Give Thanks To Greg Schiano

November 25th, 2013

Adam Schein writes Bucs fans should give thanks this Thanksgiving for having Greg Schiano as their leader for the 2014 season.

Yes, Thanksgiving is coming. It’s a true holiday for football fans, when we get to shovel top-shelf food down our gullets all day while watching the greatest game ever invented from noon to midnight, all the while consuming mass quantities of cocktails.

It is a celebration of real ‘Merica.

Of course, during the lone solemn moment of the day, per tradition, we are to give thanks for the good things in our lives. No matter how bad off you think you are, there are plenty of people with much worse predicaments.

It’s in this special moment, popular sports radio and television personality Adam Schein writes on, that  Bucs fans should be very thankful the team will not undergo a coaching search this winter as Bucs commander Greg Schiano has earned his right to return to the Pewter Pirates next season.

But regardless of the popular public sentiment, this team never stopped playing for Greg Schiano.

The season has been lost, but hope for Schiano leading Tampa next year should not be. If anything, this will prove to be a season of development and a major learning experience.

On Sunday, Tampa Bay went on the road to play the NFC North-leading Detroit Lions. I thought it would be a close game, with the Bucs coming off two straight wins. It was even better. Tampa Bay beat the Lions 24-21, with Schiano’s defense picking off Matthew Stafford four times in the process. The game featured six lead changes. Tampa Bay — not Detroit — looked like the playoff-bound team, showing grit and execution.

Schein went on to type that no coach of Schiano’s stature should be taken down by the juvenile antics of former Bucs franchise quarterback leaky Rip Van Freeman. If anything, Schein notes, the way Freeman tried to Pearl Harbor the team (and he did a good job of it) and how Schiano threw him off the team is evidence Schiano knows what he is doing.

Now Joe has stated that given the Freeman mess and the MRSA outbreak, none of which Schiano could control,  if Schiano wins two more games, Schiano likely has sealed his return.

Of course, Joe is not Team Glazer, who seemed to be happy with how Schiano has handled so much adversity.

31 Responses to “Give Thanks To Greg Schiano”

  1. RCH Says:

    Amazing what winning will do. If we beat Carolina and break ther seven game winning streak I think that makes Schiano safe.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I have always felt that Schiano has been the victim of an out-of-control press blaming him without substantiation.
    It all comes with losing and even I joined the “ok, enough is enough” crowd after the Panther game.
    I never thought the Glazers really wanted to make a change and thanks for that.
    Many Schiano haters became that way because they were Freeman supporters and blamed Schiano for all things Freeman.
    The hatred has softened and winning cures all. I think the team has always been behind him and that’s what will save his job….that along with 2 more wins or perhaps even 1 high-profile win….Like Carolina or SF….

  3. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Beating the Panthers SOUNDLY would go a long way in selling me on Glennon.

  4. Theodore Says:

    Joe – Is there a connection between Schiano jettisoning Freeman and the team sticking behind Schiano?

    Doubtful, considering they’ve played hard all season long.–Joe

  5. Andrew 1 Says:

    as Lee Corso would say, Not. So. Fast. Ive enjoyed these last 3 wins as much as the next guy, but Schiano still has to finish strong. if he does that then I think he should stay.

  6. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I ‘m proud to say I’ve never given up on Schiano. However, I think if we lose to the Panthers fans will turn on him again.

    Meh made it plain he didn’t care if the team won out. He would still want Schiano gone. Say what you will but at least he’s consistant.

    Personally, I’ve said the only way the Glazers fire Schiano is if he loses the locker room. It amazes me how the national media swore up and down the locker room had turned on the man, but after 2 & 3 wins they say he never lost the players at all.

    I guess that means the media lied to us the whole time…along with Bennett and MeShawn.

  7. Drew Says:

    Freeman was a cancer to the team and locker room. I feel very strongly Schiano should return and someone should raise billboards to that effect. If the players in the locker room believe in Schiano, then we the fans should believe in Schiano. I believe in his statement, where he stated this team is going to be very good. I think we’re getting a glimpse of a very good team in 2014.

    My comment to the Glazer’s is not to make a change on a knee jerk reaction.

  8. Tim Says:

    I believe Schiano will go as Glennon goes, and so far that’s pretty dang good. He has improved with every game.

  9. flmike, is back... Says:


    I will admit, I had it with Schiano and was ready to dump him and let Butch or Wanny to finish the season. I was also a Freeman supporter, who once said, “Glennon will never start a game for the Bucs, and if he does, our season is sunk” or something to that effect.

