Dominik Decisions On Display

November 3rd, 2013

The pre-lockout NFL Draft of 2010 was considered by many to be the deepest in NFL history.

There were two receivers snatched in the second round. First, the Bucs traded up to draft Arrelious Benn. And 21 picks later, the Seahawks picked Bucs killer Golden Tate, whose ferocious punt return today was a dagger that buried the Bucs. Tate, 25, has had a nice career. Benn, well, he hasn’t.

It’s easy to play hindsight GM and bury rockstar general manager Mark Dominik in a case like this. Dominik went on to draft Myron Lewis in the third round and Mike Williams in the fourth that year.

There was also another Dominik decision on display today, when Michael Bennett manhandled Demar Dotson to register a key sack of Mike Glennon in the fourth quarter. Bennett’s got 5 1/2 sacks this season. Da’Quan Bowers is taking notes awaiting his first. On the flip side, Dominik’s 11th-hour trading of LeGarrette Blount gave the Bucs a draft pick used to trade up to grab Mike James in the sixth round this year.

Regardless, look at the Bucs’ play today, and it was extraordinarily clear that the team had enough talent to beat the best team in the NFC on their home turf. And it’s Dominik’s job to stock the team with talent.

The Bucs’ offensive line won in the trenches, and rookies Mike Glennon and James (both backups entering the season) were strong. The Bucs’ defense has playmakers but can’t make enough plays and almost always seems to have the wrong scheme when it matters most. The Bucs were outcoached again, playing not to lose in the second half and scoring three points.

Is that on Dominik? It’s a question Team Glazer will be asking after the season.

33 Responses to “Dominik Decisions On Display”

  1. Stranger Says:

    Glennon was only strong in the first half. James was a man all game (when allowed).

  2. ButIt941 Says:

    I’m tired of the bucs playing “Not to lose” football. They need to stop taking their foot off the throats of opposing teams and allowing them to make come backs. This is becoming a disturbing trend. We have shown all year we can put points on the board early in games. For what ever reason we just can’t close. I feel this falls on Schiano and his “very” conservative approach. We had this game in the bag. Instead of going out there and scoring another TD to put the dagger in this game, we backed off trying to play it safe and playing not to lose versus going and taking the win.

  3. K_bassuka Says:

    Yeah yeah, we know Joe to you Dominik is not to blame. I agree but you forgot to mention Dominik biggest mistake which was signing a piece of sh!t, no knowledge, and mediocre coach to develope the talent he put together and for that if Dominik gets fire I wouldn’t mind it either.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    2010 McCoy Price
    2011 Clayborne Bowers
    2012 Barron LVD
    2013 Revis Banks

    We loaded our draft with high Defensive picks…..You tell me if Dominick has gotten the job done with talent?
    No sacks again!

  5. Joe Says:


    Yeah yeah, we know Joe to you Dominik is not to blame.

    Not true. Dominik is culpable, no question. He will admit as much. But should he be burned at the stake like so many fans want? No way.

    There is not one NFL insider who claims the Bucs have no talent. Who acquired the talent? Dominik.

    Bucs had, what, three Pro Bowlers from a team with a losing record? Not too shabby. David should have been. Add Revis and Goldson, that’s pretty damned good. The tooth fairy didn’t acquire the talent.

    With a rookie QB, a backup RB and no No. 2 receiver, the Bucs had the best team in the NFC on the ropes on the road.

  6. Mr. Patrick Says:

    A Message to the Glazers – Your team plays it’s next game next week on Monday Night Football on National TV. If you don’t want the entire football watching world to again see a sold out stadium full of ‘Fire Schiano’ signs and such, fans wearing paper bags on their heads and Hasmat suits, and your head coach being booed off of the field, then it’s time to make a coaching change. You can save yourselves, Bucs fans and the entire Tampa Bay Area a National Embarrassment.

  7. That Guy Says:

    Yawn. I knew exactly what this team was going to do once they got up 21-0: go into a shell and play not to lose. It’s the Schiano way. The rest is just noise.

  8. Trox Says:

    Why would the organization trust Dominik in evaluating the most important position on the field? He drafted a bust at QB in Freeman. Now at the end of the season, the organization should trust Dom to make the right choice in deciding to keep Glennon the starter or figure out if Teddy or Mariota will be the better QB if they are on the board when the Bucs draft, which is a distinct possibility.

