    The overall win percentage for Dom is around 33%.

    I am all for Dominick staying, so long as Greg gets a 3rd year ( a whole year with his QB).

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    While I have to agree Johnny Football is NOT the amswer in Tampa by a long shot, I also don’t think Glennon has proven he is the future yet. He put up good numbers against really bad teams. The only good team the Bucs faced was the Seahawks and he couldn’t beat them.

    Way to early to nominate him “the future”.

    Beating these bad teams has instilled confidence in the Bucs, and that may help going forward. We’ll see.

    Sean King was thought to be the future after his rookie season too. Look where that got us.

    And by the way…awards like rookie of the year, coach of the year, etc are never given to the Bucs. The people making those decisions always snub us.

  19. Paul Says:

    He did that on the road at tough stadiums as well. He’s got the ice water pumping through his veins.

  20. bucfever40 Says:

    LOL Buc1987-Hey look, I guess Lavonte and Mike are playing this well to “audition” for other teams right? Glennon, I have to say I’m very impressed with this kid, I’ll admit that I was a Freeman guy, early on (2010) he really played well, nobody can deny that, he had many 4th qtr comeback wins, but when you look at the body of work at this point, it’s true, he never played well against the premier teams, and this year something happened to the guy, his play simply deteriorated, so now we have Mike Glennon, a rookie, who’s not playing lights out, but damn near close to it, he’s hitting guys in stride that we didn’t see with Freeman, who’s intermediate passes were woeful, so Mike’s the man, we need to concead that he should be our guy for the future. Now Lavonte on the other hand IS playing lights out, what a natural football player he is, when Brooks was a rookie, I saw the same this, the “it” factor, and LD has IT, he is a textbook tackler who rarely makes mistakes, can tackle some of the best RB’s in the open field like nobody’s business, I’m so happy we didn’t draft Luke Kuechly, we ended up with better talent in David in round 2, THAT’S smart drafting bigtime, so you gotta give Dom his due there, LD is yet to provide us fans with all the great plays we are about to see in the years ahead, that’s a great feeling!!

  21. CaliBucsFan Says:

    Joe please do a scouting report on Jimmy Garoppolo! Hes a QB we can get late in the draft and I think he is a Sleeper!

  22. Hyperryd Says:

    I don’t think Joe wants to jinx MG8. Everybody went out and declared it is all about #5 and lookhow that turned out. Let’s let him grow into the franchise qb role, not annoint him. So far he is doing great and growing every week. I hope he stays on this track an we can start being proud of the qb position in Tampa. I don’t think that has every happened before. As for the drafted players, they look alot better the last couple of years, but that say more abut what Schiano is doing with the talent than what the previous coach did with his. I also thing Dom and Schiano work real well together in aquiring and developing talent as a team.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Glennon will have his hands full with Carolina, away….this Sunday….they have a great defense and are on a roll…..
    It is probably going to be close & we may have to come from behind on the road…..crucial he doesn’t turn it over….I think their secondary can be exploited if Glennon has enough time.

  24. bucfever40 Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai I get what you’re saying about Glennon, there’s a chance he may NOT be THEE guy, BUT….you have to admit, even though as a rookie, he may have talent around him, but they haven’t been playing well up until recently, so even for proven veterans, when you don’t have time to go through your progressions, you’re simply not going to have time to complete passes and be expected to beat the best team in the NFC by yourself. Glennon has gotten better and better each week he’s played, we were behind in the Detroit game until he hit Underwood with a perfect spiral in stride 85 yards to paydirt, THAT my friend makes a loud statement to us all, Shaun King NEVER threw the ball that well and had no deep ball potential, let alone being a shrimp. There is no comparison, Glennon doesn’t have to apologize for beating teams you don’t think are that good, so c’mon Bonzai, give in, you know he’s our guy.

  25. Tim Says:

    the third-highest yards-per-attempt (8.92)

    I wonder if the Big Log will call out the remaining 29 QBs in the league for doing nothing but dinking and dunking, and oh yeah Cam Newton who is “better than Glennon” was 0-7 when throwing for more than 15 yds last week. Glennon is the #3 QB in our division and with continued growth could, could! surpass Matty Ice.

  26. bucfever40 Says:

    Tampabaybucfan I totally agree, as much as Glennon is growing on me, I do feel he’s going to come back down to earth this Sunday in Charlotte, I don’t expect him to have a great game, and it’s only because we can’t run against stoudt d lines like Carolina’s, plus they do have a really good defensive backfield. But if Glennon does pull this one out, then there is no question as to what we have here, and the Bucs as a whole, because beating 2 good teams in their back yard (back to back) is only done by the premiere teams in the NFL, and I think if that happens, then I would say even at 4 and 8, as crazy as it sounds, the Bucs should be in that elite group. (I emphasize at this point in the season)

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    Hyperryd says:

    “Let’s let him grow into the franchise qb role, not annoint him. So far he is doing great and growing every week. I hope he stays on this track an we can start being proud of the qb position in Tampa. I don’t think that has every happened before.”