    Well, I was wrong, on all counts, I was wrong, and hopefully someone will do the postmortem on this team and this season and will give the full accounting of what actually happened at One Buc Palace and who the true culprit for this season’s dreadful start was and who was actually doing all the backhanded immature underhanded scheming to better wiggle their way out of Tampa… (hint, hint, he’s no longer here)

    Glennon is a very nice surprise, please get him in the weight room, the kid needs about 20lbs of muscle if he plans on being the Buc’s long term solution.

  10. Drew Says:

    On another note, I feel Freeman should never lead another NFL team. The only message to Freeman is to grow up and act like a Man.

  11. Tampamac Says:

    Speaking of Freeman, remember when he got to Minnesota he was quoted how the coaches there know what they’re doing? Well apparently they know enough to not even dress him since the NY game.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @flmike, is back

    You are to be commended for admitting your opinion was wrong…hopefully, your leadership on that will help others to do the same……hats off to you!!!

  13. Cmurda Says:

    3 weeks ago I was highly on the fire Schiano bandwagon. I have jumped off. I’m officially off the fire Schiano wagon. This man has earned his right to coach this team. With all the drama beyond Schiano’s control and the constant calls for his departure, this team never quit on him….ever. That blew me away. If the way Schiano was portrayed was reality, then this team would have quit on him many weeks ago. Their play and some of the outspoken support namely from McCoy shows that this team never quit and played hard until the final whistle. For this defense to repeatedly stifle Detroit’s ability to close the game and the maturity of Glennon is amazing. I will be backing up Schiano. i disagree that he needs to win 2 more games. I realize that should seal his return but my argument is that he has already earned his return. Let us not forget all the injuries that Schiano had to endure as well as losing Revis for practically the whole 2nd half against the Lions and still emerging victorious. Yes, our draft position is getting hurt and yes, the playoffs are basically mathematically moot, but Schiano showed humility when adjusting gameplans and listening to players and he showed leadership in the face of adversity. He also showed an ability to keep his players fighting even when the glory is gone. This is the type of leader I want coaching my team and he has proven to me that he belongs after all.

  14. stevek Says:

    Freeman was our “gatekeeper” to the “Factory of Sadness”.

    Go Glennon, keep on winnin!

    C’mon Freemanites, still room on the Glennon Express.

  15. You Go Joe Says:

    Speaking of Freeman what happened to his leak case? Gladly the NFLPA would point the finger at someone outside their union, but when it leads to someone internally they don’t mention jack.

    Also this whole MRSA and Freeman experience is an experience to the whole organization. Everyone has learned from this media pressure that was thrown to us and we calmed down and started to play football. Schiano does seem relaxed, players are stating that they never quit on Schiano and are proving it, and they are becoming a single unit with everyone working together. Defense, Offence and Special teams showed up to play yesterday. It wasn’t a perfect performance, but it was a dam good game!

  16. []_[]Buc Says:

    TBBF looks like our united efforts in continually standing against the unsubstantiated claims have paid off.

    We were steadfast for sure.

    Hawaiian disappeared though, he was lead in swearing Schiano was Satan himself. Always asked me what more I needed to believe all the “evidence” against Schiano. Funny how it all turned out…

  17. stevek Says:

    Hawaiian is alright, as he admits “wrongs”, and backed up Freeman parking in an “expecting Mother” parking spot, running late for meetings.

    Everyone was quick to dismiss O’l Greg, but he has shown and our team is BETTER for it.

    So glad to rid ourselves of Freeman, and his lazy, baby, careless ways.

    Greg Cosell said it best: “Glennon made an anticipation throw… That throw would not have even entered Freeman’s mind”.

    Sad day when, “It’s all about 5”, can’t even take a seat on the bench. He had to cry and moan about it ESPN, leak info and try his best to BLAME SCHIANO.

    Freeman just cost himself a 100 million dollar pay day.

  18. flmike, is back... Says:

    The Dirty Birds can be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention tonight with a 49er Win or Tie…imagine that, Atl out before our Bucs….

  19. BigLebowski Says:

    It’s amazing how all media outlets go from bashing Schiano, when they thought he was going to be fired, to praising him and dissing Freeman.

    Now maybe that is deserved…I don’t think we really know. I’ve met Freeman, and he seemed nice enough. Who knows if he was a good employee or not.

    I DO know that this ‘leaky’ crap is getting annoying. Who knows if Freeman even leaked anything? It just seems like this site is trying to create a “name” wherein peopel who think of Freeman’s camp as “leaking” something immediately associate jbf with the credit for discovering it.

    And don’t go all angry and start yelling at the messenger. It is a reasonable assumption. I’ve heard you (or the other guy) on the radio, and you sound reasonable. Then you get on here and start getting a little more brazen. I applaud your marketing skills, but please chill on teh ‘leaky’ “nonsense”. You like to use that word a lot. “Nonsense”.