    I’m very leery of Dom.

  9. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Dom is fine… I really don’t think he had final say in hiring schiano. He manages the cap very well, is a pretty good trade negotiator, and steers the ship through the draft in order to get the guys our coaching staff(s) and scouting department want at good value.

    Dom is a very serviceable gm….and even schiano has proven to be a great talent evaluator…but it’s very clear that Greg or much more to blame than dominik.

  10. oviedobucsfan Says:

    Great post Mr. Patrick. I too bristle at what will be revealed to the rest of the Nation next Monday. Maybe the Glazers will shake off their deer in the headlight gaze and finally, finally take action.

  11. ButIt941 Says:

    We have a solid team of talent.. Actually “on paper” we have a top 10 team easily. The biggest problems are the same as they have been since Gruden got fired. The only thing we are consistent in, is being out coached.

    I actually am starting to feel bad for the players. This must be a very hard pill to swallow. They are playing their hearts out, but are continuously not put in a position to win.

    I just wish there was a way for the players to know that the fans have their back. It’s not them….It the coaches we have hatred for.

    To the players, from us fans. WE LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS ROOT FOR YOU.
    To the coaches…Get off your high horses and realize your are NOT doing whats best for this team nor putting them in a position to win these games. Stop saying you will make changes and nothing comes of it and STOP blaming the players for your shortcomings.

    A Bucs fan!

  12. Andrew 1 Says:

    you know what… even though we lost, Im still proud of the way we fought our asses off in this game. we played not to loose there towards the end and that got us beat. I think we all know by now that a coaching change is inevitable.

  13. eric Says:

    There is a reason for the old saying”on any given Sunday”. Its true because every team has talent.

    Playing one close game doesnt mean your talented.

    Were not.

    Take a look at the last 14 games.

    Is Dominik worth narrowing our choices for head coach? The better choices may want to bring in their guy for GM. Look what happened last time a coach was picked with him as GM. Disaster.

  14. orlampa turd Says:

    It may be time for the Glazers to finally call in the professionals! There is no way they can move forward without at least considering a move at GM. For every draft gem, Dominik has a bust or two to go with it. His free agency record stinks too. I don’t judge him by his win-loss record because he didn’t choose Raheem, but if Dominik was responsible for the Schiano hire then they both need the boot. If the Glazers pushed Schiano on Dominik, then maybe they owe him another year.

    I also believe that it is best for Schiano and the Bucs that the Glazers fire him now so he can find a college job when jobs start opening up later this month. This would also give the Bucs an early edge on finding their next coach. Raheem and Schiano were hired so late that there were not any decent assistant coaches available to fill out the staff.

  15. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Agreed and agreed 941 and Andrew. This team is like that really hot chick with the really smelly downstairs.

  16. oviedobucsfan Says:

    The cries for Schiano’s job is getting louder –

  17. stevek Says:

    Albert Haynesworth, Derrick Ward, Michael Clayton, extending Trueblood, extending Q. Black, trading up to draft Freeman, trading the price for Luke Stocker, not addressing the depth of the team, 24-48.

    If Dom loses his next two games, he will have reached 50 losses prior to 25 victories… Miguel Cabrera hits major league pitchers at a better success rate than Dominick’s win percentage.

  18. Eric Says:

    Sorry but 0-8 in the fifth year of a rebuild is indefensible.

    7, 10 and now 8(at least) game losing streaks during his tenure. have lost 13/14.

    No playoffs. Regression not progression.

    The list goes on and on. Man is a failure. Pure and simple.

  19. cometowin2 Says:

    I was yelling for the Bucs to take Tate due better speed then Benn during that draft. After Tate was busted for stealing doughnuts I thought Dom was right. I don’t really blame Dominik for the injuries that doomed the careers of Benn and Price. I do feel they gave up on Benn too soon. Bennett wasn’t a Buccaneer man and strongly believe Schiano was responsible for Bennett not being resigned. I’ll keep Dom. Schiano’s gotta go.

  20. chris Says:


    you say Bucs haven’t aquired talent? You really trust Mark Dominik to keep overpaying for Free Agents that don’t workout? Keep letting guys like Michael Bennett, George Selvie or Wallace Gilberry leave who were cheap contracts that have talent and excelled elsewhere?