    Exactly man. I’m trying to do my best not to get overly-excited over Glennon too. The jinx and the letdown factor, but the kid won’t let me. He gets better every week.

    Yet still there are some that want to try and diminish what he has done, by pointing to inferior opponents and such. Nonsense, and just STOP it!

  28. bucsQcCity Says:

    Impressive right now but I’ll reserve my final judgment on MG at the end of the season. There is still too many drives that are scoreless but I understand that he basically plays with the practice squad with all these starters out.. The last 2 draft have been very good up this far. I hope Akeem Spence can evolves in a meaner machine too, he’s not been as disruptive lately since the stunts call were not as frequent.

    LVD is king no doubt.

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh and btw Bonzai not too many QB’s DO win @ Seattle, especially rookie ones.

  30. Couch Fan Says:

    It still cracks me up to read comments from people who used every excuse in the book to defend a certain QB, who shall not be named, but find it almost impossible to find any positives from the rookie. Lol, this place is comical.

    And why as fans are we picking apart drafts and trying to label who’s fault it was for success? Just shut up already and enjoy it. Stop needlessly picking apart drafts and wins. We are winnin!!!

    If there was ever a time to be happy during an otherwise awful season, its right now.

  31. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Agree 100% with that entire post Couch

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Yes….I am fearful that Glennon may have the misfortune of having to carry the Bucs on his back this weekend….the only good thing is that he has some good games under his belt and if he has a bad game, it will only probably be because he is trying to make something out of nothing….Carolina is very good….I can only hope they come in cocky & overconfident….we definately need Revis to play,…

  33. stevek Says:

    Preach it, Couch Fan!

    Couldn’t agree more, so many bitter Freemanites misplacing their doubts towards Glennon.

  34. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    Well, I like Glennon just because the Freeman lovers hate him so much.

  35. JonBuc Says:

    Ha Joe(s)! Pining for a Thanksgiving invite to Dominik’s joint with that last ( not so ) cryptic line?!Those were two great pics…no denying it. I WAS on Freeman’s side of the debate as early as a month ago…but looks like I was WRONG. Glennon has been $ ( he just didn’t past the eyeball test in my opinion at the time…oops ) and Freeman stunk up his Viking debut so bad that Sean Salisbury has a better chance of another spot start than Josh does now. Schiano wanted Glennon more so than Dom…I’d bet a Revis game check on it. David has been fantastic other than the very questionable push of Geno Smith who flopped like a fish. He’s much better than the Great White Hype Geekly…he just doesn’t get the fanfare or courtesy calls from the zebras.

  36. BucsFan68 Says:

    I’m a Freeman supporter but he’s moved on. It was all about 5
    (Key word “was”) but now I really hope that 8 can be great and lead this team to a deep run in the playoffs next year. Go Bucs!!! I’ll have to see if there are
    authentic Glennon jerseys available.

  37. WinterSpringsBucsFan Says:

    Would love to see Glennon get rookie of the year, who is his compettition right now for that honor?

  38. bucfever40 Says:

    ^^^^^It probably would’ve been Mike James before he got hurt, man as good as this draft turned out, it could’ve been better had James not gotten hurt, but Raney has made us forget about James so what does that say about our coach, GM and talent scouts?

  39. Ben Says:

    Awesome! I’m not even sure that this was David’s best recent game. He’s been absolutely killing it.

  40. tickrdr Says:

    I hope I’m not being too picky, but another story about the rookie of the month award for “Napoleon Dynamike” ( I should probably copyright this) says that his passer rating of 119.7 led the entire NFL for the month of November.


  41. Bucamania Says:

    Glennon has been unreal IMO. No Doug Martin. No Mike Will. Not even a Mike James. Started mid season with turmoil everywhere and turned the team around. Very impressive.

  42. skelly Says:

    Me saying this dude is the future isn’t saying that he is a future HOF. Hell, its not even saying he is the guys for the next five years. All I am saying is that he is checking most of the boxes you look for in a QB you want leading your team.

    Doesn’t fold under pressure – check
    Makes reads – check
    Throws an accurate ball – check
    Is a leader – seems to be a check
    Protects the ball – check

    So…I all I am saying is that this guys, at least this month, is doing many of the things that make good QB’s in this league. Why you would not think of this guy as the starting QB moving forward, at this point, is beyond me.