  20. []_[]Buc Says:

    Hawaiian was wrong plain and simple

    And that’s between him and I

  21. Joe Says:

    I have always felt that Schiano has been the victim of an out-of-control press blaming him without substantiation

    Dumbest comment of the month.

    Just who was the head coach of the Bucs when they were 0-8? Woody Cummings? Gary Shelton? Dave Wirth? Martin Fennelly?

    Name one city where, if the NFL team was 0-8, the denizens wouldn’t be raking the coach over the coals?


    Joe likes Schiano but let’s not be dumb nor naive. He has a losing record as an NFL coach. Feel free to do the math on his wins and losses. How exactly is that somehow the fault of the fourth estate???

    That’s like saying Bob Woodward was Richard Nixon’s bag man in Watergate.

  22. []_[]Buc Says:

    Every little thing Schiano did had ill intent because he was just that much of a low life and such an evil monster.

    It was ridiculous the conspiracy theories that had absolutely nothing to do with coaching and everything to do what unsubstantiated personal attacks.

  23. Joe Says:

    Is there a connection between Schiano jettisoning Freeman and the team sticking behind Schiano?

    If Schiano returns, that’s a fair conclusion, given the public evidence and the veiled comments from players.

  24. []_[]Buc Says:

    Don’t be a ridiculous

    He’s not talking about Schiano’s coaching job.

    He’s talking about all the other media led unsubstantiated BS and personal attacks that were pinning Schiano as a man of no integrity.

    Just because you 0-8 does not qualify that type of garbage.

  25. []_[]Buc Says:

    You can be a bad coach or do a bad coaching job and still be a man of integrity and a good person.

    The two have nothing to do with each other.

    The line between him as a person and him as a coach became blurred and crossed.

  26. Joe Says:


    but please chill on teh ‘leaky’ “nonsense”.


  27. Buc1987 Says:

    I was a 100% Schiano supporter in August and September. Then he sunk to about 50% for me in October. Then back up to 60% after the Atlanta game. Now I’m at around 65%. Even if the Carolina game is close and they lose, I might bump up to 70%. If they beat the Panthers, then I am at a full 100% support again.

  28. Clowney Says:

    “You are to be commended for admitting your opinion was wrong…hopefully, your leadership on that will help others to do the same……hats off to you!!!”

    Sometimes I wonder how can the average football fan be so stupid and if that fan is average, than 50% would have to be even dumber.

    I have not been wrong. The Bucs won that game in Detroit through blind freaking luck. Don’t be planning any Schiano parades any time soon.

    The thing that infuriates me is that he is less than mediocre. Although the leaky Josh Freeman evidently sabotaged his 11 long year career at Rutgers, this grinning idiot managed to become the highest paid public employee in New Jersey history. He is practiced at the art of deception.

    All I wanted from him was to finish out his NFL career with a whimper and give us the #1 overall pick in the draft. It’s the least he could do to pay us back for the damage he has done to this franchise.

    Right now he’s probably calling the commissioner trying to schedule the service academies every year to bring his WL record to .500%

  29. Tristan Says:

    I started out very enthusiastic about Schiano and I’ll admit that with every crisis that emerged during the first half of the season and what appeared to be his ineptitude at handling it all, I started to seriously question his ability to hack it at the NFL level as the 0-8 losing streak stretched on and became just excruciating to bear as a fan.

    But now that the true culprit has been all-but exposed (dumb luck, in the case of MRSA and #5, himself, in the case of Freeman), seeing the team simply refuse to quit through it all, soldiering on and turning things around pulling off three consecutive wins, I feel extremely confident about having Schiano as our head coach (although I do hope he’ll strongly firing some of his staff – and not even replacing some of them). As an example, I think we need serious upgrades at both coordinator positions (although I’d add that, at this point, DC is a far more significant need than OC). Position coaches need to be seriously evaluated (some are phenomenal, others… *wince*) and I think some of the staff positions outside those groups are ‘surplus to requirements’ as the Brits are fond of saying.

    But overall, I’m quite happy today to see Pirate Captain Schiano at the helm of the good ship Buccaneer. This is three Mondays in a row where I’ve felt good about being a fan, and I like it. Keep tacking into the wind, keep the cannons loaded and the powder dry!

  30. Tristan Says:


    “…hope he’ll strongly CONSIDER firing some of…”

  31. Eric Says:

    He has stuck with his guns and got them playing much better. Anyone can see that.

    Are we really gonna turn the corner with him and get a championship? That’s another matter.

    But I’ll go along with bringing him back next year. He’s earned that much and I surely never thought he would. I had 0-16 penciled in!