    You trust Dominik to find the next head coach when he failed with 2 already? He is tied to Schiano. Raheem you could make a case for because they were promoted at the same time. But I do not trust dom to make these decisions.

    I posted earlier today of Doms “hits and Misses”. The misses EASILY outweigh the hits. He doesn’t evaluate the draft classes properly and will draft need over strength. He drafted Barron in a weak safety class when he should have gone pass rusher. He traded for Revis who wasn;’t healthy and still isnt. Could of had Loutelli or Vaccarro. He overpaid for Goldson, who is a good player, but not Great player. Failed to get a 3rd WR. Failed to add depth and replace/retain pass rushers on the dline. We are paper thin at LB. Casillas blows. Hayward is bad. Those are our two backups. Im still not sold on McCoy as living up to the 3rd overall pick. He’s a good run defender, but he’s not a great pass rusher.
    Clayborn and Bowers dont look like starting defensive ends.

    It’s a mess and there is no chemistry amongst the coaching staff. If Schiano goes, Dom needs to follow.

  21. Capt. Tim Says:

    The incredible lack of depth is enough to fire Dom 3 times over.

  22. Joe Says:


    you say Bucs haven’t aquired talent?

    Joe wrote no such thing.

  23. JonBuc Says:

    Mark Dominik officially approves this message…as well as the moniker Rock/Pop/Dirt Star. 🙂

  24. John Says:

    Quit calling this guy a “rockstar”. He certainly isn’t that. He may be a good money/cap guy, but not talent evaluator.

  25. Superfriend Says:

    @capt Tim,

    I tired of the “no depth” comments. Mike James, mike glennon, Tim wright and jarmon Meredith beg to differ, all back ups. No one has much depth in this league.

  26. Chris Says:

    Joe also rock star gms aren’t 24-48. They also don’t led studs like Michael Bennett walk for nothing.

  27. CT Bucs Says:

    We’re are our Sacks. How is it possible Mcoy who was the 3rd pick in the draft not have 8 sacks by now. How many would Sapp have by now?

  28. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    If you are the Glazers, evaluating Dominic will start with this: 28-48, and 0 playoff appearances. He does not deserve to be burned at the stake. He has made some nice picks in Martin and David. But at the end of the day, has he shown enough to merit keeping his job. A dispassionate analysis of his performance says no IMO.

  29. Don't like the dirty birds Says:

    Sorry but I have to disagree with most of you about the GM record. Dom is not the coach. The GM is responsible for bringing in talent. Now if the coach says I don’t wont this guy that is all on coach not the GM. Has there been some busts with Dom sure but you cant go by his record because of 2 moronic coaches who don’t know how to coach.

  30. givemeball Says:

    FYI JOE..Glennon is Schiano:s guy not Dom..

  31. sho-nuff Says:

    I appreciate this site because Joe allows us a voice and for the most part respectful rage…however if it is to remain legit we need to see some front footed swings on what appears to be an insider/buddy in dominick…no one is looking for disrespect. that being said its starting to look real cliquish and credibility is on the line.

    Archives are your friend. Ignorance obviously is, too. Joe has been critical of Dominik numerous times. Joe’s long held opinion is that Schiano deserves a good majority share of blame for the problems of 2013. There is no credibility on the line. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous and uninformed, and a needless attack at Joe. — Joe
    The poodle has lost it IMO….its beyond obvious. this long time fan has moved on from “that one”…I don’t want to see a good brand like joe buc get sucked in to that frustrated world

    That being said dominick has had very few wins and a whole lot of misses. I could live with that if there was a culture and philosophy that stays true like the ravens…..sorry this product is all over the place….wether its ownership or dom. all i know is what he sells is and has been absolute garbage and tampa bay fans lack the blind loyalty to pay for it.
    we may not deserve leaders like you to swing for us…understood. but the truth does….

  32. Nick2 Says:

    The most glaring weakness on this team is a pass rush and not only has Dominick failed to bring in any decent free agent pass rushers he has whiffed on 3 or 4 high level draft pics as pass rushers. Fire him please now and send Schiano with him. The only caveat to that is we want to tank the season and then fire them both so we can have a decent draft pick

  33. sho-nuff Says:

    joe, I apologize for my clumsy poorly written words…that was not my intention to question your credibility…having a hard time recognizing the “rock star” tag as a way to get under our skin or a bro loyalty…..either way I apologize for any disrespect